Who Wore It Worse?

Last night, singer Solange wore the same hawt Fendi pumps that Rihanna rocked like last year! Solange should have at least checked with a bonafied stylist to make sure these shoes were still in style. Celebrities should hold themselves to a higher standard when it comes to fashion trends. Unfortunately for Solange, she is always behind the trends.


FanMAIL: Beyonce Loves The Attention!

Loyal reader Kelly writes:


I just came across of this new pics from Jay-z’s “Answer the Call” press conference for his concert September 11 at MSG Garden. pics are on www.wireimages.com and i recognized that beyonce always tries to steal the spotlight from Jay or only cares about hova’s events if the Press is around.

Like back in February, when Lebron James and Jay-z donated 150 musical instruments to the Boys & Girls club in Phoenix. Guess who sat between jay & lebron during their appaerances at the event with the kids? Beyonce. And every article was about Jay-z, Lebron and Beyonce donating musical instruments.!!

here u you will see what i mean: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ki1PxY811yg

But when jay is in clubs and partying with girls and stuff. she’s no where to be found!!


Jay Z’s Shameful Exploitation of 9/11

Rapper Jay Z held a well-attended press conference this morning at Madison Square Garden to announce a charity concert on September 11 at MSG — coincidentally, the same day his not-so-anticipated album The Blueprint 3 drops.

The third single off the album, “Run This Town” featuring Rihanna and Knaye West, got mixed reviews and was subsequently dismissed by music critics and fans alike.

The charity concert will raise money for the New York Police, Fire Widows and Children’s Benefit Funds. While the intentions behind the gig are good, we wonder if Jay Z would have been so charitable if his album wasn’t dropping that same day?

By the way, The Blueprint 3 leaked all over the Internets this past weekend. The entire album can be heard online at MTV.com and Rhapsody.com tomorrow.


Celebs Out & About

Clumsy ox Beyonce got her cowboy boots caught in PVC fencing at a pool party held in Brooklyn, New York yesterday. Neither Jay Z or Bey’s bodyguard assisted her. They just looked the other way.

Pop singer Rihanna was in complete shock when a paparazzi informed her that popular DJ AM was found dead of a drug overdose in his SoHo apartment Friday afternoon. I’m sure this was her reaction after the pap told her that a crack pipe and half baggie of crack was found between his legs.

But Ri Ri recovered quickly and signed autographs before escorting her little brothers Rorrey and Rajad Fenty into a theater to view The Lion King on Broadway Saturday night.
Photos (2): Splash News Online

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Jay Z’s Blueprint 3 Leaks All Over The Internets

If you’re into hawt garbage, you’ll be happy to know that Jay Z’s Blueprint 3 leaked all over the Internets this weekend.

I didn’t download the files so I can’t tell you what the album sounds like. And I’m not posting a link because, unlike that Atlantic Records rep who sent the Trey Song joint last week, Jigga’s label didn’t send an advanced copy for us to review (not that we care). But it shouldn’t be too difficult to find the CD online. The links are everywhere.

Blueprint 3 is scheduled to drop on September 11, but expect the label to move that date up now that the album has leaked. Please go out and support your local artists and help save the dying music industry — and jobs.


Chris Brown Lies his ass off on CNN’s Larry king Live show

If you thought Chris Brown would open up and be truthful about his violent episode with ex-girlfriend Rihanna back in February — think again. Larry King was duped by Brown’s camp into thinking he would talk about the events that took place that night. But instead of being forthright and honest about his bitch fit, he sat there and lied his ass off claiming not to remember anything from that night.

Rihanna should sue Chris Brown for everything he owns.

His mama, who is as sorry as her son, also appears on the program which airs on Wednesday. As I said before, I won’t be watching.


FanMAIL: Is Alicia Keys Stealing Melodies?

You can tell what’s in a woman’s character by the way she steals other women’s men, I mean by the way she treats others. Alicia Keys apparently has no respect for the artistic property of others because — as Alcove explains in this video — she has pilfered entire melodies from old school artists in the past without giving proper credit.

Unlike lyrics and audio samples (loops, beats, etc.), which are protected under the copyright law, melodies (humming and harmonizing) are not protected. We already know by her sneaky ways that AK is not an honest, right-minded woman. So we’re not surprised to hear that she has ripped off yet another melody — this time from the great Loleatta Holloway for Whitney Houston’s new single “Million Dollar Bill” which AK wrote.

Thanks to loyal reader Oneal for the tip!


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