Clumsy ox Beyonce got her cowboy boots caught in PVC fencing at a pool party held in Brooklyn, New York yesterday. Neither Jay Z or Bey's bodyguard assisted her. They just looked the other way.

Pop singer Rihanna was in complete shock when a paparazzi informed her that popular DJ AM was found dead of a drug overdose in his SoHo apartment Friday afternoon. I'm sure this was her reaction after the pap told her that a crack pipe and half baggie of crack was found between his legs.

But Ri Ri recovered quickly and signed autographs before escorting her little brothers Rorrey and Rajad Fenty into a theater to view The Lion King on Broadway Saturday night.
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If you're into hawt garbage, you'll be happy to know that Jay Z's Blueprint 3 leaked all over the Internets this weekend.

I didn't download the files so I can't tell you what the album sounds like. And I'm not posting a link because, unlike that Atlantic Records rep who sent the Trey Song joint last week, Jigga's label didn't send an advanced copy for us to review (not that we care). But it shouldn't be too difficult to find the CD online. The links are everywhere.

Blueprint 3 is scheduled to drop on September 11, but expect the label to move that date up now that the album has leaked. Please go out and support your local artists and help save the dying music industry -- and jobs.

If you thought Chris Brown would open up and be truthful about his violent episode with ex-girlfriend Rihanna back in February -- think again. Larry King was duped by Brown's camp into thinking he would talk about the events that took place that night. But instead of being forthright and honest about his bitch fit, he sat there and lied his ass off claiming not to remember anything from that night.

Rihanna should sue Chris Brown for everything he owns.

His mama, who is as sorry as her son, also appears on the program which airs on Wednesday. As I said before, I won't be watching.

You can tell what's in a woman's character by the way she steals other women's men, I mean by the way she treats others. Alicia Keys apparently has no respect for the artistic property of others because -- as Alcove explains in this video -- she has pilfered entire melodies from old school artists in the past without giving proper credit.

Unlike lyrics and audio samples (loops, beats, etc.), which are protected under the copyright law, melodies (humming and harmonizing) are not protected. We already know by her sneaky ways that AK is not an honest, right-minded woman. So we're not surprised to hear that she has ripped off yet another melody -- this time from the great Loleatta Holloway for Whitney Houston's new single "Million Dollar Bill" which AK wrote.

Thanks to loyal reader Oneal for the tip!

TV talk show host Tyra Banks posted this pic on her twitter page last week of her real hair which she blurred in Photoshop.

She tweeted:

"Here's me rockin my REAL hair, had 2 blur it so its still a surprise on Sept 8! Who else is sportin their real hair that day?"

Tyra has challenged sistahs everywhere to put aside their slave hair and rock their real hair on September 8 (Real Hair Day) when the new season of her popular talk show premieres.

Although I rock my real hair every day, I feel like doing something different with it on Real hair Day. Maybe I'll shave off one side of my head and post a pic. In fact, ladies, send in a pic if you rock your real hair on Sept. 8, so I can post them!

Can't wait to see Tyra's (and your) crowning glory!

I know you're tired of hearing rapper Drake deny this lame rumor for the 20th time. But Drake obviously needs to keep this rumor going since he senses his 15 minutes are winding down. No wonder Rihanna doesn't want to do a duet with him.

From ContactMusic (LOL @ "rap sensation"):

Rap sensation Drake has laughed off reports of a romance with single singer Rihanna - insisting their collaboration is strictly professional. The chart-topping pair prompted rumours of a relationship after they were spotted out and about in New York together, in the aftermath of Rihanna's split from Chris Brown.

But Drake - real name Aubrey Graham - insists they've been spending time together, while he tries to convince the Umbrella hitmaker to record a duet for his next album. He tells the New York Post, "We're just really good friends. We have great conversations about music, and we're trying to figure out the perfect song we can collaborate on for my album.
"I've only worked with one other female before (Mary J Blige). I hope that Rihanna is onboard, and I'm also looking to work with Sade."


This is the second time in less than a year that Dan and Alyssa Kopp’s Grant Park home has been broken into. Both times the break-ins were caught on video and uploaded to YouTube by the couple.

The first case, back in October, was solved quickly after a tipster called police to say they recognized the thugs who were busy unloading the Kopp's widescreen TV at a home. The stolen booty, including a laptop, were recovered.

The latest break-in occurred on August 28. But this time the Kopps had even more surveillance cameras installed in their Broyles Street home. Same scenario, different burglars. Just after 5 p.m. on Friday, the four thugs can be seen on surveillance video arriving in a black Nissan Armada (likely a stolen vehicle).

One thug wearing a green t-shirt and green shorts exits the vehicle, approaches the Kopp's front door and rings the doorbell several times. Another thug wearing a white tee and blue jeans then exits the truck and rings the doorbell again. Satisfied that there is no one home, the thugs drive around to the back of the home and four men can be seen exiting the truck. All four idiots are seen at the back door pulling their skinny jeans up while a Lil Wayne look-a-like wearing a white tee, jeans and a bandana on his head kicks in the back door in full view of neighbors.

Once inside, the gang spreads out looking for something light to pawn. A thief in a black t-shirt and jeans throws a stool at the couple's barking dog before the gang leaves with just a laptop. Ironically, the same laptop was stolen in the previous burglary. The thieves in the first robbery are only now being prosecuted for the October 2008 break-in.

The Kopps are at a loss to explain why thieves keep targeting their home. “That’s the million-dollar question,” Alyssa Kopp said. “We have a fence, a dog, surveillance cameras and a security system. But I guess there’s always so much more you can do.”

“It’s doubly frustrating knowing how not cut-and-dry the first case is going through the court system,” she said. “So even if these guys are caught, it’s just the beginning.”


In the past, Barack Obama's absence from the White House has helped raise his approval ratings slightly. But his latest extended vacation hasn't helped his approval ratings at all. The way things are going, his next vacation, which begins on Wednesday and ends on Monday, won't do much to lift his ratings out of the cellar either. Maybe it would help if Obama extended his vacation through September?

From Hot Air blog:

If Barack Obama hoped to gain some breathing room with his vacation, or perhaps even pick up some sympathetic vibe for eulogizing Ted Kennedy on Friday, Rasmussen’s latest poll shows that nothing has changed in the direction of his approval ratings. With one of the three days in Rasmussen’s presidential tracking poll after the wake, Obama has hit his highest level of strong disapproval yet, at 42%. The “passion index” has now hit -10 — not the worst of his term thus far, but certainly not good.