Oscar winning actress Halle Berry looks so calm and collected when you see her out & about shopping in Beverly Hills.

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But this is what you don't see -- the hordes of paparazzi who eat off her by selling her images to tabloids worldwide. Imagine walking out your front door every morning and being chased around all day by these guys. Now you see why she doesn't have a bodyguard -- she doesn't need one. These guys will go upside anyone's head to protect their meal ticket. Still, it ain't easy being an A-list celebrity.


I thought 50 Cent retired from the biz after his last couple of CDs flopped? Here's new music by Fiddy featuring Ne-Yo off his upcoming album Before I Self Destruct, dropping in November.

Grammy award winning producer/singer Ne-Yo shows off his singing skills on this smooth track, but it's 50 Cent's annoying half-singing that kills the mood: "Have a baby by me baby, be a millionaire," he begs. Awful!

18-year-old South African runner Caster Semenya may get to keep her medals despite reports by an Australian media outlet that confirms she has both male and female organs.

According to a report in the AP, The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) won't release the official results of gender testing until November.

The IAAF ordered a battery of gender tests on Semenya -- including a CT scan -- after Semenya dominated a race prior to entering the Berlin World championships, and IAAF officials had a chance to view videos and images of her physique.

An Australian newspaper reported the test findings on Friday, which indicate Semenya has no ovaries, only a vaginal pouch and internal male testicles (where her ovaries should be), which are producing 3x's the normal amount of the male hormone testosterone in her blood.

The extra testosterone gives Semenya her secondary male sex characteristics such as facial hair, a ripped muscular physique and deep voice.

"We would like to emphasize that these should not be considered as official statements by the IAAF," the federation said in a statement regarding the reports that first appeared in News Limited and Fairfax newspapers.

The IAAF went on to say Semenya would likely keep the gold medal she won at Berlin because there was no cheating or deception involved.

"Our legal advice is that, if she proves to have an advantage because of the male hormones, then it will be extremely difficult to strip the medal off her, since she has not cheated," Davies wrote to the AP.

But experts say Semenya's stellar track & field career may be over due to her unfair advantage over the other women. Online reports indicate that other female runners may refuse to enter races that she is in.


Here's the music video for Whitney's single "I Look To You" off her #1 album by the same title. Whitney will appear on Oprah's show on Monday and Tuesday. I hope she kills this song. She needs a strong performance to dead all the rumors that she's a has-been whose voice is shot.

From Talking With Tami:

Awh isn’t bringing life into the world wonderful! Reality tv star, Neffe went into labor today! She was whisked off to the hospital to give birth to her baby girl that I reported to you, in an earlier post. I now she will be a great mom and im sure Soul Low is right by her side. The lil angel name is Nyla Noel Awh to cute!

I wonder will Keyshia Cole fly in to Atlanta to see her new niece! Childbirth is no joke but Im sure Neffe is recovering well! I wonder was Frankie there cussing out folks lol? Lets all say a prayer and send congrats to the new bundle of joy and couple!

According to DrewReports, the other kids names are Brianna, Starr, Cierra, Jalen Weluv Cole. Drew suggests that Neffe tie her tubes while she's in the hospital this time (it was funny when he said it).

Don't you hate it when young ungrateful punks show a lack of respect for those veterans who helped paved the way for their success?

As I told you earlier, Chris Brown arrived at JFK today and tweeted that one of the photographers "looked like Wendy Williams."

As many times as the Diva Wendy Williams played this punk Chris Brown's records on her show, he had the nerve to disrespect her? Well Wendy responded today in her own unique way. But if I were her I wouldn't have responded to that convict. Once a woman hater, always a wonan hater.

Notice how he's talking sht about successful black women lately? I bet he wouldn't disrespect Larry King on Twitter -- or anyone he thinks he needs to resurrect his flopped career.

CHRIS BROWN V. WENDY WILLIAMS - On Friday's episode (9/11/09) of THE WENDY WILLIAMS SHOW, host Wendy Williams responds to today's "tweet" from R&B star and former Rihanna flame Chris Brown (whose Twitter name is Mechanical Dummy). According to Williams, Brown told followers that when he arrived at JFK, that, "one of the guyz looked like wendy williams or was it the other way around....lol." Not willing to let that one slide without a response, Williams, who was taping her talk show when the Brown tweet went 'round the world, used her television platform to set the record straight. Commenting on the tweet, she said..."in other words, he's calling me a man. Well you know, at least if I was a man then I would spend my time bullying other men, perhaps, and not..women."

Taped live in New York, The Wendy Williams Show combines the latest buzz and hot topics with a diverse mix of celebrities from the arenas of film, music, sports and television. Williams' bold personality and irreverent and witty commentary on life make for a groundbreaking talk format that entertains viewers and quenches their thirst for honest, enlightening and entertaining television. A successful radio personality and author, Williams' show delivers even more Wendy to her loyal fan base across the nation and introduces her to an even broader audience. Whether she is offering real advice during her "Ask Wendy" segments, providing her take on the latest headlines during the always surprising "Hot Topics," or getting up close and personal with headline makers, celebrities or everyday people, Williams' fresh approach and love of life and laughter shines through in every hour.

Source: Christine DeJoy | Ferencomm.com

At some point celebrities are going to figure out that Twitter is the devil -- just like when they found out that Myspace wasn't all that great for their careers.

Brown arrived in NYC today sporting 3-day old stubble on his chin and looking haggard and disheveled. He was met by hordes of paparazzi and he immediately took to his twitter to tweet that they were "rude," and that one of them "looked like Wendy Williams." Should Wendy be insulted?

Hopefully Chris won't need to promote his wack album on her popular TV show any time soon.

One day the paps won't care about Chris Brown (like I don't now), and his punk azz will be just another washed up, has-been singer with a criminal record.

According to ContactMusic.com, Jennifer Hudson's sister Julia Hudson is pregnant with her second child.

New mum Jennifer Hudson is to be an aunt - her sister is pregnant. The happy news comes almost a year after a family murder tragedy, in which Hudson's sibling Julia lost her seven-year-old son Julian.

The boy was shot and dumped in the trunk of an abandoned car on the outskirts of Chicago, Illinois.
The Oscar winner's mother and brother were also killed in the 24 October (08) killing spree. William Balfour, the estranged husband of Hudson's sister, has pleaded not guilty to charges of first degree murder and home invasion.

Hudson gave birth to David Daniel Otunga Jr. last month (Aug09) and now insiders tell Star magazine that Julia is four months pregnant. The source tells the publication, "When Julia found out, she called Jennifer right away. They're both ecstatic.
"They know they can never replace Julian, but this new baby has brought the family a lot of joy."

Beyonce's sister Solange knowles drew stares as she strolled down the street in NYC today. Solange is in town for Fashion Week. I don't know what the hail she's wearing, but I LOVE the shoes.

I was on Solo's Twitter today and all her followers were praising her and telling her how pretty she was. But I didn't see one Tweet praising her for putting texturizer in her hair -- so I left a tweet saying just that (I hope she reads it).

I'm beginning to warm to her Solange's news tyle, although her receding hairline still snags my eye, but I'll get over it. See, ladies, that's what happens to your hairline when you wear weaves and extensions.

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