Sean Combs was spotted out & about in Manhattan yesterday. Is it me or has Sean lost weight? It looks like his personal training fees (which are rumored to be close to $100K) are paying off.

Yesterday, Sean released the music video for "Angels" a new track off his upcoming album. The pop-tinged track features Sean singing, yes singing with a little help from T-Pain's autotuner. Angels is obviously targeted for that crossover market. The track also features a verse by the Notorious BIG and vocals by Dawn Richards, formerly of Danity Kane. No comment on Diddy's singing talent.

Yesterday I received an email from a loyal reader who thought I was a hypocrite because I accuse other artists of being over-exposed while ignoring the fact that Rihanna is the most overexposed artist in the biz. I hate to say it, but I have to agree. I'm going to need to see Ri Ri doing a little bit more than just walking in and out of restaurants looking cute. Otherwise, it's a little pointless to keep posting pics of her doing nothing. That's not what we do here. We applaud and uplift artists for being on the cutting edge of fashion and entertainment. Is Rihanna recording an album? Is she working on a comeback tour? What exactly is Rihanna up to these days? We know she recently bought a spectacular crib at a bargain basement rate, but what else is she doing with her life other than looking cute?

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There is a lot of misinformation out there about the Freemason secret society and Eastern Stars. So let this video be your introduction to understanding that secret organization and the celebrities who are believed to be members.

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I don't watch much TV but I decided to watch the Glee premiere on Fox TV last night since everyone was talking about it. I must have missed something because the show seems like all the other Fame rip-offs that are so popular on TV nowadays. I was not impressed with Amber Riley (the black Beyonce) who was cast as just another neck rolling, big guhl with big attitude and big lungs.

Barack Hussein Obama addressed both chambers of Congress during a live, nationally televised speech last night. But instead of hitting a home run, Obama struck out.

Among the biggest lies Obama told last night was his oft-repeated claim that he wouldn't add to the size of the deficit, and his plan to eliminate wasteful spending and abuse in medicare to pay for health care reform.

As many critics pointed out after Obama's speech, if Washington was good at cutting out wastefulness in its government programs, it would have been done already.

Members of the GOP booed, heckled, jeered and laughed at Obama's outright lies and half truths. One GOP member, South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson yelled "Liar!" as Obama assured Americans that his bill wouldn't pay for the health care of those who are here illegally. Another, John Shimkus, stood up and walked out as Obama delivered his speech.

Wilson later apologized to White House chief of staff Rham Emanuel for his outburst during Obama's 55-minute speech. But the reality is that illegals will most certainly benefit under ObamaCare -- and taxpayers will be forced to eat the cost in the form of higher taxes.

During his speech, Obama magically downsized the number of Americans without insurance from 47 million to just 30 million. The difference being the number of illegal aliens that had been added in that category all along -- until last night.

Now we're supposed to believe that those 17 million illegal aliens just up and disappeared into thin air overnight?

The stakes were high for Obama last night as his approval ratings continue to dwindle. Just hours before his live televised speech to Congress, an Associated Press-GfK poll showed 52% of Americans disapproved of the way Obama was handling health care, while 42% approved.


According to Fox Television, comedienne and TV talk show host Ellen Degeneres will replace Paula Abdul as the 4th judge on American Idol.

Abdul walked off the show last month following a dispute with AI producers over her demands for a bigger cut of the show's profits in her paycheck. The producers didn't call her bluff and Abdul found herself outside in the cold.

"DeGeneres will sit alongside Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and Kara DioGuardi and offer her own unique perspective to the contestants throughout the competition," Fox television said in a statement.

Degeneres will begin her stint as 4th judge after the audition rounds, which has been featuring temporary celebrity judges such as Mary J. Blige, Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers and Victoria "Posh" Beckham.

"I'm going to have a day job and a night job," DeGeneres said during a taping of her Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday when she made the surprise announcement.

I don't watch AI at all, but it seems to me that Ellen cracking jokes will be an odd fit for the show.

Convicted felon Chris Brown is ready for hard labor clearing brush, overgrown weeds and picking up trash on the highways of his native Virginia, as part of his community service sentence.

Brown, who posted pics of his kiddie wonderland land home on his Twitter account last week, will be picked up at 8 a.m. by the Department of Corrections every morning along with 30 other inmates, and bused to his work detail area in Richmond, Virginia.

Once there, Brown will work 8 hours cutting weeds, clearing brush and picking up trash in a bright orange reflective vest.

According to, he'll also have to trim brush along medians, remove gang graffiti from the VCU campus, and wash the inside and outside of law enforcement vehicles.

A supervisor will keep an eye out for Brown to make sure he doesn't cut corners. We're sure TMZ and the paparazzi will also keep an eye out for him.

Speaking of graffiti, Brown posted pics of his graffiti filled walls at his Virginia home on his Twitter account as I mentioned earlier. The pics depict a boy who accumulated his wealth too soon and now suffers from the same Peter Pan syndrome that afflicted Michael Jackson.

His home looks like a 5-year-old's playground. Judging from the pics, Brown has money but he is still immature and juvenile in his thinking. I fear for any female who becomes entangled in a relationship with this spoiled, immature rich kid.

Apparently there's a keyboard shortcut that can add thousands of hits per minute to videos online -- and to blog pageviews, I guess. We here at would never resort to such trickery to boost our hits, though it is an interesting trick.

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When Barack Obama delivers his critical health care speech to Congress tonight, he needs to mention three things to ensure the passage of health care reform and to save his presidency from certain failure.

1. No Public Option

Barack Obama's declining poll numbers speak loudly for Americans who do not want to give up their health insurance for a public, government controlled plan. Nor do they want their taxes raised to support free health care for illegal aliens.

2. Tort Reform

If Obama doesn't mention Tort reform tonight, he might as well hang up any chance of a health care reform bill passing this year. Medical malpractice damage awards is one of the main reasons medical costs have spiraled out of control in this country. The need for tort reform is simple: put caps on medical malpractice awards and associated medical costs will decline. Good doctors are leaving the field of medicine in droves due to the high cost of liability insurance. Each time a hospital is hit with a large medical malpractice damage award, the costs are passed down to us, the patients.

So far, Obama has ignored tort reform because he is a lawyer, and he's in bed with trial lawyers who rely on the lucrative income from medical malpractice cases to butter both sides of their bread with.

3. Erase state boundaries and decrease insurance costs

Instead of the government taking over health care (and ruining it for everyone), Obama needs to talk about erasing the boundaries between states so residents can cross states lines and buy insurance at competitive rates.

And while he's at it, he should talk about putting caps on insurance premiums to keep insurance rates affordable for everyone.

We'll see tonight if Obama has the backbone to stand up against the far left wing liberal extremists and save his presidency from failure.