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The ex-fiance of RHOA Kandi Burruss was fatally beaten during a brawl outside an Atlanta strip club earlier tonight.

Friends say Ashley "A.J." Jewell, a former drug dealer, was beaten and stomped by a group of men in the parking lot of famed strip club The Body Tap early Saturday morning. He was transported by ambulance to Piedmont hospital where he died from blunt force injuries to the brain.

Police questioned patrons inside the club after the incident but no arrests were made. Contrary to rumors, no guns or knives were involved.

The news of AJ's death spread rapidly through the industry via Twitter and word of mouth. Jewell was very popular within Atlanta's music industry, but he gained exposure on a national level via the reality TV show RHOA as Burruss' fiance who was scorned by her mother for having multiple baby mamas. The couple separated after the premiere of Season 2, but they remained friends.

AJ leaves behind 6 beautiful children.

Update: Sources say AJ was in negotiations to buy The Body Tap when he was killed.


Police have arrested a "person of interest" in the fatal beating of club promoter Ashley "A.J." Jewell last night. Frederick Richardson will be taken into custody when he's released from a local hospital where he was treated for injuries sustained in the "one on one" fight at The Body Tap, a local strip club.

Jewell was a co-owner of the club and promoted celebrity events there.


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Beyonce and Solange Knowles' father and business manager Matthew Knowles has another mouth to feed, according to

Matthew, who has been known to sow his wild oats indiscriminately in the past, has been slapped with a paternity suit by Alexsandra Wright who is 6 months pregnant. That gives Matthew 3 months to try and buy her silence before the baby is born.

According to, Wright, who is in her 30s, filed the suit in L.A. County Superior Court where she lives and works in the name branding business. Which means she's a PR chick.

Wright is repped by Neal Hersh, who is currently repping Lamar Odom in the prenup negotiations with Khloe Kardashian.

Matthew and Tina Knowles have been married for 29 contentious years. The baby will be Matthew's second child born out of wedlock. Singer and former Destiny's Child member, Kelly Rowland (pictured above with her father), was the first.

I'm beginning to warm up to the natural state of Solange's shorn hairstyle. That whole earth hippie Bohemian natural earth look is so becoming of her. I'm hoping that she's not changing her personal style just to appease some man.

They say she's dating that Wale rapper guy, who prefers his women to go natural. There's nothing wrong with wanting to appease your man unless you're doing it because you're that weak and desperate with no mind of your own.

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LOL @ the one anchor saying, "What? Did we hear that right?" Yeah, you heard that right!

I don't know why the Chicago anchors were in disbelief. The decision was between ducking bullets in Chicago or sipping Daiquiris on the beach in Rio. I mean, that's a no-brainer. I'm sure the Olympic Committee members watched the news this past week from Chicago. They know what's going on.

I think Barack and Oprah needed this defeat to bring their egos back down to earth.

Egg is all over Barack Obama's face today as the Chicago bid for the 2016 Olympics floats dead in the water. According to, Chicago was rejected in the first round. And as well it should.

Chicago is the worst place on the planet for the Summer Olympics or any international event. Who in their right mind would want to go to Chicago for any reason? I'm sure the Olympics committee weren't interested in running and ducking from bullets.

Instead of traveling to Copenhagen to bid for the games, Barack, Michelle and Oprah should have concentrated their efforts on making the streets of Chicago safer for its children. But they don't care about the kids.

How embarrassing for Barack.

Yesterday, David Letterman swallowed his foolish pride and confided to his studio audience that he cheated with more than one of his female staffers over the years. This is a good time to mention that Dave married his girlfriend of 23 years earlier this year.

This is more proof that men are cheating dogs by nature - and the workplace is the perfect environment for them to get a leg up. They don't put "no fraternization" rules in employee contracts for nothing. 60% of men who cheat do so with a co-worker.

I've said it before, all a man needs is time and opportunity, and a small space to stand up in (like a supply closet). The workplace can be as sordid as a brothel at times. Any woman who thinks her man won't cheat with the voluptuous single secretary is crazy.

A "48 Hours" producer was arrested yesterday for attempting to extort Letterman out of $2 million to conceal his cheating ways.

Country singer Miranda Lambert tells OK! magazine she is inspired by Style Icon Rihanna!

“She is constantly surprising me with her style and inspiring me to break out and try new things,” the 25-year-old beauty, whose new album Revolution is out now, tells me. “Well, I don’t necessarily get inspired by the whole no-bra thing, [laughs] but I love that you never know what she’s going to wear. It always keeps you guessing, which makes her sassy and interesting.”

My readers scoffed when I wrote that Rihanna was a style innovator who would influence fashion trends in the industry. It feels good to be correct once again.

The surprising thing here is Rihanna has garnered all of this acclaim without her own clothing line. Searching Google now to see if any big name stars are inspired by Beyonce's ghetto fabulous style (LOL).

Kim Kardashian's pregnant sister Kourtney got her extensions tightened up in a black salon in L.A. yesterday. These Kardashian chicks really do think they're black don't they?

Kourtney is very happy with the finished product. Yes, I did think all that was really their hair until today. I learned something new.

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There is someone for everyone in this world. R&B singer Bobby Brown and his baby mama Alicia Etheridge showed up at the Grand Opening Of Anat B. in Century City, California last night. They had their baby son with them.

Actresses Gabrielle Union, left, and Jill Marie Jones show off their lacefront wigs at the "Good Hair" premiere in L.A. yesterday.

Actress Nia Long showed off her real hair at the "Good Hair" L.A. premiere yesterday.

Actress Raven-Symone wore her best lacefront to the L.A. premiere of Chris Tucker's "Good Hair" yesterday.

Actress Golden Brooks displays her fabulous weave at the L.A. premiere of Chris Tucker's "Good Hair" yesterday.

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