Egg is all over Barack Obama's face today as the Chicago bid for the 2016 Olympics floats dead in the water. According to, Chicago was rejected in the first round. And as well it should.

Chicago is the worst place on the planet for the Summer Olympics or any international event. Who in their right mind would want to go to Chicago for any reason? I'm sure the Olympics committee weren't interested in running and ducking from bullets.

Instead of traveling to Copenhagen to bid for the games, Barack, Michelle and Oprah should have concentrated their efforts on making the streets of Chicago safer for its children. But they don't care about the kids.

How embarrassing for Barack.

  • missmiami

    lmao @ u sandra. you sure have a way with words :)

  • flyqtnva

    @ the so called power players

  • kcicero

    "For years now, the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro has made just about every short list for the world's most violent and dangerous cities. Plagued by violent gun crime, assassinations and drug-trafficking, nearly 50,000 people have died of crime-related violence in Rio between 1978 and 2000.

    The city's crime problem was put on display once again this year for the entire world to see during the annual Carnaval celebration in Rio. Despite the deployment of nearly 10,000 police officers, the festivities were still marred by unusally high instances of robbery, assault and violence." :coffee:

    Now not saying that Chicago was the best place to have it but fair is fair...

  • pinky2083

    I love Chi Town, got fam there and used to live there.. so I would go there Sandra.

    On the other hand I don't even know of any open space there that would accomodate all the Olympic events..

  • LadyJustice

    i wanna go to Chicago one day. im sure the WHOLE city isnt crime filled. just certain parts... like every other city in america.

  • kwall

    well hail they ducked bullets in 1984 in LA and dodged bombs in 1996 in ATL.

    so i REALLY do not SEE what the PROBLEM was with chitown in the running?

    oh well.

  • missy

    "Instead of traveling to Copenhagen to bid for the games, Barack, Michelle and Oprah should have concentrated their efforts on making the streets of Chicago safer for its children. But they don’t care about the kids."

    I agree with this statement that I was thinking the same thing.

  • missy

    *I agree with this statement I was thinking the same thing.

  • Daisy

    LJ Chi town is a beautiful city I sure felt safe downtown when I was there in March

    @topic Did Bush speak out on black on black crime? Did Clinton speak out on black on black crime? Olympics or not I doubt the President is about to FOCUS all of his attn on the crime in ONE CITY when he is the Prez of the ENTIRE good ole US of A! Sadly kids BEEN dying in the streets of chi town and across the US of A w/o the Olympics been in the the convo so why NOW are ppl blaming the Olympics as a distraction?? This is NOT a new issue!

    Anytime Pres Obama speaks out on "black issues" BLACK folks BYTCH and MOAN about that as well aying we dont need a PREACHER we need a PRESIDENT now that he was doing SOMETHING Presidential we got folks BYTCHIN n MOANING.

    MY QUESTION IS WHAT HAVE YOU DONE (OUTSIDE OF YOUR HOUSE) TO PREVENT CRIME and OUR KIDS KILLING EACH OTHER?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    The nerve of some black folks calling in on Rush L. show of all places like he cares or is going to do anything to stop our kids from killing each other in the streets GTFOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Daisy

    SR and Missy yall are now a mind readers and know for a FACT that the President and 1st Lady DO NOT CARE ABOUT KIDS???????????? REALLY NOW.

  • ontaya brooks

    Auntie as much as I hate how you dog our President, I have to agree with you on this one. I was appalled when they said he was going to convince the committee to chose Chicago for the olympics and this during one of the most violent acts has happened in this city. This really lets you know where they're minds are. I bet if it was in an area where they're children frequent it would have went down totally different. I am not liking my kool-aid so much now, it is getting a little watery.

  • Daisy

    Shauny and Elove I need yall to school these people on CRIME in Chi town and how this is NOTHING new sadly

    I cant believe ppl actually thought the President would STOP everything over this one story no matter how sad it was we hear and see sad stories on the news ALL time SMH

  • alove

    You must be kidding. He represents all people.

  • missy

    @Daisy i don't agree with everything she said i just felt maybe he should handle what's going on in chicago and not worry about the olympics.

  • Daisy

    Missy the Olympics have been in the WORKS for months that isnt something he can just drop esp. not over this incident as harsh as that may seen. What would you have him do? They were talking about the Olympics on the news in march when I visited. Kids killing kids is nothing new to chi town or the country. All cities have BAD sides of town and chicago is no different and for the record I dont care if they got the Olympics or not I just cant believe ppl are going in on him over this. He cant win for losing SMH

  • missy

    Not because he is black i just feel they need to handle what's going on in the inner cities im not saying to stop everything what he is doing but if the children are the future i feel we need to get our priorities straight because at this rate things are going im afraid of how many of these children are going to be in prison or dead before they even get a chance to experience life.

  • Daisy

    @alove I cant take it lol I am just DONE lol

  • starr

    He's the president of the U.S. Obama can't fix the chi's problem...they have there local officials....thats what they are there for. Its funni cuz i thought we didn't want obama involved in local issues. I bet if it was somebody else that was in the whitehouse...nobody would be itching for the pres to fix the chi's prob.

    i personally don't knwo why anyone would want the olympics in their state. I did cartwheels wen ny was out of the running lol

  • Daisy

    @Missy since 2007 over 500 Chiago public school kids have been killed and sadly it will continue and this will never be a priorty for any President IMO right or wrong. I believe the Atty Gen is working on something to deal with this issue but this is not something that can or will be fixed overnight so in the mean time life goes on. At the end of the day it needs to be OUR priorty ppl ALWAYS get on Barack for BIGGER GOVT they dont want it or like it so they say BUT now he(the govt) is suppsoed to save every hood in America makes no sense ppl cant have it both ways.

    I would LOVE for our kids to STOP killing each other but IMO it will take much more than the Pres or Govt it starts at HOME and in the COMMUNITY

  • Daisy

    @Starr NOBODY likes the President or Govt until they want or need something from them :coffee:

    I wasnt in the A when the Olympics came but everybody I know who was LOVED it lol

  • missy

    I'm not knocking chicago because every where in the world has crime but from what i heard on the news he didn't have to go and he went to secure the votes.Also i don't see nothing wrong with him going i just felt their are more important things going on than this but he already went and nothing i can do about it but i just hope they try to make some changes and chicago or some other state can get the olymics in 2020

  • alove

    @Daisy-All cities have violence. Sandra is on some Glen Beck stuff!

  • alove

    Sandra is in Atlanta Metro and there is quite a bit of violence. What are you doing to make a difference? Sandra didn't you refuse to speak out on CNN? Sweep around your own front door.

  • alove

    I was in the A when the Olympics came and I enjoyed many events. Unfortunately,the bombing occured.

  • Daisy

    @alove I agree and I always ask ppl what they are doing cause blowing HOT AIR is not helping kids or the community. Everybody always want to tell somebody what their priorities should be when they need to worry about what they are doing SMH

    My cuz said she had just walked out the park entrance when the bomb went off.

  • alove

    Wow! Thank God she wasn't hurt. It was shock and Awe for weeks following the bomb. We keep forgetting Sandra is visiting the USA. That's why she is so critical. Where is the love?

  • PAHairston

    Atlanta, NY, Chicago, LA, Memphis, wherever you find a lot of Negroes, you'll find a lot of crime, it's just a fact. Hell, for yrs, our nation's capital was dubbed the "murder capital of the world." In the 90s, almost every night, a young black man was killed in this city, sometimes 2,3,4 at a time. Unspeakable crimes, hell we got em in DC. Bonita Jacks watched her 4 girls starve to death, in her own home, and laid them out on the bed for 6 months after they died. They had to be identified by their teeth. (This woman was plum crazy yet she got life in prison, go figure.) Obama, Michelle and Obama don't care about kids? A lot of these sorry parents, especially mothers, don't care bout their children, not knowing where their 13 yr old is at 3,4 in the morning, not knowing if they're in school, if they have enough to eat, etc. Why do so many of us continually blame others for our shortcomings? And why the fck are we humans so concerned with the 2016 Olympics? Didn't God instruct us to live one day at at time? And the way things are going, these war-mongering male leaders may blow us all to kingdom come. I'm just saying, for what it's worth. Have a great weekend SandraRose family and KEEP HOPE ALIVE.

  • Daisy

    @PA YOU DID THAT :clap: lol

  • attorneymom

    Sandra (or Sandra's ghost writer) writes, "nstead of traveling to Copenhagen to bid for the games, Barack, Michelle and Oprah should have concentrated their efforts on making the streets of Chicago safer for its children. But they don’t care about the kids."

    You done wrote a fingerful right there. Can you image the size of the ego if Chicago would have one the bid??

  • Daisy

    AM how big is your ego? :coffee: