Susan Boyle, the relatively unknown 49-year-old talent contestant from London, is still storming the charts here in the US with her debut smash album I Dreamed a Dream.

Boyle sits at #1 for the 2nd week in a row with over 581K copies sold, giving her a total of 2 million in worldwide sales in just 2 weeks! Since appearing as a contestant on Britain's Got Talent TV show, Boyle has rocketed to worldwide fame despite her plain jane looks.

Meanwhile, Chris Brown's 'Graffiti' CD came in at #6 on the charts with just 102,000 sold. On Monday, Brown deleted his Twitter account after raging online at department store giant WalMart employees for hiding his CDs "in the back" where his fans couldn't get at them.

His public outburst resulted in a statement from WalMart's corporate headquarters denying the allegations. Rihanna's CD Rated R debuted at #4 on the charts with over 181,000 copies sold.


  • LovelyLady

    Get it CB :cheer: #6 aint bad with no promo vs all the promo in the world :coffee:

    And for the record theres a vid where Wal Mart isnt stocking hos album.

  • LovelyLady

    lol I meant........ his album

  • trynabeme

    Congrats CB! #6 ain't bad for all the drama you been thru this yr (whether it was self inflected or not)

    A FLOP? NOT!

  • Anna

    I heard Susan sold $5 mill world wide in two weeks.

  • Anna

    Sorry, this is a CB post. Not bad Chris.

  • trynabeme

    Hi Anna. Thx again for puttin' me on to Mo on the Joy B. Show. I don't know why my guide said it was a repeat...couldn't have been since they just announced the GG nominee's :shrugs:

  • Daisy

    Congrats to BOTH CB and Susan

    @Missy CB is on ustream and he knows he makes some funny crazy faces :lol:

  • Toni

    If he got promoted as much as Rihanna..he would have out sold her...

  • Quitta

    Does anyone know if Riri is top 5 since he's #6?

  • Quitta

    I supported CB and I'm glad I did. :yea:

    Good album IMO

  • mistarie

    Go Chris!!!!!!! :cheer: No Promo/Self Promo and still sold 102,000. Lost fans and still sold 102,000?!?!?! You did that! Be proud and rejoice in it. And tell your haters...LET ME BE GREAT!!!!! You'd better go boy!!!! :woot:

  • Daisy

    @quitta I like the cd as well but he said Pass out is the next single n I don't like that song :nono:

    I am ready to see the video for Hard

  • pyt305

    Good job CB!

  • Quitta

    I like Susan, she's too cute (oh no, not her face, lol). She's a woman who'd been dreaming all of her life to be a singer and her dream came true at the age of almost 50!?

    I heard she celebrated her success by purchasing a refrigerator and a couch. I loves it.

  • mizzdallas

    Thats great! for CB with little promotion, I love his whole cd!

  • A.tiara

    CB is right! it was hard just finding one of his cds on the shelves. But he didnt have to go off like he did on twitter. like the others said #6 aint bad. Ri Ri didnt do much better.

  • LadyJustice *\o/*

    i think this is susan's 3rd week b/c she dropped when rihanna's cd dropped

  • Quitta

    Daisy Says:

    @quitta I like the cd as well but he said Pass out is the next single n I don’t like that song


    Oh daisy, I didn't hear that song Hard. Do you have the deluxe edition? When I went to target they didn't have anymore of the deluxe editions

  • mizzdallas

    He is a hot mess on ustream right now! All those facial expressions and then he lick his tongue out! omg! 2 cute

  • Daisy

    @quitta that would be Rihannas video for so Hard

    I did buy the reg cd for my sister and I got the deluxe for myself that is where the Movie song is which I like :lol:

  • Daisy

    @Mizz yes he is clowning, playing video games and doing this bootleg interview on ustream lol

    I love the song I'll Go

  • Krysi J

    Nah :nana: still sold 100,000 even with a it Chris!!

  • Anna

    Quitta Says:

    I like Susan, she’s too cute (oh no, not her face, lol). She’s a woman who’d been dreaming all of her life to be a singer and her dream came true at the age of almost 50!?

    I heard she celebrated her success by purchasing a refrigerator and a couch. I loves it.
    It wasn't just any couch, it was a "burgendy" couch. :lol:

  • Krysi J

    Does anyone know if Riri is top 5 since he’s #6?

    she is 16

  • Krysi J

    Rihanna’s CD Rated R debuted at #4 on the charts with over 181,000 copies sold.

    yea she lost quite a bit of fans being that she had all the promotion in the world and still didn't sell 200,000


    trouble don't last always Chris....they gon have to stock dem shelves eventually!

  • Krysi J


  • Anna

    trynabeme Says:

    Hi Anna. Thx again for puttin’ me on to Mo on the Joy B. Show.
    No prob.

  • Bird

    He did well. I'd assume those are about his usual numbers. Not too shabby for stores to be hiding his CDs (side eye).

  • LovelyLady

    Awww Im watching him on Ustream and his is such a mamas boy. "I talk to my mama every minute, even when i dont wanna talk to my mama"

  • LovelyLady

    Dammitt Sandra my comment awaiting moderation again.
    Aw Im watching him on Ustream and his is such a mamas boy. “I talk to my mama every minute, even when i dont wanna talk to my mama”

  • MissHarlem

    Yeaaaaaaa Chris!!! :cheer1: So happy for him because of all the drama its about time some sunshine came his way!! CD is actually good too.

  • mizzdallas

    I wonder does this includes digital downloads via itures, zune, & amazon

  • mizzdallas

    I meant to say itunes

  • LovelyLady


  • missy

    @Daisy-I miss that ustream thing.........darn it :mad:

    But if he brings out pass out I will not like that song.....

    Any who CB stay "steezin on these heathens"

    @Lovely-I am calling and telling CB not to bring out that pass out song......or me and him will have some problems....

  • Krysi J

    calling now....wait a minute that a number i can call to complain on Wal-mart or just a number to call and hear chris on a voicemail??

  • LovelyLady

    missy Says:

    @Lovely-I am calling and telling CB not to bring out that pass out song……or me and him will have some problems….
    *DEAD* :rofl:

  • LovelyLady

    Krysi J.

    :lol: Its a number to leave a mesage for CB

  • Cinderella

    Chris and Rihanna should have waited a year before releasing new albums.

  • KaraZ

    Ar the end of the day... :rofl:

  • Jazzy101

    AWESOME! I am so proud of CB. Chris should be no where near 100k. He should be having Rappper Timberlands numbers....lmao! Seriously. For him to be having 102,000 Thats a huge victory. He could have gotten waaaaaay Less then that, So congrats CB. Cant wait for your Graffiti tour this summer. ;)

    Oh and congrats to Susan Boyle as well, STILL DOMANTING the charts. I'm proud to see talent finally be appreciated. Keep up the good work Susan.:)

  • missy

    Why was it that I had to call that number @lovely left for Cbrezzy like 10x before i get the right one.......I realized I was calling the wrong number because I got a sex line thing.......and I was like :wtf:

    Any way I said in my white girl voice"I hate the Pass out song and would prefer if you bring out fallin down.....but I said that I will support you in w/e you bring out..God bless keep your head up 1" and hung up ......I didn't even bother to hear how I sound.....

  • missy


    SYTYCD finale is on tonight and i hope swexy Russel wins :yea:

  • krbinc

    the dept stores did jerk chris. but I guess you're happy about that huh sandra?

  • M_promp2

    The boy has a legitimate beef. He's definitely not lying. How do retailers prosper doing crap like this.

    How is it that Sandra has or had a banner advertisement for Chris' CD, but makes negative remarks about him? Seems like that is a big contradiction. Can't help with the site's advertisement revenue.

  • Ms.kaylamomma

    :offtopic: A. Keyes is getting ready to perform on 106 & Park. Anybody buy her CD and is it good? I'm waiting to buy mine until I hear the reviews.So far, I only like 2 songs.

  • Anna

    Cinderella Says:

    Chris and Rihanna should have waited a year before releasing new albums.
    I don't agree. They each should have put out a (after the situation)CD so ppl can move on. They should both make another CD and then re release the CD that our currently out (later). I think it will work. It's up to the public to move on , not them, that is what they are already doing. Public Opinion is just slowing trying to wein this story.

  • Anna

    CDs that are*

  • Ms.kaylamomma

    Okay I like her tversion of Empire State of Mind without JayZ. So far that is 3 songs on the album that I like.

  • ksmommy05

    I haven't brought a cd in years. But i brought the CB cd. I have to say it's really nice. I'm not a stan but i really love the song |I need this" and "I love u".

  • Daisy

    @Missy I like Russell but I doubt he wins and :rofl: at you for calling a sex line!

    @ksmommy I like I love you as well

  • Hermosa

    lol, I swear some people be in denial.

  • LovelyLady

    *side eye* @ Missy for calling the sex line. Ummm hmmm.. U knew what you was doing :rofl:

  • missy

    @Daisy-That isn't funny......the thing was like"you've called the sex hot line if you're a male press..." I hung up before it finished...I was like :wtf: .....I know this isn't the number I called...........

    But I think Russell will win.....or at least come second...... :crossesfingers:

  • missy

    @Lovely-I was calling the number you gave........but I think I put an extra Z in breezy so I was calling brezzy...... :smh: I need to go buy me some glasses ASAP.....

  • TeddyGramz

    Chris Brown 1st week sales for his 1st album was 154,000.
    And his 1st week sales for his second album was 294,000.
    So if he doesnt sell more than 294,000 then its a flop
    Your number are suppose to get better.
    It sold 102,000 which equals FLOP.

    Its a flop.
    And the whole blackball bullshit doesnt even factor in when there is a such thing as amazon and itunes.
    Susan Boyle made her numbers off amazon pre orders.
    And if cb stans were going as hard as he/yall claim they too would have pre ordered or bought it off line.
    If the blackballing was indeed the case, but it wasnt.
    Most of his stans got the album this 1st week which means he has sold almost all the cds that he will sell.
    But his stans will buy more copies but that work help that much.
    He needs to take a vacation and deflate that ego.

  • missy

    Why is it that some people only show up on a CB post but never comment on anything else......Did CB do something for you to look up his numbers and ish..are you on of his ex-friends he let go.........

    Random :hater: ..........That is all :coffee:

    And I am not a Stan

    God bless :heart: Missy

  • Daisy

    @Missy right because the 102 number does NOT include itunes only sound scan/billboard which is why he was ticked with stores playing games and folks act like he was going to sell anywhere near what his last cd sold in the 1st wk with all he has been through this yr. He did good considering SOME (nobody will ever know how many) threw #shade his way

    did you just see Russell crying?

  • Daisy

    For the record I dont think either cd flopped. Misery loves company *sighs*

  • starr


    some folks just dont' know how to be nuthin but negative.......

    As long as i have the cd in my possession i'm kool....dots all

  • missy

    @Daisy-Yea I saw Russell crying........I was wondering where he was at first then I saw him limping on Ryan....... :( .....I wonder how are they going to fill in for him if they pick any routines with him in it..........

    Any who I hope he wins....... :fingerstillcross:

  • missy

    @Starr&Daisy-That is why CB will stay 'steezin on these heathens" I think some folks are jealous of him.... *coughs* comment56 *coughs* :rolleyes:

  • kdillon

    ITs funny how Chris Brown fans were calling Rihanna's album a flop after selling 290k albums, now that he "flopped" most fans are saying 102k isnt a flop. I

  • Daisy

    @KD you left out the word SOME chris brown fans. Not all of us clowned Rihanna cause contrary to popular belief alot of ppl support them BOTH #justsaying #noshade

    @Missy Lil C IRKS me and I see he borroed a bow tie from CBreezy :lol:

  • missy

    @Daisy :ashamed: i like lil C and the CB bow tie is hawt (j/p) and i saw CB wearing his bowtie in the new juelez santana vid "back to the crib"

  • Daisy

    @Missy Yes I peeped that bow tie in back to the crib video I like that song! I have 2 friends that rock bow ties so I am not anti bow tie just have to rock them correctly! MJB was FAB just a few mins ago love that song!

  • kwall

    I just read Susan Boyle did not finish HS EITHER.

    She was bullied therefore did not finish. Intense share why Susan is such a failure please.....

  • Daisy

    Missy he won he won he won :party: YES I am so HAPPPYY :cheer: :cheer:

  • missy


    Russsselll won (I knew it , I knew it)

    Should i be ashamed because I screamed when I heard he won....

    :dance: :danban:


  • missy

    @Daisy Oh and i like that song "back to the crib " also

    and that J.lo song is growing on me (probably because of the hook)

  • Daisy

    @Missy I wanted him to win but I didnt think he would! I screamed as well like he was my child or relative!!! I loved him from auditions :party: we are so silly :lol:

  • Daisy

    @Missy I LUV ALL things J Lo and I want a pair of CLs as well always have one day Lawd one day!

  • missy

    @Daisy yeah we are silly :lolol: and i two liked him from the auditions :danban1:

  • missy

    @Daisy hope you get your pair of CL's soon :crossesfingers:

    I'm so happy for Russel and hope he is successful in his career....

    :party: for Russell

    Any who goodnight all

  • Quitta

    @ Missy

    Your gravatar is funny as all hell!!

  • LovelyLady

    kwall Says:

    I just read Susan Boyle did not finish HS EITHER.

    She was bullied therefore did not finish. Intense share why Susan is such a failure please….
    ^^^^^_____________________ *dead*

  • Daisy

    @Missy I know and I'm mad they neva do updates on past winners n contestants I LUV Danny, Sabra and Will! I am to cheap for some CLs maybe for my 35th b day n 2yrs

    @LL I am dead n walkin round heaven :rofl:

  • LovelyLady

    ^^ Daisy U just killed me again :rofl:

  • whyohwhy

    Rihanna's album is now #27 or 28 on the billboard charts she is already out of the top on her 3rd week, so what's that saying and like she said she has a fan base of 27 mil so that flop is continuing to flop... Chris did great considering what the stores did and all the bad press and no sympathy...

  • missy

    @Quitta-Thank CB for the pic.......

    @Daisy-I am mad that they don't do updates on the contestants either.....but maybe one day they will :crossesfinger:

  • attorneymom

    Steve Harvey and Tom Joyner should talk to this young man. His mama needs a backbone and his management team needs to be fired.

  • attorneymom

    @Sandra, stop trying to come after me on Charles' blog. LOL

  • Daisy

    @AM I can tell you dont listen to Steve and Tom often. They BOTH have done nothing but dog CB out day in and day out since Feb. Everybody knows he was wrong we get it he gets it. I will say I think Steve is starting to come around a lil (not much) but Tom was just dogging CB out again this week for the 1000x. He refuses to play his music but he never did stop playing R Kelly who was a GROWN man when he committed the crime he was accused of. So no they wont be reaching out to CB anytime soon. The person you are dogging on twitter(puffy) reached out to CB as well as David Banner, Will Smith and a few others.


    I wish people would let Chris Brown live, yes he made a mistake don't we all, I do not condone violence against anyone but everyone makes mistakes. I wish they would let this ago already.


    go already

  • iyonah

    SR .. this site is my morning JOE ... where are the new :post: :waiting:

  • iyonah

    :newpost: -- see what I am saying, I need at least one Obama post and one ATL infused post

  • laterthannever

    Oh crap I just realized you all are talking about SYTYCD. I'm like 4 episodes behind on DVR. Yay Russell! He was the best with his cute (though not my usual taste) self!

  • j.c.

    GOOD MORNING FAM! hey i dreamed of fish last night. i sure hope that means it's me : )

  • pyt305

    Good morning every1!! Umm Sandra whats going on??? I need some entertainment @ my desk right about now lol :)

  • Daisy

    @JC you trying to get prg? If so good luck

  • BamaBeauty

    :coffee: Wow, people are really delusional. Do the math victory was obtained here..I still like him and all..just sayn

  • j.c.

    yes daisy. me and my husband have been trying since september. i've been praying about it so i know when it's time, it'll happen

  • SouthernPrincess

    Considering he had hardly any promo for his album he did good.
    Rihanna has been over saturated in the media, random pics of her getting in a car, walking...Where in the hell does she be going? Its like she calls a film crew to snap her getting in a car or something

  • LovelyLady

    j.c. Says:

    GOOD MORNING FAM! hey i dreamed of fish last night. i sure hope that means it’s me : )
    :cheer: I think we have a baby on the way!! Good luck (if thats what u want)

  • j.c.

    thanks LL! and yes that's what we've been praying and asking for!

  • cjgrantjr


    Both albums will reach platinum status by this time next year.

    I didn't see much promo for his album, so I expected these numbers.

    CB is STILL the best in the game in his age group at what he does. There's no denying that, regardless of what happens in his personal life.

  • s_johnson07

    The stans STAY making excuses. These numbers are POOR. The record company is not happy. CHRIS is not happy. If he maliciously killed someone, they'd make an excuse for that. If yall really wanted his album you would've found away to support the guy you'd die for. I mean for goodness sake, R.Kelly had even LESS promotion and still sold more the first week. Did Kels even have a single out? And this is not to say that it's the end of the road for "Graffiti". Chris needs to use this as motivation and grind even harder. Whining gets you nowhere.

  • LBCali

    Sandra its time to lay off Chris....

    BLACKBALLED!, YES, and I think, NO I beleive that Jayz and fat ass Oprah have a lot to do with it.

  • taymorel

    Chris had no promotion and still sold over 100,000 copies. While others, performing on AMA's and doing heavy promotion sold a little more than him. Sounds like Chris's CD did well for his situation. I bought it and all the haters are missing out--it is a great CD--not your typical R&B music. He is branching out to other types of music.