R&B Diva Monica and singer Trey Songz have announced their upcoming tour titled The Passion, Pain, and Pleasure Tour.

In a press release sent out to all the blogs, except for mine, Trey said:

“This has been an amazing year for me… The ‘Passion, Pain, & Pleasure Tour’ is not just another show; it will be an up close and personal experience for everyone. With the help of one of the best R&B female vocalists out today, my sister Monica, we promise you a night to remember.”

Shaking my head at Trey actually believing he is the headliner of the tour and that Mo is touring with him.

I told you about this tour back in April when I spoke with Monica who was doing spot dates with Trey at the time. When she saw my post, she laughed and said, “When did I take that picture with Trey?”

Anyway, before we get into the tour dates, I feel that I must remind you guys once again that when you see a photo credit on my blog that says “Photos,” yet there is only one photo in the blog post, it means that the picture is actually two separate images that I Photoshopped together. (See my Best Photoshopped Photos of 2008 post)

I sometimes do this to illustrate my post when I can’t find a picture online of two artists together– and because bloggers frequently swipe pics from my blog without crediting their source. From now on I will indicate Photoshopped pics with the words ‘Photo illustration.’

I got a kick out of seeing this photo of Monica and Trey Songz all over the blogosphere, but it is Photoshopped. So please read my photo caption before you gank pictures off my blog.

The Passion, Pain, and Pleasure Tour kicks off in Shreveport, LA on August 6 with a stop at Atlanta’s Fox Theater on August 13.

6 Shreveport, LA Municipal Auditorium
7 Dallas, TX Nokia Theatre
8 Kansas City, MO Midland Theatre
12 Savannah, GA Johnny Mercer Theatre
13 Atlanta, GA Fox Theatre
14 Birmingham, AL BJCC Concert Hall
15 Memphis, TN Orpheum Theater
19 Louisville, KY Palace Theatre
20 St. Louis, MO Fox Theater
21 Milwaukee, WI Milwaukee Theater
22 Indianapolis, IN Murat Theater
25 Philadelphia, PA Tower Theater
26 Cleveland, OH State Theatre
27 Baltimore, MD Pier 6
28 Norfolk, VA nTelos Wireless Pavilion
29 Richmond, VA Landmark Theater

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Rapper Slim Thug stirred up a hornet’s nest recently when he voiced his opinion on black women in a VIBE magazine piece. Slim wrote:

“Black women have to bow down and let it be known that they gotta start working hard; they gotta start cooking and being down for they man more. They can’t just be running around with their head up in the air and passing all of us.

Slim Thug is typical of negroes who blame black women for our own problems but never lends a hand to help us up.

As exotic dancer-turned-blogger Zeralyn pointed out on her blog, Slim’s unwillingness to support black women is legendary when he visits popular Gentlemen’s clubs such as ONYX in Dallas, Texas where she works.

I’m especially tired of MILLIONAIRES coming into adult establishments, sitting around with their groupies (these are men and women alike), looking at us dancers like trash and not tipping, getting a dance or anything… I can name a few other celebs like rapper Slim Thug who is infamous in the strip club community for not tipping girls.. Read more…

Here is Slim Thug’s response from his Twitter page:

Ig’nant dudes like Slim Thug don’t realize that stripping is an occupation — not a sport for his amusement. Strippers have bills to pay. If you’ve ever been in a strip club environment, you know that few women work harder for a living than they do.

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Teen heartthrob Justin Bieber followed his pal Kim Kardashian into the surf during a photo shoot at the Cove at the exclusive Atlantis Resort in The Bahamas over the weekend.

Prior to meeting up with his bestie Kim, Justin boogied with the staff of a Johnny Rockets restaurant in the Bahamas. They were dancing to Aretha Franklin’s “Respect.”

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When Beyonce’s sister Solange Knowles first debuted her short nappy hair cut, bloggers howled. Her own fans dissed her on message boards and even her ex-boyfriend Bow Wow went in on her on his Twitter page:

“What is going on with all these young ladies today cutting their hair and carrying themselves like men? Stop that! As a man, I don’t want to look at you and see myself in your reflection.”

Soon Solo was forced to defend her unkempt natural ‘do by claiming she was making a statement (yeah, right).

Well, Solange finally grew tired of the jabs and barbs. Solo threw an afro wig over her naps when she DJ’d a set at TAO Beach in las Vegas over the weekend.

Work it girl! — that nappy look was not working for you, baby.

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According to Elliott Wilson over at RapRadar, rapper Fabolous is under investigation in connection with the death of a Brooklyn rapper:

Police are exploring a possible connection between Fabolous and the murder of 22-year-old Brooklyn rapper, G-Baby. The young upstart was shot three times in the back last March as he left club Amazura in Queens. Surveillance cameras show Fab leaving the venue moments before the shooting.

G-Baby’s mother told the NY Daily News:

“My son was going to talk to Fab in a car, and he got shot three times,” grieving mother Roxanne Brown said. “I don’t know what’s going on. I just want to know who killed my son.”

Why am I not surprised? Every time you hear about a shooting, a groupie beat down or a $200,000 car getting jacked, Faboulous’ name is always somewhere in the middle of it. Soon his luck will run out.

Singer Kelis performed live at the 40th Annual Los Angeles LGBT Pride Festival in Los Angeles, CA over the weekend. LOVE her short hair cut. She looks sooo CUTE! Video of Kelis performing “Milkshake” after the break!

Actress Halle Berry is always a sight for sore eyes on a beautiful Monday morning. Halle was looking good in Victoria’s Secret jogging pants and a tank top after working out at the gym in Malibu, CA.

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Teh ghey rapper Drake was spotted holding his gonads while shopping in D.C. with his boys over the weekend.

If you need even more proof that Drake is Teh ghey, check after the break for footage of him having an on-camera orgasm at the mere mention of Lil Wayne’s name!

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Over the weekend Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young caught a vicious beat down from strip club employees, this according to blogger Zeralyn, whose blog Xxclusively Zeralyn chronicles her adventures as an exotic dancer at one of Dallas’ biggest strip clubs.

According to Z, Young started the fracas inside ONYX strip club, and the employees finished it. This isn’t the first time Young has showed out in strip clubs. Even though Young got his azz handed to him, he was cited by Dallas police for assault on a club employee:

Footage taken from the surveillance video shows the former University of Texas star Vince Young and Club Onyx employee Creiton Kinchen, 45, involved in an exchange of words before the scuffle in a small, crowded office area about 3:30 a.m. The footage clearly shows Kinchen flashing an upside-down “Hook ’em Horns” hand sign at Young.

“There was a conversation going on between Mr. Young and several people inside the office,” said Dallas police Lt. Craig Miller, acting commander of the Crimes Against Persons Division. “One of the [club employees] makes a gesture contradictory to the University of Texas, the ‘Hook ’em’ sign upside down. This obviously made Mr. Young upset.” Police believes that either one or both of them may have been under the influence of alcohol during the scuffle.

The Houston native is entering his fifth season with the Tennessee Titans. His Dallas attorney and agent, both chose to remain silent on the incident and did not correspond to the messages sent to them seeking their comment on the incident. Titans coach Jeff Fisher told The Tennessean on Sunday that the team was aware of the incident. Read more…

Vince Young needs a reality show.

If you’re a horny male on Twitter.com then you already know of stripper-turned-blogger Zeralyn, whose blog Xxclusively Zeralyn chronicles her adventures as an exotic dancer at one of Dallas, Texas’ biggest strip clubs, ONYX.

According to Z, as I like to call her, Dallas Mavericks baller Shawn Marion and Houston rapper Slim Thug are stingy tippers, and NFL quarterback Vince Young caught a beat down by club management over the weekend. What is Vince’s problem?

So umm err uh, this past weekend a yellow Maserati pulls up with Dallas Maverick star Shawn Marion…As soon as I realized who it was, I was like, well, time to pack it up, let me go on home. This man is not about to spend not one singletary dolla… Well atleast on a stripper…

Which I’m even more concerned as to why he brought his ass into Onyx, a BLACK STRIP CLUB, knowing damn well he likes only “other” or girls so light skinned you think they are other… He has a little of that Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson complex going on…. {Xxclusive blog post about that COMING SOON!} I even saw Shawn Marion on Twitter tweeting Maliah Michel (Drake’s girlfriend n video vixen) that he was going to come to the strip club — she works at {DREAMS} and tip her. Do you know I saw him tip her like $200??!! LIKE THAT WAS SOME BIG MONEY!

So why do I pick on Shawn Marion? Who, I think once tipped me $20 dollars when he realized I was the girl who ate at his house like 4 years ago…. Because im so FUKKIN TIRED of men coming to strip clubs watching t.v and playing pool.. drinking drinks, hollerin at girls and doing every got damn thing else other than contributing to the monetary gain of the dancers! Im especially tired of MILLIONAIRES coming into adult establishments, sitting around with their groupies (these are men and women alike) looking at us dancers like trash and not tipping, getting a dance or anything… I can name a few other celebs like rapper Slim Thug who is infamous in the strip club community for not tipping girls.. Read More…