I knew it. When Abby Sunderland's "missing at sea" drama began to unfold last week, I turned to a friend and said, "watch this turn out to be a publicity stunt."

It had all the markings of a made-for-tv stunt similar to the balloon boy debacle: a pretty blond teenager goes missing after weeks at sea alone. Presumably her sail boat overturned and the nearest rescuer was 400 miles away. She was at risk of being eaten alive by sharks or raped by pirates.

Yet there were her parents eagerly holding press conferences and giving sound bites to any media entity with a camera.

Then the next day we learned that 16-year-old Abby was safe -- and by the way, her father Laurent Sunderland signed a reality TV deal months ago. The reality TV show is titled "Adventures in Sunderland."

The reality show will follow the adventures of the Sunderland family, shipbuilder Laurence Sunderland and mother/teacher Marianne who home schools Abby and her 6 siblings (four of them teenagers).

Then there's a second reality show n the works, which hasn't been picked up yet, titled "Abby's Journey." There's a third reality show called "Solo Dreams," which also hasn't been picked up yet. "Solo Dreams" follows the story of 16-year-old Abby Sunderland and another teenager who has embarked on a dangerous around the world voyage alone.

Oh, and Marianne, Abby's mom, who already has 7 children, is pregnant again. Maybe the couple can wrangle a fourth reality show contract for baby Sunderland's solo sea journey in diapers.

Thanks to loyal reader Angela T. for the tip!

Star Jones' former husband Al Reynolds helped his bestie Evelyn Lozada of VH1's "Basketball Wives" celebrate the hotness of designer Georgina Goodman at her Dulce Shoe Boutique in Coral Gables. Florida yesterday.

Suzie Ketcham, left, of VH1's Basketball Wive's, Al Reynolds and Evelyn Lozada attended Dulce Shoes & VH1's Evelyn Lozada event for designer Georgina Goodman.

Shaniece Lozada, left, and her mom Evelyn. I refuse to believe Shaniece is still in high school.

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Check out behind the scenes pics of the music video for She Geeked. Shot in Atlanta yesterday June 10th by director BoomTown. The concept:

Sean Garrett, Gucci Mane and Tyga Tyga touch their fans and take you through the streets and hoods of the A, a day in their lives, as they have women GEEKED off their natural style, swag. The women are on them, they're GEEKED. They're talking about Visas...not credit cards..international travel Visa's, the Ferrari 458, Sean Garrett has the first Ferrari 458 in ALL OF AMERICA!

Sean Garrett presents "She Geeked" featuring Gucci Mane & Tyga Tyga of Yung Money, his first single off his upcoming highly anticipated street album/mixtape The InkWell.

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Officer Chancy Jones was married with children when he met 31-year-old Phyllis Malone and began a torrid love affair with her.

Weeks later, officer Jones realized he had a lot to lose and nothing to gain in the relationship. So he made the decision to end the affair. That's when Malone told him she was pregnant and she needed money for the baby.

Around 6:00am on Sept. 9, 2008, just before the start of his shift, officer Jones approached Malone as she sat in her car outside a Shell gas station. The two began arguing loudly. According to Jones, in a 5 page signed statement, she threatened to tell his wife about their two-month affair if he did not give her the money.

"She became irate, cursing, threatening and blackmailing saying that she was going to tell my wife and take me to child support and I had to pay the white man at Juvenile Court," Jones said in the statement. "I talked to her and she calmed down and she wanted a hug or what not. After that, the conversation picked back up. She asked me the same question again and I told her I would think about it. Then she said 'Well, I'll just go and tell the wife' and said all I was gonna pay for. She said 'You'll pay in the long run.'...[link]

Jones, 39, pleaded with Malone to get an abortion. But she refused. "She cursed and said hell no she wasn't gonna do that," said Jones. "She was going to... come to my house. I asked her not to do it. She said 'Bye, Chancy.' That's when I pulled out a pistol and I shot her."

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Singer Christina Milian was spotted leaving My Studio last night. I will assume that My Studio is a nightclub and not a recording studio.

Sean Combs and his group members Kalenna and Dawn Richard pose for pictures outside London's Southbank TV Studios today after pre-recording an interview and performing their new single "Hello Good Morning" on GMTV. What is that on Sean's feet? I hope those aren't Adidas flip flops with black socks? I could really start feelin' Kalenna if she didn't have all that makeup on. When will black women understand that others would kill for our mocha complexion?

Sean Combs made sure the paparazzi got a close up of Dawn Richard's ho stamp tattoo outside their hotel last night. Is it just me, or did Dawn's butt suddenly go AWOL?

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Every time we turn around, Teh ghey singer Trey Songz is tonguing down another LSLH beard. Doesn't he get it that we can see through his little act? It doesn't matter how many broads he is seen with, we know what's really going on.

If you're in Teh ghey Trey's camp, please turn to him and say, "Drop the act, brah. Sandra Rose and her 8 million readers know you're gay."

Loyal reader Z writes:

Hey Sandra,

I see Trey Songz people are working overtime to repair his irreparable reputation for getting butt hurt behind closed doors. So much so every video he's releasing now he's bunched up and extremely intimate with the leading lady. In his new single "If It Aint About Money" with rapper Fat Joe he is pictured extremely passionate with the leading lady Sophia Marie who just graduated from college last month with a degree in Pharmacy. I'm not buying the leaked pics from Trey or his management team to try and use videos and sexual explicit lyrics with women to make Trey appear 100% heterosexual.

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Last year, Kourtney and Khloé moved to Miami taking South Beach by storm - working at their DASH boutique by day and living it up on the social scene by night. 12 months later, Khloé has married Lakers star Lamar Odom, while Kourtney is the mother of an adorable little boy named Mason. With a baby to look after, Miami DASH Dolls to manage, and tensions between Khloé, Kourtney and Scott, this season promises laughter, love and a lot of drama during the hot days and balmy nights in The Magic City. Kourtney & Khloé Take Miami Premieres Sunday 10/9c

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Dirty Money group member, rapper Sean "Puffy" Combs keeps a close eye on group member Dawn Richard outside their London hotel today. They were accompanied by group member Kalenna, who doesn't seem to get as much attention from her boss. In any other business, this type of close scrutiny of Dawn's ASSets would garner a sexual harassment charge. But this show business...

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