According to my boy, comedian Alex Thomas, rapper T.I. has joined the Louis Stewart movement! T.I. took delivery of a Money Green backpack and duffle bag set with gold handles while in L.A. for the BET Awards. The custom set is fit for a King!

You can custom order your Louis Stewart soft sided luggage at

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Pop singer John Legend felt some kinda way about his hairline trending on Twitter following his appearance on the BET Awards last night.

As Legend points out in a series of tweets on his Twitter page today: his hairline has always been crooked. Really? I never noticed :yawn: :

No one in the industry attracts more hate for being human than former Xscape member Tameka “Tiny” Cottle. Tiny can’t even change the color of her hair without people getting in her business. Never mind that her hair is growing out of her scalp and not from the back of a horse like most of her haters hair. It isn’t easy being a superstar, but Tameka (as her close friends and family call her) handles the negativity very well.

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At least somebody liked Brandy’s shoes.

I was going to do an entire post on fashion at the 2010 BET Awards last night, but then I saw the red carpet pics and I changed my mind. I’ve been trying all year to honor my commitment to be less negative in 2010 — and so far, I think I’ve done a commendable job, given the circumstances.

How could LaLa Vazquez love her man and still let him leave the house looking like her 60-year-old uncle?

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I was so happy to read on my Twitter timeline that legendary female emcee Queen Latifah finally came stumbling out of the closet in her own inimitable way! Too bad I missed that epic milestone moment in her life. And how precious was it that she referred to her longtime companion, Jeanette Jenkins, as “fine”?

Everyone and their grandmother complained about Nicki Minaj lip syncing during both of her performances last night. But those same people had nothing but good things to say about Chris Brown, who did the same thing!

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Once again, I slept through the BET Awards — or as my loyal readers call it: the EBT Awards.

I swear I had every intention of watching this year’s show, especially since the good folks at BET always take such care to send me a credential request form every year, even though I never request one. One year they even filled out the form for me and sent me the credentials with a little note saying “your credential request has been approved,” lol.

The BET Awards is the singular urban spectacle of the year that manages to bring together such diverse artists as Nicki Minaj (who has zero talent), El DeBarge, Kirk Franklin and Tyrese, and make it all work.

Judging from the tweets in my timeline from last night, the 2010 BET Awards was the best in years. Since I didn’t get a chance to watch the show, the only Ugly moment for me was Chris Brown’s fake tears. So I’m posting some of the highlights of the #BETAwards tweets from instead:

The BAD: I searched but I couldn’t find a single tweet on my timeline about pseudo-singer Ciara’s awful black and gold Balmain frock paired with ankle booties. Why did she even show up when BET dissed her azz by banning her “Ride” video?


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This morning, I awoke to find all the urban blogs raving about convicted woman beater, Chris Brown’s Michael Jackson tribute last night. Black folk are an oddly forgiving bunch when it comes to our criminals.

A grown man can urinate on a 13-year-old girl — or use a young woman’s face as a punching bag. But if he can sing or dance, he’s redeemed in our eyes! It’s a good thing black folks don’t control the criminal justice system or our celebrities would never be charged with any crimes!

Chris Brown’s performance was at once the most horrendous tribute I have ever seen on live television! Did he even practice his routine at all? He came out lip syncing to Michael Jackson’s vocals. Didn’t he have the time to re-record the lyrics?

And although Brown’s choreography was noteworthy, the fact is, any Michael Jackson impersonator from the youngest to the oldest would have put Brown’s dance routine to shame last night. I was not impressed.

Then, in what can only be described as one of the most shameless, calculated publicity stunts ever in BET’s history, Brown begins to perform Jackson’s classic, “Man in the Mirror,” only to break down in tears as if on cue!

Only the #teambreezy d*ckriders fell for his crocodile tears. Though, to be honest, I’ve never seen a man that despondent over the loss of his career and livelihood (that’s what he was really crying about). His Oscar winning performance begs the question: why didn’t he do this last year? Maybe he canceled last year’s MJ tribute because he couldn’t cry on cue?

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Ever since R&B Diva broke up with her baby daddy Rocko, her fans have been wondering who she’s kicking it with now. Monica might say she’s way too busy with her children and her career to find the time for a relationship. But Mo loves the idea of being in love. A little birdie told us that the new thug in her life is rapper Maino!

Mo’s rumored new beau is cast as her love interest in the music video for “Love All Over Me.” Mo tweeted this pic from the set today.