Who knew teen singing sensation Justin Bieber and one-hit-wonder Sean Kingston were tighter than two peas in a pod? The two chums were seen driving around L.A. in Bieber's brand new $200,000 Lamborghini Gallardo.

Correction: the $200,000 Gallardo does not belong to Justin. According to the Daily Mail:

...a year ago, Sean "Diddy" Combs promised a 15-year-old Bieber that he could drive the rapper-producer's white Lamborghini once he turned 16. Biebs turned sweet 16 in March, so once he hit LA, Diddy made good on his promise.

The two pals even share the same taste in custom soft sided luggage. Justin and Sean each showed off custom pieces from the Louis Stewart Collection backstage at Justin's concert.

Rumor has it that rap mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs is lacking, according to package watchers. He kinda confirms the rumors in this pic from the current issue of GQ magazine. According to Yaz:

Diddy shows off his black panties and goes on record in August 2010 issue of GQ Magazine, and speaks on Biggie's murder, his moms and drug dealing pops. The feature is part of the magazine’s “113 Funniest Dudes, Dudettes, & Dirty Jokes In America...”

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Professional Beard Services provider Amber Rose was snapped shopping with some gal pals in Beverly Hills yesterday. She looks rough, and apparently some blogs haven't gotten the message that she's no longer Kanye's main squeeze.

Thank God her 15 minutes are almost over. I'm sure she'll be sad to see herself go. The rest of us can't wait until she's gone because we're tired of her.

Apparently, so are the Atlanta club owners. Amber's manager/brother couldn't persuade any ATL club owner to part with their cash so Amber could host a party in the A last week. The professional leg spreader, who gained fame by being Kanye west's beard, tweeted this message hoping to get a club owners attention. But even the lesbian club promoters weren't biting:

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The family of the Real "Teflon Don" John Gotti, has expressed outrage at the former corrections officer for using the former mob boss' name for profit or fame.

This is not the first or the last time this fraud has helped himself to someone else's identity. A judge recently dismissed a lawsuit against Ross by former crack dealer Ricky "Freeway" Ross, who accused the rapper of hijacking his name and image.

Rick Ross is a man with very low self-esteem who lives in a fantasy world where he assumes the identities of real gangsters who are larger than he will ever be.

Ross has lied about his real background for years. He lied about working as a corrections officer despite the fact that the state produced his official time cards proving he punched a clock in an officer's uniform. Ross lies about his past mainly because his past is boring and doesn't fit in with his grandiose fantasies of the drug lord he wishes he really was.

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Rick Ross, aka Ricky Rozay, the biggest fraud in Hip Hop, celebrated his album release last night at King of Diamonds strip club in Miami, Florida. His Teflon Don album flew off the shelves when it dropped yesterday, giving Eminem a run at the top spot on the charts next week.

Black folks get so caught up in hype that we forget the fact that this man has lied about his past, his image and his entire career. Rapper Trina (the Baddest Bish) and DJ Khaled were the only celebs in the house.

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Continuing its racist ways, American Vogue publisher Conde Nast, which publishes Vogue in 18 countries, has declined a request to create a Vogue Africa magazine.

Conde Nast's reason for not creating a magazine to pay homage to black women should be obvious.

Cameroonian photographer Mario Epanya went all out in his campaign to make Vogue Africa a reality. In order to get publisher Conde Nast to see the potential in the magazine–that would pay homage to African women–he created fictional covers, featuring gorgeous images, but it looks like it wasn’t enough.

Conde Nast has turned down Epanya’s bid for the magazine. “DEAR ALL. The Wait is over. Condé Nast said NO to an African license of VOGUE. So this is the last cover. Enjoy, but it’s a beginning of something,” he posted on his Facebook page.

Vogue is currently published in 18 countries and one region. Condé Nast has not officially commented on their decision. Ironically, Vogue Italia featured Epanya in a full feature.

Obviously, Vogue can still get away with a few editorials featuring Africans and African Americans sprinkled here and there. Although their “Black Issue” flew off the magazine racks in 2008, are you really surprised that Conde Nast rejected the idea?

Want to see more of the fictional covers that Epanya created? Click here.

Thanks to loyal reader Anthony A. for the tip!

Yesterday the NAACP posted the full video of former USDA employee Shirley Sherrod's statements at a NAACP Freedom Fund Banquet on March 27, 2010.

The NAACP said in a statement Tuesday that it was "snookered by Fox News" and conservative website publisher Andrew Breitbart, who edited the video to portray Sherrod in the worst possible light. The NAACP had previously criticized Sherrod's statements as "shameful."

Yesterday, the blog aggregate Global Grind floated a petition on the microblogging website Twitter.com asking users to help send a message to Obama and the White House to reinstate Sherrod.

In the video, Sherrod recounted working with a white farmer to help him save his rural Georgia farm in 1986.

Sherrod described how racism influenced her decisions. In describing candidly (and honestly) how racism affected her personally, Sherrod explained how she reacted to the farmer's strong sense of pride by withholding the full resources available to the farmer.

On Tuesday, Sherrod told CNN that her remarks were taken out of context and that the 1986 incident, which occurred before she started work for the USDA, helped her learn to move beyond race. She said she only tells the story to audiences to make that point.

Sherrod told CNN that immediately after Fox News aired the edited version of the March 27 video on Tuesday, she was "harassed" by the White House and forced to resign. The last call "asked me to pull to the side of the road and [resign]," she said.

This case is typical of the way U.S. president Barack Obama treats black people whom he considers inconsequential and disposable if they are not radical activists or Muslims.

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A former USDA employee, who resigned after a video showed her making racist statements, insisted she went all out to help a white farmer.

The video was posted on a Conservative right wing blog and quickly picked up by Fox News. The video showed Shirley Sherrod, former USDA director of rural development in Plains, Georgia, speaking at a NAACP meeting.

The poor-quality video shows Sherrod telling her audience that the farmer she was working with "took a long time ... trying to show me he was superior to me." As a result, she said, she "didn't give him the full force of what I could do. I did enough."

To prove she had done her job, she said, she took him to a white lawyer. "I figured that if I take him to one of them, that his own kind would take care of him," she said.

Sherrod told CNN that shortly after Fox News aired the video, the White House began harassing her to resign.

"They asked me to resign, and in fact they harassed me as I was driving back to the state office from West Point, Georgia, yesterday," she told CNN. The last call "asked me to pull to the side of the road and do it [resign]," she said.

Meanwhile, the wife of the white farmer referenced in the video has come out in support of Sherrod. Eloise Spooner told CNN she credits Sherrod with helping her family save their farm.

It's amazing how swiftly the White House turned their backs on this black woman without hearing all of the facts. Had she been a white woman (or someone who is highly favored by Obama), the White House would have defended her and claimed she "misspoke."

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