Troubled singer chris brown is in hot water for stealing the beat of another track for his own club single "Yeah 3x".

Calvin Harris was stunned to hear the similarities between his single "I'm Not Alone" and brown's club-tinged song off his upcoming “F.A.M.E.” (Forgiving All My Enemies) album.

Over the weekend, the Scottish musician took to his Twitter page to complain about brown hijacking his beat:

He has every right to be pissed: brown's synthesized beat and Harris' are nearly identical. Though the track was produced by a DJ, it behooves chris brown and his label to make sure the music is free and clear of samples or rights.

Harris plans to take legal action against brown and his record label.

Listen to chris brown's "Yeah 3X":

Now here is Calvin's version (jump ahead to the 0:44 second mark to hear the similarities in the two tracks):

Singer Rihanna wore this colorful but uninspiring getup to match her red clown wig on the set of her "What's My Name" video over the weekend. While the pictures are cute, the real news is the falling out between Rihanna and her BFF former lover Melissa.

As loyal reader Eugenia points out, Melissa has been missing in action on the set of Rihanna's new movie 'Battleship':

Hi Sandra,
Long time reader, first time e-mailer (and I must say it's quite exciting) but moving on... Knowing you Sandra, you would have already clued onto this but just in case... Are you as curious as I am as to where Melissa, Rihanna's presumed BFF is these days? I haven't seen her in any of the recent shots of Rihanna, not in Hawaii whilst she was shooting her "movie", not at Vegas by the pool or at Kathy Perry's Hens and certainly not at Matt's recent Birthday bash.

I've noticed that since Melissa's disappearance, Rhianna's fashion sense has fizzed... Case on point- Rihanna's hair at the moment is not the business, her outfits (on and off stage) at the VMA's were tragic and we've rarely seen photos of her out and about looking fly.. It makes me query the extent of Melissa's influence on Rihanna? Is it possible that Melissa deserves a significant amount of credit for Rihanna's rise as a fashionista?

I certainly believe so, I read an interview with Rihanna a while back (the name of the publication escapes me) in which she credits Melissa for teaching her how to push the envelope in terms of her fashion and general attitude.

Eugenia has a point. Rihanna benefited from Melissa's sense of style. And she certainly seemed happier when Melissa was around.

Photos: TGJ

For months now there has been rampant, unconfirmed rumors, that songbird Mariah Carey is pregnant with her and hubby Nick cannon's first child. Well, it should be evident that Mariah is in fact suffering from some sort of illness.

The industry grapevine has it that Mariah is suffering from "a serious medical problem" that could potentially threaten her career.

The rumors and innuendoes took on new life over the weekend when Mariah, whose face was pale and bloated, flew into Singapore on Friday (Sept. 24) to perform at a Formula 1 event.

A listless Mariah gave a lackluster performance in front of 110,000 screaming fans in Singapore. But as fan videos clearly show, Mimi had to sit to catch her breath numerous times during her show. Even if she was 6 months pregnant she wouldn't be that short of breath.

Then she slipped and fell onstage -- and had to be helped to her feet by assistants. Mariah couldn't even remove her own shoes without help! None of this sounds like a pregnancy that isn't even showing.

Many of us have seen the photos of Mariah leaving a Beverly Hills doctor's office in recent months. And Perez Hilton posted pics 2 months ago of Mariah's grossly distended belly.

Could Mariah be suffering from bleeding fibroids, an enlarged uterine cyst or some other gynecological problem that is sapping her strength?

While it's obvious that she is not pregnant, we can only speculate what the "serious medical problem" could be.

Let's face it, if a narcissist like Mariah was pregnant, she would have announced it by now so she can reap the benefits of all the attention her announcement would bring her.

Bishop Eddie Long, the embattled pastor of New Birth Missionary Church, addressed the growing church sex scandal that threatens to bring down his empire during a roisterous sermon this morning.

"The Bishop," as he referred to himself, welcomed his church family and "all our other guests."

"New Birth, we are not alone," he told his congregation. "We must not forget our strength is not in man -- it's not in Eddie Long -- but in the Lord!"

"For the sake of our visitors here today, we're here every Sunday at 8 and 11," he said to another round of applause.

Long then thanked his long suffering wife and their four grown children for their strength and support.

"I have never, ever portrayed myself as perfect, but I am not the person that they are portraying in the media! I'm not that. I'm not that," he said.

"Out of advice of my lawyers... I am not gonna allow myself to be drawn into the court of public opinion. Because one day every knee got to bow, and every tongue got to confess, and everybody's gotta give an account for themselves!," he said. "I only, and my only hope is, is in the hands of the Lord, and my justice is to be given to me in a fair court of justice," he stammered.

"As you know there have been accusations and attacks made against me, and I am going to vigorously fight all of 'em!," he told the parishioners as they stood and cheered. "I feel like Goliath -- David, rather -- facing Goliath. There's a giant in front of me. But I am going to fight, and I'm gonna fight vigorously! And I got five rocks and I haven't thrown one yet!," said Long as he lay down his mic and strode off the podium to thunderous applause.

Not once did he deny the charges in lawsuits brought against him by 4 former Longfellow Academy students who accuse Long of coercion by plying them with cash, cars, gifts and exotic trips in return for sex..

Afterwards, Long held a press conference but he didn't take any questions from the media.

The bishop's long suffering wife, Vanessa Long, accompanied him to the pulpit.

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A loyal reader writes:

I saw a few girls lusting over the boots janet was wearing. They are Burberry and are hot. I have been lusting for them since summer.

Feel free to post for your viewers if you interested.

Love the site, I would like to remain anonymous if you decide to post


The Aviator Platform Boot retails for $1095.


Photos of Janet Jackson: INF Photo

Yesterday morning I received an unexpected phone call from V-103's morning man Frank Ski. As the co-host of Atlanta's top rated morning show, his voice should have been easily recognizable. But the background noise made it difficult to hear him. It sounded like he was standing in the middle of Peachtree street during rush hour traffic.

"You know I'm calling to laugh with you, right?," he began. "I saw that post that that lady wrote... on your page," he said, referring to this fanMAIL from loyal reader Barbie Jones.

In her email, "Barbie" called for Frank Ski to resign as co-host of the popular Frank & Wanda Morning Show because, she wrote, he is "too emotionally invested in the scandal that is the Bishop Eddie Long/New Birth Missionary Baptist Church lawsuit."

"He, Nina Brown, and everyone else are entitled to their opinion, but the “People’s Station” cannot be used for their biased lecturing," she wrote.

But Ski, who is a longtime member of Long's church, disagreed with Barbie's assertion that his morning show crew showed bias toward Long.

During our conversation Ski seemed self assured, but conflicted in his ongoing support and loyalty to Long.

"It's kinda hard to like explain to people what you mean, because sometimes you say [things] on the radio and people misunderstand what it was I said, you know?," said Ski.

The following are excerpts from the call:

With this Bishop Long thing, I just want you to know, because we're friends, that my whole thing with him was not supporting what he did -- if he did anything -- because I really don't know. It wasn't even about what he did. And what I tried to explain to people was, I said I had 2 trains of thought. The first train of thought was that, as a Christian person, you know, I still have faith in God. I don't put my faith in nobody, you know what I'm saying? So, like, my faith is not in... my faith is not in Bishop Long. That's not where my faith is. My faith is in God. And it just so happens that he was, you know, the preacher at the church. And the second thing was when I told people that I was loyal what I'm trying to tell people is, 'I'm your friend.' So, the bottom line is, to give you an example, if somebody said, 'well, you're friends with Sandra Rose.' And I say, 'Yeah, I'm friends with Sandra Rose.' 'Well, you know Sandra shot somebody.' I'd be like, 'damn. Okay.' And the news comes out, and I'd be like, 'well, Sandra's my friend.' You know, I'ma support her through this process while she goes to court. I'ma support her, you know what I'm saying? She gets convicted and goes to jail. Then I'ma be the negro going to jail to visit her. Because that's my friend, you know what I mean? And at the end, I will tell her. I'ma be like, Sandra, you know shooting somebody wasn't good. You're still my friend, but you can't be doing that, you know what I mean?

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According to CBS News, Bishop Eddie Long spoke out for the first time today about allegations that he coerced three teenage church members into having sexual relationships with him.

CBS Atlanta affiliate WGCL was the only news organization on a telephone conference call with parishioners from across the country who were looking for answers.

"We will arise through this situation, and go forward, and we are moving forward," Long said during the call.

WGCL reports that Long said several times that he didn't know who was on the call, so he had to be careful what he said because the case is in litigation. He also said he would not take any questions.

In his first public statement since the allegations became public, he asked others on the call to pray for his wife, his children, and his church.

"I have never dealt with anything like this before. I have been under attack before, but everything else has been different levels and different challenges," Long continued.

Never once did Long say he was innocent, but he said the truth would be revealed, and that he is praying for his accusers.

"Know that I am also praying for the families and the young men who are accusing. I always operate in the spirit of love, and we are going to move through this," he said.


A 4th man has come forward to say he had sexual relationship with Bishop Eddie Long, who may step down as pastor of New Birth Baptist Missionary Church this Sunday.

Apparently, this anti-gay undercover homo bishop thing is nothing new in the religious community.

According to Rod 2.0, a formerly closeted anti-gay Pentecostal bishop was convicted of killing a young woman in his congregation in 2008.

Prosecutors say Bishop Robert Reaves murdered Latrese Curtis because she came between him and his male roommate whom he had the hots for.

I'm not making this up.

Reaves, a former minister at Cedar International Fellowship in Durham, NC, was found guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Prosecutors say Reaves followed Curtis from NCCU in Durham to Raleigh, forcing her to pull over along I-540 and then repeatedly slashed and stabbed her with a knife. Her body was discovered by drivers passing on the highway January 30, 2008.

Curtis's father said he's still perplexed by the motive and that his daughter probably died confused.

"She probably don't even know why this happened to her. And we probably will never know why it happened to her except the fact that he wanted the young man," said Sherman Jones. [link]

The "young man" in question is former North Carolina Central University basketball star Steven Randolph, who testified that Reaves offered him free room and board in exchange for oral sex.

Curtis was the girlfriend of Randolph, who considers himself to be heterosexual. Randolph testified that he and Curtis had engaged in sexual intercourse about an hour before she was found dead.

He said the condom came off during intercourse and the two of them worried that she might become pregnant. But as it turned out, that was the least of her worries.

Prosecutors say Reaves stalked Curtis after she left his home and brutally killed her in revenge for sleeping with Randolph.

Reaves claimed he had an alibi for the night Curtis was murdered: he said he was at his church giving a sermon. But the congregation and videotape dispute that.

According to WRAL, investigators found the murder weapon in Reaves' car and his DNA was on the victim's steering wheel. Reaves car was also seen near the crime scene.

...the former minister at the fundamentalist Cedar International Fellowship in Durham, made "unsuccessful advances toward other male friends and [also] took revenge on their girlfriends." Reaves has twice been charged with sexual misconduct with young boys.

Raleigh's WTVD reported that during the murder trial, Reaves attorney asked a judge to keep jurors from hearing that Reaves was gay. But the judge overruled the motion, saying the defendant's sexual orientation was relevant to the prosecution's theory.

Embattled New Birth Missionary Church Pastor Bishop Eddie Long faces multiple lawsuits alleging he coerced young boys into performing sexual acts in exchange for cash and lavish gifts.

Long will address the charges at New Birth on Sunday.


Thanks to celebrity blogger Drew of for bringing this story to my attention.

Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan was all smiles as she and her attorney Shawn Chapman Holley entered the courthouse today. Lohan wore a white pleated skirt, a black jacket and Christian Louboutin heels.

But the smiles soon faded as a judge revoked LiLo's probation and remanded her into the custody. Lohan is headed back to her jail cell at a woman's detention center in LA.

Judge Elden Fox, who took over her case from Judge Marsha Revel, denied Lohan's bond and sent her back to jail for failing 2 drug tests.

According to TMZ, Lohan appeared shocked as the sentencing was handed down. She looked at her attorney and was immediately handcuffed and transported to jail covered by a blanket.

Judge Revel originally sentenced Lohan to 90 days in jail followed by 90 days in a drug rehab program. But celebrities have made such a mockery of the justice system in LA that Lindsay was able to serve less than 2 weeks in jail and almost 3 weeks in a rehab facility in UCLA.

The star struck UCLA doctors recommended an early release for Lindsay after they determined she was not a substance abuser.

According to TMZ:

Los Angeles County sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore told reporters Lindsay will be housed in "administrative segregation" because of her celebrity status for her safety and the safety of the jail system. He also said the only way she could be released before her probation hearing on oct 22 is if the judge issues another order

Update I, 1:38 pm ET:

Lindsay Lohan posted a $300,000 bond and was released from jail late last night. Judge Eldin Fox revoked Lohan's bond Friday and ordered her to jail until her revocation hearing on Oct. 22. But Lohan's attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, filed an appeal of the decision right before court closed yesterday.

Lohan must wear a SCRAM ankle bracelet and report to her probation officer within 24 hours.

"I pray to God that Shawn does the right thing and advises her to go right into rehab now, and show the judge she's serious, because in 30 days when she goes back before the judge he can do whatever he wants," Michael Lohan, her father, told CNN.

Here's an interesting video a loyal reader just sent me. It was filmed the other day during a Trey Songz promo stop at 100.3 The Beat in Philly.

Ladies, study the above picture of Trey Songz well. This is what many in the psych field refer to as a Narcissistic Stare.

Trey Songz is a narcissist who is used to people around him stroking his enormous, yet fragile ego. He became incensed when the DJ told him he wasn't feeling his reality show.

This news should not have come as a surprise to Trey since his show was a ratings disaster for BET.

But what I want you to watch is the transformation that comes over Trey's face as it suddenly dawns on him that someone in the room isn't awestruck by his fake charm.

Watch as Trey ceases whatever he was doing to focus intently on the enemy in the room who dares to criticize him.

Anyone who has ever dealt with a narcissist will recognize the Narcissistic Stare. It is unmistakable and it is one of the hallmarks of narcissism. Another hallmark is the narcissist's inability to take constructive criticism in any shape or form.

You can almost see the horns growing out of Trey's scalp as he struggles with his inability to handle criticism.

Pat Finley of the Controlling Selfish Men blog explains the Narcissistic Stare better than I can:

The narcissistic stare has been experienced by many of us who have had the misfortune to associate with Ns [Narcissists]. Presumably, not every N does The Stare but from all reports, a significant majority does. The N’s stare is piercing, unwavering, reptilian. Seemingly flattering, this stare is unnerving – and is meant to be unnerving.

The Ns look right through you. A woman who is not familiar with Ns might think he is simply paying complete and rapt attention to her but he is not. The Ns are staring at you to see how vulnerable you are. Some believe that the Ns use their stare to look through you to your soul for the sole purpose of determining whether you are viable prey or not.

Once you are in a relationship with an N, they stare at you in order to control you. Their withering glare is meant to cow you into submission. It is a strong woman indeed who does not back down under the malevolent narcissistic stare.