The inevitable video spoofs of Bishop Eddie Long's unconventional preaching style continues with this offering from Hot 107.9's The Durrty Boyz.

As legend would have it, The Durrty Boyz snuck into Long's New Birth Missionary Church one day and filmed these high spirited scenes of Long ministering to the youth in his church (mostly boys and young men).

Once again: if you are a current member of New Birth, you might not want to watch this video. It may contain scenes of an offensive nature.

A cereal company is recalling limited edition boxes of Chad Ochocinco Toasted Oats cereal after charitable donors who thought they were calling a charity got connected to a sex line instead.

The number on the box is supposed to connect callers to an organization called Feed the Children.

But instead of being connected to the charity organization, the callers hear a steamy seductress offering services that are far from charitable.

Feed the Children receives a certain percentage of the proceeds from sales of the cereal.

Ochocinco told a local station that the number printed on the boxes was clearly a mistake.

But I don't know about that. Chad has been known to pull other attention grabbing stunts in the past.

Cincinnati-based Kroger Co. said Thursday it was pulling all Ochocinco cereal boxes from its grocery shelves because of the error. Some local stores had them on special display after the launch about a month ago.

Tara Sands of Reading, Ohio, told WCPO-TV and the Cincinnati Enquirer that her family called the number on the box hoping to learn more about the charity.

"We don't need anything to give our Bengals a bad name, especially Chad," Sand told WCPO. "He's obviously trying to do something great by doing this [for] 'Feed The Children.' "

It's hard to believe that no one checked the number before the boxes were sent to stores.


Another Bishop Eddie Long accuser has spoken out about the alleged sexual abuse at the hands of the embattled pastor.

"This is a hard time for the world and you know I have no hate for anyone, because God doesn't produce hate," Spencer LeGrande told ABC affiliate WSB-TV. "I pray for everyone, especially Bishop, 'cause he knows the truth, he knows the truth."

LeGrande, 22, is one of four men who claim to have been abused by the bishop. Supposedly, they endured this abuse even while they enjoyed being lavished with gifts, cars and free trips by their alleged abuser.

It's funny that they are making their claims now, instead of during the time when the alleged abuse was alleged to have occurred.

It's also a coincidence that the lawsuits were filed just weeks after one of the men was arrested for breaking into the pastor's private office at the church.

I see this case being tossed to the wind by a judge -- not because the abuse didn't occur (I don't know whether it did or did not) -- but because all of these opportunists were over the age of consent when they willingly participated in the sexual encounters in exchange for cash and goods for their services.

If Eddie Long abused his power in the church, or breached his fiduciary duty to coerce these grown men into having sex with him, then he's wrong for that.

But their willingness to participate in the sexual activity was a personal choice that each of those young men made at the time. Now they want to sue Eddie Bishop for being morally bankrupt?

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How embarrassing is this: you're the president of the United States. But a former president, who was impeached by Congress, is more popular than you are.

Here's a fun fact from the latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll: Bill Clinton is the most popular political figure in the country. The former president, who never won an outright majority of the popular vote and was impeached by Congress, enjoys a 55–23 favorable/unfavorable rating. Clinton left office with an approval rating of 68 percent according to the CBS poll at the time, so his continuing popularity is not surprising. Source

Why is this happening at a time when we should still be celebrating the first biracial man ever elected president?

The answer is clear: American voters have lost touch with the Machiavellian, socialist president they put in office.

At some point Obama must have been clued in by his advisors that his narcissistic ways were causing him to lose his liberal base. But like most narcissists, Obama refused to listen. It took former president George Bush six years to lose the support of his base. Obama has managed to accomplish this feat in only two short years.

The same enthusiastic supporters (blacks and whites) who carried Obama to that historic win in 2008, are now abandoning him in droves. Likewise, Obama's top advisors are systematically abandoning ship.

Obama tried to fire up his dwindling Democratic base at a rally at the University of Wisconsin on Tuesday (Sept. 28).

“They’re betting on your apathy,” Obama said to the crowd of mostly high school and college students. “Madison, you’ve got to prove them wrong.”

Troubled producer Kanye West continues his quest to return to relevancy status in the eyes of music consumers.

After joining Twitter in typical grandstanding fashion, Kanye announced that he would start giving away his wack music for free in a concept called "G.O.O.D. Fridays". But we knew that was just a publicity stunt that wouldn't last (who gives away free music?)

This morning - after leaking an unfinished copy of his own track "Lost in the World", Kanye announced -- in typical grandstanding fashion -- that he would end his "G.O.O.D. Fridays" giveaways just 3 weeks after its inception. Kanye is so predictable.

Anyway, after leaking his own track, Kanye took to his Twitter page to blame a "hacker" for the leak:

Due to blogs leaking unfinished songs from my actual album I've decided to pass on Good Fridays this week.

It's messed up that one hacker can mess everything up for everyone... I love to take a year to finish my songs and deliver them to you guys in their most completed form. It would have seemed like since I give free music every week even the lowest form of human being would respect that enough not to leak unfinished songs from my real album. [link]

If Kanye's album sounds like "Lost In The World", he might as well cancel the whole album because it will flop.

Thanks to loyal reader LaShonda Matlock for the tip!

Rapper Soulja Boi and singer Keri Hilson were the talent performing at the unveiling of Dr. Dre's Beats By Dr. Dre & Monster's new product line at the Best Buy theater in NYC yesterday. Keri did her best Ciara impressions. She tries so hard. Bless her heart. More pics from the concert after the break!

Now Natalie Cole, you know you are too old for this! The daughter of the legendary crooner Nat King Cole was seen strolling on the Upper East Side in NYC yesterday.

Photos: Splash News, Wireimage/Getty. SB and KH photo compilation: Wireimage/Getty

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Pop star Rihanna was spotted leaving her hotel in NYC headed to JFK to catch a flight today. The very stylish Diva was wearing a grey cardigan with black leather sleeves over black leggings with Christian Louboutin lace up flats.

She was also rocking the LV Monogram Cheche Gypsy PM duffel bag from Louis Vuitton's Spring/Summer 2010 collection.

The Monogram Cheche duffel bag retails for $3,850 and it is hawt! Only a fabulous style Diva like RiRi can pull this look off and make it work!

By the way, blogger JustJared reviews Rihanna's LOUD album here.

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I had no intentions of posting Ciara's latest last-ditch effort to remain relevant in an industry that has long forgotten her.

But I decided to post her dry "Speechless" music video after reading Toya's review. My favorite line in her review is, "Watching this video was the equivalent to watching paint dry." I couldn't have said it better!

Watching this video was the equivalent to watching paint dry. It was boring. No dancing. No concept. No nothing. Many of us are not use to seeing Ciara solely relying on her “vocals” (or lack of) to carry a whole music video. Even with her slower cuts, she always manages to incorporate some form of choreography (see ‘Promise’).

We also posted three photos from this very video shoot over the weekend. The photographer blatantly DENIED that they were from the clip. It turns out that they were. All three of them! Anyway, I’m over this already. Bring on ‘Gimmie Dat’! Read more

A Rutgers student committed suicide last week after his roommate uploaded a sex tape of him making out with another male.

According to WPIX, the freshman jumped off the George Washington bridge on Thursday, Sept. 23, after his roommate uploaded the sex tape to the Internet.

Fellow freshmen students Dharun Ravi, 18, of Plainsboro and Molly Wei, 18, of Princeton have been charged with invasion of privacy for allegedly placing a camera in 18-year-old Tyler Clementi's room.

Ravi and Wei were charged with two counts each of invasion of privacy for using a camera to view and transmit a live image of the teen during the sexual encounter on Sept. 19.

Ravi was additionally charged with two more counts of invasion of privacy for trying to use the hidden camera to view the same student during another sexual encounter just three days later on Sept. 21.

Days before the suicide, Ravi tweeted: "Roommate asked for the room till midnight. I went into Molly's room and turned on my webcam. I saw him making out with a dude. Yay."

Ravi was released on $25,000 bail. He has since deleted his Twitter page. If convicted, both students face up to 5 years in prison.

According to Middlesex County Prosecutor Bruce Kaplan, it is a fourth-degree crime to collect or view images depicting nudity or sexual content of an individual without that person's consent. The crime becomes a third-degree offense if the images are transmitted or distributed. [link]

"The university takes these matters seriously and has policies to deal with student behavior," said spokeswoman Sandra Lanman. "Under federal law, the university cannot comment on specifics." [link]

Here's the cast of the next chapter in VH1's seminal reality TV series featuring current, future or former wives, and/ or baby mamas of professional athletes (mostly the black and gullible athletes). The series is titled Football Wives.

:yawn: I'm already bored just looking at these chicks. Is one of them a tranny?

Here's what ICE over at Icedotcom had to say about the new cast:

Now if your an avid IDC reader then you know that I love women, love sports and loved Vh1’s Basketball Wives (hey Evelyn). So it is without further ado I bring to you the cast of VH1’s Football Wives starring my baby Pilar Sanders. Now generally I wouldn’t give a rats ass bout this show but like my crush on Evelyn turned me into a yenta on Sunday nights and an eventual fan of Basketball Wives, my longstanding crush on the M!LF that is Pilar Sanders, wife of legendary two-sport athlete Deion Sanders and star of her & Deion’s Prime Time Love reality show will most likely have Football Wives on my list of guilty pleasure television courtesy of VH1. The only other notable NFL spouse joining Pilar will be Melani Ismail, wife of former Panthers/Raiders/Cowboys & Notre Dame legend Rocket Ismail. Everybody else is either married or gettin dug out with no ring by a guard or punter on the Cowboys or some UFL player meaning a n!gga could care less. VH1’s Basketball Wives airs Oct. 12th at 10:30PM EST. - ICE