In case you missed it: the entire cast of the classic 60s musical 'The Sound of Music' reunited for the first time in 45 years on Oprah yesterday.

The reason the cast never reunited before was due to the narcissism of actor Christopher Plummer who famously hated on the movie and assumed it was great only because he was in it.

Plummer, 80, stubbornly refused to reunite with the cast in 45 years. So it's a testament to the respect that Oprah commands that she was able to convince him to participate.

You couldn't be a child growing up in London and not be familiar this movie. We learned the words to every song in school a few years after the movie came out. 'The Sound of Music' earned 5 Oscar Awards and a slew of Oscar nominations.

'The Sound of Music' merged the beautiful sounds of the Von Trapp children singers (a real family) with the horrors of Hitler's World War II. It remains the greatest musical ever.

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Rapper Jay Z was sported arriving at London's Heathrow airport in London, England today where he's promoting his new book "Decoded". The book was written 2 years ago by former VIBE magazine writer Dream Hampton. It's about his life and the lyrics in his rap songs translated through footnotes, poetry and prose.

Jay Z teamed up with search engine to formulate an ingenious marketing plan disguised as a scavenger hunt. They took all 300+ pages of his book and plastered them on common items all over NYC, such as bus benches, pool tables and walls. Fans who log onto Bing are given clues to the locations of the pages. So far, 87 pages of Jay's book have been found. The book is set for release on November 16.

Rihanna signed copies of her coffee table photo book "Rihanna: Rihanna" at Barnes & Noble in NYC yesterday. The book contains photos taken by a photographer who accompanied the pop star on tour last year.

Rap mogul Ludacris hugged an exciting fan while signing bottles of his "Conjure Cognac" at a Wine and Sprits Store in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania yesterday.

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Earlier this month, teen singing sensation Justin Bieber announced his new line of nail polish -- presumably for girls. And now he's on the cover of a Brazilian magazine sporting eyeliner and pink lip gloss.

Naturally, Bieber's feverishly loyal Stans are up in arms accusing the editors of TodaTeen Star magazine of Photoshopping Justin's picture. But the magazine denies airbrushing the Bieb's face to make him look more effeminate.

The Internet is buzzing about the gay guy in rapper Nicki Minaj's new music video for "Right Thru Me". His name is Willi Monfret and he's a French model.

I have nothing else to say about this guy or Nicki's video since I'm not a fan of hers. But I'm posting these pics of Willi since you ladies seem to prefer men who look like they're light on their toes.

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As you know, rapper T.I. was sentenced to 11 more months in prison earlier this month for violating his probation.

On Nov. 1st, T.I. will report to the same Arkansas federal lockup where he spent 10 months before being released to a Atlanta halfway house late last year.

TMZ has learned what will be on the menu when T.I. begins his stint in an Arkansas prison on November 1st -- he will have nutritious culinary options that include something called "creamed beef."

   An Orange
   Hot Oatmeal
   Creamed Beef
   Home Fried Potatoes
   Biscuits or Wheat Bread
   Skim Milk

   Fried Fish or Baked Fish or PB&J
   Mac and Cheese or Baked Potato or Peas
   Corn Bread or Wheat Bread
   Desert or Fresh Apple

   Chicken Patty or Chicken Salad or Grilled Cheese
   Baked Potato or Navy Beans or Salad
   Hamburger Bun or Wheat Bread

Meanwhile, T.I. changed the title of his upcoming CD from King Uncaged to No Mercy -- but the name change came before his arrest on drug charges on September 1st, not after.

Prior to his arrest, T.I. met up with DJ Reflex of Power 106. They discussed his work as a producer and touched upon the formation of his production company Smash Factory.

There is also talk that T.I.'s wife Tiny will resume shooting her popular reality TV show "Tiny and Toya" with Antonia Carter, now that Tiny no longer has to travel with T.I. everywhere he goes for at least the next 6-8 months.

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Yesterday's post on Narcissism touched quite a few of my readers who responded with their own emotional stories about dealing with the narcissist in their lives.

It pleases me that my posts has helped others to grow and heal in their relationships with these sociopaths.

Some of the emails below were edited for clarity and all names have been withheld.

Good Afternoon Sandra,

I have been following your site for over 5 years. Anyhow, I was very moved by your recent posting regarding Narcissism and the young lady who spoke out. I myself would like to remain anonymous due to my friends frequenting your site also.

I've been married for 12 years to a man I have always felt to be a Narcissist. Before writing this letter I didn't want to jump on the bandwagon so I did the research on symptoms and signs. HE HAD THEM ALL.

He especially had the Narcissist rage. I have asked for a divorce because of the feeling of low importance and value in this marriage. He has affected my value, self-esteem and pulled me out of my character on numerous occasions for his amusement. The question is how can you trust if a Narcissist has changed or is being sincere when you threaten to leave?

We also share kids together. I feel I no longer love him due to the pain I've endured but if I stay does a person like this ever get it together? I know you have a lot of strong women who read your site and I am deeply concerned and stressed out behind this love/hate relationship. His Narcissist behavior has me looking at him likes he a ticking time bomb of venomous words waiting to happen. If possible, I need some insight from your readers not to decide for me but to give me any knowledge on if people like this ever change. I know you may have to edit this to a shorter message if you do decide to post this but any advice you have would be greatly appreciated.

A Loyal Reader

This reader asked for your input, but here's mine: my advice for her is to get out of this marriage and sever all ties with him for the sake of the children.

When I was involved with a narcissist, I bought all the self-help books I could find on dealing with narcissists. Every book that I read said the same thing: GET OUT!

Narcissists can not be cured. They will not change no matter how many times they promise to do better. Most psychiatrists and therapists refuse to treat them.

They are sociopaths who lack the ability to feel. So they can't empathize or relate to the pain they inflict on you. They just see you as weak when they break you down. Your suffering only gives them life. They have no heart and they have no feelings.

Get out.

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After rampant speculation and foot dragging by her hubby Nick Cannon, Mariah finally announced she was pregnant on a national TV show this morning.

Carey told Billy Bush -- in a segment which aired on TODAY Thursday morning -- that it's been a struggle to keep the news private. "It's been a long journey, but it's been tough because I've been trying to have ... to hold onto a shred of privacy. And that was not easy."

Carey broke the news to Bush from her home in Tribeca. She didn't say whether it was a boy or girl, or how far along she was. "It's still early, I'm expecting in the spring, I'll say that. I don't want to give too much of like, specific outlines."

Mariah and Nick Cannon confirmed what some have been whispering all along, that she suffered a miscarriage.

Two years ago, shortly after the couple's secret wedding, Carey and Cannon were in Monte Carlo for the World Music Awards when Carey took a pregnancy test, and it turned out to be positive. "Only one person knew about this and we were like, um, 'let's not tell anybody else,'" Carey said.

A little more than a month later, she miscarried. "It was really sad so we had to just, we had really to absorb this and take it in," Carey said. Cannon added, "And that's what I said, like her strength would literally be during the day so festive and smiling obviously for cameras and spending time with everyone and you know, literally that night crying herself to sleep."

The Careys implied that they asked their OB/GYN doctor not to advise them of the sex of the baby. They don't want to know the sex until the baby is born.

Judging from my experience working in labor and delivery, 9 times out of 10 this means the father wants a boy.

U.S. President Barack Obama made history last night when he appeared on a comedy show, which some say further demeans the dignity of the highest office in the land.

Obama was a guest on the popular 'Daily Show With Jon Stewart,' last night.

Stewart, who is a Democrat, has been critical of Obama's politics in the past. But the political comedian/mock news anchorman took it easy on the commander-in-chief.

Stewart called Obama's attempts to reform healthcare "timid" and he jokingly referred to Obama's campaign slogan "YES WE CAN" as "Yes we can, given certain conditions, blah blah blah ... blah blah."

When Obama said, “Jon, I don’t want to lump you in with a lot of other pundits,” Stewart retorted with an equally cynical jab: “And I don’t mean to lump you in with other presidents.”

At one point, Stewart even called the president "dude" after Obama inadvertently echoed a famous George W. Bush gaffe by saying that his economic adviser, Lawrence H. Summers, had done “a heck of a job.”

Mr. Obama winced as the audience laughed at his wording and Mr. Stewart said, “You don’t want to use that phrase, dude.” [link]

Obama's next TV appearance will be on the History Channel's nerd fest 'MythBusters' next month.

Rapper Common, actress Tia Mowry (The Game), former NBA star Allen Iverson and the cast of The Game partied at Compound last weekend. Common was in town to record with producer The Dream and Ciara (or so I'm told). He might also be appearing in an episode of The Game.

Rumor has it that Allen Iverson signed with a Turkish team to play ball overseas. But I guess that rumor is false since he's still here in the ATL partying the nights away.

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According to, U.S. President Barack Obama has suddenly remembered to include 'Creator' in the Declaration of Independence.

Obama had come under fire by the media for ignoring the word 'Creator' whenever he paraphrased the founding document in his speeches.

But he ignored the media criticism until now -- less than a week before the midterm elections.

Here's Obama on Monday in Rhode Island: "The idea of America is hard, based on a document and ideas that had never been tried before: 'We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.'" Source

But during a rally in Seattle on Thursday of last week, Obama said: "Thirteen colonies deciding to start a revolution based on an idea that had never been tried before -- a government of and by and for the people -- a government based on the simple proposition that all men are created equal -- that we're endowed with certain inalienable rights."

Obama has often left out the word 'Creator' on numerous occasions -- even after it was brought to his attention by the media.

Is this further evidence that Obama might not be the Christian that he claims to be?