Today is Lil Wayne Day over at Interview magazine blog. For some reason, the music giant decided to honor the troubled rapper by making every story on their front page about him.

In one post, my favorite rapper, Drake, reminisces on the day he met his idol -- and future boss -- Weezy. Drake's demo tape somehow made its way into Lil Wayne's personal iPod, and the rest, as they say, is history.

"The music was played to him by someone I knew at the time who was around him. I assume it was played on the tour bus, you know, but I never really got the exact story. Two songs into it, he stopped the CD and asked the person to get me on the phone. I showed up to Houston and I was staying at the Hotel Derek, I remember. They brought me to my room and I was just in disbelief, like, "What am I doing here?" You know? For me it was surreal.

I got a knock on the door and it was E.I., who later went on to become one of my closest friends. He was just like, you know, "Wayne wants to see you on the bus. And I'm his, I'm his road manager." So he brought me on the bus, and Wayne was getting like the most painful tattoo in the world. He was getting these huge wings on each side of his body. I'm a very observant person, you know, and when I haven't met somebody, and I get the chance to actually see them in person, I try not to talk too much. I speak when spoken to. I'm just staring around taking in little things, you know... ashtrays and cups, what that person's eating, what that person's hobbies are, if I can tell by looking—I really study an individual by their surroundings.

Then he proceeded to play me Tha Carter III—of course I was blown away at the time, 'cause nobody had heard it yet. I heard it front to back and it was, it was amazing. I just remember like little anecdotes, like somebody came on the bus like, "Yo, Kobe Bryant wants an iPod so he can play it tonight." It was just like crazy, crazy things that [went] on in Wayne's life every day. Everybody's a Lil' Wayne fan.

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Troubled singer Chris Brown tweeted this pic of his new 'do after cutting the blonde out of his hair this past weekend. The blonde dye was growing out anyway, but I'm sure Brown got tired of all the teh Ghey jokes.

But that's not the big news that has CB Stans excited: rumor has it that Brown and his ex-girlfriend, Rihanna, will have a sit down chat with Robin Roberts to make up for his chair throwing tantrum the other day inside his 'Good Morning America' dressing room.

Of course, like all dumb rumors, this one will soon fade into oblivion.

We all know that Rihanna is too selfish to help CB promote his new album by granting a joint interview on ABC. And Brown is too narcissistic to share the stage with Rihanna -- especially since any interview agreement would involve him apologizing in some form to Rihanna. And that's never going to happen.


Normally I don't post this sort of smut on my family oriented blog, but this post ties in with my previous post about Lil Wayne's manager, Cortez Bryant, getting himself busted in DeKalb County, Georgia on DUI and possession charges this weekend.

While Bryant, 30, was cooling his heels for 2 days in the DeKalb County lockup, Lil Wayne's "I Am Still Music" tour, featuring Nicki Minaj and Rick Ross (who also got himself arrested for weed possession this weekend) continued on at the Nassau Coliseum in New Jersey last night.

A fan caught this footage of Nicki giving her boss, Lil Wayne, a freebie onstage.

"Celebrity Apprentice" and "Real Housewife of Atlanta" star Nene Leakes tried out her new iPad 2 while sitting at poolside in Miami, Florida yesterday. She was wearing a loud neon green string bikini that got everyone's attention.

Remember when Kanye West's former beard Amber Rose was sexy and hawt? Now she looks like Kanye's sloppy seconds. She at least had a sense of style when she was with Kanye. That's because she could afford the best stylists, including Kanye himself. Now she walks into stores such as Bebe and she's styled on the spot by whoever is working the cash register. I'm not making that up. Amber recently took to her Twitter page to dismiss rumors that she's slept with half of the music industry. "I have never slept with Fabolous, Drake or Chris Brown," she duly noted. Interestingly enough, Amber didn't mention any of the female celebrities that she's been with.

Despite the rumors of infidelity, Wendy Williams and her husband Kevin seemed happy as they arrived at the Helmsley Park Lane hotel to celebrate Aretha Franklin's 69th birthday in New York City last night (Mar 26).

Narcissist Wyclef Jean hosted a party and live performance at Haze Nightclub located inside Aria Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV last night. Wyclef posed with his lovely wife Marie Claudinette. He wore a replica of the Haitian flag on his right wrist where he claims he suffered a gunshot wound.

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Former "America's Top Model" contestant Eva Marcille was spotted at The Cotton Club in Los Angeles for R&B Live. According to Allen over at Upscale Hype fashion blog, she was wearing Brian Lichtenberg Black Angular Patchwork Sliver Glitter leggings ($218), which are a combination of glitter, sheer hosiery and fishnet pieces. She was also rocking pair of Gucci “Kills” Peep Toe Platform Booties ($990). Notice the white couple in the background? That is a rare sight in Atlanta's urban nightclubs. For a Metropolis with a population of 6 million that passes itself off as a "City of courageous firsts" -- Atlanta's nightclubs are still segregated. Whites and blacks do not party together in Atlanta where racist attitudes remain stuck in the 50's.

Rev. Run's daughter Angela Simmons attended the Knicks game in New York City on Friday (Mar 25). Angela, who made millions off of her Pastry shoe line, wore a modern day version of the 1920s fringe flapper dress. She accessorized the dress with a black cropped leather jacket, Christian Louboutin pumps and a Chanel tote.

"Celebrity Apprentice" cast member Star Jones and Kim Kardashian's mom, Kris Jenner, both have the same gaudy taste in faux Chinchilla fur. Miss Jones was spotted leaving the Helmsley Park Lane hotel after celebrating Aretha Franklin's 69th birthday in New York City on Saturday (Mar 26).

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Miami Heat stars Dwyane Wade (2nd from L with sons Zion and Zaire) and LeBron James, right, pose for photos with Kei Nishhikori, left, of Japan and Rafael Nadal of Spain during the 2011 Sony Ericsson Open at Crandon Park Tennis Center in Key Biscayne, Florida yesterday.

Wade was recently awarded full custody of his sons, Zion and Zaire, both of whom arrived in Florida 2 weeks ago to live with their dad full time. Men like D Wade and LeBron serve as excellent role models for the young brothas in our community who are leaving the street corners in droves to raise their children. All I see are young black fathers with their kids at South DeKalb Mall and Greenbrier Mall on the weekends. It's a beautiful thing!

Singer Brandy performed the National Anthem during the 2011 Sony Ericsson Open yesterday.


Rapper Da Brat was spotted out & about shopping in Atlanta with her beautiful mom, Nadine. As you know, Brat was recently released from a Georgia prison where she served 3 years for an assault conviction. Since then she's been busy writing songs and recording music in her home studio.

Thanks to my inside source for sending these exclusive pics for my readers! I'm told Da Brat is on Twitter now.

Click the link below to see Da Brat's state issued ankle jewelry.

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Remember when Solange Knowles promoted her new line of Hip Hop toys called Baby Jamz, which she said were inspired by her then 4-year-old son, Juelz?

Well, now she's releasing a t-shirt line also inspired by the budding 6-year-old tycoon. Solange says that when Juelz heard about the earthquake in Japan, he was so moved that he was inspired to create a line of t-shirts to raise money for relief efforts...

At a time when black women should be applauded for taking that first step toward financial independence by opening their own businesses, one Texas woman is struggling to defend the name of her business.

Lakita Evans is keeping the name of her new burger joint despite the growing protests from civic minded people who say the name "Fat Ho Burgers" is offensive to a small segment of society.

Evans says that people are offended by the name simply because they aren't familiar with urban slang. "It's not calling people a ho. It's just like they say, 'Oooh that ho is big,' or, 'That ho is tight!"' she told Fox News.

In the black community, the term "ho" is freely applied to people as well as to things. For instance, a brotha might spot a hot car and say, "That ho is fat!"

Other local business owners don't see it that way. They say the 23-year-old is just using the name as a publicity stunt to draw attention to her business.

Pastor Marsha Martie, owner of the nearby Gospel Cafe, said: "[It] would've been nice to think a little more sensitively."

But Evans says people should be more concerned with what's going on in the world rather than the name of her burger joint.

"Look what's going on in Japan. It's like clear this world is not gonna get any better. Why cry and be depressed? The economy is bad. Somebody gotta keep a sense of humour around here," she said.

Thanks to loyal reader LUSCIOUS LOLITA AKA WONDER WOMAN for the tip!

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Reality TV stars, Taylor Armstrong, left, and NeNe Leakes, 44, headed out to dinner at BOA Steakhouse in LA last night. Not many people know that NeNe was once cited for running a fake foundation for victims of domestic abuse in 2009. NeNe's Twisted Hearts Foundation was allegedly involved in money laundering activities. When NeNe failed to file the appropriate paperwork with the state, the foundation's business license was dissolved.

Now that legendary soul singer Aretha Franklin has lost a gazillion pounds, I'm sure she feels better than she's ever felt in years. Miss Franklin, who turned 69 today, sat courtside with former NBA star Patrick Ewing and NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg (not pictured) to watch the NY Knicks at Madison Square Garden in New York City yesterday.

Talk Diva Wendy Williams, 46, was seen on the set of "Dancing With the Stars" studio in West Hollywood earlier this week. Wendy issued a challenge of sorts to disturbed singer Chris Brown. Earlier today she tweeted, "CHRIS BRWN I LUV U TOO. hot album but get help young man. c u @ #DWTS." I'm sure she's hoping he will do something crazy since we know he has issues with black women.

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As he flew through the air with the greatest of ease, kids everywhere pointed skyward and asked "Who is that man in the blue Superman tights?"

After blowing away the #1 seed Duke Blue Devils, 93-77, during the 2011 NCAA men's basketball tournament last night, Lamont "Mo Mo" Jones is well on his way to becoming a household name. All he has to do is help his team (Arizona Wildcats) defeat 3rd seeded UConn tomorrow, and soon enough ball players everywhere -- from high school to the NBA -- will pay homage by wearing his tights.

That's the way it is when a legend is born.

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