How sad. Today the blogosphere is gleefully reporting that R&B singer Keyshia Cole's mom, Frankie Lons, 50, is back behind bars.

This time, she was pulled over by Sandy Springs, GA police yesterday for driving erratically. Lons was arrested for a probation violation that I told you about 2 weeks ago.

During a search of her vehicle, cops found a drug related substance and they tacked possession onto her charges. So far, Keyshia has not commented on these latest charges.

If you recall the last time her mom was arrested, Keyshia tweeted:

"You know, I really pray she gets it together for herself. She has to want to change for herself."

Do better Frankie!

In case you're one of the millions of Americans who slept soundly at 4 a.m. when Britain's Prince William took Kate Middleton to be his bride, here is a quick update.

Kate Middleton will now and forever be referred to as "Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge" (unless a series of tragic deaths befalls members of the royal family, at which time she will be bestowed as Queen of England).

Kate, I mean, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, turned 29 on January 9th. She is the eldest of 3 children.

Kate, oops, I mean, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, was given Princess Diana's engagement ring to have and to own. But her new hubby made it clear early on that he intends to go ringless.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge decided to do her own makeup because she wanted to add a little normalcy to the pomp and circumstance surrounding the wedding of the century.

Although she thought it was lame, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge practiced "the wave" for hours in the mirror until she got it right.

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Comments Off on RIP Charles Mathis, Entertainment Attorney

Well known entertainment lawyer Charles A. Mathis, Jr. passed away last night of a cardiac arrest. He was 66.

Mr. Mathis had been in a coma for a few weeks, according to industry sources. He was a senior partner of The Mathis Law Firm in Atlanta, and he counted numerous celebrities, professional athletes and executives among his many well-heeled clients, including R&B singers Monica and Usher.

Mr. Mathis was a pillar of the community who donated his time and money to charitable organizations. On the weekends, he unwound with his clients at Atlanta's top nightclubs.

In 2007, Allison Mathis, pictured above with her dad, Charles, and mom, Cyndi Mathis, celebrated her 16th birthday on MTV's top rated 'Super Sweet 16' program. At the end of the show, Mr. Mathis handed Allison the keys to a brand new Mercedes SUV.

Mr. Mathis' Buckhead mansion was the location of many legendary industry parties and private events over the years. The palatial mansion was also the scene of "that incident" between Usher and this blogger that made headlines in the NY Daily News.

They say the couple that plays together, stays together. Here we have pics of Boston Celtics center Shaquille O'Neal and his reality star concubine, Hoopz, of TV's 'Flava of Love' fame, practicing their circus act.

O'Neal was sidelined with a calf injury during the Celtics sweep of the hapless NY Knicks in round 1 of the NBA playoffs. But he is expected to at least suit up when the Celtics face the Miami Heat for game 1 of the semifinals on Sunday, May 1st in Miami.

If Shaq still can't play by then, maybe Hoopz will sub for him. Look at the guns on her!


It seems that a Twitter cutie woke up one morning burning fiercely after gratuitously sleeping with a well-known Atlanta rapper without protection.

After keeping an appointment with her gynecologist, it turns out that the unlucky groupie had more than just a simple case of the claps to worry about. She's telling her friends that the promiscuous rapper gave her herpes -- a lifelong affliction that no modern medicine can cure.

Now she spends her days sending Direct Messages rapidly back and forth on warning other loose groupies to wrap it up tightly before bedding this particular rapper when he comes to their town.

Poor James.

At least it is confirmed that the unidentified rapper is not teh ghey.

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Star Jones, 49, looks like she is packing on the pounds again as she lunches at Nello's on Madison with a pal. She appears to have put back on 20-30 pounds after her weight loss of several years ago where she became very slim. She at a creamy dessert and sipped on white wine.

R&B singer Rihanna, 23, was spotted dining out at Phillippe Chow in Hollywood yesterday.

Grammy-award winner Kelly Rowland, 30, who is a superstar over in Europe, poses for the paparazzi while leaving her hotel and getting in her car in new York city. Doesn't she look gorgeous?

Reality TV personality Kim Kardashian, 30, was spotted leaving a nail salon in Beverly Hills, CA after having a manicure and pedicure in the color pink.

Photos: Splash News Online

'Jumping The Broom' is a new film by director Salim Akil that celebrates the African tradition of jumping the broom to signify a marriage when it wasn't always legal for blacks to marry in the 18th century.

'Jumping The Broom', produced by Tracey Edmonds and Bishop T.D. Jakes, is a romantic comedy that explores today’s difficulty in abstaining from sex until marriage.

Marion "Pooch" Hall of BET's 'The Game' plays Ricky, the best friend of the groom, Jason (Laz Alonzo). And Romeo Miller ("Dancing With The Stars") plays Sebastian, the cousin of the bride, Sabrina (Paula Patton).

Problems crop up for Jason and Sabrina when their two families from opposite ends of the tracks clash on Martha’s Vineyard during their dream weekend wedding.

"Help me Jesus, that boy is fine!," says Shonda (Tasha Smith) after meeting Sebastian, who prefers "a more seasoned woman with a little more experience."

Later, Jason, Ricky, Sebastian and Malcolm (DeRay Davis) get together for an impromptu bachelor party before the wedding. Ricky, Malcolm and Sebastian each take opposing views of what it really means to be a man in this clip from the movie.

'Jumping The Broom' is in theaters May 6th.

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According to to a confidential source who spoke to on condition of anonymity, BET Network wanted Tameka "Tiny" Cottle to come back for a 3rd season of the popular 'Tiny & Toya Show,' but it was a network producer who told her she could not return.

If you recall, another source told me that BET did not ask Tiny to return to the 'Tiny & Toya Show.' But my source said that information was incorrect.

The confidential informant told me that it was James DuBose of DuBose Entertainment who was responsible for all the confusion surrounding the ouster of Tiny from the show.

"Tiny wanted to do the show -- and BET wanted her to come back," said my source in a phone call yesterday. "But [DuBose] told her it was too late, that they had already started filming the [Toya] show without her."

"After they watched the 1st episode of the 2nd season, they said 'We want another season!'," said my source. But she said Tiny's husband, rapper T.I., was initially against Tiny doing another season. "He didn't want her to do it. He said the show portrayed the family in a negative light," she said.

The source said T.I. later changed his mind. But when Tiny approached DuBose to recommit to the show, he told her she could not return.

Tiny, who is preparing for the release of her husband from an Arkansas prison next month, came up with the concept for the 'Tiny & Toya Show'. My source believes that Tiny's publicist, Tanisha Ramos, and DuBose (who produced Monica's 'Still Standing' reality series for BET) both had words with each other.

"Why would you mess with success?," said the source who described DuBose as "catty and messy."

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218 people are reported dead, including 128 killed in Alabama and 11 dead in Georgia, as massive tornados ripped through the south yesterday.

Jabriel Branch, (pictured right) of McComb, Mississippi, died when a tree crashed through the roof of her family home last night.

Rescue workers are still searching through rubble for survivors in the northwest corner of Georgia, which was the hardest hit. 7 people were reported killed in Catoosa County in north GA. Two people are reported dead in Spalding County, south of Atlanta.

So far GEMA is reporting only 11 people dead in Georgia. GEMA spokesman Chrystal Paulk-Buchanan said the death toll is expected to climb throughout the day. 30 injured people have been taken to area hospitals.

Severe thunderstorms moved through the area south of Atlanta last night knocking down trees and power lines and leaving about 1,500 Georgia Power customers in the dark. Luckily, the storms spared metro Atlanta.

"There's really no explanation," said National Weather Service meteorologist Alex Gibbs of why the storms skipped Atlanta. "It's just the way the storms set up."

Sgt. Joe Peavy of Spalding County and his 11-year-old daughter are counting their blessings this morning. They were taken to an area hospital after a tornado struck their home just off of highway 92.

"The last I heard they were doing OK, but his house is gone, his patrol car is crushed," Spalding Sheriff's Capt. Tony Ranieri told the Atlanta Journal Constitution. "All we know is that when the tornado hit, it apparently sucked the 11-year-old girl out the bedroom window along with her bed and everything else. It was very fortunate [that she survived]. I wish everybody would have come out that way because we did have two fatalities."

Gov. Nathan Deal declared a state of emergency covering Floyd, Dade, Catoosa and Walker counties in north Georgia. The list is expected to grow as storms continue to push through the south today.

A tornado watch and flash flood watches are still in effect for the D.C., Maryland and Virginia areas until 3pm today.

Watch this video as a massive tornado ripped through Alabama yesterday.

Source: AJC and CBS/AP

Remember I told you last week that a male industry friend told me that the fake, big booty girls were winning? Well, I guess he was right.

Apparently, Grand Hustle artist Yung Dro has given his heart to a sophisticated pr0n star who goes by the name of GizelleXXX on Her name says it all. But despite the fact that GizelleXXX's job description calls for her to gargle with other men's body fluids, Dro is in love.

This morning Dro proudly tweeted, "My girl got my name tatted on her today Good times."

His girl responded by posting this Twitpic of Dro's name freshly tattooed on her body. I'm a nurse and I can't even tell you which part of her body that tattoo is on. If that's her buttocks, it is horribly deformed (most likely by a couple dozen butt injections).

In response to the outpouring of taunting and ridicule directed at both herself and her man, GizelleXXX tweeted:

@SkinnyGirlSwag b*tch shut yo ms.ciley lookin a** the F*CK up! Squirrel Face A** B*tch! ...Don't worry bout me and @dropolo. That's OUR biz

How classy...

According to online reports, Rev. Run's daughter, Angela Simmons, spent a passionate night in the sack with Heisman trophy winner Cam Newton last night.

A disheveled and exhausted looking Newton shooed away the paparazzi when they spotted him getting into a waiting car outside Angela's 4-star hotel in New York this morning.

The 23-year-old Simmons was spotted later wearing a sly smile on her face as she was leaving the hotel with her poodle.

In the past, Angela has been linked with skate boarder Terry (T.K.) Kennedy, rapper Bow Wow, music producer Skillz (of Play-N-Skillz), Kim Kardashian's brother, Robert, and too many other male whores to mention. Hopefully, she's using protection.

Rev. Run needs to have a serious talk with his daughter before she ruins the family's good name.

Photos: Splash News Online

In an effort to silence the "birther" movement -- including presidential hopeful Donald Trump -- U.S. President Barack Obama today released the long form of his much talked about birth certificate.

Many people (who don't read) fail to realize that the short form of Obama's certificate of live birth was released by the White House in 2008 when Obama was elected president. The long form only contains a few more impertinent details.

The short form (which was released in 2008) is on the left.

Many critics are asking, "why now?". Why not two years ago when the issue of his citizenship first arose?

Some are suggesting that Obama, a known narcissist, only released the long form now because he fears losing something he values most (his job).

Obama told White House reporters that he had "better stuff to do" than to discuss his birth certificate that has been an emotional boilerplate since before he was elected.

“We’ve got better stuff to do. I’ve got better stuff to do,” Obama said. "We’ve got big problems to solve, and I’m confident we can solve them, but we’re going to have to focus on them, not on this."

Source: AP and DM

They say every jump off has a secret past that she would like to keep hidden away forever. The more successful jump offs are able to bury their pasts under stacks and stacks of their new husband's money.

Apparently, Chris Bosh's new wife, Adrienne Williams, couldn't erase her past with Bosh's endless cash reserves.

Bosh refuses to even admit that he's a married man despite the overwhelming evidence that suggests otherwise (he's probably waiting to break the news gently to his other jump offs).

According to Ira Winderman of the Sun-Sentinel, a marriage certificate, with both Bosh and Williams' names on it, is on file in Dade County. And I'm following Bosh's stylist on, who also confirmed that some sort of nuptials took place before the NBA playoffs.

Anyway, I wrote all that to say that Adrienne has been on the come-up since she was seven years old.

The young groupie is featured in a photo spread in a worn copy of Smooth magazine from 2006. Loyal reader Steve K. was kind enough to send me the link to her pics on

"I love modeling. I've been doing it since age 12, and I've done pageants since I was seven" said Adrienne, who is originally from LA but honed her groupie skills in Atlanta.

"I've done every kind you can imagine," she said. "So whatever modeling steps I can take to get my name out there is good."

Photos: Wireimage, Jocks and

Last weekend, 'America's Most Wanted' aired a segment on the ongoing manhunt for Wisdom Jeffery, the Riverdale man who shot and killed his young wife, Corrissa Friends, on August 11, 2010.

Loyal reader and Corrissa's stepmother, Jill Friends, writes:

I want to thank you for continuing to bring my step-daughter's (Corrissa Friends Jeffery) story to the spot-light. This has been a horrible time in our lives and we pray daily for his capture. We feel like Casey can't truly be safe until he is behind bars. Thank you for getting his picture out to your fans.


Jill Friends

Here is the video that was played at Corrissa's Funeral. Thought you might like to see it.

Last night, while doing my unusual research on social networking website, I came across this tweet from an upset follower who asked if I would put a mother on blast for "abusing" her kids.

I clicked on the link and saw a photo of a woman posing with 2 smiling children -- one of whom was nestled snuggly between her oversized breasts.

I assumed the woman had just breast fed the youngest child, which would be inappropriate if she did it in front of a Twitter user who then Twitpic'd the photo.

At first glance, the photo disturbed me a little. But then I reminded myself that African tribal women often proudly displayed their ample breasts long before we were sold out by our tribal leaders and shipped to America in the 18th century.

So why does this picture make so many people physically uncomfortable?

See the uncensored photo after the break. NOT SAFE FOR WORK

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What is wrong with these Atlanta men?

A minor disturbance at an after hours restaurant in Buckhead quickly turned into a national debate when an Atlanta police officer, who forgot both his professional and home training, punched a woman in her face while attempting to restrain her.

According to online reports, the unidentified, off-duty police officer was wearing full uniform at his second job at the Buckhead International House of Pancakes around 4 a.m. Sunday, when he got into it with a woman who was sitting in a booth.

Witnesses say the officer began shouting at the woman and then he lunged at her. As the two began tussling, another officer joined the fracas, which prompted the woman's friend to throw a roundhouse punch at him. The 2nd officer retaliated with a hard right to the friend's jaw before wrestling her to the floor and cuffing her.

The startling video, which was filmed by an iHop patron, was quickly uploaded to YouTube, and now iHOP and the Atlanta police department find themselves in the same predicament as the McDonald's organization. If you recall, McDonald's waited 5 days to condemn a brutal assault in one of its restaurants in Baltimore, MD.

We haven't heard from iHOP yet, but the APD didn't wait that long.

It only took 2 days for a red-faced Atlanta PD spokesperson to release the following statement to the Atlanta Journal Constitution on Tuesday:

“The Atlanta Police Department is aware of the incident that took place early Sunday morning involving one of its officers attempting to arrest a patron at an IHOP in Buckhead. The matter has been referred to our Office of Professional Standards to determine whether department policies and procedures were followed. Further comment at this time would not be appropriate.”

But, according to the AJC, Roberta Caban, the friend of the woman in the black dress who was punched by the officer, said the officer went too far. Caban, who was arrested along with her friend, told Channel 2 Action News:

"I felt so bad for her, for anybody to go through that. It was very obvious that the first officer had contained her.

"No one would tell us why we were arrested, no one would tell us anything. And we wind up spending over 24 hours in jail."


According to Teh Ghey celebrity blogger, KiddUNot, Lil Kim and reality TV star Natalie Nunn are an item. The ladies partied at Club Liv in Miami over the weekend. They couldn't keep their hands -- or lips -- off each other.

In the past Kim, 34, has been linked romantically to rappers Biggie Smalls, Lil Cease and producer Scott Storch. Some of you may recall Natalie from TV's 'Bad Girls Club' fame. I'm happy for the both of them.

Edited to add:

If you're a Queen Bee fan she will invade Club Ritz II on Black Friday, April 29th, where she'll be performing all of her hitz. EARLY ARRIVAL IS SUGGESTED!

Hosted by: V103's Lil Bankhead. Music by: Hot 107.9's DJ Montay. For VIP info call 404.855.9851. Club Ritz II is located at 7490 Old National Hwy, in Atlanta.

Image source: KUN via MJ

Every baller worth his salt in Atlanta knows who Chris Bosh's wife, Adrienne, is. She was a fixture in the VIPs at Vision and Velvet Room nightclubs back in the day. Every pro athlete has made eye contact with her at some point in time.

According to my sources, Adrienne was a very well-maintained groupie who spent all her available cash on Delta buddy passes to follow the professional teams from city to city. If you didn't have at least 6 zero's in your bank account, she wasn't hollering at you.

Bosh knew all of this, of course, but he still married her anyway. Maybe he thought he was saving her? Or maybe he knows that if he moved on, she would be the wife of another ball player, so it might as well be him, right?

See, even wealthy men who seem to have everything, battle self esteem issues too.

Image source: LU

Exotic striptease artist Beyoncé, 29, and her hubby, Jay Z, 41, arrived at Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris, France to catch a flight to the U.S. this morning. The Beyoncé Hate is coming at me from all angles ever since I started posting pics of her on my blog. This morning, a heterosexual industry male called me to ask why I'm posting so many Beyoncé pics. I thought men would love the fact that I post so many pics of her? Why all the Beyoncé hate all of a sudden?

I'm no Bey fan, but the chick looks hawt right now (yes, yes, even with the skin bleaching and the weight loss). Who else is there to post pics of?

Photos: Splash News Online

The seemingly random execution of a NY man was caught on video from a nearby surveillance camera.

Trevonne Winn, 24, was talking on his cell phone outside his uncle's fast food restaurant in Brooklyn, NY when a gunman dressed in black suddenly appeared and fired 2 shots into him. Wynn collapsed, mortally wounded as the gunman fled the scene.

Passersby soon surrounded Winn who struggled to get back on his feet before collapsing again on the sidewalk. Winn was rushed to Kings County Hospital where he was pronounced dead. Police say Winn had a number of drug related arrests in South Carolina.

Shakeem Muhammad of Flat Bush, told the NY Daily News that Wynn's execution was probably a case of mistaken identity. "Probably the person thought that he was someone else," said Muhammad. "He probably looked like somebody that... probably had some beef."

"I've seen just about everything that could happen in this community. I renamed this avenue here body-a-week avenue.

"I've been here since 1989. I think I've seen at least 15 murders on this block in that period of time. It's a dangerous block." Source

As you know, the newest trend in Hip Hop (and other circles) is to leak sexually graphic cell phones pics of oneself on the Internet (since just sexting the pics to potential jump offs isn't exciting enough).

We live in a voyeuristic society and any mention of the words "peen pic" on a blog is guaranteed to drive hits to your page -- at least for a couple of hours until word gets around that the rapper, singer or ball player isn't holding very much (as was the case with singer Chris Brown last month).

Yesterday, the blogs were abuzz with graphic pics of up-and-coming singer Steph Jones' exposed package. Allegedly, Jordin Sparks' ex leaked the pics himself after exhausting all other avenues to fame (such as dating Jordin Sparks).

Peen pics don't generate much excitement for me. I realize they do brighten up my readers' day, but the extra work that goes into finding them and posting the pics is not worth it for me -- unless someone makes my job easier, as is the case today.

This morning I awoke to find, not one, but two peen pics in my Inbox. According to the sender, an ex-girlfriend of College Hill's alumni Dru-Ski thought it would be cute to blast his peen pics into the blogosphere because they aren't dating any more.

I'm not sure what the story is with Mr. Clark of the Orlando Magic. Apparently, his peen pic was thrown in as a bonus?

Anyway, as I've said numerous times in the past: this is a family-oriented blog. We love the children and we strive to provide quality entertainment that family members of all ages can enjoy.

So the goodies are under lock and key and you must login to view them. You must also be 18 and over to view these pics, which are obviously NOT SAFE FOR WORK!

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Carmelo Anthony's wife Lala Vazquez standing courtside with director Spike Lee during game 4 of the Eastern Conference playoffs in New York yesterday. I heard a rumor that she's darkening her skin with various cosmetic products, although that's irrelevant here.

Anyway, despite the smiles on both their faces, their beloved Knicks were eliminated from the playoffs by the Boston Celtics yesterday with a 101-89 victory Sunday in New York. This proves what I said all along about the Knicks acquiring 'Melo to fill the seats. He is overhyped and will never be considered a franchise player until he can help his team win a ring.

Troubled singer Chris Brown was spotted arriving at Sydney domestic airport as he continues his 'F.A.M.E' tour around Australia yesterday. I hear that tickets to his tour are selling poorly in Australia, which pleases my Soul. By the way, my MCM rep hit me up when she got in 4 more of these MCM backpacks the other day. The next day, all 4 backpacks were gone! The Ti$a backpacks which originally sold for $450 last year are now going for over $1,000 each -- if you can find one at the MCM flagship store in NYC.

Music mogul Russell Simmons, center, is still friendly with his baby mama, Kimora Lee. He kissed her in front of Djimon Hounsou while at a family outing to the White House for the annual Easter egg roll on the South lawn yesterday. Sources told me that Simmons was so lousy at lovemaking that he drove Kimora Lee into the arms of skilled butch lesbians, one of whom was featured in the Spike Lee movie 'She Hate Me'.

Kimora and Russell's daughter looks like she's developing a little too maturely for a little kid. Her parents might want to consider installing burglar bars on her windows to keep the pedos out.

Originally posted on April 25, 2011 @ 5 p.m.

Photos: Splash News Online

Here's more Jay Z and Beyoncé Knowles in Paris pictures, because I know how much you love them. Bey and Jay were photographed taking a stroll after eating lunch today in Paris, France.

As you can see, Beyoncé read your comments about her Stepford wives outfit yesterday on all the blogs, so she switched things up a little bit with a cropped lambskin jacket over a denim shirt and khaki shorts. She accessorized her outfit with 6¼" Christian Louboutin Lady Daf Platform Mary Jane schoolgirl strap pumps ($995). Nice!


Beyoncé and her aging rapper hubby, Jay Z, 41, stepped out in Paris together for the first time since his embarrassing medical mishap of a very intimate nature was caught on film last week.

I'm told that Jay Z consulted with his physicians back home who plan to adjust his meds to curb the frequency of his embarrassing mishaps. But I don't know that for sure, so please don't quote me on that.

Doesn't Beyoncé look a little odd to you? I can't quite put my finger on it. It's more than just the bleaching, there's something about her demeanor that looks weird in a Stepford Wives sort of way.

I heard from a few female acquaintances this weekend whose husbands also experienced Jay Z's, er, problem. I never hear from these chicks unless they read something on my blog. Anyway, one acquaintance said to me, "I don't think my husband is taking Viagra, but how would I know that for sure?"
Photos by: GC

Actors Will and Jada Pinkett Smith attended the White House Easter egg roll with their children, Jaden and Willow Smith yesterday. Willow performed for the children of invited guests, while U.S. President Barack Obama, his wife Michelle and their girls, Sasha and Malia sang along.

Is this a boy or a girl kissing hugging Willow Smith? It's so hard to tell these days. How confusing it must be for the children. EDIT: A loyal reader emailed me to say that the boy is a member of a group called Mindless Behavior.

Photos by: GC

According to publicist, Saptosa Foster, a group of lucky NYC teens kicked off their Easter weekend on Saturday at a
special screening of Disney's upcoming film PROM (,
hosted by heir to Diddy's empire Justin Combs, Grammy-nominated singer Karina Pasian.

Attendees included Justin's mom, stylist Misa Hylton; WayneBarrow (Bystorm Entertainment), TeenDiaries founder Aeshia DeVore Branch, Def Jam's Al Branch, Chris Nadler (Hot 97/Emmis Communications), CNN's Keisha Lamothe and JUICY senior editor Taiia Smart Young, and their children. PROM is in theaters April 29.
Photos by: Jerome Shaw

Scroll down for updates...

The police in Rosedale, MD have released the mugshot of the oldest of two black teens charged with assaulting a white female transgendered person for using the women's restroom at a Baltimore area McDonald's.

Teonna Monae Brown, 18, was arrested for the assault on Chrissy Lee Polis, 22, along with an unidentified 14-year-old girl who will be charged as a juvenile.

The assault was captured on cell phone video by a McDonald's employee who uploaded the video to YouTube. The video was taken down by YouTube administrators, but not before it went viral on and

The McDonald's employee who filmed the assault, Vernon Hackett, 18, was fired by the franchise owner, Mitchell McPherson on Friday. McPherson said he is considering taking action against other employees who stood around laughing and did nothing to help the customer.

Meanwhile, advocates for transgender rights are planning to rally outside the restaurant at 6315 Kenwood Avenue, where the attack occurred. The rally is set for 7 pm tonight.

Brown is no stranger to the McDonald's on Kenwood Ave. She was arrested last year for picking a fight with a woman and her two daughters there.

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One of the NBA's dirtiest players, Orlando Magic's Dwight Howard, recently won a $500,000 judgment against his baby mama, 'Basketball Wives' star Royce Reed, for violating a domestic court order against her. But Reed has yet to pay the judgment, so Howard took her to court again -- this time in California.

According to, Howard, 25, sued Reed, 29, in a Florida court because she violated a court order, prohibiting her from talking about him in the press.

Reed is in arrears for $551,606.74, including interest. Howard, a narcissist who has never won a NBA championship ring, wants his cash now, and, apparently, he doesn't care that Reed is the mother of his soon to be 4-year-old son, Braylon.

Howard, who is something of a religious freak, uses his high profile as a NBA star and his Christian faith to "raise the name of God within the league and throughout the world"

When he is home in Atlanta, Howard attends the Fellowship of Faith Church in East Point, Georgia. After church, he is often seen dining with his boys at Twist restaurant inside the upmarket Phipps Plaza in Atlanta.

Here is astonishing video of the moment when a tornado tore through the St. Louis airport on Friday night (April 22).

A miracle zero deaths have been reporting following the tornado that tore through Bridgeton, a densely populated suburb of St. Louis, on Friday night, passing directly through the airport. Sadly, though, 750 homes were damaged, with 100 of those destroyed entirely. But still! No casualties, and only "minor injuries" to five people. Locals are praising the local weather service, which blared sirens 34 minutes before the tornado hit, as well as "the grace of God," as the mayor put it. Source

In case you missed last night's airing of 'America's Most Wanted' featuring Atlanta fugitive Wisdom Jeffery, here is the full segment. Jeffrey, 38, is wanted for killing his estranged wife, Corrissa Friends, 21, on August 11, 2010 in Riverdale, Georgia. He could be hiding in Atlanta, New York or California.


Jeffery, who was listed on the credits of BET's reality show, “Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is,” allegedly used his proximity to the star to show Corrissa the glamorous side of life. By day he was buying her designer clothes, and by night she was partying at nightclubs and hanging backstage at Cole’s concerts.

“The fancy cars, the night clubbing, the money, being around a lot of people … he introduced her to that. She was a very young lady when they met. and she was very impressionable, so he wanted to impress her with those things. And he did,” says Special Agent Jonathan Spurlock of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

Investigators now want your help tracking down Wisdom Jeffery. He has two distinct tattoos: a "W" shaped like a bat on the left side of his neck and the word "CHINNA" spelled out on his left arm. Jeffery is originally from Brooklyn and is known to speak with a heavy New York accent.

He sometimes wears gold teeth, but friends say you may not even notice because he rarely smiles. He is known to be very mild mannered and quiet, especially in a group of people. Cops say Jeffery may be taking steps to change his appearance, but he is typically clean cut and often wears baseball caps.

If you know where Wisdom Jeffery is hiding, call our Hotline right away at 1-800-CRIME-TV. Remember, you can remain anonymous.

Video source

Photos: and AMW

The wife of Miami Dolphins star receiver, Brandon Marshall, was arrested late last night and charged with stabbing him with a kitchen utensil.

According to, Michi Nogami-Marshall was arrested and charged with domestic violence and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. She currently sits in the Broward County jail on $75,000 bond.

"This is a very difficult time for Brandon and his family, thankfully he will make a full recovery... We simply ask that his privacy is respected," said Marshall's sports agent.

Marshall underwent surgery last night and is in stable condition in the ICU at Broward General Hospital. ESPN reports that no vital organs were hit and Marshall is expected to make a complete recovery in 2-3 weeks.