Disgraced New Birth Missionary Baptist Church Pastor Bishop Eddie Long has one thing in common with the late Michael Jackson: he paid serious bucks to make his sexual indiscretions go away quietly.

According to online reports, Long settled out of court with his 4 male accusers, who were teenagers of legal age when he plied them with cash and gifts in exchange for sex. Maurice Robinson, 21, Anthony Flagg, 22, Jamal Parris and another man, claimed the Bishop "coerced" and "enticed" them with exotic trips, clothing and cars. In one case, he paid the young man's college tuition.

Barbara Marschalk, who represents New Birth Missionary Baptist Church and LongFellows Youth Academy, said she anticipates " the lawsuits will be dismissed, with prejudice, by close of business tomorrow."

Long was a fierce opponent of gay marriage and often preached anti-gay sermons from the pulpit. All the while a fire burned inside him that only the touch of young boys could extinguish.

Long vigorously denied the allegations when the news broke last September. Throughout the ordeal the Bishop's long suffering wife and their four grown children stood beside him. Their support never wavered.

V-103 Morning Show co-host Frank Ski, a longtime member of New Birth, called an Atlanta blogger to show his support for his pastor, and to dispute allegations that his show was biased.

There are unconfirmed rumors that Long paid each man $1.5 million and an apology behind closed doors. But according to media personality Star Jones, who was in Atlanta yesterday, the terms of the settlement have not been made public.

So, in other words, don't believe the rumors.

Several readers emailed me this morning wondering if Kim Kardashian's 20.5 carat, $2M engagement rock is the same one that she purchased for herself in 2009 after her then-boyfriend Reggie Bush refused her desperate pleas to marry her.

Kim has pressured every man she's ever met to marry her. So I wouldn't put it past her to take lighten the load on Humphries' wallet by trotting out the ring she already bought for herself years ago.

What do you think? Are they the same rock?

Loyal reader Vonice C. thinks they are one and the same:

Hey I noticed yesterday on your site you posted about Kim's ring. You also included link that showed how she purchased her own ring when she was with Reggie Bush. I noticed in today's post with an up close pic of her ring..that ring on her is same one ring from 2 years ago.. Check it out you will see.

Rapper Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins, left, and singer Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas of TLC performed onstage during Fox's "American Idol 2011" finale show held at Nokia Theatre LA Live in Los Angeles yesterday. T-Boz's thick appearance prompted a slew of pregnancy rumors on social networking sites Twitter and Facebook last night. T-Boz, 41, suffers from Sickle Cell Anemia and has been in and out of hospitals. In 2009, T-Boz talked about her battle with a brain tumor. T-Boz has a 10-year-old daughter, Chase Anela Rolison, who was fathered by rapper Mack 10.

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According to Rod 2.0 (via Andre Allen), former CLiK model Maurice Murrell passed away Tuesday night of undisclosed causes.

Maurice was one of the first cover models of the re-launched CLIK in January 2006. That cover launched a career in modeling and film. The New Jersey- and New York City-based model appeared in numerous magazines, calendars, two coffee table books and the cover of Lee Hayes' Flesh to Flesh anthology. Mo also appeared in the film Finding Me and its new sequel Finding Me: Truth. Besides the CLIK cover, Maurice Murrell will be emembered by a generation of young gay men for his role in the film Finding Me and its new sequel Finding Me: Truth directed by Roger S. Omeus.

R.I.P. to that young man. And, don't forget to wrap it up kids.

There were few dry eyes in the house (or at home) when Oprah Winfrey bid farewell to millions of viewers during her final show, which aired yesterday. There were no stars jockeying for position next to her onstage. Just Oprah alone in front of a select audience with her thoughts and memories of the last 25 years of the most influential daytime TV talk show in history.

"The Oprah Winfrey Show" ended its storied run on May 25, after 25 years, and millions of her fans gathered in homes and lounges around America to watch the final show.

Oprah acknowledged that she owes much of the success of her show to her loyal viewers who kept her at the top of the ratings heap consistently.

"You and this show have been the great love of my life," she told the lucky audience near the end of the episode.

Later, she talked about the transformation the show took from featuring "people making bad choices" to the lifestyle and star-studded format it became.

Oprah talked about one of her biggest regrets -- taking her production staff to Forsyth County, Georgia to "confront racism", when in fact she was confronting her own insecurities in her bid to attract worldwide attention. The response to that show was immediate and devastating as blacks abandoned Oprah in droves.

"What is all life? What is every flower, every rock, every tree, every human being? Energy. And you're responsible for the energy you create for yourself, and you're responsible for the energy that you bring to others," she said.

Towards the end of the hour, Oprah says ending her legendary talk show is "all sweet, no bitter" and that she nothing but gratitude for the time she spent with us.

"I thank you for being as much of a sweet inspiration for me as I've tried to be for you," she said. "I won't say goodbye. I'll just say, Until we meet again. To God be the glory."


Remember I told you yesterday that Kim Kardashian's wedding would be a splashy spectacle? I was right. According to PopEater.com, Kim wants her wedding to be the biggest ever -- even bigger than Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding earlier this month.

"Kim's wedding is going to be bigger than Tom and Katie," a friend of Kim's tells Popeater.com's Rob Shuter. "In fact, she wants it to be bigger than William and Kate's."

Shuter adds: "On that grandiose note, a source also told OK! Magazine that Kim "sees herself as a bigger celebrity than Kate Middleton."

"Kris Humphries might not have known what he was getting into. This wedding is going to happen very much in the public eye. And they will make millions off of it," writes Shuter.

Kim and her fiance Kris Humphries have only been dating since December 2010, which means it only took Kim 5 months to convince Kris to put a ring on it. And what an ostentatious ring it is!

The 20.5 carat sparkler carries a price tag of $2 million! A typical female narcissist begins harassing her victim to marry her usually after only 2-4 weeks of dating. Healthy men immediately bolt for the door. But a weak minded man stays because he thinks he's in love with the most beautiful woman on earth. No sane man would marry a woman he just met, so this should be a major red flag.

My prediction is it will take Kris a year to 2 years to figure out what he's gotten himself into. In the meantime, he will suffer greatly at the hands of Kim.

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FiFi Award Winner Halle Berry, 44, had to stand on her tippy toes to chat with singer Trey Songz, 26, during the 2011 FiFi Fragrance Awards, held in the Tent at Lincoln Center in New York City yesterday. The FiFi award is given to celebs with the best fragrances in the market.

I met Trey face to face and I don't remember him being particularly tall. So Halle must be very short. R&B singer Mary J Blige, 40, also received a FiFi award for her fragrance, My Life.

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Socialite Amber Rose shares the split covers of the June/July issue of VIBE magazine with rapper Rick Ross. Inside, she reluctantly acknowledges that her fleeting fame is due to the fact that her former sponsor, Kanye West, saved her and transported her from the seedy strip clubs to the red carpets of the world.

Still, she seems bothered (and a bit ungrateful) that all people ever want to talk about is what Yeezy taught her.

“What am I supposed to do? Crawl up in a corner and die ‘cause I’m not with Kanye anymore? Am I supposed to go back to the strip club and not take these opportunities that I have?”

“Kanye would always tell be how beautiful I was and that I was going to be iconic. He always said that, ‘Baby, you are iconic. You don’t understand what you have. I didn’t. I didn’t understand it.”

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According to Miss Info, Beyonce's new single "1+1" was just released moments ago. The hard core Bey fans are raving about this beautiful pop ballad. It's standard Beyonce fare; she's forcefully singing over accompanying piano and guitar chords.

"Hey, I don't know much about guns, but I-I've been shot by YOU/ Hey, and I don't know when I'm gone die, but I hope that I'm gone die by YOU!, she sings.


"1+1" is the opening track off Beyonce's much-anticipated '4' album, which you can pre-order here. The album is in stores June 28, 2011. She performed the song on tonight’s season final of 'American Idol' which was won by country singer Scotty McCreery.