Sexy siren Keri Hilson attended Maxim's Hot 100 Party sponsored by New Era, Miller Lite, 2(x)ist and Silver Jeans Co. held at Eden in Hollywood, California last night.
(Photo by John Salangsang | LEP | Splash)

Remember I told you that socialite Amber Rose hired a trainer to pound her tired looking body back into shape? I'm told her efforts are paying off. She lost 6 lbs in one week. Good for her. Amber attended Maxim's Hot 100 Party last night in Hollywood.
(Photo by John Salangsang | LEP | Splash)

Friends Kim Karsdashian and Kelly Osbourne got jiggly with it as they checked out each others hot bodies on the red carpet at the Southern Style St Bernard Project Event With Ambassador Britney Spears in Beverly Hills, Ca last night.
(Photo: London Entertainment / Splash News)

Photos: Splash News Online

Does a grassy area on the lawn south of the White House count as part of the White House? Because that's where rap star Common stood as he hosted the National Christmas Tree lighting for the Obamas, their children and other political bigwigs in Washington back in December.

If Common was on the south lawn handling his tree lighting duties, then I'm sure he must have been invited inside the White House as well for some eggnog at some point.

Right wing pundits and other critics in the media are "enraged" that U.S. President Barack Obama invited rapper Common to a "night of poetry" event at the White House last night.

The 2-time Grammy Award winning Hip Hop star is catching heat because of rap songs and poetry he recorded years ago that contained some references to former president George W. Bush and Osama bin Laden.

But where was all the outright indignation and gnashing of teeth from the right-wing pundits and media critics when Common was invited to the White House in December 2010?

Did I also mention that Common was an invited guest at the White House Christmas tree lighting in December 2009 too?

What's bigger: hosting the National Christmas tree lighting at the White House or participating in a little poetry event, both of which took place only months apart?

Personally, I don't see the difference. Common is the same rapper today that he was in December. So if you're going to pull your hair out over his invitation to the White House last night, then the hair pulling should have started in December.

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Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich just announced his candidacy for president of the United States.

The Republican from Georgia made his announcement via social networking website today: "I believe we can return America to hope and opportunity,” Gingrich said. “We’ve done it before, we can do it again.”

Gingrich will make his first official appearance as a candidate on Fox News Channel's Sean Hannity Show tonight.

Gingrich is the first major Republican candidate to enter the 2012 race. Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney and former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty are expected to toss their hats into the ring soon. And former governor Sarah Palin hasn't officially announced her candidacy yet.

Naturally, Gingrich's announcement is causing quite a stir on

Click the link to see U.S. President Barack Obama's response to Gingrich's announcement.

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For those of you who care, here's the extended trailer to the music video for Beyonce's current single off her upcoming CD titled simply '4'.

This makes the 2nd or 3rd "teaser" video released so far. Judging from the poor chart performance of "Girls", Beyonce's label should have released the full video last week to give Kelly Rowland's "Motivation" some competition. I wonder how Bey feels looking up at Kelly Rowland for the first time ever?

Anyway, Toya says to expect the full video to be released this Friday on Vevo.

Popular plus-size model Mia Amber Davis passed away yesterday due to complications following knee surgery. She was only 36.

According to Mia's close friends, Madeline Figueroa Jones (of Plus Model Magazine) and Corey Punzi, the actress and model was active in sports, such as tennis and basketball. But she suffered for years with knee pain due to an old college basketball injury. Her friends say Mia was "not an advocate of cosmetic surgery."

Davis' husband, comedian Michael Yard, told celebrity gossip blog that Davis was going to a Los Angeles hospital to have corrective surgery performed on her knee.

But hours later, Mike says he got a phone call from Mia's cousin informing him that she was taking Mia back to the hospital because Mia was experiencing dizziness.

Soon afterwards came the shocking phone call informing him that his wife had tragically passed away.

Mike told that he immediately took a plane from New York to L.A. -- and he wants answers. "I want to know what happened to my wife."

According to Fox News blog, the actress and model began her career as a producer for the 90s talk show “The Ricki Lake Show,” “Change of Heart” and “Divorce Court.”

She was also face of retail company Ashley Stewart for years. But it was her role in the 2000 film “Road Trip as Rhonda, a plus size woman who seduces geeky character Kyle Edwards, played by actor DJ Qualls, that earned her national fame.

Davis, who served as creative editor-at-large for Plus Model Magazine, was often considered to be one of the most successful plus size models working in the industry, modeling for brands like Lane Bryant, Just My Size, Ashley Stewart and Monif C.

She also appeared on “The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency,” "Kimora's Life in the Fab Lane' and advocated for size-acceptance on several news networks.
Plus Model Magazine Editor-in-Chief Madeline Jones tells FOX411 that Davis’ unexpected death is a devastating blow to the industry’s “mission for acceptance in the main stream modeling and fashion industry.”

“Mia Amber Davis was a woman of integrity who was adored by friends around the world,” Jones told FOX411. “As the curviest plus size model to grace brands like Just My Size and Ashley Stewart, she proudly represented for the millions of women who wear a size 18 and up, and inspired them to look and feel beautiful.”


I'm posting this email as a public service announcement for the benefit of the young groupies-in-training who are considering making a living off of these rappers.

You get what you ask for.

Loyal reader Heather T writes:

So I honestly didnt want to say anything, but this whole bitch nigga shit has got to stop. Recently Kevin, aka Chopper, came over to my house. I've known him for a very long time and we used to date. He's never laid his hands on me, but I guess getting evicted out of someone else's condo, and living off others has finally taken its toll.

I stopped dealing with Kevin after the whole Kat Stacks crap and left it as we'll just remain friendly. When he got down to New Orleans he came over and tried to talk me into putting a condo in my name for him. After seeing what he does to other peoples property I declined.

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A heavily Photoshopped and airbrushed Amber Rose covers the July/August 2011 issue of KING magazine. The former Kanye West bust down is still managing to keep herself afloat, though her once bright future is starting to look a little dim.

It isn't a question of whether her transition from the style icon to smoked out rapper Wiz Khalifa is a downgrade. Of course it's a downgrade. Amber is in denial when she says Wiz isn't a downgrade from Kanye. But can you blame her for not being willing or able to admit it?

In a recent sit down interview with KING magazine's Sean Malcolm, the former stripper says:

There’s no comparison in personalities. You know when people say how do you go from Kanye to Wiz Khalifa, that’s a downgrade. But the only question I can ask them is: have you ever dated Kanye? Because I have, and believe me, I did not downgrade at all. Not in any aspect, at all.

KING magazine's July/August 2011 issue is on newsstands May 31st.

Source: RWS

Singer Brandy, 32, was spotted arriving at Il Sole for dinner in West Hollywood last night. According to, Brandy's mother, Sonja Norwood, has launched the Norwood Talent Agency Corporation (NTAC) in partnership with her husband Willie Norwood. The company will focus it efforts on family talent similar to the Norwood family gene pool, which includes Brandy's brother Ray J. "Brandy and Ray J: Family Business" is currently in hiatus, but is still on the VH1 roster of programs.

Actress and spokeswoman Queen Latifah, 40, was spotted carrying plastic bags full of groceries into her hotel in New York City yesterday. Latifah is about to get her buffet on inside her hotel room where she moved after a recent breakup with her longtime girlfriend, trainer Jeanette Jenkins. It's Jenkins' loss: I'm sure the Queen already has a replacement for Jenkins. She's always been in high demand. Lesbun Twitter is already buzzing about Latifah being the prominent guest speaker at Delaware State University's 2011 commencement address in Dover, Delaware on May 22nd.
Photo: Lisa Mauceri/


Skateboard punk rappers Odd Future, aka Wolf Gang Kill Them All, just bailed another one of its members out of jail last night.

After promoting their new album, Goblin, at Westchester High School in Los Angeles yesterday, group member Tyler, the Creator, 17, was handcuffed and charged with disturbing the peace, loitering and skateboarding on school property.

A fan snapped these photos of Tyler in handcuffs and a cop confiscating his skateboard.

After he was released, the infantile Tyler took to his Twitter page and went on a "f*ck the po-lice" rant similar to the one that his fellow band member, Frank Ocean, went on when he was arrested last month.


How classy.

After enduring weeks of rampant speculation and rumors about her face, 20-year-old Bristol Palin has finally come clean and admitted to having a little facial reconstruction work done.

Can you blame her? Look who her mother is (it's Sarah Palin, for those of who don't know). Imagine having to walk in her mother's giant footsteps and failing to keep up.

While many of you thought Bristol had work done very recently to her chin and cheeks, Bristol admits that her whole face was disassembled and put back together way back in December 2010.

Bristol stopped short of saying she did it because she desperately wanted the public's approval (what narcissist would admit to that?)

Instead, she sheepishly insists she did it for medical reasons.

"Yes," she admits, "It improved the way I look, but this surgery was necessary for medical my jaw and teeth could properly realign...I don't obsess over my face"

Okay, hun, we believe you. :rolleyes:

Speaking of celebrities who obsess over their faces: did you know that songstress Mariah Carey is still hospitalized 11 days after giving birth to her twins, Macaroni and Monopoly?

Mimi's people put out that excuse that the babies were born prematurely, but being born two weeks early is not exactly out of the norm for babies.

Thanks to a few of my astute followers on, I now know why she's still in the hospital. It seems Mariah decided to have a tummy tuck procedure performed while the doc already had her open. This was done so she can lie and say she worked out to get her body back into shape for the cover of OK! magazine, or whichever mag pays for the first pics of the newborns.

The following email from loyal reader Jasmine D makes some very valid points about Beyonce being honored with the "Billboard Millenium Award" -- an award that no one has ever heard of.

Is it any surprise that Billboard comes up with this dubious honor for Beyonce at a crucial time when both Kelly Rowland and Rihanna are eating her lunch?

Dear Sandra,

Let me start off by saying that I am a HUGE fan of your site. I visit it everyday and I absolutely adore you and your (hilarious) commenters =D.

But anyway, I don't know if you heard or not, but apparently Beyawnce is going to be honored with the Billboard Millenium Award (whatever that is) at the 2011 Billboard Awards. I say, "whatever that is," because (obviously, that is supposed to be a high honor to receive), however, prior to Beyonce's nomination, you will find no other receiptients or even links to this award (Google it). It's as if it never even existed. And, even if it did exist, out of all the living (and dead) legends we've witnessed in America (M.J., Prince, Tina Turner, Teena Marie, ect.), Billboard chooses an amatuer (compared to the decade long careers of the REAL legends) whose solo career hasn't even spanned over a decade and who has created no classics or made any significant contributions to the music industry, as the recepient.

I put the link that I got the story from in the e-mail so you could read it for yourself, but after visiting numerous other websites and reading the comments, it seems like most of us (besides Bey's delusional stans) are on the same page. It's CLEAR that camel and his phony wife bought this award. RiRi is nominated for 18 Billboard awards this year, and being that Beyonce is the vindictive and jealous, talentless being that she is, it should come as no surprise why she would pay a pretty penny to get the attention back on her.

She hasn't put out an album in two years, her recent single FLOPPED, plus she just isn't iconic to begin with, so why now? Let me know what you think about it, but her motive is clear to me Sandra. Beyonce may have her stans and the other simple minded humans of the world fooled, but I'm not.

I'm not fooled either, Jasmine!

*email was edited for clarity

Jamaican singer/songwriter Bob Marley passed away 30 years ago today from complications of malignant melanoma (cancer) of the big toe. He was 36.

Marley, an avid soccer player when he wasn't touring, injured his toe playing soccer at the start of his European tour. Marley continued with his tour even though he was diagnosed with acral lentiginous melanoma.

Marley's album Uprising was released in May 1980. One of the singles, "Redemption Song", is believed to be Marley's way of coming to terms with his mortality. Marley never really took his cancer diagnosis as a death sentence. He believed in the powers of ganja (marijuana) and he smoked it religiously.

After playing two sold-out shows at New York's Madison Square Garden, Marley's took ill as the cancer metastasized (spread) throughout his body.

Against the advice of his doctors, Marley flew to the Bavarian clinic of Josef Issels, where he received a controversial type of cancer therapy partly based on avoidance of certain foods, drinks, and other substances.

After the experimental therapy (and smoking copious amounts of ganja) failed to heal him, Marley flew to Miami, Florida (considered his second home) where he sought aggressive, traditional cancer treatment to save his life.

But it was too late.

On the morning of May 11, 1981, Marley died of multiple organ failure at Miami's Cedars of Lebanon hospital (now called University of Miami hospital). The cancer that started in his big toe had spread to his lungs and brain.

Marley's last words to his oldest son, Ziggy Marley, was "Money can't buy life."

In episode 3 of NBC's increasingly popular TV show, 'The Voice', coach Cee Lo Green brings on multi-platinum, Grammy winning R&B Diva Monica to help him train his team for the big battles round.

Christina Aguilera paired up vocalists Tarralyn Ramsey and Frenchie Davis to do battle with Beyonce's "Single Ladies". Neither of the ladies were thrilled with Xtina's decision since it meant one of them would be going home afterwards.

The Voice's opening week's gimmick was the blind auditions. With that over, it's time to move on to the battle round!

Each of the coaches paired up two of their team members and had them face off in a duet of a popular song. Then, while the other coaches could weigh in, it was up to the singers' coach to eliminate one of them.

Adam Levine didn't hesitate to call Vicci Martinez and Niki Dawson on Pink's 'Perfect' "by far the best duet of the night." The coaches were shocked Cee Lo Green paired the two as that meant he would have to lose one from his team.


The body of Brooklyn jazz musician Suleiman-Marim Wright was found stuffed in a storage trunk in his home today. Wright was 62 years old. He had been reported missing a week ago. The jazzman, who was born Stanley Wright, was the father of actress N'Bushe Wright, 40, who is best known for her roles in the movies Dead President and Blade.

Police found Wright's body in his basement at 3:30am after his son, Khalil, called them to search the home on Chauncey St. in Brownsville.

He was stuffed into an old black trunk once used to store his mother's clothes.

"This is crazy?" said his great-niece, Minnie Wright. "Who would do something like that to him? He was a musician. He was a great man."

Wright was a widower, who lived alone with his two cats.

Police said a back window in the house was broken out. Relatives said Wright's car, a grey Jeep, is missing, but that several valuable instruments were left in the home.

Wright's daughter, N'Bushe, was flying to NY from the West Coast on Tuesday, her family said.

Thanks to loyal reader Nicole B for the tip!


Good news for Ciara fans! She's thisclose to signing a new record deal with SRC Records:

Ciara may finally have a new label, as she's close to a deal with SRC Records.

Ciara met with her manager Kenneth Creer and SRC Records chairman/CEO Steve Rifkind. Rifkind posted on his Twitter: "Just had a great meeting with Ciara and her manager. She is poised for greatness, really impressed."

She left her previous label Jive Records after a series of issues. She even went to her Facebook and begged the label to drop her. Source

Meanwhile, the news is not so good for Ciara on the home front. It seems that Ciara's new boyfriend, serial cheater Amar'e Stoudemire, is stepping out on our girl already.

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Pop star Janet Jackson, 44, was seen arriving at London's Heathrow Airport with boyfriend Wissam Al Mana, on a flight from Dubai yesterday. These pics were snapped the same day that Janet's ex-boyfriend, music producer Jermaine Dupri, was hit with a lawsuit by a former stripper for child support.

As I told you earlier, Janet was well aware of Dupri's passion for dropping thousands of dollars of her money on strippers.

Apparently, Janet thought Jermaine's leisurely pursuit of strippers was "cute" because she was gullible enough to believe that he would never lower himself to cheat on her with a stripper. Janet mistakenly thought she could spare herself the heartache if she got with an unattractive little man that no one else wanted.

Jackson reportedly indulged Dupri's pastime by participating in ménage à trois with Dupri and another of Atlanta's popular strippers (who I won't name because she is truly not worth mentioning. Besides, I'm saving that juice for the day when someone gets tired of her loud mouth and drags her by her hair around the strip club where she still works).


According to AccessAtlanta, troubled music producer Jermaine Dupri Mauldin has been sued by a woman for missed child support payments.

Earlier this year, a judge ordered Dupri, 38, to pay former stripper Sarai Jones $2,500 per month in child support based on the results of a paternity test for Jones' 7-month-old daughter. Dupri was also ordered to pay Jones an additional $7,500.

But Dupri, whose money problems are well-documented, has yet to come up with the money, so Jones went back to court to force him to pay up.

Dupri reportedly met Jones during one of his many side trips to Atlanta strip bar Magic City, where Jones worked as a stripper under the name "Obsession".

According to a source close to Dupri, the diminutive producer often hid Sarai (and her stripper friends) in the back room of his Atlanta recording studio while Janet visited with him in the main studio. Friends say that Janet knew Jermaine was spending her money on strippers (and she even participated in ménage à trois with them), but her attitude at the time was, "whatever makes him happy."

Jermaine's world began to unravel quickly when Jackson learned of Sarai's pregnancy and ended her relationship with Dupri before moving back to California.

Without Janet as collateral, Jermaine could no longer secure financial loans and creditors began pursuing him aggressively through the court system for their money.

Last week, Dupri's $2 million Mount Paran Road mansion in Northwest Atlanta was saved from the auction block when Dupri came up with cash at the last minute.

WSB-TV obtained documents showing that Dupri owes more than $493,000 in back taxes for 2007. Plus he owes more than $12,000 in property taxes on the Fayetteville home where his mother currently lives.

Dupri's longtime friend, local club owner Alex Gidewon, helped Dupri out by hiring him to deejay at the Gold Room and other clubs last year.

According to sources, Durpri is paid up to $10,000 for deejaying gigs around the country.

I didn't see this weekend's episode of "Celebrity Apprentice" since I don't support racists like Donald Trump. But cast member NeNe Leakes apparently walked off the show, and now she's making the rounds on a national promo tour to explain why.

In this video, NeNe tells Wendy Williams that she walked off the show because it was a "toxic" situation for her. But is there anyone on television more toxic than this woman? She looks like she breathes toxicity. She is such an arrogant, verbose, conceited woman that I find it difficult to have any sort of sympathy for her.

Hopefully, producers and TV networks will stop feeding into NeNe's delusions and allow this snake to slink back into obscurity where she belongs.

Photos: Splash News Online

Singer Rihanna, 23, headed home to the United States from Hamburg, Germany this morning after finishing up her duties as Nivea ambassador onboard a cruise ship in Hamburg yesterday. Rihanna's red curls and long flowing gown made her look like she was heading to her high school prom with her girlfriend Melissa. Rihanna was handed a bouquet of roses when she got off stage after performing at Nivea's 100th anniversary. She said, “Happy 100th anniversary, and I wish you many, many more!”

Photos by WENN via Gossip Girls

Grand Hustle artist Young Dro sat down with Dr. Jay's Boss Lady for an intimate interview on the set of his AKOO fashion shoot. Dro discussed his failed relationship with singer Fantasia Barrino, his upcoming album, P.O.L.O. (Players Only Live Once), and his hate for social networking site

I must confess that I had no idea who video vixen Esther Baxter was until yesterday when celebrity blog posted graphic photos of her spontaneously aborted embryo resting in a toilet.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Baxter, the 26-year-old first gained fame by dancing in Petey Pablo's "Freek-A-Leek" music video in 2004.

It seems that the gossip blog got ahold of the disturbing pictures of the embryo after Baxter, who was involved In a toxic on/off relationship with NY rapper Joseph Budden, lost her embryo during a violent confrontation with the 30-year-old rapper back in February.

The dictionary defines an "embryo" as:

" unborn or unhatched offspring in the process of development."

The embryo wasn't even in the fetus stage yet because it was less than 8 weeks from conception. But that didn't prevent a sizable uproar on the social networking website last night, with protesters calling for a boycott of the blog that printed the pictures.

According to Bossip, it was Esther herself who provided the graphic photos of the bloody embryo prior to being flushed down a toilet in a post titled "Esther Baxter: “Joe Budden Killed Our Baby”.

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Songstress Jill Scott covers the June Music Issue of EBONY magazine, on stands nationwide Tuesday, May 17, 2011.

On the cover and in the pages, Jill Scott flaunts her 50-pound weight loss in a captivating photo shoot by Steven Gomillion and Dennis Leupold. Meanwhile, the Grammy Award-winner¹s first CD and video in four years hits the airwaves.
EBONY contributor dream hampton sits down with Scott, who opens up about the knock-down, drag-out battle with her former fiancé, her move from Hidden Beach Records and her 2-year-old son.

Plus, EBONY Magazine unveils the 25 HOTTEST artists of 2011, including Maxwell, Drake and Willow Smith.

Fans can check out Scott's new look in the behind-the-scenes footage of her L.A. photo shoot on

Scroll down for updates...

Little Eliza, the Royal wedding flower girl was not in this original, so-called 'iconic' White House press photo, but now Secretary of State Hillary Clinton isn't either.

If you recall, this photo was originally thought to be the moment when Osama bin Laden's head was blown away by a Navy SEAl commando sharpshooter last week. But the photo has since been invalidated by Hillary herself who says she was coughing -- not recoiling in horror -- when the picture was taken.

Well, the photo is back in the headlines today after a religious, ultra-orthodox Jewish newspaper, Der Tzitung, cut Hillary and another woman out of the picture that ran on its front page on Sunday.

Why would anyone be surprised that the editor of an ultra-orthodox Jewish newspaper would rather see Hillary barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen than in a room full of virile men?

In that culture, women and men are not equally yoked. Women know their roles and they happily assume their positions behind their men, who in turn provide for them and their children. It's an arrangement that works for them.

According to Rabbi Jason Miller, a blogger for The Jewish Week, the newspaper cut Hillary and the other woman out of the photo “because it could be considered sexually suggestive.”

CNN called the newspaper for comment and is still awaiting a response.


I didn't see this coming at all! According to the Washington Post blog, Der Tzitung's editor has apologized for Photoshopping Hillary Clinton out of the so-called 'iconic' WH photo.

Der Tzitung responded in an emailed statement, that the photo editor did not read the fine print on the picture and the newspaper has since apologized to the White House and State Department. “In accord with our religious beliefs, we do not publish photos of women, which in no way relegates them to a lower status... Because of laws of modesty, we are not allowed to publish pictures of women, and we regret if this gives an impression of disparaging to women, which is certainly never our intention. We apologize if this was seen as offensive.” Read the full statement at the bottom of the post.


The contest has ended. Thanks for entering! Any emails received after this point will be deleted. The email box has been disabled.

Most of you splurged heavily on Mother's Day gifts for your moms or that special lady in your life yesterday. So the last thing you need to worry about is a car note payment this month, right?

As our way of saying thanks for being a loyal reader, we will pay a one (1) month car note or car lease payment for one lucky reader (subject to the conditions as set forth in these official rules) not to exceed $500 (five hundred dollars).

To be eligible to win, you must be a Georgia resident who lives within a 25 mile radius of Atlanta (sorry, that's for legal purposes).

You must submit via email a copy of your next car loan or car lease payment due, such as from a car payment book issued by a valid bank, credit union or car dealership that operates within Atlanta, Georgia, with the next payment due date falling between May 1, 2011 and June 15, 2011.

Send your entry to carnote @ (remove the spaces). You may enter only one time during the contest period.

The contest begins today, Monday, May 9 at 12 noon ET, and ends today at 5pm ET. The winner will be chosen from a random drawing on Wednesday, May 11, 2011. The winner will be notified via email on Wednesday, May 11.

No purchase is necessary, and you don't have to be a registered member of this blog in order to enter the drawing.

Click here to read the terms and conditions.

Good luck!

Sexy songstress Ciara was spotted shopping in West Hollywood yesterday. The 25-year-old beauty wore one of her boyfriend, Amar'e Stoudemire's oversized grey t-shirts with nothing underneath. As the paparazzi snapped away, the Spring breeze played tantalizingly with the hem of her top, without exposing her goodies under it.

According to Dallas' top exotic dancer Zeralyn, over 50% of women are taking Fantasia's advice to free themselves by not wearing any underwear.

According to The Daily Mail, Ci Ci recently revealed her secrets to staying in shape - namely that watching what you eat is more important than how much you exercise.

"85 percent of it is what you eat, and 15 percent of it is how you work out,' she told Entertainment Tonight.
'Dancing-however you do it, even if it's in your living room - is a great workout."

"Food is fun," she said. "I have moments when I want to eat pizza or a hamburger - I'm not going to drive myself crazy."

According to my sources, rapper Chris "Ludacris" Bridges is a happily married man!

The rumors began swirling a couple of months ago that Luda and his gorgeous med school fiancée, Eudoxie, jumped the broom sometime late last year. But it wasn't until yesterday that his cousin, R&B Diva Monica, let the secret slip out in a casual tweet during a Mother's Day family get together.

Mo tweeted:

"Romelo keeps forcing my cousin Fab to fly planes. Lol. U come here you are forced to be a boy. Lol"

Of course you know that Romelo is Mo's youngest son. "Fab" is Eudoxie's nickname, and now we know that Fab is Mo's cousin -- through marriage!

Monica married her husband, LA Lakers guard Shannon Brown, in a secret civil ceremony on November 22nd. But she let many of us in on her secret ust two weeks later when she tweeted the date of her marriage. That tweet was just as nonchalant as the one she tweeted yesterday about Fab.

Congrats to Luda!