R&B singer Ciara attended the "Station Invasion Concert Tour" at Beekman's at South Street Seaport in New York City yesterday. She looks great now that she's picked up some weight. When I saw Ciara at the mall last month my jaw hit the floor. She was so thin I could see her ribcage through her dress.

Basketball Wives LA star Laura Govan let a man do this to her face.

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Less than 24 hours after a shocking 911 call was released online, rapper Nicki Minaj performed live on 'Good Morning America' this morning. Minaj, 29, performed her hits "Moment 4 Life" and "Super Bass" on GMA.

No, anchor Robin Roberts did not ask Minaj about the alleged beatdown which occurred at an upscale Dallas hotel on July 11. The hotel's manager, who thought Nicki Minaj was a group, placed the call after Minaj's longtime boyfriend, Safaree Samuels, got physical with her near the pool area.

When troubled singer Chris Brown savaged Rihanna's face in 2009, other celebs stepped up to condemn his actions. Where are those voices of concern for Nicki who is clearly a victim of domestic abuse?

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Singers Estelle and Rihanna's bikini shots set the Internets ablaze yesterday. Rihanna was spotted frolicking in the surf with friends (and her ever present publicist who makes sure the troubled singer isn't drinking or doing drugs).

Meanwhile, halfway around the world, British chanteuse Estelle dazzled Saint-Tropez with in her cute little string bikini. Which singer do you think is hotter? Personally, I would choose anyone over Rihanna because of her mental issues. I don't care how hawt she looks in a string bikini if she has a personality disorder. That's a deal breaker for me.

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A harrowing call made to 911 on the night that Nicki Minaj was assaulted proves that she lied when she said she didn't catch a beat down at the hands of her longtime boyfriend Safaree Samuels.

The incident occurred July 11 at a posh hotel in Dallas, Texas.

Samuels, 32, sounds like a lunatic in the background of the audio as he rages about his luggage. "Give me my luggage. I want my f*cking luggage!" he screams.

Nicki Minaj, 29, can be heard in the background screaming hysterically: "Look at my face! Look at my face! Look what he did to my face!"

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Artist manager and music executive Phillana Williams celebrated her birthday at Salon Millesime last night in New York City. As you know, Phillana started out as Ciara's manager. But before that she was an assistant at the now defunct LaFace Records in Atlanta. LaFace is responsible for establishing the careers of so many movers and shakers in the music industry! Many of whom came out last night to support Phillana!


Phillana's artist Miguel chose last night as a coming out of sorts for his longtime girlfriend (whose name is being withheld for now). Isn't she pretty? We're told that the two lovebirds have been together for some years now, and my inside sources ASSURED us that she IS his real girlfriend. So this ends all specualtion about Miguel's sexuality once and for all.

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Ethiopia Habtemariam's dizzying climb up the ladder of success began when she was an intern at LaFace Records back in the early 90s. She stood out even as an intern because she was one of the kindest, sweetest people you could ever meet in the music industry. One of Ethiopia's strong points is her ability to connect with people from all walks of life and to make a difference in their lives.

So it is no surprise to hear that Universal Music Group has named Ethiopia Habtemariam as the new head of Motown label! In addition to taking over Sylvia Rhone's former job, Ethiopia is also Sr. Vice President of Creative for Universal Music Publishing, where she was instrumental in signing such artists as Justin Beiber, Ciara, Polow Da Don, Chris Brown and Ludacris to publishing deals!

And in her spare time, Ethiopia also manages singer/songwriter Keri Hilson!

Ethiopia has been with Universal Music Group since 2003. Last year, she was promoted to Senior Vice President and Head of Urban Music, according to The Wrap.

Ethiopia is a bright, shining example of what you can achieve when you work hard and you are kind to others.

Here's what a friend had to say about Ethiopia:
"She's so incredible at her job that it was time for them to give her that position! She's just incredible!"