Singer Lil Mama cover the Fall 2011 issue of Miami magazine:

Mami Magazine’s Publisher Algie Dewitt interviewed Hip Hop Artist and TV personality Lil Mama. Due to some shared interest: high end fashion, music and lifestyle, Algie and Lil Mama were able to carry on a quite interesting conversation. Needless to say the interview went well, but it was also a much needed and very refreshing experience for Lil Mama. The last few years have been challenging to say the least for this talented young artist, rarely does she find the opportunity to speak about the positive work being done in her career life. Mami Magazine was determined to get the positive side of Lil Mama’s journey. photography by Viktorija Pashuta Styling by Mr. Bradshaw MUA Grace Phllips

Troubled singer Rihanna, whose life exists mostly on social networking websites, tweeted a message to her fans letting them know she would not be re-releasing an album of remixes for her platinum CD LOUD. Instead, the Bajan singer will release an album with brand new material.

Earlier we told you that Rihanna was in a studio recording her next album, but, apparently no one believed us.

Rihanna tweeted this response to a fan who asked her about a re-release: "I tht abt a RihRelease, but LOUD is its own body of work! Plus u guys work so F?CKIN hard that u deserve to act brand new!!!"

Rihanna's depression seems to be worsening now that she can no longer bury her head in the bottom of a bottle. Has anyone noticed she rarely smiles anymore?

We know she's reading. So we'll just say to Rihanna: things will get better as soon as you change your stank attitude. Happiness begins within. Nothing you can touch or see will make you happy if you don't get your mind right.


ABC caused a storm of controversy when the network announced its controversial decision to add a transgender male (Chaz Bono) to the cast of "Dancing With The Stars". But now the deluge of emails and phone calls pouring into ABC's offices have turned downright scary, according to an unidentified source.

“Of course, they knew there would be some anti-Bono calls and emails,” said a longtime “DWTS” insider. “But this has been more vicious and in larger volume than was anticipated. … Some of the comments are downright scary,” the source told the Sun Times.

As if it wasn't difficult enough for ABC to navigate the waters of discord and animosity, a psychologist has come forward to urge parents not to allow their kids to watch the show.

Calling Bono's appearance on the show "toxic," Dr. Keith Ablow, a FOX contributing blogger, wrote "I advise parents to not allow their children to watch the episodes in which Chaz appears."

Dr. Ablow, a licensed psychiatrist, compared Bono's gender dysmorphia to that of mentally ill patients who suffer from limb dysmorphic disorder -- the amputation of healthy limbs.

People who suffer from limb dysmorphic disorder believe their lives will improve dramatically if they can only amputate one or more of their hands or limbs. The limb is usually removed at the end of a butcher's knife when the patient can't find a sympathetic doctor to perform the operation.

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Camera shy pop star Nicki Minaj, 29, tried to hide her face as she walked through LAX Airport yesterday. She wore her green weave under a pink Barbie hat with matching green Hunter wellington boots. I still don't know how she gets those fake butt pads through security. Don't they check butt pads for hidden explosives?

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The 24-year-old nephew of '70s funk star Bootsy Collins has died after a tooth infection spread to his brain.

Kyle Willis went to a hospital complaining of a toothache two weeks ago Collins' wife Patti told The Cincinnati Enquirer. The father of a 6-year-old girl had no health insurance and could not afford the $27 for his antibiotic prescription.

The tooth infection quickly spread to his brain and Willis died at the University Hospital in Cincinnati where he was transported after becoming violently combative and delirious.

The infection was able to spread to his brain through one of the few openings in the blood-brain barrier that normally protects the brain and spinal cord from infection elsewhere in the body.

The blood-brain barrier is a collection of cells wrapped tightly like a net around tiny blood vessels in the brain that acts as a filter to prevent the passage of large objects like bacteria and virus into the brain from the blood stream in your body.

The roots of your teeth sit within inches of the brain and are not behind the blood-brain barrier. Therefore your brain is not protected from dental infections.

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Despite Atlanta's forecast which called for heavy thunderstorms, the rain didn't put a damper on the LudaDay Weekend festivities. The biggest draw of the LudaDay Weekend, which ends today, was the celebrity basketball game held Sunday at Morehouse's Forbes Arena. Pop star Justin Bieber, 17, and his blue team took on the red team of the Ludacris Foundation All-Stars, featuring NBA mega stars Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant, John Wall, and singer Teyana Taylor, among others.

Even with all that star power on the court -- Bieber and his team of unknowns still managed to eke out a victory in front of the capacity crowd at Morehouse. The final score was a close 134-132. All proceeds from the game will benefit the Ludacris Foundation which helps disadvantaged youth in the metro area. Luda later tweeted that the game raised $10,000!

Photos by

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On Saturday Ludacris held his annual private dinner at his Straits restaurant as part of his LudaDay Weekend of festivities. Accompanying him was singer Ciara who dined with singers Estelle and Letoya Luckett; actor Lance Gross and reality tv personalities Meeka Claxton, Tika Sumpter, Keisha Knight Pulliam, and random NBA Players. Photo courtesy of Tami of blog. Visit her blog for more pics!

Ludacris and his fiancee Fab partied at Mansion Elan in Atlanta on Friday night. The party was packed to capacity and it was one of the many events featured as part of his LudaDay Weekend festivities.

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Good morning! Today we decided to combine Morning Wood & Morning Glory posts for you ladies and gents. We hope you and your family are enjoying your Labor Day weekend. Here in Atlanta it's a cloudy 75 degrees with a 60% chance of thunderstorms. It's not a good day for BBQs or hitting the beach. Fortunately, the weather in Miami was beautiful for 38-year-old Cougar Gabrielle Union, who spent quality time with her boy toy, NBA star Dwayne Wade, 29, and his two sons, Zaire, 9, and Zion, 4, along with their young friends during a family outing on Miami beach on Sunday. Wade won full custody of his sons following a bitter child custody battle with his ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches. The couple divorced in 2007.

Gabby wore a string bikini with the word HEAT emblazoned on her backside. Wade plays for the struggling Miami Heat who suffered an embarrassing loss in the 2011 NBA Finals to the lowly Dallas Mavericks. But things will be much different in 2012 if the owners ever come to an agreement and lift the NBA lockout.

Ladies, watch your girlfriends around your men. Especially if she can never keep a man for herself. Always remember -- unless she is a lesbian -- she is your competition. She is paying close attention to your every move. She's taking notes and positioning herself to take advantage of your mistakes. Watch her!

Update: according to a loyal reader, the woman pictured above with D. Wade and Gabby is actress Essence Atkins, who was accompanied by her husband, Jaime Mendez, whom she met on (thanks blkmiami!). But my advice still stands: watch those thirsty chicks around your man.

Gossip blog continues to push the story that rapper T.I. was moved to a federal prison yesterday because his mode of transportation to a halfway house in Atlanta -- a luxury tour bus -- was not approved. Now TMZ has published another story which conflicts with their first story.

As we reported earlier, a custom tour bus was T.I.'s method of transportation in 2009 when he left Forrest City prison to return to Atlanta. The tour bus was common knowledge, even on Twitter. The tour bus is not the reason T.I. is back in federal custody -- it's what occurred on the bus -- and the fact that T.I was traveling with a reality TV crew (not to mention a huge entourage).

Tameka "Tiny" Cottle tells us ... when the tour bus rolled up to the Arkansas prison yesterday, prison officials "Walked him over, took pics and told him good luck in life."

TMZ broke the story ... the warden ordered T.I. back into custody after he made the trek to his halfway house, claiming T.I. only informed officials he would be traveling in a van ... and not a tricked out tour bus.

But Tiny says, "This is a bunch of bulls**t ... they should have said something before he got on the bus ... T.I. would have politely gotten into a van."

She adds, "T.I. is one of the strongest individuals I know ... and they just trying to break him in more ways than one and it's not gonna work! 'Cause what God got for him, can't no man take that away ... period!" Source

Thursday marked the official start of the annual LudaDay Weekend in Atlanta which runs through Sept. 5th. Ludacris kicked things off with a roundtable discussion for Georgia Tech students. He then took 1000 local kids to watch the Braves play at Turner Field. Later that night, Luda hosted a Falcons afterparty at a local nightclub with celebrity friends Ciara, LeToya Luckett (original member of Destiny's Child), rapper Lil Scrappy and actress Keshia Knight Pulliam, and more!

Keshia Kinight Pulliam, left, and LeToya Luckett (formerly of Destiny's Child) came out to support Ludacris at the Atlanta Braves game at Turner Field. On Saturday, Ludacris will throw a block party at the AU Center with free food and drinks for neighborhood children. Then on Sunday is the big celebrity basketball game at Morehouse gym between Ludacris' team, featuring Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony, and Justin Bieber's crew. Doors open at 2pm and tickets are $10.

Check for the full schedule of events.

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TNT has cancelled the hospital drama HawthoRNe after two seasons, according to Inside TV. TNT decided not to renew the show for a 3rd season after receiving consistently negative reviews.

“TNT truly appreciates the tremendous dedication of everyone involved,” the network said in a statement. “The series gave TNT the opportunity to work with many outstanding people, including Jada Pinkett Smith and the rest of the show’s talented cast, crew, producers and writers. We wish everyone involved with HawthoRNe nothing but the best.”

The show probably didn't work out because the concept of a hospital nurse administrator (Jada Pinkett-Smith) who brings her personal problems to work just didn't fly with the TV audience.

No nurse would be willing to work under a nurse administrator who is constantly making out with the hot doctors. Nurses and doctors are far too busy saving lives to have sex with each other in broom closets.

Shout out to loyal reader Marie S, who informed us that pseudo-singer Teyana Taylor is crying victim after jumping up in a black man's face and getting slapped down.

According to published reports, 20-year-old Taylor got into it with a movie director who wouldn't allow her to leave the set when she complained about not feeling well.

Jean-Claude La Marre told she "jumped on me and began swinging" during a disagreement on the set of his sexy western "Gang of Roses 2."

Of course Taylor denied attacking the director first. This despite the fact that Taylor was accused of stomping a female out for daring to say something about her bestie Chris Brown.

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According to published reports, rapper T.I. was moved to the federal Penitentiary in Atlanta on Thursday, one day after being released from an Arkansas prison where he served 11 months for violating his probation.

The rapper's lawyer Steve Sadow told The Associated Press that the Federal Bureau of Prisons "moved T.I. to a different facility" because of an issue involving the rapper's mode of transportation from Arkansas to Atlanta in a gleaming motor coach.

But back in December 2009, a similar customized tour bus was hired to transport T.I. from the same Arkansas prison where he served seven months on federal weapons charges to a halfway house in Atlanta. So the issue isn't so much the luxury tour bus, but what occurred on board the tour bus that prison officials objected to.

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If you missed Tyler Perry's "Madea’s Big Happy Family" when it was in theaters, you can now own it on DVD & Blu-ray! "Madea’s Big Happy Family" DVD, Blu-ray combo pack, Digital Download, and Movies On Demand are available on August 30!

Actor/director Tyler Perry reprises his signature role as Madea, the sassy, gun-toting matriarch in the movie adaptation of his popular 2010 stage play.

In Lionsgate's "Madea’s Big Happy Family", Madea comes to the aid of his niece Shirley (played by Loretta Divine) who's just been hit with bad news about her health.

Shirley wants to break the sad news to her three grown children, Tammy (Natalie Desselle-Reid), Kimberly (Shannon Kane) and former drug dealer Byron (Shad "Bow Wow" Moss) who is fresh out of prison. But the children are too wrapped up in their own problems to listen to her. So enter Madea, who dispenses healthy doses of tough love to bring the family together

Watch the trailer below, and visit the official website for more info:

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After rushing to a LA hospital in labor, former Spice Girls member Melanie Brown, aka Mel B, gave birth to a healthy baby girl early this morning, according to Mel herself via her Twitter page.

The 36-year-old checked into a Los Angeles hospital Thursday morning, and by Friday morning she made the official announcement on her Twitter account.

“Finally our baby arrives,Stephen nearly passed out,Phoenix screamed,I laughed so hard the baby popped out!!!” Mel wrote. “She is just sooo amazing!!”

Mel’s 12-year-old daughter Phoenix — from her previous marriage to dancer Jimmy Gulzar — was at the hospital for her little sister’s arrival, and it’s her first child with hubby of four years, Stephen Belafonte. Source

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Ludacris stopped by the 11Alive studio to fill 11Alive viewers in on this year's LudaDay Weekend from Sept. 1-5th. Ludacris says this LudaDay weekend will be the biggest of the past 10 years.

The most anticipated event is probably the celebrity basketball game featuring NBA stars Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul, in addition to other local celebs. Luda's team will take on Justin Beiber and his crew. Luda jokingly calls Bieber his "mentor" who he goes to for advice on women. Even so, Luda says he's definitely not going to let Bieber win the game.

Tickets are $10 and the proceeds will benefit the Ludacris Foundation. Visit for a full schedule of this weekend's events.

If you're planning on attending the LudaDay weekend events, you will have to contend with near gridlock traffic in downtown Atlanta. Not only is this Gay Pride weekend, but there will be other conventions and professional sporting events competing for spectators this weekend as well.

Apparently, a Hollywood airline booking agent has a great sense of humor. The agent booked Kim Kardashian's new husband, NBA star Kris Humphries, and Kim's ex-boyfriend, pseudo-singer Ray J, on the same commercial flight.

According to

Kris Humphries reportedly wound up sitting next to his wife's doggy-style sex tape partner Ray J in the first class cabin of a Delta airplane, and dealt with it in the saddest, most awkward way possible: He sat frozen in his seat "across the aisle" from Ray J "for a few minutes" (Did he stare blankly in stony-faced horror? Bow his head and sneak furtive side-eye glances at the man whose legacy he fears more than anyone else's?) then switched seats and sat in "awkward silence" until Ray J walked up and congratulated him on the marriage, at which point "Kris acted like he didn't recognize him." Apparently "Ray J said, 'Come on, you know who I am. I just wanted to say congratulations.' Then Kris, realizing he was cornered, said, 'Oh yeah, yeah, I'm sorry, I know who you are.'" And the size and shape of your penis, and what you look like orgasming all over my wife.

The word "awkward" gets tossed around a lot, as does the "most ______ ever" headline construction, but I suspect this was actually the most awkward moment of Kris Humphries life, if only because his life seems like it's been kind of boring so far. I mean, relatively boring, for a filthy rich 26-year-old baller, at least. Source

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Yesterday, fans of ABC's "Dancing With the Stars" took to online social networks and message boards to vent their frustration at the network for adding male transgender Chaz Bono to the cast.

The anger and venom displayed in hundreds of messages on the DWTS website got so out of hand that ABC removed the message board.

As a result of all the criticism, Bono's mother, 70s pop icon Cher (of Sonny & Cher), took to her Twitter page yesterday to rally her followers in support of her "son".

The 65-year-old disco queen tweeted:

42-year-old Bono, whose female reproductive organs are still intact, will be paired up with 23-year-old dancer Lacey Schwimmer, a regular on the show.

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Kamikazi rapper Nicki Minaj glammed it up for Glamour magazine's October 2011 issue -- the same issue that Alicia Keys covers.

Minaj, whose personal problems have distracted from her storied rise to the top of the Hip Hop junk pile, pulled looks from Louis Vuitton, Tom Ford, Dolce & Gabbana, Brian Atwood, Giuseppe Zanotti and Christian Louboutin for the article.

In the article, Nicki said her trash bag Barbie image is all her, and she's not changing for anyone:

“In my down time, I’m the most low-key person in the world.[...] We all have insecurities, but you have to know you’re beautiful. I’m comfortable in my skin and I don’t feel the need to change for anyone.”


Alicia Keys was seen taking her son Egypt Dean for a walk in his stroller in NY yesterday. Alicia, 30, was accompanied by a nanny as they took in the sights on Thursday evening in NYC's SoHo neighborhood.

Last night, La La Anthony attended A Night Of Style & Glamour wedding party to Welcome Newlyweds Kim and Kris Kardashian to New York. The party was paid for by someone named Jason Binn, because one extravagant, over-the-top wedding reception wasn't enough. The newlyweds plan to live in a $7,000-a-night penthouse apartment in the luxury Gansevoort Hotel on Park Avenue for 3 months, presumably while they film their reality show. La La wore a cute black and white, sheer tuxedo dress shirt with black flare leg slacks. Earlier in the day, she was spotted leaving an office building wearing an impossibly skin tight dress that easily accentuated all her curves.

Photos: Splash News Online

Fresh out of prison, T.I., whose real name is Clifford Harris, arrived at the Dismas Charities West halfway house in Atlanta yesterday morning in a customized tour bus hours after being released from a federal prison in Arkansas where he served 10 months for violating his probation.

The 30-year-old rapper will serve out the remaining 30 days of his 11 month sentence at the same halfway house he moved into following his previous prison stint in 2009.

The halfway house is within walking distance of the Fulton County Airport, aka Charlie Brown airport.

According to a former resident of the halfway house, the facility houses about 120 male inmates and 20 females.

After being processed into the facility, T.I. will likely be allowed to leave the halfway house during the days on a work pass. Every day until his release, he will clock in at a local recording studio where he will work on his upcoming album. His curfew will likely be 10:30 p.m. on weeknights and 11:30 p.m. on weekends. Same as last time, he will be required to fork over 25% of his income to the halfway house.

If you recall, landed an exclusive interview with an industry veteran who happened to be staying at the halfway house in December 2009 when T.I. checked in the last time.

With the help of a well-connected industry Diva, we were able to speak by phone to rapper Bow Wow's homie, Bart, who was finishing up his federal time at the halfway house.

Just like on his Twitter page, "Bart" was extremely candid and forthcoming about what T.I. should expect during his stay in 2009. In fact, Bart's candor got him into a little hot water with the staff at the Dismas Charities West facility.

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You can't tell by looking at her, but singer/songwriter Keri Hilson is as ghetto as they come. The gorgeous "Pretty Girl" singer may look demure and timid on the outside, but get her mad and she will snatch a wig back quick!

According to the NY Post's Page Six gossip column, Keri, who's on tour with Lil Wayne, learned the hard way that good help is hard to find.

The 28-year-old beauty wasn't having it when a hapless assistant forgot to remove a department store tag from her black harem pants before her performance at Haze inside the Aria Resort and Casino in Vegas on Saturday.

A source tells Page Six that the "Knock You Down" singer came charging off the stage and made a beeline for the unlucky assistant. “Hilson lost it,” the source said. "She was screaming at her assistant for 'not being able to do anything right.' [She] railed that the assistant also forgot to 'pack her eye drops and throat spray.' "

The unidentified assistant must have known that that was her last day on the tour because she started windmilling at Hilson like they were both in the projects, saying, “Oh, hell no, heiffer!”.

Hilson's burly security and her manager stepped between the two scrapping women to separate them before wigs got thrown. At some point, Hilson, who got the best of the exchange, stormed off cursing.

Hilson’s rep told Page Six, “Keri did ask her assistant to bring her eyedrops/throat spray as she was feeling under the weather, but there was no altercation. Keri has had the same road staff, from assistant to security, for a few years now.”

29-year-old rapper Nicki Minaj joined rapper Flo Rida and singer David Guetta at yesterday's taping of "America's Got Talent" in Los Angeles. Guess who Nicki was with? Yup, you guessed it: her boyfriend/hypeman Safaree Samuels, the same man who assaulted her with a designer suitcase in Dallas in July. Rumor had it that the couple had split up and that Nicki fired Samuels. But considering the source of the rumor, we should have known better.

According to my spy, Nicki was extremely camera shy, except when David and Flo asked her to pose with them, so she couldn't say no. But during the show, her orders were strict: absolutely NO photography on the set or backstage. Even host Nick Cannon couldn't get any pics of her in her dressing room. After the show, the contestants and judges took pics but not Nicki. At this point, no one really cares that Nicki and SB are still together. Like typical victims of domestic abuse, Nicki is probably convinced that she's nothing without him. In 10 years she'll film a VH1 "Behind the Music" special about how SB beat her azz on the regular and stole all of her money before leaving her for one of her bodyguards. Sad.

Photos by: Thaddaeus McAdams/www.ExclusiveAccess.Net