Actress LisaRaye was spotted chatting on her cell phone while shopping in Beverly Hills yesterday. While well meaning people all over the country wore their 'I Am Troy Davis' anti-death penalty t-shirts, LisaRaye wore a jersey tee with the words 'IM LOVE' on it. How appropriate.

Rapper 50 Cent wore a new hairstyle to the Every Woman, Every Child MDG Reception at the Grand Hyatt in New York City yesterday. It's a better look than that jheri curl mess he sported a while back.

Singer Rihanna seemed to be in good spirits as she blew kisses and waved to fans from her hotel balcony in Sao Paulo, Brazil on Tuesday. The 23-year-old Bajan beauty performed a concert in Brazil over the weekend.

Yesterday, Rihanna invited her 45 million friends on Facebook to "unlock" exclusive details about her upcoming 6th studio album, including the lyrics to her new single, "We Found Love," which drops tomorrow.

As the anticipation for "We Found Love" reached a fever pitch, someone posted the alleged lyrics to "We Found Love" online. We're not sure if those are the actual lyrics.

Yesterday, we decided to take our chances and call our Def Jam connect to see if we could hear a snippet of Rihanna's single. We were told the single wasn't mixed yet. We took that as a polite no, you can't even can't hear a snippet until everyone else hears it. But it's all good.

What does Rihanna know about love anyway? She's so appallingly bad at it.

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Industry veteran Kevin Liles and his wife, Erika, are proud parents of a baby girl, according to the NY Post's Page Six. Liles manages singers Trey Songz and Keyshia Cole, and rappers Nelly and Big Sean.

Music mogul Kevin Liles sprinted between President Obama’s swanky fund-raiser at a Park Avenue penthouse and Lenox Hospital between 6:30 and 9 Monday night. The former Def Jam honcho’s wife, Erika Jones, was in labor during the intimate dinner, where tickets went for $71,600 per couple. Liles, who manages artists like Trey Songz, Big Sean and Nelly, arrived with Carmelo Anthony but dashed back and forth between the hospital and the event four times to check on Erika, who gave birth to their daughter, Genevieve, early yesterday morning. “[Obama] told me to go,” Liles told Page Six. “I said I have stayed as long as I can, and he said, ‘You have served your country.’ ” No word if Liles’ wife had an angrier response about his shuttle diplomacy.

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My apologies to my mature readers who are tired of reading about this "fight" between rapper Fabolous and Brandy's little brother Ray J. According to Miss Info (via TMZ), the much-awaited video of the fisticuffs has leaked online.

-there are a lot of dudes voluntarily standing in very close quarters, with no music, no cocktails, and bright halogen lighting.
-Ray J, in his red hoodie (with hoodie up), is berating Fabolous….but after Fab complains about “touching,” there is some swinging arms and shoving.
-It sounds like after the scuffle, 50 Cent yells “What are y’all doing?” Which is a valid question. And I think Ray J says something like, “He got me twisted….”
-Whoever filmed this footage was literally standing right next to Ray J, looking over his shoulder, and holding a camera at face height. Given the 50 Cent namedrop, I’m wondering if he’s the one who cleared this clip….hmm. Source

Condemned death row inmate Troy Davis is running out of time. Yesterday, just after 8 a.m., the 5 member Georgia Pardons and Parole board denied the 42-year-old's petition for clemency.

It's been 20 years since a jury convicted Davis of gunning down off-duty Savannah police officer Mark MacPhail who had rushed to help a homeless man being assaulted by Davis and an accomplice in 1989.

In all of those years it has never dawned on Davis or his attorneys to prove his innocence by taking a polygraph test -- until yesterday.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Stephen Marsh, one of Davis' lawyers said "Mr. Davis believes he is innocent and he wants to show it."

But before he agrees to take the polygraph test, Davis wants some assurance from the parole board that it will take his test results into consideration, Marsh said.

"He's not going to spend three hours away from his family on what could be the last day of his life if this does not make any difference," said Marsh.

But wouldn't it have made more sense for his attorneys to have gone before the parole board on Monday armed with a copy of a polygraph test that proved their client's innocence?

Innocent men behave innocently. An innocent man would have turned himself in 22 years ago when he learned the police were looking for him in connection with the death of a police officer.

An innocent man would have demanded a polygraph test right away to prove he wasn't the cop killer they were looking for.

It is doubtful that the Department of Corrections will approve Davis' polygraph exam request at the 11th hour. Davis' lawyers say they will show up at the state prison in Jackson with a polygraph examiner this morning anyway.

Two words: Ashton Kutcher (and sex sells). 'Two And A Half Men' destroyed 'Dancing With The Stars' because of the show's new leading man, Ashton Kutcher, who spent most of last night's season premiere naked.

CBS also won the ratings race becuase ABC pissed off a lot of their viewers by substituting good family entertainment for a freak show.

As you know, Kutcher was hired after CBS fired Charlie Sheen in spectacular fashion after last season (and to think we assumed it was all a publicity stunt to boost ratings).

In last night's season premiere, which drew a record 27.7 million viewers, we learn that womanizer Charlie married his stalker neighbor, Rose. But just one day after his new wife found out Charlie cheated on her, he met an untimely death when he fell off a train platform and under an oncoming train.

Rose explained what happened to the mourners at his funeral:

"I forgave him because I loved him unconditionally, so you can imagine my horror when the very next day he slipped on the metro platform and fell in front of an oncoming train," she said.

Rose added: "I just want you to know that Charlie didn't suffer. His body just exploded like a balloon full of meat."

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Rap mogul Jay-Z is really showing his age. The 43-year-old expectant father was spotted leaving an office building in Manhattan yesterday. It looks like his wife Beyoncé is having their first child just in time.
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This pic is for those confused lesbuns who prefer transgenders like Chaz Bono. You would be surprised how many women are into chicks who mutilate their bodies. I read a comment on another blog from a Chaz fan who actually wrote, "I don't see any scars on Chaz's body." As you know, Chaz made its debut on ABC's "Dancing With The Stars" last night. Judges gave Chaz and dance partner Lacey Schwimmer a 17 out of 30 for their stiff cha cha routine.

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Cop killer Troy Davis will die for his crime tomorrow at 7pm. This morning, a Georgia parole board denied the 42-year-old's petition for clemency, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

In making this decision, the parole board sent a strong message to criminals that one day they too will face the executioner if they take an innocent life.

Barring any last minute interventions by the US Supreme court, Davis will be strapped to a gurney at the state prison in Jackson, Georgia and administered a cocktail of lethal drugs that will cease his breathing and stop his heart at 7pm local time on Wednesday.

"It’s the wrong decision," said one of Davis' attorneys, Jason Ewart. "It’s a mistake."

Davis' attorneys had pleaded their client's case to the parole board for three hours Monday. They claimed Davis would be sent to death under an "enormous cloud of doubt" about his guilt.

But a jury of Davis' peers saw no such cloud of doubt in 1991 when they convicted the career criminal of shooting officer Mark MacPhail to death in Savannah, Georgia in 1989.

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Last night was the season premiere of "Dancing With the Stars" on ABC, featuring the first transgender dancer and TV's favorite defense attorney.

Following the first round of dances, Nancy Grace, Ron Artest of the LA Lakers, Khloe's younger brother Rob Kardashian, and transgender Chaz Bono are all tied for dead last in the competition. One of them will go home tonight.

It''s hard to say which one out of the four was the worst dancer. But since they are all novices at it, they deserve kudos for at least stepping up to bat.

Chaz's introduction was a slap in the face to the supporters who said children wouldn't know whether she was a male or female.

As the producers flashed a cute pic of her as a little girl, Bono mentioned that she was born a female, and now thinks she's a man, despite retaining her female productive organs.

Good luck explaining that one to your kids!

Watch the videos of the first dances after the break.

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Rapper Fabolous called into DJ Clue's show on Power 105 last night to address the "fight" that went down between him and Brandy's little brother Ray J after the Floyd Mayweather fight in Vegas. Allegedly Ray J was angered by a tweet that Fabolous sent out on his Twitter page clowning Ray J's piano playing at Mayweather's house before the boxing match.

Thanks to for the audio.

"Celebrity stylist" June Ambrose will get her own half-hour docu-series TV show starting next year, VH1 announced Monday.

Ambrose is partly responsible for some of the atrocious fashions you've seen on your favorite stars over the years. She shares that same cognitive egocentrism that afflicts most industry insiders who rub shoulders with narcissistic celebs -- she thinks she's a celebrity herself.

Don't bother following Ambrose on if you're expecting a response to your tweets to her. She's not genuine, nice, or real.

According to United Press International:

For more than two decades, Ambrose has helped create looks and wardrobes for stars such as The Dave Matthews Band, Sean Combs, Alicia Keys, Kelly Ripa, Kim Cattrall, Jay-Z and Mary J. Blige.

"We at VH1 are so thrilled to dive into the fashion world with none other than the industry's top styling icon, June Ambrose," Jeff Olde, VH1's executive vice president of original programming and production, said in a statement.