Director/playwright Tyler Perry’s latest movie ‘Good Deeds‘ soared to #2 behind ‘Act of Valor‘ at the box office this weekend. ‘Good Deeds’ earned a respectable $15,583,924 on 2,132 screens, while ‘Act of Valor‘ brought in $24,476,632 — on ? more screens than ‘Deeds’ was shown on.

Good Deeds‘ is about an anal-retentive, wealthy businessman, Wesley Deeds (Perry), trying to ‘save’ an exotic, LSLH cleaning woman (Thandie Newton) who works for his computer software firm.

Wesley Deeds is a hard-working, compassionate man who looks out for his narcissistic brother, Walter (Brian White), despite the fact that Walter sabotages his every move.

Deeds is so attentive to details that his daily routine can easily be predicted by his live-in fiancee, Natalie (Gabrielle Union).

Union turns in a wonderful performance as the understanding, submissive girlfriend who makes breakfast for her man every morning, while allowing him to go about his day without “checking in” with her (because she trusts him not to break from his routine). The warm, beautiful Natalie is every black man’s dream.

What could be more perfect?

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Celebrity gossip site reports that rapper Jim Jones has been arrested for the 2nd time in 3 days.

According to TMZ, Jones was pulled over by police earlier today in New York City — and subsequently arrested for driving on a suspended license.

TMZ says he was booked and released.

This latest arrest comes 3 days after Jones was cuffed for resisting arrest following a brawl in a Connecticut casino. At first it was reported (on that Jones was fighting with his long-time girlfriend, Chrissy, who starred alongside him on VH1’s reality series ‘Love & Hip Hop’.

But according to TMZ, the slugfest involved a random man who reportedly walked up to Jones and began talking smack to him at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods on Friday. Then the man started throwing punches at Jones, who fought back. Several of Jones’ boys jumped into the fray. It took five officers to mace and subdue Jones, who was later released on $40,000 bail.

Jones was charged with assault on a police officer and breach of peace in the Connecticut incident.

Rappers Common and Drake were feuding just a minute ago, but now it seems it’s all love as the two shared jokes and giggles courtside at the 2012 NBA All Star game.

This Twitpic of rappers T.I., Drake, and singer B.oB. posing with a leggy blond left many of us wondering who she was. According to Punch Bowl blog, her name is Iggy Azalea and she’s working closely with T.I. at Atlanta’s famed Tree Sound studios this week.

Watch video of T.I. and Iggy vibing in the studio after the break!

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According to my very credible west coast source, rap mogul Jay Z is positioning his hawt new artist, Rita Ora, to not only replace former Pop Princess, Rihanna, but also to take on Katy Perry for the Pop/crossover market. That’s the same thing he did with Rihanna in 2008 with her hit record “Umbrella”.

But now Jay Z has had enough of Rihanna’s bizarre online and offline antics. Her reunion with her abusive ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown, was the last straw for Jigga. He has reportedly cut all ties with the troubled singer, except professionally (he still manages her). Poor Rihanna can see the writing on the wall. And that’s why she is unraveling faster than a cheap sweater.

Read the email from my insider after the break!

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Rapper T.I. and his wife Tiny sit at courtside during the NBA All Star game in Orlando, FL on Sunday. The happy couple also took the kids to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios in Orlando during their stay in Florida.

There is some talk (unconfirmed) that troubled singer Rihanna, 24, is being considered for Whitney Houston’s role in ‘Waiting To Exhale’. The truth is that Rihanna’s career is over. Her former mentor Jay Z has severed all ties with her, and her record label has all but tossed her to the blog wolves as scrap meat. We doubt she’s being considered to even play herself in a biopic on her own sad life.

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Beyoncé Knowles was spotted out for a walk with 6 week old infant Blue Ivy Carter in an animal print carrier in downtown Manhattan Saturday. Beyoncé drew sharp criticism for her controversial method of carrying her newborn tightly bound in a sheet when she and Jay Z went out to lunch on Saturday.

Everyone knows that newborn babies don’t like their eyes covered with anything. Their brains are not developed enough to know that they are not alone even though they can’t see anyone. The baby thinks she’s all alone and she becomes terrified and begins to cry.

Obviously, Beyoncé reads the blogs, because she was seen out later in the day with BIC in a proper carrier with her face uncovered — rather than smothered inside a sheet. Beyoncé clearly needs more intensive parenting training until she gets it down pat.
Photos by: Doug Meszler / Splash News

NBA star Dwyane Wade, pictured above with his lovely fiancee, actress Gabrielle Union, attended the Orlando premiere of ‘Think Like A Man’ over the weekend.

Who saw Tyler Perry’s ‘Good Deeds‘ this weekend? Gabby turned in one of the best performances of her career! For once she wasn’t that screeching, angry at every black man woman. But Tyler gets a serious side eye for basically saying it’s okay for a wealthy black man to leave his submissive, doting black woman to SAVE an irresponsible, arrogant LSLH chick who is the reason for her own bad luck in life.

I guess you can all shut up about rapper fabolous and reality show character Emily B. being together for the time being. Fabolous is typical of cheating men who come back around when their baby mamas makes a name for themselves.

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^^^ That was the headline on last night during the telecast of the 84th Annual Oscar Awards last night.

I was shocked and taken aback when I read that gratuitous headline.

The article went on to mention how “completely comfortable” Viola Davis looked wearing her own “rich reddish crop” of hair offset by the “emerald-hued Vera Wang dress and glamorous green earrings.” How shameful and embarrassing is it that in 2012 — with a black president occupying the White House — we as a human race make headlines for being “comfortable” wearing our own hair?

Offsetting her rich reddish crop with an emerald-hued Vera Wang gown and glamorous green earrings, Davis looked completely comfortable — and totally stunning — as she walked down the carpet to take her seat in the theater as a best actress nominee for The Help. Says the star of changing up her style, “It gives me flavor. It makes me feel like I’m spicing up my life a bit.”

Wow. She’s spicing her life up by wearing her natural hair? We should all bow our heads in disgrace at how far we’ve come.

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images North America