Self-centered celebrities such as Ciara, Diana Ross, Kelly Rowland, Kim Kardashian, and others, cheesed for the cameras on the red carpet at Clive Davis' Pre-Grammy party at the Beverly Hills Hilton, while the body of pop icon Whitney Houston's was in rigor mortis in her room at the same hotel.

These celebs wait all year to strut their stuff at Davis' annual party-of=the-year, so they are not going to let something like the death of a legend stop them from being seen on the red carpet. As you look at the pics after the break, keep in mind that these celebrities were fully aware that Houston's body had not been removed from her room yet.

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Troubled singers Rihanna and Chris Brown were seen entering a West Hollywood recording studio yesterday -- at separate times, not together. (the photo above is for illustrative purposes only). Rihanna's reps have dismissed rumors that Rihanna is reconciling with her abusive ex-boyfriend. But there is a new rumor that they are recording a track together -- possibly a remix of one of Rihanna's songs. Rihanna and Brown are expected to take the stage at the Grammy Awards tomorrow -- though not together. It will be their first time attending the Grammy's at the same time since the incident in 2009 when Brown savagely punched, bit and stomped Rihanna in a fit of rage that still resonates today. Brown has said he will not give interviews this year, and he is not expected to walk the red carpet.

Photos: 1 and 2

Shopping an tearing up the mall can be tiring. Cartoon rapper Nicki Minaj, 29, was spotted doing some high end, pre-Grammy shopping in Beverly Hills, CA, yesterday. The Pink Friday rapper did some heavy retail therapy at Chanel and Giuseppe Zanotti shoe stores. She was seen wearing a pink wig carrying shopping bags to her matching pink Bentley. Nicki paused to make sure the paparazzi snapped pics of her handing out stacks of cash to a valet attendant and a homeless man as well.
Photos by: VLNY / VLUV / Splash News

Brandy's brother Ray J was seen at The Grove in West Hollywood yesterday promoting his new semi-autobiographical book titled Death Of The Cheating Man: What Every Woman Must Know About Men Who Stray. Ray J, who didn't actually pen the book himself, follows in the footsteps of comedian Steve Harvey, whose self-help manual on cheating men was a best-seller.
Photos by: Marcus / Zodiac / Splash News

An arrest has been made in the beating of a 20-year-old gay man that was captured on video and uploaded to the internet.

Brandon White, left, was assaulted by 3 men shouting anti-gay slurs as he left a convenience store on McDaniels street on Atlanta's southwest side last Saturday.

The beating was captured on 2 cell phone cameras and uploaded to where it went viral.

Channel 2 Action news and the Atlanta Journal reports that Christopher Cain, 18, (inset) was arrested at midnight on Saturday in DeKalb County and charged with aggravated assault and robbery. He is currently being held at the Fulton county jail without bond.

Police have identified the other two assailants seen beating White in the video, but their names have not been released. Police are offering a $15,000 reward for information leading to their arrests.

Meanwhile, concerned citizens of the Pittsburgh community and gay rights advocates have joined together to protest the beating and to foster unity in both communities.

We've all seen the touching photos of Halle Berry's 3-year-old daughter Nahla caressing Halle's face or exploring the handsome features of her father, Gabe Aubry. We all assumed that Nahla was just a very affectionate little girl.

But as a loyal reader pointed out in an email to earlier this week, Nahla might be an autistic or special needs child who communicates nonverbally with her hands.

The list of famous celebrities with autistic children includes Toni Braxton, Holly Robinson Peete, Sylvester Stalone, John Travolta, Jenny McCarthy, Dan Marino, Dawn Neufeld ('Football Wives'), and more.

Signs of autism begin in babies before they are 12 months old. Most children are diagnosed with autism by age 2 or 3. That's the age when parents become aware that their toddlers' communications skills aren't keeping pace with other toddlers their age.

Autism is a disorder of the nerves in the brain that interferes with the signals sent from the brain to other parts of the body. The disorder is marked by poor communication skills and lack of social interaction. Doctors aren't sure what causes autism.

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Channel 2 Action News reports that Duone Clark, a Gwinnett County Sheriff's deputy, has been arrested for having sex with a male inmate in full view of other inmates.

Gwinnett sheriff's officials are trying to determine if any Gwinnett County employees also witnessed the lewd act between the deputy and the inmate, who is serving time for financial identity fraud, theft by deception and probation violations.

The inmate, whose identity is being protected, reported the sexual encounter to jail officials after the Jan. 13 incident.

"The witnesses included definitely other inmates. I'm not sure about other deputies," Gwinnett County Sheriff's Lt. Sean Smith told Channel 2's Kerry Kavanaugh.

According to Channel 2 Action News, Clark is being held without bond at the Oconee County Jail on charges of violation of oath by a public officer and sexual assault.

A loyal reader writes:

Please do not include me info but he is engaged to be married (2nd marriage) and doing this. How many of our men are on the DL? None of his close friends (one of whom is my cousin) had a clue! They are shocked

Terrence J and Selita Ebanks were among the well heeled black Hollywood glitterati on the red carpet at the Los Angeles Premiere of 'Think Like A Man' held at the Arclight Cinerama Dome in Hollywood, yesterday:

Rev. Run's daughter Angela Simmons showed off her mean shoe game at the Diet Pepsi Style Studio fashion Show Presented By Simon Doonan during Fall 2012 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City yesterday. Sitting with her is Kim Kardashian's pal Jonathan Cheban. I have no idea what that guy does for a living.

Photos: Tina Kaawaloa/

Earlier this week, I received an email from a loyal reader who asked to remain anonymous. According to the email author, Nahla may be autistic. At this moment, Nahla's dad, former underwear model Gabrielle Aubry is behind closed doors in a special hearing in Dependency Court "because authorities are concerned about his ability to safely care for his child," according to celebrity gossip website

TMZ reports that "the DCFS investigation goes beyond an incident in which Gabriel allegedly pushed the nanny who was holding 3-year-old Nahla."

It seems the scope of the problem may be that Aubry gets angry and loses his patience with his daughter who requires special care and attention.

None of this has been confirmed. But it is interesting that CPS has once again recommended that another adult be present whenever Nahla is in Aubry's custody.

Read the email after the break and draw your own conclusions. The email has not been edited.

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Pop icon Madonna is said to be "furious" at singer M.I.A. for stealing the show during Madonna's Super Bowl halftime performance. Madonna put on an elaborate halftime show for the ages, complete with gladiators and a golden throne. But it was M.I.A.'s middle finger flip everyone talked about for days afterwards.

Madonna called into the 'On Air With Ryan Seacrest' show this morning. When she was asked about the controversial hand gesture by M.I.A., Madonna went IN. The superstar called M.I.A.'s stunt "stupid", "childish", and "a juvenile thing to do." She added that M.I.A. was "irrelevant." Madonna has a right to be heated after all that hard work she put in. But the one who should really be mad is Nicki Minaj. Her halftime contribution hasn't been mentioned at all in the press.


Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member NeNe Leakes probably thinks she's a major superstar. Unfortunately, she isn't as far as the paparazzi are concerned. It seems that pseudo-singer-turned reality star Aubrey O'Day is a bigger star than NeNe is -- as evidenced by the fact that the paparazzi didn't even know who NeNe was!

When the paparazzi uploaded last night's photos to the wire service, the captions left out NeNe's name entirely. I wouldn't have known it was NeNe either if I hadn't clicked on the image to see who the tranny was standing next to Aubrey.

Photos: Splash News Online

Singer Ciara was spotted leaving the salon in West Hollywood yesterday. Ciara spruced up her long, flowing weave by adding a few highlights and a conditioner for her own hair that's growing under the weave.

Speaking of hair weave, Oscar nominee Viola Davis wore a short cropped wig for her appearance on ABC's Good Morning America yesterday. Viola received kudos for wearing her own natural hair for the cover of the LA Times magazine earlier this month. It's a shame that in 2012 black women are applauded for wearing their own hair. We have been fully assimilated. :no:

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Normally I don't create posts just to display album cover art, but soul singer Melanie Fiona deserves her own post for her much-anticipated follow-up to her smash debut album, The MF Life. Melanie tweeted this pic last night on her Twitter page. It looks like she dropped a few pounds and she's channeling her inner Pocahontas.

The MF Life drops on March 6th -- the same release date as Monica's 7th studio album, New Life. You can pre-order it here.

Remember the furor caused by 'Basketball Wife' Royce Reed after she tweeted a pic of her man sleeping with her son? Well, Ice T's wife, Co Co, has joined the ranks of the tasteless and the foolish by tweeting a pic of herself completely naked resting her oversized melons on top of her sleeping nephew.

Co Co's nephew is her sister Kristy Williams' son.

The 32-year-old sometime model deleted the picture after her furious followers complained about the vulgarity of the pic. Amid the horrific stories of sexual abuse of schoolchildren coming out of California, this is not the time for attention seeking celebs to display inappropriate photos involving children.

Coincidentally, the 2nd season of E! TV's reality show Ice-T Loves Coco premieres on Sunday, Feb. 12, at 11PM ET. Click here to watch a sneak preview.

See the obscene pic after the break. CAUTION: Not Safe For Work!!

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In last night's dramatic episode of WE tv's Braxton Family Values, Tamar Braxton and her sister Traci bond and get closer by working out together. Tamar faces life-and-death decisions when her husband Vincent Herbert falls ill in NY. Trina and Towanda fly to New York to be by Tamar's side, but Trina's personal crisis at home causes her to break down in front of her mom, Evelyn Braxton.

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President Obama gave homeowners some hope when he announced a one year moratorium on home foreclosures while he negotiated with the greedy bankers late last year.

But yesterdays announcement of a new $25 billion dollar settlement with the banks over fraudulent home foreclosures may result in homeowners losing their homes immediately.

Come on, did you really think President Obama was going to bail out homeowners the way he bailed out the bankers?

According to, the new settlement will result in an increase in home seizures that will inflict "short-term pain on delinquent U.S. borrowers while making a long-term housing recovery more likely."

"With yesterday’s agreement," Bloomberg notes, "banks are likely to resume property seizures."

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'Basketball Wives' season 4 promises to be just as pointless as season 3. We already know that Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams will have manufactured beef. And when Evelyn isn't busy jawing at Jennifer, she's planning her manufactured-for-TV wedding to NFL bench rider, Chad Ochocinco. Oh, and I wonder if Evelyn will mention that her reported spin-off series with Ocho was sacked because VH1 refused to green light it?

Source: VH1 blog

It can't be good when a grandmother doesn't recognize her daughter's features in her own granddaughter. Tina Knowles spoke with PEOPLE magazine during the Runway to Win Fundraising reception for President Barack Obama last night.

When asked about her granddaughter, Knowles began by cryptically saying, "She's doing great."

Well, we would hope the baby is doing great -- unless she has some type of hereditary illness that we don't know about.

Knowles clarified by saying "She's beautiful." Then when she was asked pointedly who the baby resembled the most, Tina said: "She's only a month old. So we have to give her a minute."

Let's pause here to reflect on her answer... what grandmother doesn't recognize her own daughter's features in her grandbaby? Unless the baby isn't Beyonce's -- which we already figured.

Most grandmothers would say the baby has her daughter's eyes, or her son-in-law's lips, or something.

You mean to tell me Tina doesn't recognize any resemblance at all in the baby's features after an entire month?

In tonight's episode of WEtv's Braxton Family Values, Tamar Braxton is forced to face the possibility of life without her beloved husband, Vince Herbert, who is stricken with a deadly illness. As you know, Vince was diagnosed with a pulmonary emboli -- a blood clot in his lung which traveled from his leg (DVT).

Tamar, who is usually fiery and outspoken, is reduced to tears as she opens up about the emotional toll of Vince's serious illness.

Despite her grief, I couldn't help but notice that Tamar's face appears to be dry -- as in, no actual tears fall. I'm a stickler about fake tears, especially in reality shows. I could be wrong. But something tells me that this scene was filmed just recently.

Watch the video clip after the break.

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Fashionable singers Christina Milian, right, and Rihanna were spotted dining in separate locations in Los Angeles, yesterday. Rihanna is set to join her pugilistic ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown, as they perform during the 2012 Grammy Awards. It's been 3 years since Brown, now 22, beat Rihanna down in a vicious attack that left her permanently scarred emotionally. Fans can't help but notice that Rihanna has not been the same since the savage attack.
Photos: Merino/

The 3rd Annual ESSENCE Black Women In Music reception was held at Belasco Theatre in Los Angeles yesterday. Celebs such as Regina King, Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, Ne-Yo, and more graced the red carpet!

Photos by: Amelie Mucci / Splash News

The dog was probably playing when he nipped TV news anchor Kyle Dyer in the face live on the air. But Dyer will have to undergo reconstructive facial surgery to repair the damage.

The veteran KUSA-TV anchor in Denver, Colorado, was rushed to a local hospital after being bitten in the face by a 86-pound mastiff who was pulled out of a freezing pond by a firefighter 3 days before.

The dog and the firefighter were being reunited on the set, when Dyer leaned in too close to pet the mutt. The dog's owner, who is black, yanked the dog's chain to get him off the anchor, but he later admitted the dog did not have his rabies shots.

Watch the video after the break. WARNING: graphic content!

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Why is it that when a celebrity debuts her new weave hairstyle, we blogs have to write a new post about it?

As far as I'm concerned, weave is no different from lacefronts or wigs; it's all artificial hair to me. So why make a big deal about it? Did the media in the 60s write articles every time Diana Ross debuted a new wig?

Last night, R&B Diva Monica, who I love like a niece, tweeted a pic of her new weave. But instead of tweeting "new hair", she tweeted "new color!" That tweet left me baffled. I thought when we announce we have a new color, we're supposed to mean our own hair?

Mo later clarified that the new color was in reference to her own hair. She then acknowledged her new hair by declaring, "I bought it."

That's fine. But when a man buys a new car that's a different color than his last vehicle, does he pull up to his boy's crib and shout, "hey dawg, new color!"

This photo of disgraced reality TV personality Kim Kardashian was snapped earlier this week when Kim was on her way to Bible study with her new bestie, singer Leann Rimes. (I guess La La Anthony was busy).

Kim has dedicated herself to bagging the very religious Denver broncos quarterback Tim Tebow by pretending she's spiritual, prayerful and virginal. On Sunday, she even tweeted that she was on her way to church -- something she has never tweeted before.

Luckily, Tim is not as dumb as Kris Humphries - Kim's hapless ex-husband of 72 days.

Image source

CNN has apparently caved in to pressure from gay groups by suspending political analyst Roland Martin for making a joke about British soccer star David Beckham.

A CNN spokeswoman confirmed the suspension with this statement issued today:

“Roland Martin’s tweets were regrettable and offensive. Language that demeans is inconsistent with the values and culture of our organization, and is not tolerated. We have been giving careful consideration to this matter, and Roland will not be appearing on our air for the time being."

Martin came under attack from gay groups after tweeting a wisecrack about Beckham's underwear commercial which aired during Sunday's Super Bowl telecast on NBC.

Martin seemed to suggest in his tweet that his followers “smack the ish out of” any male Super Bowl fan who is “hyped about David Beckham’s H&M underwear ad.”

Martin added that “real bruhs” would not purchase underwear advertised by Beckham.

A network suspension is usually the first step towards a contract termination. Martin was a CNN political analyst for 4 years.

Source: Washington Post blog

20-year-old Brandon White stepped forward today to speak about the beating incident that has galvanized the gay community in Atlanta.

“I want to see something done. I don’t want anyone else to have to go through what I went through,” White said at a packed midday news conference.

White was the man seen in a viral video being brutalized by three unidentified men who punched and kicked him while they shouted anti-gay slogans. The 3 attackers are reportedly members of a local street gang called the "Jungle Boys" and the 1029 Jack City gang.

White said he didn't report the incident to the police initially until he saw the video go viral on the Internet.

“I don’t bother anyone. I felt that if a straight person could walk to the store and not have a problem, I should be able to do the same thing,” White said.

In the video, which was first posted on, White, wearing tight black "skinny jeans", was ambushed by 3 gang members outside a convenience store on McDaniel Street in the "Pittsburgh" area of Atlanta on Saturday.

A man off camera can be heard repeatedly yelling "No f*ggots in Jack City!"

The FBI is investigating the case as a hate crime based on the anti-gay slogans heard in the 30-second video.

White, who is seeking therapy for his emotional scars, gave this advice to others who are victims of homophobic violence: “Say something. Speak to someone. Don’t hide it. You shouldn’t have to. This is 2012."

Police are asking anyone with information about the incident to call Zone 3 police officers at 404-624-0674 or to call anonymously to Crime Stoppers Atlanta at 404-577-8477.

Rapper T.I. dressed the NY Giants in looks from his AKOO Winter 2011/2012 Collection. Here's a photo from the shoot. Among the players pictured are: Antrel Rolle, Terrell Thomas, and Kenny Phillips. The NY Giants celebrated their Super Bowl 46 victory over the New England Patriots with a ticker tape parade down the Canyon of Heros in New York City yesterday. I'll post more pics from the photo shoot when I get them.

Source: @MelNYC of @Akooclothing

Pseudo singer Ashanti attended the NY premiere of 'Safe House' wearing a Jack Guisso Couture dress yesterday.

The gown is from the Lebanese designer's Couture Fall/Winter 2011/12 Collection. Known for his exquisite gowns and sophisticated designs the Lebanese designer knows how to dress the modern woman. Guisso has presented his collections in Paris, Spain and Italy. He offers breath taking evening gowns and chic ready-to-wear dresses with handmade embroidery and top quality fabrics.

Source: D'Orazio & Associates
Photos: Richie Buxo / Splash News

Once again, Beyoncé was caught telling a bold faced lie after claiming she attended her husband Jay Z's concert at Carnegie Hall on Monday night.

But was she really lying this time?

On Tuesday, the 40/40 club's PR people sent out an email stating, “Despite various reports, Beyoncé did not attend Jay-Z’s concert.”

Indeed, the only photos we saw of Beyoncé were when she was leaving Jay Z's 40/40 club after the concert.

Beyoncé herself added to the confusion when a NY Daily News reporter caught up to her outside the 40/40 club. The reporter specifically asked Bey if she attended the concert.

Shortly after the booty-licious mama arrived at her husband’s 40/40 Club for post-concert festivities Monday night, we asked her if she’d gone to the show.

“Yes,” she told us, calling her spouse’s concert “amazing.”

Apparently, Jay Z and his people were concerned that not enough mention was made of Beyoncé's appearance at the 40/40 Club after the concert. The 40/40 Club needs all the publicity it can get. As you know, the bar came under scrutiny when the city's health department shut them down for failing an inspection one day after the grand re-opening last month.

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Please note that the following is a positive post...

Jay Z's wife and baby mother, Beyonce, stepped out for the 2nd night in a row wearing a dazzling black dress by designer Monique Lhuillier. Beyonce accessorized her dress with a Chanel purse, Gucci strappy heels, and blue sapphire jewels by Lorraine Schwartz. Some are saying it's still too early for Beyonce to leave a newborn baby at home while she chases the spotlight, but Beyonce is an entertainer first and a mother second.