Accused pedophile Jerry Sandusky will no longer prey on innocent children in Pennsylvania. After hearing nine days of testimony, the 12 member jury deliberated 23 hours before convicting the 68-year-old retired Penn State football coach of 45 of 48 charges of aggravated child sex abuse in Bellefonte, PA on Friday.

Sandusky was originally charged with 52 counts of sexual abuse of young boys over a 15-year period. The judge presiding over the case dropped 4 of the charges Friday.

Sandusky used his status as a Penn State coach to molest young boys inside Penn State sports facilities for over a decade due to the culture of silence that prevailed among school officials and coaches at Penn State.

The sensational case attracted news media from all over the country who camped outside the courthouse awaiting the verdict. Sandusky will die in prison.

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...struggling singer Amber Rose has decided to give up her music career.

Just months after releasing 2 singles -- "Loaded" and "Fame"-- Amber Rose's career as a musician has come to an abrupt end.

"I got engaged and I decided not to go through with an album because I just feel like it's a bit too much," she told "I'm 28 now and me and Wiz are in love and we're thinking about having kids and to do shows and start a music career is just not on the cards for me."

What she means is she couldn't get a major record deal and she became the laughing stock of the music industry.

Rose has tried her hand at everything since being dumped by her sponsor Kanye West. She's tried modeling, designing eyewear, launching a clothing, and even a reality TV series. But all of her endeavors have failed miserably.

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Actress Gabrielle Union, girlfriend of Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade, says her man couldn't sleep the night before winning the NBA title Thursday.

He stayed at the gym until 1:30 a.m., working out with a trainer. Then he showered and went home, where Wade and Union watched game film from last year's loss to the Dallas Mavericks. Afterwards, around 4 a.m., they went to bed. But Union says Wade tossed and turned until 8 a.m., when he rolled out of bed and called his teammate LeBron James.

"What they wanted to do today, more than anything, was to play a complete game of basketball," Union told Sports Illustrated magazine.

She said the two best friends drew up a blueprint over the phone for game 5, detailing exactly how they were going to lead their team to victory.

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Celebrity photographer Thad of Exclusive Access was on the scene for all the NBA Finals after parties in Miami. He started Thursday night out with video vixen Jessica White and everyone's favorite bestie Nia Crooks (Basketball Wives) who's now back in town to tend with her (fake) legal issues with Jennifer Williams from Basketball Wives. Jessica had dinner with her girlfriends at prime 112. Then they went to Cameo nightclub to chill with Soul Food stars, Vanessa A. Williams and Malinda Williams (pictured below).

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Celebrity blogger Tami of Talking With Tami blog found this Morning Wood for you. His name is Ray Edwards and he plays defensive end for the Atlanta Falcons. Enjoy.


Lawd look at Atlanta Falcons player Ray Edwards posed up in the buff for Kontrol Magazine’s Sexy Body issue! I had to do a double take when I saw him because I remember meeting Ray at Bloomingdales strutting his stuff on the catwalk for the Rally Foundation (click here to see pics). He was such a nice gentlemen too! I heard he was such a “free spirit” at the photoshoot with Kontrol and by that I mean he was NOT shy when taking these photos! If I’m not mistaken he walked around in the buff…ummm! He’s a model and boxer as well, wow! Why didn’t they call me to do the interview?..Dang it! I’m just kidding no I’m not but he looks like he’s in tip top shape! Check out the pics and video below! Lawd!! This issue is on newsstands now! xoxo

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The Internet is a mess. A kindhearted bus monitor is taunted by schoolchildren, and the video of the teasing goes viral online.

The tabloid news media responded in typical over-the-top fashion ("I have to warn you, this video is hard to watch..."). The video contained no bloodshed or any hint of violence, yet a jaded public responded to the media hype by donating over $455,000 for the woman's "vacation".

Even the 68-year-old mild mannered Karen Klein thought the media and the public's overreaction to the children's taunting was disproportionate. The children's behavior should have been handled by the school administration -- IF the bus monitor reporter the incident to the school, which she didn't.

But we're living in the junk food Internet age, where prepackaged, instant news lacks nutritional value or journalistic credibility. And TV ratings commandeers all common sense.

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It took 9 long years but LeBron James finally has his first ring!

The Miami Heat were the underdogs going into the NBA Finals series against Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder. But the Thunder didn't have LeBron's steely determination or his fiery will to win.

"Happiest day of my life," said LeBron after the Heat defeated the Thunder 121-106 to win the NBA title Thursday night in Miami.

"It means everything," James said after the game. LeBron hoisted the NBA trophy before accepting his Finals MVP award. "I made a difficult decision to leave Cleveland but I understood what my future was about. I knew we had a bright future... This is a dream come true for me. This is definitely when it pays off."

After the game, an emotional LeBron embraced his fiancee Savannah Brinson and their children LeBron James Jr., 7, and Bryce Maximus James, 5.

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