Everyone suspects that Emo rapper Drake prefers curling up with a hard leg or two at night. But rap icon Lil Kim really went there when she accused Drake of being a “bottom” — a term referring to gay men who accept rather than serve.

Lil Kim made her statements in response to the brawl involving Drake and troubled singer Chris Brown in NYC last week.

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As you know, most reality shows are not what they seem to be. Producers who are hungry for fame and wealth often fake plots, and even manufacture relationships (Kanye and Kim, Evelyn and Chad), to get their shows picked up by major networks.

That’s So Raven star Kyle Massey thought he was set to appear as Bristol Palin’s boyfriend in her new reality show, Bristol Palin: Life’s A Tripp, which premiered last night.

Kyle and his mother came up with the concept for the show starring Kyle and Sarah Palin’s eldest daughter as lovers. The only problem is, the producers of Bristol’s new reality show had other ideas.

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A loyal reader sent in a link to a graphic, entirely NOT SAFE FOR WORK photo of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast member Stevie J gripping his impressive wood.

My guess is that this peen pic was released in response to all the rampant rumors about Stevie J preferring to have his prostate tickled by men who dress like women.

There is no need for you to complain in my comments section about me posting NSFW photos. You have to make an extra effort to scroll all the way down just to see these pics. So don’t blame me for your curiosity. Please consider your co-workers and your job status before clicking the link!

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On Tuesday night a loyal follower on Twitter.com tweeted this image of who he says is Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast member Joseline Hernandez.

The image shows the former Miami stripper posing completely naked inside a sparsely furnished room. The image is Not Safe For Work, and since this is a family oriented blog I must post the photo behind lock and key.

My question for my registered readers is: is Joseline a real woman, or is he tucked to perfection?

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The ex-wife of NBA star Dwyane Wade was arrested and charged with “child abduction” in Chicago over the weekend. According to the Associated Press, Wade has asked a judge to terminate Siovaughn Funches-Wade’s visitation rights with their two sons.

The couple divorced in 2010 and Wade was awarded custody of the boys in March 2011 due to Funches-Wade’s erratic behavior in court.

Wade’s attorney, James Pritikin, filed an emergency motion today to terminate Funches-Wade’s visitation rights, just hours before the Miami Heat were to take on the hapless Oklahoma City Thunder in Game 4 of the NBA Finals in Miami.

According to the AP, Wade, who wanted to spend Father’s Day with his sons, sent his sister to pick the boys up at Funches-Wade’s home in Chicago to catch a flight to Miami on Saturday. But when Wade’s sister arrived at Funches-Wade’s home, there was no response at the door.

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Celebrity blogger Tami, of Talkingwithtami blog, attended the Los Angeles premiere of Disney Pixar’s “Brave” green carpet last night.

Tami writes:

It was a mad house and full of celebrities young and old! Lots of Scots came out dressed in their plaid kilts and plenty of red-heads were in the house! I got a chance to chat with Angela Bassett, Gabrielle Beauvais and Vanessa Bryant. Disney knows how to throw a grand carpet and I was so glad I was here to witness it all! Check out all the fun! Brave hits theatre June 22nd! xoxo

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Who else thought Bobby Brown and his manager/baby mama, Alicia Etheridge were already married? The lovebirds made it official during an intimate ceremony in Hawaii over the weekend. Bobby’s son, Bobby Jr. tweeted this pic on Instagram.

According to E! Online, all of Bobby’s children, except his estranged daughter Bobbi Kristina, attended the ceremony. Bobbi was reportedly shooting scenes with her boyfriend Nick Gordon in New York for her forthcoming Lifetime reality series, The Houston Chronicles.

BK reportedly stopped talking to her father after the sudden death of her mother Whitney Houston on Feb. 11 in Las Vegas.

Bobby and Alicia have one son together, Cassius, 3.

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  • Photo: Instagram

    The much-hyped debut season premiere of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta aired Monday night on VH1. The premiere episode was available on other blogs for at least a week, but I chose not to post it until after the network premiere.

    The Love & Hip Hop NY spin off features veteran music producer Stevie J, rapper Lil Scrappy, his mother Mama Dee, baby mother Erica, and other lesser known Atlanta personalities, entrepreneur Mimi Faust, singer Karlie Redd and her boyfriend Antonio Reid (LA Reid’s son), singer K.Michelle, rapper Rasheeda and her husband/manager, and singer Joseline Hernandez.

    A successful urban reality show requires good acting, likable characters and believable plot lines. LHH Atlanta lacks all of that. LHH Atlanta follows the typical urban reality show pattern: arguing, drink tossing, manufactured fights, bad acting.

    Produced by Mona Scott-Young, LHH Atlanta has that throw-it-at-the-wall-and-see-what-sticks feel to it.

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    The Internet was buzzing yesterday over the release of a NSFW music video for Icelandic group Sigur Rós’ song “Fjögur Píanó”, featuring Transformers actor Shia LaBeouf in the buff.

    In the artsy video, Shia, 26, spends a wild, kinky night with a stripper (played by actress Deena Thomsen) and some butterflies. In the 8-minute video the director serves up two shots of LaBeouf completely naked (so shield your monitor from your co-workers). If you blink you will miss both scenes.

    Did I mention this video is Not Safe For Work?

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    Sportswear giant Adidas has apologized for “promoting slavery” with their ‘shackle’ sneakers.

    Defending the shoe’s designer, Jeremy Scott, as having a “quirky” and “lighthearted” style, Adidas said Monday that it planned to cancel the shoe’s release.

    “The design of the JS Roundhouse Mid is nothing more than the designer Jeremy Scott’s outrageous and unique take on fashion and has nothing to do with slavery,” the statement said. “We apologize if people are offended by the design and we are withdrawing our plans to make them available in the marketplace.”

    The JS Roundhouse mids featured the LA Lakers’ orange and purple colors with orange cuffs links at the ankles similar to the shackles worn by Africans during the lucrative slavery trade in the south.

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    Jack Osbourne, the 26-year-old son of rock musician Ozzy Osbourne and music manager Sharon Osbourne, has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

    Other celebrities afflicted with the nerve disorder include actress Lola Falana, the late comic Richard Pryor, and R&B singer Tamia.

    MS is a disease in which the body’s immune system attacks its own nerve cells by eating away at the sheath that protects the nerves similar to the insulation coating covering electrical wires in your home.

    Once the protective coating on the nerve is damaged, the flow of electricity from the brain to the body is interrupted.

    People with severe cases of multiple sclerosis may lose the ability to walk or speak, according to the Mayo Clinic.

    There is no cure for multiple sclerosis. But with medication and therapy the debilitating symptoms of MS may be alleviated, delayed or controlled (for a long period time). 40% of people with MS reach the 70th year of life. The main cause of death of people with MS is suicide.

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    Dennis Byron of Hip Hop Enquirer blog reports that last Friday, Jason Geter (founder and CEO Grand Hustle Recordings) and Bu Thiam held a private event at the Mandarin Hotel (John Travolta’s Hangout spot) to celebrate both of their accomplishments in the music business.

    As you may already know Bu is VP at Def Jam Records, where he A&R’d Kanye and Jay Z‘s Watch The Throne album. He also dates Diana Ross‘ daughter Tracee Ellis Ross.

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    A Hoboken, NJ woman who was injured during the wild bottle throwing melee at WiP Nightclub plans to sue for injuries she says she suffered.

    According to the NY Daily News, Lucy Pavlovsky, 24, suffered two cuts — one each on her arm and hand — during the Thursday morning brawl. Her injuries required 12 stitches to close.

    “My plan is to sue anybody who threw a bottle, anybody who created that dangerous atmosphere,” Pavlovsky’s lawyer, Javier Solano, said Sunday.

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