Shots fired at 2012 BET Hip Hop Awards

Rappers Young Jeezy and Rick Ross, who both own homes in Atlanta, got into a shoving match backstage at the 2012 BET Hip Hop Awards, according to sources who witnessed the wild encounter.

Witnesses say the BET staff didn’t clear the hallway fast enough after Ross got off the stage, which resulted in a bottleneck of Jeezy’s people and Ross’s entourage near both men’s dressing rooms backstage.

The hallway was already crowded with male and female groupies when both entourages converged in the hallway and words were exchanged between Jeezy and Ross.

A brief shoving match ensued and members of both entourages then ran to their vehicles in the parking lot of the Boisfieuillet Jones Civic Center in Atlanta. Shots were fired in the parking lot but no injuries were reported and no arrests were made.

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  • Photos by Rick Diamond and Mark Davis/Getty Images North America


    52 Responses to “Shots fired at 2012 BET Hip Hop Awards”

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      GottaBigOne says:


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      GottaBigOne says:


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      7_7_7_93_11 says:

      We are the ONLY people who can’t leave the house without showing our azzes for one night. :no:
      So what happened? Jeezy’s entourage ate all the chicken by the time Rick Ross finished his set or something? I swear I can’t with these new money neegros who have the means to do better but for whateveer reason, just won’t!

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      luVn_liFe... says:

      The shooter who was arrested last night after shots were fired in the parking lot of the BET Awards show, which was being filmed in Atlanta last night, has been identified as Maybach Music artist, 33-year-old Gunplay (real name Richard Morales Jr

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      xamayca _Iza_Bacchanalist says:

      Hmmm Sandra what happened with the TI live stream post?
      Well like i said yest niccas cant ever act right smh how embarrassing for the black community that we cant get together and behave smh all that money and still no class

    6. 6
      xamayca _Iza_Bacchanalist says:

      @Luvn thats a damn shame cant take niccas out the hood and expect the money to make them act right

    7. 7
      NaijaGal says:

      random observation of the interview winner below…she’s straight up and down but has a huge ass…interesting

    8. 8
      DeevaC says:

      Wasn’t gunplay jumped by 50cents people? I guess the back story to this is jeezy is friends with Larry hoover or somebody from bmf he made a diss track saying Ross was fake or something and I guess he mentioned being cool with bmf. Ross reached out to bmf to verify jeezy’s connection to them. In any event I can’t stand Rick Ross’s ol’ lyin ass but I’m glad no innocent bystanders were hurt

    9. 9
      capricorn83 says:

      YUCK to that pic of Ross!!! #thatisall

    10. 10
      pointhimout says:

      these two idiots dont realize how fortunate their lives are,considering they both make bs music and off it to their bs fan bases. anyways, n i gger mentalities begits n i gger behavior. who’s surprised? I bet they both live in some lilly white subdivisions. no dude, you’re still a ni g g er at heart. your address won’t change that.

    11. 11
      pointhimout says:

      I enter enter too fast. When grown men start acting accordingly? Y’all come to blows over diss tracks and limited hallway space. ross wide as schit, stop it. a diss track is nothing more than ur twisted opinion. you know how many other people feel the same way or dont care that either of you exist? grow the hell up. ok, entering on purpose.

    12. 12
      sassyshe says:

      This is why there is no major hip hop only awards – reminescence of SOURCE and whatever production from the past. They make this like a straight hoodlum affair where negros wanna do some life imitiating art ish know damn well 90% of them not out in no streets.

    13. 13
      luVn_liFe... says:

      Even if you in a Benz, you still a nigga in a coupe,
      Ye was Right bout that!

    14. 14
      lovezoe says:

      Niggas and flies I do despise

    15. 15
      MUNCHOSGIRL says:

      lovezoe says:

      Niggas and flies I do despise…


    16. 16
      Msprettypanties says:

      :cosign: This is why we can never have anything nice.

    17. 17
      TwinMom says:

      EBT at its finest! When do you grow too old from foolishness! I weep for my people. I love black people but I can’t stand niggas! There is a difference. They should be somewhere making a difference in the world. They need to be assets in society and not liabilities.

    18. 18
      TwinMom says:

      BTW isn’t this how The Source Awards ended? IJS

    19. 19
      KrayZKat says:

      I’m reading a lot of generalizations here reminiscent of what I’d read if I were on a racist website.

      When many of us “as a people” need to do is to stop lumping ourselves together as a group of morons and start holding INDIVIDUALS accountable for THEIR actions, then WE will come together. Our visceral response is always, “WE” instead of “THEM.” It’s about class vs. race because the last time I checked, all races/ethnicities can show their azzes.

    20. 20
      LittleBigMouth says:

      It really leaves a bad taste in my mouth when an entire black community is brought up when a couple of ignorant folks who happen to be black do something stupid. No, I’m not taking responsibility for their dumb actions, I wasn’t there, was not a part of it, nor do I condone it. No one I know carries themselves like this or dress themselves with pants off of their a$$. Rick, jeezey, nor the guy that fired the shots are even close representations of me or people I surround myself with. Stop placing their actions and behaviors on an entire community, it seems we are the only race that does that, always taking responsibility for their toxic mentalities and ruthless presentations of grandiose egos. I’m done.

    21. 21
      LittleBigMouth says:

      @krazykat we are on the same damn page, thank you! :coffee:

    22. 22
      KrayZKat says:

      You are welcome, and :claps:

    23. 23
      Ni ni says:

      This hip hop has run its course. I cant understand for the life of me why people keep buying this trash it does nothing for Parents have let this mess go on too long. It makes no sense for kids to be in the 106 & park audience if youre playing music that promotes sex and illegal activity. I dont hear those messages when I turn to the country and alternative radio stations. The yt folk aint having it. Kids mimic all this foolishness. They see and hear this mess all day long. There is no positive hip hop being played anymore, just end it. These over grown @zz men, I use that term loosely, should be ashamed but theyre not. They dont care about the community or the kids, just their money.

    24. 24
      rockstar says:

      I was there. Jeezy swung at Rick first. When they ran into each other, they glared at each other for a minute. Some old west side story type shyt. Why did P. Diddy’s people and Fifty’s people get into an altercation too? Fifty’s crew pulled out a shotgun and stood there with it. These n*ggas are crazy. Making all that money and acting like fools. By the way Mayweather and P. Diddy are competing for assh*le of the year awards. Both of them are arrogant, nasty, egotistical, narcissistic jerks. Floyd was running around talking about ” all you people make change, while I make dollars. What?? N*gga who says that to people? In the next ten years Floyd will be broke with his self hating ass.

    25. 25
      rockstar says:

      They need to ban the hip hop awards, because that shyt ain’t even hip hop anymore. I was like, do these people even speak english. I couldn’t understand half of what they were saying.

    26. 26
      BayMami_de4 says:

      I can’t get past that pic of rick ross to read the post. OHMY

    27. 27
      Redeemed777 says:

      The Most High is going to destroy ALL of them. Just a matter of time.

    28. 28
      Redeemed777 says:

      The Most High is going to destroy ALL of them. Just a matter of time.

      ” Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: FOR THIS IS THE WHOLE DUTY OF MAN. ”

      Ecclesiastes 12:13

    29. 29
      Such A F'n Lady says:

      :shrugs: I can’t read the story because I can’t get past Rick Ross’s belly and breasts in that picture. :vomit:

    30. 30
      4xALady says:

      I will repost what I said on Twitter:

      These types of negroes act out ONLY at the BET & Source Awards and other hip hop awards shows because they have no respect for their crafts, their communities or themselves. The BET & Source awards were boh created after years of hip hop artists b*tching about being shut out at the mainstream awards shows (shows usually catering to awarding White artists.)

      Every year, around the same time, these same artists attend the Billboard, Grammys & MTV awards & they all seem to coexist peacefully. Yet, as SOON as it comes for them to attend the awards shows CATERING to their crafts, usually produced by their OWN people (Blacks), and honoring themselves amongst their own people, THEN they decide its okay if they want to act like their hood nigga personas even in a formal venue. Its all just a lack of respect and appreciation.

      If I were BET, Jeezy, Rick Ross & any other artist who decided to act like they were in the middle of the jungle at my awards show would be banned from attending in the future, and would also be banned from any type of promotion or video play on my station.

      Now watch…in a couple of months, these same degenerates will be complaining and crying about it if they are not invited to the “Whites produced” awards shows, screaming racism & sh*t. And honestly, I don’t care cause even as a Black person, I wouldn’t want to be around these jungle niggas on my awards night either.

      And I agree with @Ni Ni comment above, they need to just do away with Hip Hop altogether, there ain’t nary a positive thing coming from most of it anyway. And its no surprise that most of the “positive” artists either get frustrated and quit or go act or something else. (Ex: Lupe, The Roots, Bilal, Common, Lauryn, etc.) Just let Hip-Hop finish dying its ugly death and let it rest.

    31. 31
      4xALady says:


      WHY is that type of artillery even NEEDED at an awards show? WHO would want to be somewhere with that type of foolishness?! REASONS like that are why I don’t attend functions with broke, hoodrat mentality having NIGGAS as it is because they will tear up & start shooting in a minute. Because they can’t see a way of their lives getting better, they have nothing to lose! And even these rich NIGGAS, even with all the money & opportunities and much better lifestyle afforded them, they STILL have that derelict, hood-nigga mentality and still hang around with & act like NIGGAS with nothing to lose!

      Just put all their asses on a desolate island & let them off each other quickly like a much more gruesome version of “Survivor.” Hell, its what they’re trying to do unofficially in the streets anyway, right? Why involve the rest of the innocent folks in it?


    32. 32

      I cant with the Rick Ross pic! :tea:

    33. 33
      Daisy says:

      @Krazy :preach: :cosign:

    34. 34
      Smonae80 says:

      Officer Rickey out here showing his azz huh
      All damn money & no class

    35. 35
      Smonae80 says:

      Meant to say all that damn money & no class

    36. 36
      Aprilbaby says:

      Jezzy looks sexy in that pic! Oh wait what were we talking about lol

    37. 37
      brownskin A.K.A Creamy says:

      :wtf: ………………… :kona:

    38. 38

      Someone on worldstar asked why Ross didnt just arrest Jeezy :rofl: :hahaha:

    39. 39
    40. 40
      NaijaGal says:

      #30 is why I adore me some 4x….beauty and brains…oh so sexy :love:

    41. 41
      J Said it! says:

      that pic of ross.. nope!

    42. 42
      SassySandra says:

      I mean…why is THIS surprising to anyone. We don’t ever know how to act when we leave the house. So sick of this ignorance!! :no:

    43. 43
      kahmmillion says:

      Why is it against the law for women to go out of the house without a bra/shirt, but it’s ok for Rick to do such, when his m00ds are just as big as a woman’s?

    44. 44
      MsDivaRo says:

      Rick Ross is a SLOB!!!!! Pull your pants up and put a shirt on NINGA. Don’t nobody wanna see yo tittays and draws!

    45. 45
      Nhere says:

      Can somebody show Rick Ross a picture of Rick Ross? Thanks :coffee:

    46. 46
      Keesh says:

      Good Morning yall…See this the mess right here, that pic of Rick Ross is all kinds of wrong and who in the hell wanna lay up with that. I dont give a damn how much money he got..UGH! Then Jeezy shocked me, I have always said he was a well spoken rap artist but I guess when you n dem streets (joke) you gotta do what you gotta do. If someone would have gotten hurt behind that mess Im sure them bastards would have mentioned there name in one of their songs. I went to the hip hop awards the 1st 3 years and for this to happen is like us taking 5 steps back!!!

    47. 47
      Keesh says:

      Wait :nono: you mean to tell me all this shiat is over a dude that got life in prison. Like dude aint even a part of our world anymore…. :smack:

    48. 48
      rockstar says:

      4xALady says:


      WHY is that type of artillery even NEEDED at an awards show? WHO would want to be somewhere with that type of foolishness?! REASONS like that are why I don’t attend functions with broke, hoodrat mentality having NIGGAS as it is because they will tear up & start shooting in a minute. Because they can’t see a way of their lives getting better, they have nothing to lose! And even these rich NIGGAS, even with all the money & opportunities and much better lifestyle afforded them, they STILL have that derelict, hood-nigga mentality and still hang around with & act like NIGGAS with nothing to lose!

      It’s not needed. They have their own pwrsonal security to handle those types of things. At the same time they have 50/11 people in their entourage all doing something different. All trying to impress the Artist with how much they have his back SMDH.
      Hip Hop music is no longer a genre that lifts up it’s people. It used to be called the CNN of the ghetto. Not anymore. Reflections of the music comes from the people. Hip Hop today is excessively lewd, concentrates on gaining wealth by any means, and degrading it’s fans.

      Why do we even give it a platform to survive. This Lifestyle is like a cancer on our people. I see these artist on the regular and half of them are so ill mannered and nasty looking. I’ve come to the point where I feel like there’s no hope for them or their music.

      I’m done with it. I won’t attend next years awards and refuse to book anymore hip hop artist, except old school artist of course. I can’t take it anymore. When I look at the pants sagging and the women looking like dead barbie dolls I cringe. The fact that they speak ebonics instead of understandable english…..the list goes on and on.

    49. 49
      robin says:


    50. 50
      robin says:

      @Nhere, just wanted to say I logged in just to say thanks for the :)
      I literally LOL’d at your comment.

    51. 51

      WOW this is really dumb and sad they still shooting at shows and chit and why are these grown men even exchanging words mufugga’s stay in the immature lane!

    52. 52
      MrzzSmitty says:

      This is why I dont deal fools! I wont say niggas, cause thats what they (YT) want us to call these fools. SMDH

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