Kelly Rowland on the set of ICE

Earlier today, songbird Kelly Rowland released the teaser for her full-length music video "ICE".

"The whole feeling of ice is very sensual... it's very sexy," said Rowland, referring to the video and the frozen cubes as they glide over her body. "It's going to be so magical," said Rowland of the video which was shot recently on a closed set.

"Ice" is off of Rowland's studio album, Year of the Woman, which is set for a 2013 release.

Source: @TheJGardner

  • NaijaGal

    :heart: me some Kelly...get it while you can girly :thumbsup:

  • YSoSrs

    Kelly Rowland actually being sexy would be magical indeed. :coffee:

  • gbellab

    catchy song :coffee:

  • prynsexxx

    :chase: *to this song* :karate: <------ has the song cornered so it can't go any further.... "you goin to jail now!

  • ReadingIsFundamental


    hhhhmmmm sigh



  • sassyshe

    She needs to hurry up, :love: the song

  • NaijaGal

    so why are they determined for there to be another Friday movie...let that ish die

  • mizzdallas

    Kelly had good run ... #R.I.P. to her career..

  • 69

    :blink: The HEYUL kind of photo is that. Looks like someone blew damn edges straight off this girls head. Like Susan Taylor from Essence Magazine. Hair just damn GONE!

  • brownskin A.K.A Creamy

    so nothing new, same ole same ole, rolling. grabing, pinching, huntching, sucking, licking. :coffee:

  • Betamax82

    That screen shot is funny to me why I don't know :lol:

  • brownskin A.K.A Creamy

    **is the spell (scholar) checker in the house**** did'nt mean to mispell huntching*** :coffee:

  • Such A F’n Lady

    That screenshot is not cute. :nono:

  • Ididntreallymeanit

    Can't wait for the video

  • Eazy

    Ice is not sexy...its cold

  • kingstonn

    where is her hair?

  • Bibi

    Such A F'n Lady says:

    That screenshot is not cute.

  • Eazy

    And this song reminds me of Motivation...sounds too similar

  • Such A F’n Lady

    Eazy says:

    Ice is not sexy…its cold


    Ion know if I can agree with that. The right place, the right time and maybe the right person (who knows what they're doing) and it can get a lil sessy. :coffee:

    Not speaking from previous experience or anything, just sayin...

  • kingstonn

    ewww, this is that song that comes on the radio that i hate! oh no Kelly bew. no. & stop putting Wayne in songs to make a hit. who still does that these days? :shrug:

  • Such A F’n Lady

    kingstonn says:

    where is her hair?


    I was thinking that and damn her head look big as heyul. I was trying to be nice though. :coffee:

  • Choco aka Hippie

    Another Kelly Rowland CD :rolleyes:

  • brownskin A.K.A Creamy


    Who calls a woman of my age group and say I wanna beat that Puss up

    :ashamed: and carry me lord :casket:

  • spongebobfan

    i hate this song, her vocals are so lazy and im tired of lil wayne

  • Choco aka Hippie

    Let me guess he's young right :lol:

    Kelly looks like a bogah in those pics

  • Eazy

    Not speaking from previous experience or anything, just sayin…
    SUUURE :coffee:

  • Such A F’n Lady

    Oh there was a song attached? I couldn't get past the screen shot. :shrugs:

    I don't think I'll listen though.

  • brownskin A.K.A Creamy

    @Choco Im :ashamed: to say but he 42 :kona:

  • kingstonn

    @ creamy
    a damn fool. :lol:

    @ fn lady
    she's trying but just can't figure it out.
    po lil tink tink. :no:

  • Choco aka Hippie

    OMG :lol: he tryn way to hard :rofl:

  • jeniefrumdabloc

    I can't get into her :shrugs: I don't know what it is

  • Choco aka Hippie

    How did you respond


    :nono: ....Nope.....I will not...You will not make me mention that Kelly is getting lighter and lighter by the minute... Nope I won't say it my lips are :tape:

  • brownskin A.K.A Creamy

    @Choco i said I'm a lady and left it like that...... :lol:

  • Choco aka Hippie


    So you gonna give him the puss huh :rofl:

  • Ty

    NaijaGal says:

    so why are they determined for there to be another Friday movie…let that ish die
    Chris Tucker needs money :coffee: He is doing a show here Friday that we be a movie also

  • Diva

    what ya'll talmbout? I thought Kelly was Wendy Williams :lol:

  • bnatural

    Diva says:

    what ya’ll talmbout? I thought Kelly was Wendy Williams :lol:

    That still picture does look like Wendy :lol: