Beyonce Super Bowl Rehearsal Video

Beyonce Super Bowl promo

Karaoke singer Beyonce is working hard to prepare for her much-hyped Super Bowl XLVII halftime appearance in New Orleans on Sunday. Most of us can’t wait until the halftime show is over so we won’t have to hear about this chick until her next publicity stunt. I wouldn’t want her life.

Watch the rehearsal video after the break.

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Is Kim Kardashian Trying to Pass Off Belly FAT as a Baby BUMP?

Kim Kardashian belly fat

Just days after skeptics began questioning if reality TV star Kim Kardashian was even pregnant with bestie Kanye West’s baby, she shows up out of the blue with a muffin top hanging over her leggings.

Does she really think we can’t tell the difference between belly fat and a baby bump?

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49ers cornerback Chris Culliver doesn’t see it for gay NFL players

Chris Culliver

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If you didn’t know who Chris Culliver was before today, you will be very familiar with him by tomorrow. That is because the gays are coming for his neck after what the San Francisco 49ers cornerback had to say about gays in the NFL.

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Rahm Emanuel Chokes Up Discussing Hadiya Pendleton

Hidaya Pendleton

Last month, President Barack Obama flew cross country to personally share in the grief of the parents who lost their children in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook school shooting.

In the hours following the shooting death of a 15-year-old girl who danced for him at his Inauguration, the president and First Lady Michelle Obama released this statement:

“The president and first lady’s thoughts and prayers are with the family of Hadiya Pendleton.”

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Two women caught smuggling cocaine in ‘homemade diapers’

drugs smuggled in diapers

Customs and Border protection officers stationed at JFK airport in NYC, thought they had seen every type of drug smuggling trick imaginable. But yesterday’s drug seizure was a first for them.

Two Bronx women returning to JFK airport on a JetBlue flight from the Dominican Republic caught the eye of customs officials. Something looked odd about the shape of the women’s bodies. And when drug sniffing dogs came near, the dogs went wild, Mail Online reports.

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Man shoots bus driver, snatches boy off bus and holds him captive in underground bunker

Alabama bus kidnapping

Police in Alabama are engaged in a tense stand-off with a deranged man who shot and killed a school bus driver before snatching a 5-or 6-year-old boy off the bus.

Police say Jimmy Lee Dykes, 67, boarded the bus Tuesday afternoon and told the other children to get off. The bus driver, Charles Albert Poland Jr., 66, was shot several times as he attempted to stop Dykes from taking the boy, according to police. Poland was pronounced dead at the scene.

Children who escaped from the bus told a local minister that the kidnapped boy fainted before he was taken off the bus.

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Guess Who?

All of these women are high maintenance beauties who go to great lengths to make sure their style game is always on point when they step out in public. These women pay extra attention to their hair and nails, because that’s what most women criticize for some odd reason.

1. Let’s begin with these Chanel inspired nails. This woman is living a lie. Her marriage crumbled months ago, but she’s keeping up public appearances until her reality TV show goes off the air. Then she will be heading to divorce court. Who is she?

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