The Gay Agenda in Schools

Loyal reader Kayla writes:

Good evening Ms Rose!

In these past few weeks I've read a few of your articles regarding the gay agenda. I knew that our country was trying to make everyone more accepting with the LGBT community, which I feel is necessary, but the way that they are targeting our children is disturbing. So naturally I did my research and came across this video: (At around 6 minutes they start discussing kids.)

In the video, parents were targeted and one even thrown in jail because he didn't agree with his son's school reading a book called 'A King and A King'. Once he and his wife had their day in court, the school district admitted that they felt it was necessary to teach children homosexuality because they are at an 'impressional age'.

I have nothing against homosexuality, or even letting children know that some families are different, but they are not allowing these kids to grow and develop their own feelings.

What is the first step to protect our children?

Update: Loyal reader Audra writes:

Thank you so much for posting the video on the agenda the Gay community is using to target our children. If being gay is an individuals choice then that is a decision they decided to live with but to force such ideals on my child that is raised to have views that oppose such a lifestyle is dead wrong.

John Legend covers UPTOWN

R&B crooner John Legend covers the current issue of UPTOWN.

Shot by noted photographer Matthew Williams and written by Isoul Harris, the Editor-in-Chief of UPTOWN, the story addresses Legend's upcoming nuptials to Chrissy Teigen and when they are getting married, his relationship with Kanye West (he breaks down Kanye so we can understand him and his actions and motivations a little more) and how becoming rich and famous put a strain on his family, and much more.

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    Kandi purchased the nearly 8,000 sq ft estate in southwest Atlanta at a steal! The home boasts an indoor pool, a guest house and 6-car garage in an affluent gated community. I'm told Kandi splashed out over $300,000 for renovations. Kandi filled her home with ornate objets d'art, paintings and gilded chandeliers that perfectly reflects her eclectic style.

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    Rihanna Uses Homophobic Slur

    Rihanna Uses Homophobic Slur

    Normally I ignore immature juveniles who have no home training. But this I can't ignore. In response to this post, Rihanna wrote a message on referring to this blogger as a "tranny." I am not transgender, but transgender people are often the targets of violence, and the term 'tranny' is a homophobic slur that incites violence against transgendered people.

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    Kenya Moore at Fulton County Courthouse

    I received an email from a friend who is in the legal field. He covers court cases for another media entity. It finally dawned on him yesterday that the whole Kenya Moore eviction debacle is just another stunt to boost TV ratings and to draw attention to "Real Housewives of Atlanta" tv series. This shouldn't surprise anyone. I've been saying this all along about reality TV shows using the court system to boost ratings. Read the email after the break.

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    Beyonce's private dancer

    For months now I've been hearing rumors about barroom singer Beyonce having an affair with one of her male dancers. I ignored the rumors because I assumed the dancer was gay. But according to my source, he is as straight as an arrow. Beyonce is reportedly so smitten with the guy that she posts hundreds of adoring photos of this male dancer all over her personal Tumblr page. In fact, Beyonce's loving photographic tribute to this particular dancer outnumbers the photos she posts of her own husband. It's inappropriate for a wife to shower so much attention on a man other than her husband. I believe the rumors, but I know some of you will scoff at this. Just don't forget where you read it first.

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  • Charles Pope, the founder and only original member of The Tams, passed away at his home in Atlanta today. Mr. Pope was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. He was 76 years old.

    Mr. Pope is survived by his wife Dianne Pope; and his children, former Xscape singer Tameka "Tiny" Harris, Albert "Little Redd" Cottle, and Michelle Pope.

    Mr. Pope was a legendary musician and a loving husband and father. He will be missed. My family and I send our condolences to the Pope family.

    Funeral arrangements have been set.

    Despite uniquely creative marketing campaigns, Jay Z's much-hyped twelfth studio album, 'Magna Carta Holy Grail,' is only projected to push 350-400K in first week sales. According to Billboard magazine, Magna Carta's sales estimates do not include the 1 million advance copies Samsung purchased for $5 each to give away for free to Galaxy owners.

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    Word out of Rihanna's camp is the singer is considering taking out a restraining order if her former lover Chris Brown doesn't stop dropping her name in interviews. I can't say any more about that for legal reasons. But if it happens, remember where you read it first.

    Both Rihanna and Chris cut off all contact with each other after their break up in May. But that hasn't stopped him from continuing to use Rihanna's name to promote his upcoming album.

    Brown's latest publicity stunt came in the form of a tweet saying he and Rihanna were collaborating on a new track called "Put It Up". But Rihanna lashed out with a subliminal tweet on “B*tch you will die, be born again, die again and be born again before I do a song with you b*tch,” she wrote.

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    Cross Dressing Cartoon Targeted at Children

    This is the official trailer for a new show that follows the adventures of a cross dressing superhero called SheZow. The animation cartoon is the latest tool in the Gay Agenda campaign to normalize the homosexual lifestyle for children. The show features a skateboard loving boy who finds a magic ring that gives him superhero powers -- and turns him into a superhero dressed in a feminine costume complete with flawless makeup and wig. If you still don't believe there is a Gay Agenda to indoctrinate your children, watch the video after the break.

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