Rihanna Uses Homophobic Slur

Rihanna Uses Homophobic Slur

Normally I ignore immature juveniles who have no home training. But this I can’t ignore. In response to this post, Rihanna wrote a message on Instagram.com referring to this blogger as a “tranny.” I am not transgender, but transgender people are often the targets of violence, and the term ‘tranny’ is a homophobic slur that incites violence against transgendered people.

As a world famous entertainer whose fans include members of the LGBT community, Rihanna should know better than to use a homophobic slur that offends and insults the LGBT community.

Rihanna should apologize to her young fans who are members of the LGBT community. If Rihanna gets a pass, then every other public figure who maligns an entire group of people — including Paula Deen — should get a pass too. If Rihanna’s use of a homophobic slur is ignored in one instance, then it should be ignored in all instances.

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