Celebrity Hair: Britne Oldford

Actress Britne Oldford walks to the set of Untitled Richard LaGravenese Project filming at A Voce in Columbus Circle in New York City

MTV ‘Skins’ star Britne Oldford never wears her hair in the same style twice. The 21-year-old Toronto native wears her hair curly, straight, wavy, long, short, shoulder length and all stages in between. Today, the Ravenswood star decided to step out as troubled pop idol Justin Bieber. Britne was spotted walking to the set of ABC’s Untitled Richard LaGravenese drama filming at A Voce in Columbus Circle in New York City. Click the link to see what Britne normally looks like when she isn’t going through another hair raising transformation.

Britne Oldford IG

Photos: Splash News and Britne’s Instagram


5 Responses to “Celebrity Hair: Britne Oldford”

  1. 1
    cheeks8683 says:

    Hated it! Sidenote, a Caucasian co-worker of mine stopped hanging with one of her girlfriends because she wore her hair like the said person above because she thought people would think they were lesbians…. :rofl:

  2. 2
    Miany says:

    she does resemble Justin…..#BlackGirlsRockTho
    look at the versatility in that natural hair!!! :nun:

  3. 3
    deedeegirl says:

    Who? Who is this person?

  4. 4
    Afiya says:

    She does resemble the Beib, is she a blk chile? cause that second pic looks like a totally different person (around the lips).

    :mad: So the nigga that kilt the sailor here (NOB, USS MAHAN) killed his best friend and served just one year :shock: who was he blowing to get such privileges (sic) :thinking: to be on the streets AND he had a TWIC card, do you know how hard they are to get? :huh: :smh: there will be hell to pay for this shyt :yes:

  5. 5
    VicKaLiCious says:

    A racially ambiguous woman wears a wig…riveting.

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