Laverne Cox

Last week, male-to-female (MtF) trans Laverne Cox released his first-ever music video for the dance track "Beat for the Gods". The 45-year-old Orange is the New Black star told Out magazine that his recording career was launched by accident.

"‘Beat For The Gods’ happened because one day my makeup artist, Deja, who does all my makeup -- she did my makeup for an event and I looked in the mirror and said, ‘Girl, I’m beat for the gods.’ I was living for myself. I was having a moment."

Cox said he recorded the song for the transgenders and gays to vogue to in the clubs.

My intention with this song -- it’s obviously a dance song. I just wanted it to be a cute song for the kids to vogue to. It really is an homage to that community, the kids who vogue, the kids who drag, the nightclub scene.

So far, 'Beat' has garnered 33,500 views since it debuted on on Friday.



  • Rachel

    Looks like he beat himself up with a bag of flour. He need to go have a sit down talk with RuPaul.

  • HoneyyGoodMoneyy_
  • MsVAllDay


  • MsVAllDay

    I will not entertain this foolishness.

  • Calikush

    ?Boy Bye, get that wack chit outta here! Just turrrrible!!!!!

  • Marlika

    Him favors Omorosa.

  • SpillyNillie

    Bleached for Gods perhaps....

  • Calikush

    ?Yes, I can definitely see the resemblance!

  • Quitedeliteful

    He sure does!!!

  • KarmaBackAround


  • tintin

    I saw his face up top and said to myself, i am not gonna waste my top and watch this shat.

  • Quitedeliteful

    Sandy-Mae you have been extremely generous with your one-rose rating of this terrible song. 33,500 pair of ears are probably bleeding after listening to this...

  • Mama Dee’s Wig Maker
  • Rayne

    ??? Sandra get back on yo ‘puter and cut that rose ? up top in thirds. Lmfao

  • Desiree Edwards


  • Mama Dee’s Wig Maker

    This picture!!

  • Quitedeliteful

    LOLLOLLOL!!!! Sandy is feeling generous today....

  • Roxie Moxie

    OMFG!!!!! #dead like a muhh fuuuhhh!!!!!

  • Rayne

    I swear cause I got my laugh for today ??

  • Alicia.Ashe

    It doesn’t deserve a Rose at all.

  • Berry Melon

    Laverne releases a music video which Sandra Rose rated #1 star... err... one rose. I'm not even going to press the play button, I just "assume" it sounds like RuPaul's "Cover Girl," meanwhile while everyone wants to be singers in that entertainment biz... over here there's a KFC crisis and everyone is going crazy over chicken...

  • Roxie Moxie

    YO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I threw up in my mouth a little. What in all thee f**ks is THIS??!?!!

  • PhillyFacts


  • Alicia.Ashe

    Maybe for the people who get extremely drunk and Vogue.

  • Roxie Moxie

    Bleeding AND Tinnitus!

  • KcoolMuziq
  • Tiffani Jett

    This song is terrible. Is Laverne still on Orange is the New Black?

  • Hugga Bunch

    Hate it or love it, but I can see ppl dancing for their life in the clubs to this. Its a King Bey thing lol

  • Vegas1989

    LOL...I didn't push play came straight to the comments. LOL

  • ?Patty Kakes?

    That has got to be the worst song I've ever heard lol

  • NeverSurprised

    What kind of KFC crisis?

  • Vegas1989

    I really don't understand that this man wants to be a black woman. He is a man and still looks like a man. There's nothing feminine about him.

  • NeverSurprised

    Wow. You're right.

  • NeverSurprised

    Had me crine!!

  • Kemi

    Here for the comments ????? Lmao!!

  • Applebootay

    I stopped it 0:33.....not for me....

  • NeverSurprised

    Makeup or no makeup, Leroy Cox is one manly lookin' man. There are NFL wide receivers with narrower shoulders than his.

  • Applebootay

    What kinda clubs you talking?

  • Chele


  • Toni Toni Toni

    I lasted til 41 seconds and was like WTF! JUST NO!
    Stick to acting. Geesh

  • Marlika


  • Holler If Ya Hear Me

    Not even going to subject my ears...

  • Hugga Bunch

    Wherever ppl get their vogue on.


    You know you could've left out the trans and male to female transition out this post right?

  • Naomi

    Have you met Sandra Rose? LOL it wouldn't be like her if she didn't add that in...I think us readers would think she was sick if she didn't lol

  • Keepin’IT100

    This song is garbage.. Stop trying to push this trannie crap on us!! ITS not NORMAL!!!

  • Solstice

    After merely reading the headline ?… Proceeds to exit post ?????…

  • Solstice
  • RaginB

    It’s like she said “well maybe I could try music”.....naaaaaah now.?

  • Mystique

    Lasted 57 sec, nah, I'm good on this!

  • Rayne

    They ran out of chicken lmfaooo

  • NeverSurprised

    If Bruce Jenner's big, burly behind can look in the mirror and see a woman staring back, then no one is immune from this mental disorder.

  • angrysolo

    sandy. don’t leave us in here, with this.

  • Jannika

    That looked like an early 1980s video having a low budget, not an homage to one.

  • Gloria

    comments got me cracking up lol

  • Mr.LeBrickJames

    I'm just here for the comments.
    Not even subjecting my ears/mind/soul to that nonsense.

  • Junkanoo

    Delusions of granduer ,by 45 she should know she can't sing a lick ,the children don't need this crap to dance to house music is alive and kicking and far superior to this pitiful attempt. Being famous doesn't mean youre good at everything why can't celebs get that in their thick heads

  • hottlanta

    Can't breathe.

  • hottlanta

    Like he accidently stopped at Home Depot and stopped at aisles 1 & 5 for a lube job. You give people one compliment and they think they can do everything. Leroy you will NEVA be Sylvester. If someone say "beat for the God's beat the hell outta them. I got tired of hearing "on fleak" I wanted to throw up.

  • hottlanta

    I didn't even wanna click.

  • davine puddin

    Okay where do i start? Is him gay dressing up as a girl or transgendered? Cox should have kept his personality refined now he just look like a confused mess. Pick a side...either you are a gay male who enjoy cross dressing like rupaul or are you a pre op transgendered. News flash ladies do not act nor wish to act like that?

  • Berry Melon

    All the KFC stores are shutting down due to chicken shortage, people are even going to extreme measures by contacting the police... it's quite crazy.

  • i troll it like i see it

    There are people out there with a hell of a lot less doing a hell of a lot better. That song was crap.

  • i troll it like i see it

    It's pretty terrible.

  • Ryan


    I'm just here for the comments

  • MeMyself&I

    OH Hell 2 the Naw. .gave me a dang headache !!!!!

  • Whiplash(lacejagger)

    It's a no for me dawg

  • dontgetblocked

    I made it 30 seconds and I couldn't take anymore. Rupaul...she's not!!

  • OvertheMississippi

    You a good one then!

  • 2gr8ful

    You did great!


    Sadly I know ? and I know and love her for it... Don't tell anyone ???

  • Kayke

    It's a no for me, dawg.

  • xenaD

    That looked like omarosa

  • PinkLocs

    Lmao!!!! ??? rt...

  • Solstice

    I didn’t even subscribe ?

  • Sally Wright McLinn

    No career, no money. Desperate much?

  • imright

    boy bye ???

  • Malcom Flex

    He should have pulled this move when he got famous now he's floundering for an audience. Trying to turn into a white female to replace BW he's failed to get the ever-important BW loyalty. BW don't ride neither will BM. That leaves gays. But he says he's a woman not a gay man so no big gay audience.

    His fetish audience are closeted tranny chasers mainly hiphop black males and married white/asian/hispanic/arab business men who prefer anal sex. He has a small niche audience.

  • Malcom Flex


  • Malcom Flex

    He doesn't want to be a black woman he wants to be a white woman. Most dark gay males do. Their drag focus on old fashion white female movie stars. They can't wait to bleach and wear blond wigs. BECAUSE THEY WANT WHITE MEN it all circles back to their desire for WM they want WM approval.

  • nicelyput32

    Her 15 minutes of fame ain't over yet????

  • Malcom Flex

    You're right they will play this at gay clubs just to rep and because it's fresh. He'll make small coin from that lame trash.

  • DaughterOfaQueen

    No ma'am/sir

  • Raquelle Dellaghetto

    I'm gonna Sashay and Shante the fawk out of this post...

  • Malcom Flex

    He wishes he looked ilke her, she's feminine af

  • hottlanta

    Omarosa trying to get her black card back for real. She is saying working with Dump at the White House was like a plantation. You know was ROTFLMAO when I saw that. Next she gonna put on a scarf and have a bucket of cotton.


    LOL LOL...just spit my hennessy all over my phone, and dropped my cigar.

    Come on brother... black man are a grown ass man.

    Time for you to acting like one

  • freelancepimp .

    Tell me he don't look like a Kryptoninian in the beginning of that video. None of yall better ever run up on this dude whether you man or woman.

  • Solstice

    Hollering!!! ?????

  • hottlanta

    I blame women for this foolery. Always complimenting him all the day he looks better than some women, he is fab etc, etc. You don't see men falling all over Chaz Bono saying he looks handsome/sharp in his suits and his Stacy Adams are on point. When John Legend had him in his Natural Woman video folks went in and he pulled the video real quick.

  • NYTimes#1Bestseller

    ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? hot garbage juice

  • hottlanta

    He said he made it for the transgenders and gays not for us straight people. Should I protest because I feel left out because I am straight. Transgender's feel left out of the bathroom, he made this song I feel left out of the club because he didn't mention me as straight person I don't feel welcomed.

  • freelancepimp .

    It's clearly their fault. It's seen as an affront to masculinity but once these guys start invading their spaces, (as in competing against them in sports, taking women scholarships/spots on exclusive teams, using female facilities such as locker rooms to name a few,) then it becomes a problem.

  • SaltineCrackers

    LaVerne just set the transgender community back 20 damn years.

  • hottlanta

    You forgot to add in their bed. Someone likes me who don't give a flip and refuse to be on comment overload will be accused of being homophobic. I don't go on comment overload on real women when they are fierce so I should make an exception when I see Leroy. Ain't see nobody I the ATL in him and Beyoncé's clothing line. I guess we suppose to flock and buy it because of him. Someone needs to get fired for that suggestion.

  • MeMyself&I


  • Dr.Rue

    Don't insult a natural born Black woman like that. Laverne looks a mess

  • Kayke

    They apologized by switching their letters around to spell FCK lol

  • che’lint

    Wow ?

  • Let’s Play

    Oops... said it wrong... Sandra know this is not for straights, but she love a good clicky click... there we go

  • Let’s Play

    how so?

  • hottlanta

    Can't wait for Chaz Bono to do a Magic Shave commercial.

  • hottlanta

    The LGBTQYTBY2E community still haven't made a public statement that we stand with the students of Parkland. But everyone supposed to make one about the Pulse nightclub shooting. If not they wanna know why.

  • NeverSurprised

    "His fetish audience are closeted tranny chasers mainly hiphop black males and married white/asian/hispanic/arab business men who prefer anal sex. He has a small niche audience"

    Brilliantly stated. You are 100% correct, but because the white run/liberal run/gay run media is setting the agenda, they are promoting him as if he has widespread appeal. He does not.

  • n1kk1a

    No you better don’t was a better song. This shit sucks. I love Laverne Cox, but shim should stick to OITNB. ?????

  • bemetoo

    omg she looks like a man in is horrible

  • datjerk thnx

  • datjerk


  • Vonn


  • Vonn


  • NeverSurprised

    He IS a man in drag.

  • the guest

    Was this necessary?

  • the guest

    Just tragic.

  • the guest

    The first thing I said was I hope he's not singing about putting on pancake make up.

    Then I gave benefit of the doubt and thought maybe beat for the gods was referring to a serious dance beat. So I listened. This horrible song really is about this seven foot tall man putting on pancake foundation.


  • Darkandlovely617?

    I don’t want to see any comments from you prior to 12pm est, 2/27


  • Kaze

    You can't swagger jack Rupaul ain't nobody doing it better than him/her girl please go back to prison i'm sure somebody need they hair done

  • suganspice68


  • suganspice68

    This video was a true hot mess! Larry or Laverne CAN'T sing!

  • suganspice68

    I laughed throughout watching the whole video

  • suganspice68


  • suganspice68

    Lol!!!!These comments are killing me!

  • suganspice68

    Shim sounds like a demon

  • suganspice68

    My stomach hurts so much from laughing so hard at this post

  • suganspice68

    His shoulders are bigger than Russell Wilson's!

  • shay2shaymd


  • Tasha Nicole

    What is this mess? lmaooooooo


    That's one big B*****H!!!! I don't care how much Laverne beats his face, u can still tell that he is a man. Oh yeah and the music is I guess ok for their drag queen catwalk but it's not my taste, ok now bye!!!

  • MeMyself&I


  • SexyScorpio

    I am not watching nor listening to this mess!!

  • Decked Out

    Why is HOLLYWEiRD pushing, "THIS"
    This VIDEO would be a, "HELL NO"

  • MsSlayla

    I actually loved this ? Mutha Ru will be so proud ???

  • SweetTEE

    Just irritates me to my soul.

  • Readytochokemothernatureout

    I'll kindly take your word for it lol.

  • SDot

    YUCK and HELLZ no.
    Can some one tell him he's not cute on any

  • Quagsire!

    Can we really equate this drivel as “music”?!


    Nope not really, I was just trying to be nice lol!

  • bemetoo

    ???? me too

  • bemetoo

    ????? I know

  • Knocked Kneed and Pigeon Toed

    What in the RuPaul Hail!!

  • Ice

    It looks and sounds awful.

  • kennedy220

    hollywood is not pushing know damn well even if they were pushing this it's not good enough for mtv or bet if they played music

  • kennedy220

    mmm i think even the music needs someone else for the drag queen catwalk

  • Zeta Phi Beta 1920

    The video could have been a lot better.
    No Leyome. #smh

    The beat is perfect for Dramatics.

  • GrapeCrush

    That was sad and pathetic on every single level. ?

  • GrapeCrush

    Lol! Boooooo is right!

  • Tony Winston

    your not cute either, and what

  • Liah

    Nope not going to do it!.....Keeping it movin!~

  • SDot

    I bet you I shut you down on my worst day...Oh and Im a REAL WOMEN!

    Stop hating on something you can't be!

    And ya boy/boo is still Shyt face Dog Rotten DIsgusting Ugly!

  • LeXx

    NAW BRUH!!! ?

  • Kita Williams

    sad part is she's an opera soprano....SOPRANOOOOO so it's like I know you having fun but them vocals can go FAR internationally if she really wanted to showcase her other talents

  • Stacey J

    Okay....she says she wants to be treated as a woman but then does a full on RuPaul impersonation....I guess...

  • MrsMcElroy

    Why is this happening? Please make it go away.

  • Trace da Ace

    naw..she needs to beat herself the right shade of foundation....

  • DLB

    He reminds me of rupaul dressed in drag.

  • Pootietang

    ??? he tucked the hell out of that dick