Facing the threat of a class action lawsuit, Apple now admits its new iPhone 4 has reception problems and are promising a fix soon. But there's a catch: Apple continues to deny the problem is with the phone's hardware.

Rather than admit they rushed a defective product to market, Apple released a press statement today attributing the problem to the way the signal bars are being displayed.

"Users observing a drop of several bars when they grip their iPhone in a certain way are most likely in an area with very weak signal strength, but they don't know it because we are erroneously displaying 4 or 5 bars. Their big drop in bars is because their high bars were never real in the first place."

Clearly, Apple doesn't think very highly of their customers' IQs. But then again, Apple's customers do line up like brainless sheeple to buy their products.

Apple's evasive attitude is consistent with CEO Steve Jobs repeated denials that a problem exists with the phone's reception. A law firm is in the process of building a class action lawsuit against Apple.

From CNN.com:

After initially dismissing the reports about the iPhone 4 antenna reception issue, Apple has officially admitted it exists, promising a software fix in a couple of weeks. There's a catch, though.

Apple's promised fix may not be good news for users experiencing the problem. Apple claims it has erroneously calculated the formula which displays signal bars on the iPhone, and therefore the iPhone has been showing too many bars in areas with weak signal strength.

Unfortunately, this seems like Apple is only acknowledging one part of the problem. Anandtech's in-depth analysis showed that the signal drop when you grip the iPhone 4 by its lower-right side is very real.

According to CNN.com (via Mashable.com), secret documents leaked to Boy Genius Report blog confirms that Apple knows its new iPhone 4 has a critical design flaw.

The documents describe the "strong company line" that AppleCare representatives are being trained to tell consumers who complain about the new phone's reception problems:

Employees are told to say that the device's reception performance "is the best we have ever shipped" and that its critical antenna flaws are "a fact of life in the wireless world." They are told not to perform service on iPhones with these problems and instead to give customers a PR-driven recitative instead.

In a nutshell, Apple knows the phone has problems but will insist that users are simply "holding it wrong."

These statements are dead ringers for CEO Steve Jobs' own assertions that the iPhone 4 antenna and reception issues do not, in fact, exist. "There is no reception issue," he told one user. But the very fact that this document exists suggests that Apple execs know there is indeed a widespread hardware flaw, even if they're unwilling to address it publicly at this time.

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The people in this line in NYC aren't waiting to donate blood. Nor are they waiting in line for hours to volunteer to help others. They are waiting in the hot sun to purchase a cell phone.

Every person in this line knows that the phone they seek will be able very shortly in huge quantities. But, no, they have to have it right now.

The people in this line are typical of our impulsive, over-indulged, narcissistic society: they lack the patience or the maturity to simply wait until the supply of these phones meets the demand.

Patience versus instant gratification is a quality that many of us lack because we give in to our impulses to keep up with the Joneses.

When you react to life in this way, you allow circumstances to control you. If you choose to allow pressures to drive your decisions, then you do not act from your heart. You deny your true self, and sabotage your success. There are other ways to feel alive, other ways to feel good about life and satisfy the emptiness with true fulfillment. Self-sabotage is not the answer. Stop living under the control of your impulses, and determine to respond to life with strength and character. [link]

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US president Barack Obama is shaping up to be the biggest liar ever to occupy the White House. A bigger liar than even Bill "I did not have sex with that woman" Clinton.

It would be too time consuming to list all of Obama's untruths, so let's just skip ahead to the latest piece of fiction to come out of his mouth.

If you recall, Obama said this during the Commencement address to the Hampton University graduating class this past weekend:

"With iPods and iPads and Xboxes and PlayStations -- none of which I know how to work -- information becomes a distraction, a diversion, a form of entertainment, rather than a tool of empowerment, rather than the means of emancipation," Obama said at Hampton University in southeastern Virginia.

Well, as others have already pointed out, the Huffington Post, ran this piece about Obama listening to Jay Z on his iPod. The same iPod that Obama claims he doesn't own or know how to work.

You might say lying about an iPod is such a small thing. But Obama lies about everything. How can we trust a man who can't even tell the truth about an iPod?

He lies all the time He lied about how often he attended services at Jeremiah Wright's church; he lied about how his parents met; how his uncle liberated Auschwitz; how his dad came to this country. The guy just lies about his own background and life. What a phony...and, btw, for someone who decries people's use of IPODs, why did he give one to Queen Elizabeth as a diplomatic gift - one filled with his own speeches. How priceless! Source

So yesterday I met up with an old friend who brought along her Louis Vuitton messenger bag to our lunch date. Inside the bag was her brand new iPad.

She happily told me she wasn't following the crowd because she had resisted the initial onslaught of overhyped iPad ads for at least a month before she finally gave in after reading on my blog that her favorite singer Monica had an iPad. She said she loves it.

Me, on the other hand, I still have no use for an iPad. I already have a MacBook Pro (which I'm typing this post on) and a HTC smart phone, which I hate, but it serves my purposes when I want to browse the Internet while out & about.

I simply can't see myself dragging that monster iPad out of a bag just to check the sports scores -- unless I just want the people around me to see that I have an iPad -- and I am not that vain.

US president Barack Obama probably feels the same way. He doesn't own an iPad either.

Obama told the graduating class of Hampton University today (April 9) that the iPad is just another useless invention that will only lead them to distraction as they try to find work in a dismal job market.

Last week Apple CEO Steve Jobs bragged that his iPad sold over 1 million units. With over 300 million people in the US, I am not impressed.

Besides, that figure doesn't include all the replacement iPads exchanged by clumsy owners who dropped and broke their first units.

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Rap Diva Trina wanted the world to know that her reunion with former boyfriend Kenyon Martin was not a ploy to help promote her new album. So she packed him off to Atlanta yesterday to sit by her side while she signed CDs at DTLR sporting goods store in Camp Creek (a suburb of Atlanta).

This is how closely Trina monitors Kenyon's every move like a hawk! My spies tell me that while Trina was signing autographs, Kenyon received a call on his iPhone. She immediately jumped up and demanded to see his phone. Once she was satisfied that the call was innocent, she resumed signing CDs.

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A thug who ripped off a man's finger during a brazen daylight iPad heist is in police custody.

Brandon D. Smith, 20, was arrested during a routine traffic stop early Saturday. Police say Smith was one of two men who stalked the victim, 59-year-old Bill Jordan, after he purchased a $500 iPad from the Apple store at the Cherry Creek mall in Denver, Colorado on April 15th.

Mall surveillance video shows the two thieves following Jordan as he walked down a flight of stairs holding a white plastic bag with its knotted cord wrapped around his fingers. Jordan said he wound the bag's cord around his fingers as a precaution so he wouldn't drop the pricey machine.

The video shows Jordan leaving the mall through an exit to a parking deck when Smith quickly walks up behind him, snatches the bag and runs off. As Smith yanked the bag, the cord tightened on Jordan's pinky finger ripping the tip of his finger off along with the tendons, ligaments and muscle, leaving only the exposed bone.

A surgeon later amputated part of Jordan's pinky finger. Smith is being held in the Denver County jail on charges of robbery and second-degree assault.

Thanks to tips called in from the public, Denver police already knew who they were looking for when they rolled up on Smith's car at 1:14 am Saturday. His mother must be so proud of him.

They say a sucker is born every minute. Well, on Saturday, 300,000 suckers paid around $500 to be the proud owners of an oversized iPod Touch that can't even connect to the Internet without a WiFi hot spot.

According to Apple CEO Steve Jobs, over 300,000 of the WiFi iPads were sold on Saturday. That estimate includes the iPads that were shipped to customers who pre-ordered.

Apple would have rolled out the 3G iPad on Saturday had AT&T not begged them to hold off for fear of crashing the broadband service and disrupting signals to millions of cell phones.

The iPad sales eclipsed the July, 2007 first day sales of iPhones by 100,000. But iPhone sales were limited to one phone per person back then. The iPads did not exactly fly off the shelves as analysts had predicted. Many Best Buy stores around the country report unsold iPads remaining on the shelves.

One Atlanta area Best Buy that I was in on Saturday (launch day), had several iPads sitting out on a table around 9 p.m. -- and many more in the storeroom.

No one picked the units up until I started playing with one. As I turned the iPad over to look at the back, the slender unit slipped out of my hands and crashed onto the table. It wasn't damaged, and I'm sure my grip would have been more secure had I paid $500 for it. But just the idea of carrying around something the size of a dinner plate just to surf the Internet when a handheld iTouch does the same thing, is ridiculous.

The iPad mania shows just how easy it is to create high public demand for something worthless by taking advantage of people's insecurities and low self esteem.

Sales of the iPad will probably taper off as soon as people figure out they've been suckered in by the Apple hype machine.

Apple's CEO, Jobs predicts the iPad will be a game changer. But if you recall, Jobs also said the two wheel Segway was a game changer before it debuted back in 2001.

In fact, the massive hype and build up leading up to the debut of the Segway was covered by all the major news networks because Steve Jobs said the Segway was the greatest invention since the Internet. He said the Segway would change the way we looked at transportation.

The only thing the Segway changed was the way mall cops get around the mall.

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I decided pretty early on during the iPad's overhyped, pre-launch mania that Apple's shiny new toy would be useless to me since it doesn't have Flash and most of the websites that I visit requires a Flash player to view properly.

In addition to that, the size of the thing and the fact that it's not a standalone device such as a laptop, is discouraging.

If there's no table around to lay it on, Apple's iPad will be too large and cumbersome to hold with one hand and type with the other when sending texts. And if I need both hands to handle the iPad, how will I answer my phone when it rings since this thing doesn't have one?

Besides, I already have a Macbook Pro (which I love) and a new touch screen HTC smart phone (which I loath), so as the April 3rd launch date approaches, I ask myself, why do I need an iPad?

Then last night I stumbled upon ThinkGeek.com and this beautiful desktop iCade cabinet built especially for the new iPad.

The majority of you know you'll be purchasing the iPad just to say you have one. So what better way to show off your new toy than to display it in this cute arcade cabinet?

The neat thing about the iCade is it actually works and you can play hundreds of classic arcade games such as PacMan and Donkey Kong on your iPad without developing a hump in your back from bending over it for hours.

To use the iCade, you slide the iPad down into the cabinet and dock it in a 30-pin cradle that links the iPad to the professional-grade arcade controls. To make the controls work, you'll need the iCade app which will be available for download free in Apple's online store by the iPad's April 3rd launch date.

The cabinet comes equipped with integrated 2.1 dolby speakers and subwoofer and includes a 10w USB power adapter to keep your battery charged.

The iCade will set you back $149. But since you're already throwing away spending at least $499 for the cheapest iPad model + $30 a month for a data plan from ATT, what's an extra $150 down the rabbit hole?


Apparently this was an April Fool's joke. Thanks to everyone who emailed me about this being a dumb joke.

Yesterday, RadarOnline, which is owned by the same company that owns the National Enquirer, posted this 'Exclusive' video to boost their claim of violence in Katherine Jackson's household.

Katherine Jackson is the mother of the late pop icon Michael Jackson. She was granted custody of Michael's 3 children after he died unexpectedly of a cardiac arrest last year.

5 other Jackson brothers spawn live in the home with as many as 6 adults. The California Department of Children and Family Services is currently investigating the home environment after an incident at the home involving a stun gun purchased by Jermaine Jackson's 13-year-old son, Jaafar, online.

The video shows Jaafar fake slapping his young brother, Jermajesty. Nancy Grace replayed this video repeatedly on her show last night.

It should be obvious from the video that Jermajesty knows the slap is coming since he raises his hand near his face. Jaafar then slaps Jermajesty's hand and shouts an expletive. Anyone raising boys recognizes play slapping when they see it. But RadarOnline went as far as to seek the opinion of a clinical psychiatrist who claims the video is evidence of violence inside the Jackson home.

Done anyone in mainstream journalism use their brains anymore?

Doesn't actress Gabby Sidibe remind you of an attractive version of Angel Laws from Concrete Poop? Isn't it great that 2009 ushered in a new era placing the emphasis on talent and not false imagery?

Gabby visited the Duracell Power Lab in Times Square today in New York City. Doesn't she look very comfortable in her skin? The other night as I sat in my car to get out of the bitter cold while waiting for the Jingle Jam promoter to produce another ticket for my friend (he ultimately told me to kick rocks), I watched a parade of big guls wearing the tightest, curve fitting, revealing outfits I've ever seen. I LOVED IT! I LOVE big guls with supreme confidence. They make everyone around them smile. Of course, my readers will always find something negative to say about this beautiful woman regardless.

Photos: Wireimage/Getty

Just the other night, my cell phone rang around 3 a.m. awaking me from a deep sleep. The call was initiated by the Blackberry cell phone of a friend whose BB often inadvertently speed dials my number at ungodly hours of the night.

On the other end of the phone I could hear a deep conversation between the friend and her boyfriend, a prominent local businessman -- neither of whom knew her phone had called my phone.

She is not the only friend whose Blackberry inadvertently calls me. This happens so often with my friends who own Blackberries that I can just about guess when it's the phone calling rather than the person. This seems to be a major flaw with the new Blackberry design.

A Blackberry can bust up your relationship if it dials a number at the most inopportune time. This is what happened to an unfortunate fast food restaurant manager who was about to get busy with a co-worker when his phone called his baby mama.

According to the AJC, the boyfriend was in a back room at the restaurant about to have sex with a young, female co-worker when his baby mama and her teenage kids arrived at the closed restaurant around 3:30 a.m., bust out the plate glass window and dragged the chick out of the restaurant by her hair.

Home boy took off running and probably wasn't aware that it was his cell phone that inadvertently dialed Xochitl Bernice Valdez-Mendoza’s number and that is how she could hear that he and the 20-year-old restaurant employee were preparing to have sex.

Valdez-Mendoza and her teenage children were in custody Tuesday. Valdez-Mendoza is charged with aggravated assault and false imprisonment and two counts each of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and third-degree child cruelty. Her 16-year-old daughter and 14-year-old son are being held in the Gainesville Regional Youth Detention Center on assault and false imprisonment charges.

I keep telling you ladies that if your man is going to cheat, 9 times out of 10 it will be with a co-worker in the workplace.

There is too much time and opportunity in the workplace for a man to get a willing and able side piece to give him some slap in the storage room.

If you're a man who owns a Blackberry and you don't want to be put out there, my best advice is to trash your Blackberry and get yourself a T-Mobile G1.


Last night, former music mogul Jermaine Dupri launched his new line of affordable watches at WISH in Atlanta and celebrity photographer Prince WIlliams of ATLPics.net was there to capture all the excitement.

Other celebs in the house included R&B Diva Monica, rapper Big Boi, former America's Top Model finalist Eva tha Diva and her fiance actor Lance Gross, socialite Teyana Taylor (I don't know what else to call her), and socialite Sarah Chapman (pictured below).

The line of affordable watches called Nu Pop Movement range in price from $95 to $145. I'm told the watches sales were brisk last night as everyone purchased one for themselves or as gifts.

Monica, Lance and Eva attended the event in support of JD. I was invited to this launch personally by PR diva Patti Webster of W & W Public Relations. But I couldn't find a thing to wear.

The Nu Pop Movement line of plastic watches

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A new bill being drafted behind closed doors will give absolute power to Obama to disconnect any private sector computer networks if he deems them a threat to cybersecurity.

In fact, the requirements in the bill giving Obama power to disconnect networks from the Internet are deliberately vague. The 55-page bill drafted by aides to Sen. Jay Rockefeller (a Democrat from W. Virginia) gives Obama the power to seize control of private sector networks and "declare a cybersecurity emergency" relating to "non-governmental" computer networks.

Despite the fact those networks are not connected to -- and therefore pose no threat to government systems, Obama will still have the power to disrupt the networks to do whatever is necessary to respond to the perceived threat.

The new version of the bill includes a federal certification program for "cybersecurity professionals," and a requirement that certain private sector companies deemed to be critical will undergo "periodic mapping" and those companies "shall share" requested information with the federal government. Those companies would then be under the control of those "cybersecurity professionals" who answer to Obama.

Translation: If your company is deemed "critical," a new set of regulations kick in involving who you can hire, what information you must disclose, and when the government would exercise control over your computers or network. Source

Understandably, the implications behind that language is a cause for concern to telecommunications companies like Verizon and Nortel, among others. "I think the redraft, while improved, remains troubling due to its vagueness," said Larry Clinton, president of the Internet Security Alliance, which represents the telecommunications companies. "It is unclear what authority Sen. Rockefeller thinks is necessary over the private sector. Unless this is clarified, we cannot properly analyze, let alone support the bill."

Actress (and Justin Timberlake's girlfriend) Jessica Biel and burlesque singer Beyonce were named the #1 and #2 most dangerous celebs on the web by McAfee Avert Labs, the makers of a top anti-virus program. That's because fans searching for pictures of Biel and Bey have a 1-in-5 chance of infecting their computers with a dangerous virus or worm.

"Cybercriminals are star watchers too--they latch onto popular celebrities to encourage the download of malicious software in disguise," Jeff Green, senior vice president of McAfee Avert Labs, said Tuesday in a statement. "Consumers' obsession with celebrity news and culture is harmless in theory, but one bad download can cause a lot of damage to a computer." Read more...

This is the main reason why I no longer surf the web with my home Windows PC. I use my MacBook Pro laptop to safely surf the Internets because it's immune to Windows-based virus. Advertisers and publishers aren't monitoring their ads for viral payloads. In some cases you don't even have to click on an ad to infect your computer. Just landing on the page while surfing will get you a virus these days.

So if you're wondering why your computer is so slow or you see a lot of pop ups and the dreaded blue screen of death on your PC, blame Beyonce and Jessica!