According to Michelle of, rapper Lil Scrappy proposed to his long-suffering baby mama, Erica Dixon. Before you get excited, try to remember that reality TV shows are about as "real" as a $3 dollar bill.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta's script called for Scrappy to "date" reality TV star Buckeey (who is already in a longterm relationship with an Atlanta photographer). So I knew something had to give for the reunion.

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Tameka Raymond is reportedly upset with her ex-husband, singer Usher Raymond, for allegedly using her son Kile Glover's death to delay their contentious child custody hearing.

As I told you previously, Usher only visited 11-year-old Kile Glover "once" in the 3 weeks he stayed in ICU at a local children's hospital. Kile died of traumatic brain injuries sustained in a boating accident on Lake Lanier. Family members were upset that the media continued to describe Kile as Usher's "stepson" when Usher wasn't in Kile's life after his divorce from Tameka.

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A recent development has put a new twist on the Usher and Maxwell teh ghey rumors. As you know, crooners Usher and Maxwell have been the subjects of gay rumors for years.

According to my very credible west coast connect, Maxwell recently broke up with his rumored male lover. I can't say any more than that because a child is involved (and the kid can read). But is it just a coincidence that Usher and Maxwell sat down for a private intimate dinner in New York last week?

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A messy private battle over Michael Jackson's untold millions went public on Saturday when Jackson's daughter, Paris, tweeted details of a letter signed by her aunts and uncles. The letter reportedly challenged the late Michael Jackson's will as a fraud, and the siblings asked the executors of Michael's estate to step down.

In the midst of all this mayhem, Katherine Jackson, the 82-year-old Jackson matriarch, was reported missing by her nephew, T.J. (Tito Jackson's son). Paris confirmed that her grandmother was missing in a series of emotional tweets on her official account.

In a follow-up tweet on Monday, Paris, wrote: "8 days and counting . something is really off , this isn’t like her at all .. i wanna talk directly to my grandmother!!< |3"

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Didn't I tell you that Basketball Wives cast member Jennifer Williams would drop her fake "bitch slap" lawsuit against Nia Crooks when the season ended? VH1 and Bravo will continue to produce degrading "reality" shows as long as their gullible viewers continue watching.

From Fresh:

Unconfirmed rumors suggest Jennifer Williams was not being asked back for another season of Basketball Wives after she filed a lawsuit against Evelyn Lozada's assistant, Nia Crooks, for slapping her face during an episode of the show [click here if you missed that].

Now, after a rough summer of having her Bentley repossessed and her estranged husband Eric's secret baby put on blast, Jennifer decided she's just had enough and has dropped the suit without settlement.

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  • Illinois representative Jesse Jackson Jr. went on hiatus from congress on June 10. At the time he told his office released a statement explaining that he was being treated for that mythical term "exhaustion" at an undisclosed location.

    The Chicago media leaped all over the story, demanding to know exactly where Jackson was being treated. Rumors swirled that Jackson attempted suicide. Reporters besieged Jackson's family and associates with requests for more details on what was ailing him.

    After a month of speculation and rampant rumors, Jackson's office released another brief statement about Jackson's illness.

    “The congressman is receiving intensive medical treatment at a residential treatment facility for a mood disorder,” said the statement, citing Jackson’s doctor. “He is responding positively to treatment.."

    Jackson's office hoped the new information would appease the media, but the statement only added to the confusion.

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    Singer Fantasia took to her Instagram page Tuesday to slam rumors that she is pregnant with her 3rd child. Fantasia recently gave birth to a boy, her first child with estranged baby daddy Antwaun Cook.

    The rumors were sparked by a blog after 'Tasia posted the above pic on her Instragram page over the weekend.

    Fantasia bashed the unnamed blog on her Instagram page:

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