Rihanna Slapped a Fan in Paris (Video)

Paris: Rihanna attends Dior Photocall as part of the Paris Fashion Week

Welp, so much for Rihanna being nice to her fans. Social media is buzzing about Rihanna slapping a fan during Paris Fashion Week. I guess she’s only nice to her fans when she doesn’t think cameras are recording her every move.

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Woman Poured Drain Cleaner in Her Eyes to Deliberately Blind Herself (Video)

A North Carolina woman poured drain cleaner in her eyes to blind herself on purpose. Jewel Shuping, 30, told the NY Post she believed she was born to be blind.

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Celebrity Style: Beyonce Wearing Stella McCartney ‘Elyse’ Shoe

Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z go for pizza in Brookyn, NY

You can always count on Beyonce for a good laugh. The nail salon singer’s personal style is usually hit-and-miss. But lately she’s been more miss than hit. She can’t even dress casually without looking desperate.

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Does Rick Ross’ Fiancee Lira Galore Know About This?

Rick Ross Lira Galore

Let’s face it, if given the opportunity to cheat, most men will jump at the chance. Rapper and entrepreneur Rick Ross is no exception. According to Famelous.com, Ross was caught with a groupie in a hotel penthouse wuite while his fiancĂ©e, Lira Galore, was busy showing off her latest purchases on Snapchat.

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In Case You Missed It: ‘How to Get Away With Murder’ & ‘Scandal’, Episodes 2

Recaps and full episodes after the break.

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Oregon College Gunman Targeted Females

The gunman who went on a shooting rampage at a west Oregon college targeted all females in a single classroom, according to police reports.

Chris Harper Mercer, 26, walked into a classroom at Umpqua Community College and forced his victims to line up before opening fire on them. There are 10 confirmed fatalities and 7 injured. All of the victims were females ranging in age from 18 to 34.

According to published reports, the mixed race gunman asked his victims to state their religion.

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6-Month-Old Baby Shot, Killed in Cleveland; LeBron James Reacts

A 6-month-old baby was shot in the chest during a drive-by shooting on Cleveland’s east side Thursday. Police say the baby’s mother was in a car with two other males when gunshots struck her car near East 145th Street and Spear Avenue. The infant died at a local hospital.

Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James reacted angrily to the senseless shooting on Twitter.com Thursday.

James, 30, has a 1-year-old daughter and 2 boys at home.

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