Ray J settled a $30 million lawsuit filed against him by former his business partner, Jean Paul, over an alleged business deal to market and promote folding electric scooters.

The reality TV star and first-time father holds his infant daughter Melody Love at the 2nd birthday party for Stevie Rose Weintraub, daughter of talent manager David Weintraub.

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The Game

The Game, who is currently on a world tour, was seen leaving The Westbury Hotel in Dublin, Ireland, wearing an Off-White c/o Virgil Abloh x Champion's camo green cotton-blend hoodie ($735). The 38-year-old American rapper disappointed English fans when he failed to show up for a paid concert at Teesside University in Northern England.

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Swizz Beatz

Rap magnate Swizz Beatz lashed out at designer Balenciaga for apparently lifting his Ruff Ryder record label without permission and putting it on a shirt. A male model wore the shirt on the runway during the fashion house's Spring 2018 collection during Men's Fashion Week in Paris on Wednesday.

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Beyonce and JAY-Z now claim they had always planned to market Blue Ivy's name commercially


Beyonce's disgraced former business manager was ordered to give evidence in her legal fight to keep others from trademarking her eldest daughter Blue Ivy Carter's name.

Jonathan Schwartz fell out of favor with the Carters after he admitted to stealing $4.8 million from singer Alanis Morissette. He begins a six year prison term on July 11.

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Mike Tolbert

Being a world class professional football star didn't stop Mike Tolbert from getting shafted by a shady body shop owner.

Tolbert, 30, took to his Instagram page to complain bitterly about a Charlotte body shop owner who called the police after the Carolina Panthers fullback paid his $3,900 bill in coins.

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TI Harris

Rap mogul Clifford "T.I." Harris, Jr. was sued by former employees who claim he owes them back wages. The 12 employees named Harris and his business partner, Charles Hughes, co-owner of Scales 925 Restaurant in midtown Atlanta.

The former employees accuse Harris and Hughes of violating the Fair Labor Standards Act by refusing to pay them wages earned for time worked.

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Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry

Entertainment Titans Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey were once tighter than a pair of panty hose 2 sizes small. But the media moguls recently parted ways over creative and professional differences.

Rumor has it that Oprah grew tired of the gay direction that Perry was taking all of his shows in.

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Alexia Palmer

A Jamaican model is suing Donald Trump's modeling agency for breach of contract after the agency flew her to the U.S. with promises of a glamorous lifestyle and $75K a year salary.

Alexia Palmer was only 17 when Trump Model Management LLC brought her to the U.S. from Jamaica on a H-1B work-visa application in 2011.

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TI and Tiny

Earlier, I told you about the drama surrounding Tameka Harris' star-studded baby shower and a "chef" who claimed he wasn't paid to cater the party.

Tameka's event planner, Tamara Whitaker of Bella Rose Events, reached out to Sandrarose.com to share her side of the story.

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Jay Z

Rap mogul Jay Z refused to promote his fragrance, Gold Jay Z, so says a $18 million lawsuit filed against him.

Jay Z, whose real name is Shawn Carter, refused to make appearances to promote the Gold Jay Z toilet water after pocketing $2 million, says the licensing company that filed the lawsuit.

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We live in a society where male and female roles are defined by gender stereotypes.

Some homosexuals (not all) choose to self identity by adopting the gender stereotypes (behavior, style of dress and attitude) of the opposite sex.

Women who choose to dress and behave like men are referred to as studs.

Loyal reader Dee Perry learned the hard way that gender misappropriation often leads to charges of gender discrimination when studs object to being treated like men.

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TLC performs live at the BBT Center in Sunrise

Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas of the pop group TLC filed a lawsuit against a Gwinnett County firm after the firm failed to deliver a Cadillac Escalade EXT as promised.

Thomas filed a $27,500 lawsuit against Atlanta Highline Consulting LLC, a car and truck brokerage firm owned by Joshua William Waddell on Sept. 18.

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Lil Mo flyer

This section gives a voice to those in the industry who feel they have been wronged by certain industry execs, celebrities or companies.

Please note that you must have evidence in the form of canceled checks or pictures or your Blast will be rejected. This section is not for the public to air grievances with other private citizens.

As always, we give the parties at fault the opportunity to rebut the complaint by emailing us at sandra @ sandrarose.com (remove the spaces).

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If you're an aspiring writer and you are considering writing a book in hopes of obtaining riches, be careful what you ask for. There are many hidden fees buried deep within book contracts that you may not be aware of if you (or your attorney) don't go over that contract with a fine tooth comb.

The emergence and growth of social networking websites such as Twitter.com and Facebook has given book publishers new sources of revenue by fleecing unsuspecting authors.

Shanae Hall, who authored the book "Why Do I Have To Think Like A Man?", writes:

Good Morning Sandra,

My name is Shanae Hall, I am the author of the book "Why Do I Have To Think Like A Man?" This was the book that gave Mary Harvey the courage to speak up. I'm sure you remember. Anyways I am writing you because I need your help putting our publisher (Farrah Gray publishing, who has also published Don Lemons, flavor flav and a few others books) on BLAST!! He has refused to pay us a dime or give us our rights back to our book, prior to the law suit we requested that he sign back our rights to us and that he could keep the money that he stole. Initially he agreed to do so, but later backed out of the release agreement. The primary reason for this law suit is because he billed us $92,000 for tweets and facebook fans that he said we acquired because of the book. When proof of expenses paid were requested of course nothing was sent over to back these extraordinary charges. And second because our royalty statements were grossly inaccurate and incomplete. We currently have a law suit pending in Los Angeles that he doesn't want to be served the paper work for (I have attached the law suit paper work as well as the fee sheet proving the bill for tweets and Facebook fans, and [?]) . As my mother/co-author Rhonda Frost explained to him. "You are stealing from two single mothers we are not going to let this go away w/o a fight." Thank you for helping me/us put his lying, want to be a celebrity, fraudulent ass on blast.


Supporting documents


This section gives a voice to those in the industry who feel they have been wronged by certain industry execs, celebrities or companies.

Please note that you must provide evidence in the form of canceled checks, pictures, documents, etc., or your Blast will be rejected. This Blast is not intended for the public to air their grievances with private citizens.

The email author is solely responsible for the content of the email.

As always, we give the parties on Blast the opportunity to rebut the complaint by emailing us at sandra @ sandrarose.com (remove the spaces).

Being wealthy is not all it's cracked up to be. Yes, you can buy everything your little heart desires, but you will also fall victim to greedy, unscrupulous people who are determined to separate you from your money.

People such as Vicki Lynne Jordan dba Jordan Victoria, owner of Event Couture LLC, who, according to my sources, overcharged rapper T.I. and his wife Tameka "Tiny" Harris to plan their wedding in Florida last year.

Friends say Jordan, who had no previous experience planning weddings, went over the budget by $290,000 to plan the star-studded nuptials in a mansion on Star Island in Miami, Florida on July 31, 2010.

Problems began to arise almost immediately after Jordan was hired: Tiny wanted an outdoor wedding. But Jordan insisted on holding the wedding inside the beautiful, but cramped and sweltering mansion (see picture of the mansion below).

The invitations (which were described as "tacky") were sent out to guests a week and a half prior to the wedding. There was no rehearsal dinner. When Jordan arrived in Florida, she subcontracted the wedding to another wedding planner in Florida, which means she was paid twice for the same service.

She was given $80,000 to cater the reception for less than 200 wedding guests. Instead of lobster and filet mignon on their plates, the guests dined on chicken and Caesar salad at the reception.

Tiny paid $20,000 for linen for the reception. But Jordan allegedly kept the linen after the reception, telling the couple that she was having the linen cleaned.

Since the wedding in July, Jordan has refused numerous requests to turn over the wedding photos, videos or the thousands of dollars worth of wedding gifts that the couple received, including a Hermes blanket from local radio host Ryan Cameron (V-103).

Friends say Jordan told T.I. and Tiny that she had no idea what happened to the gifts -- despite the fact that Jordan and her assistants were seen pushing 3 large baggage carts loaded down with gifts after the wedding.

Some guests stuffed as much as $1,000 cash and checks into envelopes as wedding gifts. The cash and checks are also missing.

The only wedding gift the couple received was from actors Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith, who mailed their gift directly to the Grand Hustle offices in Atlanta.

The wedding photographer was Ray Santana of Ray Santana Photography, based in Florida. According to my source, a check for $8,000 was cut directly to Santana for his photography services (the source has the paid invoice to prove it). Yet Santana still refuses to hand over T.I. and Tiny's wedding pictures and video.

The only photos the couple have seen from their wedding so far are the ones guests took on their camera phones, which angered T.I. According to friends, he paid thousands of dollars to Jordan for tight security to prevent pictures from leaking out. "She was supposed to take care of that and she didnt," said my source.

According to my sources, Jordan told friends that T.I. and Tiny owe her less than $20,000, despite overcharging them $290,000 for her services. Sources say Jordan went on a shopping spree after returning to Atlanta. She allegedly bought a car, clothing and jewelry for herself.

According to my source, Tiny has hired an attorney and she plans to file a lawsuit later this year when her husband, T.I., who is serving 11 months in an Arkansas prison for a probation violation, is released in September.

"You don't do that to somebody's wedding. said my source. [Tiny] got one wedding gift and they're holding her wedding pictures hostage. Who would do that? It's a moral thing."


The 'Put 'Em On Blast' section gives a voice to those in the industry who feel they have been wronged by certain industry execs, celebrities or companies.

Please note that you must provide evidence in the form of canceled checks, pictures, documents, etc., or your Blast will be rejected. This Blast is not intended for the public to air their grievances with private citizens.

The email author is solely responsible for the content of the email.

As always, we give the parties on Blast the opportunity to rebut the complaint by emailing us at sandra @ sandrarose.com (remove the spaces).

Photo of mansion by Ray Santana

Edited Feb. 19, 2011 @ 10:32 p.m.

A loyal reader emailed me to ask why I never covered the Peter Thomas/ Uptown scandal. the answer is: I couldn't care less. I guess I have other things going on in my life that take precedence over worrying about nobodies and what they're up to.

Anyway, my reader accuses Thomas of not paying his workers when Uptown Restaurant was open. She also says Bravo network hired stand-ins to act as employees of Uptown, which was closed 6 months ago.

**Loyal reader Ruby Kisses writes:

Your stuff is always FIRE! However, Im curious as to why you have not address Peter Thomas the con man that is NOT the owner of Uptown Restaurant and Lounge, everyone (except the chick he married) knows his game..... The place is closed I personally saw a marshal's eviction note slapped on the door ---- when it was open there was always bs, this dude would not pay the people who worked there.

Imagine working for 2 weeks, and being told: "you started on an off pay week, payday is in two MORE weeks for you." You could wait it out for 2 more weeks, and on payday he has another lie, or just doesnt show up! Eventually the staff (one by one) would quit and he would just replace them, with another naive cocktail waitress. (Oh he is goooooood at what he does: CONS) -The "staff" on tv tonight were Bravo stand-ins as they did not work there... Too funny!

Im sure he hoped to capitalize on celebrities being in town for the BET hip hop awards. He has never owned ish..just a front for the real owner (Uptown is OWNED by a retired nfl player .... Research the spots he claims to have owned in other markets (NYC, LA, MIA etc)! He will "do the town" and get run out of town. He usually dates "celebrity woman" to use them for who they know and of course their money!

Cadillac Kimberly was right: there is nothing Real about this show! He claims to have been an executive at Def Jam..... more lies. He is NOT an executive at anything. There are a million pending lawsuits, people would come to the club to serve him all day every day -- he doesnt care due to the fact that is NOT HIS PROPERTY HE OWNS NOTHING!!!!!!! Fraud, Phony, BS! This spot for the longest didn't even have a liquor license and was shut down because of that, he just would reopen and buy liquor himself - ILLEGAL IN GA!!!!!!!!

I heard Bravo peeps "had enough" and wanted a real married couple......... and he desperately needed the money so.......... wha-la, opportunity a knocking! He only would hire woman, because he knew he would take advantage of them! A real punk!

Ruby kisses for you, love what you do, cuz you bring it to us first!

** Email edited for clarity and for length.

Grand Hustle is putting Club Envy in Orlando on blast for false advertising.

To my readers in the Orlando area, T.I. and the Grand Hustle family did not authorize this so-called "Comeback Tour" that's supposed to take place at Club Envy in Orlando on April 29th. In fact, they didn't know anything about the fake concert until someone emailed the flyer to Atlantic Records to inquire about it.

If you paid for a ticket expecting to see T.I. at Club Envy, call the club at (321) 304-0229 and get your money back.

Grand Hustle wants you to know that promoters Don P and Dave Swagga (pictured above) of D.O.T. Promotions are in no way affiliated with Grand Hustle Records, T.I., or its artists. Just to be clear, Don P is not the same Don P of Trillville.

Don P and Dave Swagga are not A&R or executives for Grand Hustle and can not sign you as an artist, model, etc., at Grand Hustle.

According to Grand Hustle exec Clay Evans, all Dave and his company was ever hired to do was pass out fliers last year. Since then they have misappropriated Grand Hustle and T.I.'s name in all of their business dealings and promotions without permission and led other labels and artists to believe they are partnered with Grand Hustle.

Over the weekend, DOT Promotions held a model search and casting for a reality show supposedly featuring T.I. at Obsessions nightclub in Atlanta using Grand Hustle and T.I's name. When confronted by Grand Hustle's Clay Evans at the club, Don P ran from the premises.

"As I started finding out things, and talking to different people, they start telling me different things," said Evans. "By no means do we want to mislead women. I told them our brand is too solid for that type of ***. When I confronted him, he takes off."

DOT Promotions also recruited interns for industry online training program "for Grand Hustle Records" and posted ads on Craigslist like this one.

Evans wanted the women who came out to Obsessions to know that it was Akini The Blak Mac (Ryan Cameron's producer on V-103) who came through and "saved the day" and "cleaned the mess up" by bringing his staff through and interviewing them, taking their pictures without asking for compensation. "He didn't get compensated a dime. That was very nice of him," said Evans.

Evans said even though the auditions were not authorized by GH, he would still hire some of the women anyway for Grand Hustle events in the future, including Young Dro's birthday party at Luckie Lounge tomorrow night.

Evans said Grand Hustle does not want anyone taking advantage of people or giving anyone false hope.

I was not contacted by any of the parties involved regarding these disputes. This information is available publicly on the Internet.

EDJ Realty - DeShawn Snow Foundation

I accepted a position at this company early in 2007. Got there only to find out that there was 'no one home'. None of the people there knew about business practices. On the real estate side - no sales were being generated. On the foundation side - no money was being raised.

For me, and those before me and even those to come, are all hired because of their apparent education level, capabilities, brain power, skill, know-how and desire to make this company grow. You very seldom come in contact with the owner. Instead you meet the front line who are relatives of the owner. I called them the 'gate keepers'.

One is just a 'gofer' to do the bidding of the owner. The other does nothing except school work (sometimes); plays on the computer (most of the time) and negatively reports to the owner on every movement, word, action, etc. made by anyone hired to do the job. It seems that within months the new person is fired.

Do not waste your time here. It's just total 'Ghettofabulous' behavior. And like the owner would tell you. 'I am bigger than EDJ and the Foundation' whatever that means. EXPECT TO BE FIRED BECAUSE OF YOUR KNOWLEDGE AND CAPABILITY.

Lawrenceville, Georgia

Comment posted on BravoTV:

Sheree Whitfield hosted a party at the Fay Gold Gallery on April 20, 2008. “The Real Housewives of Atlanta" filmed the event & there was other media coverage. Ms. Whitfield enlisted the services of Ardoin Enterprises to replace the event planner she fired on air. Ardoin Enterprises was notified in less than 12 hours to provide desserts & decoration for the dessert table & ice sculpture table. Ms. Whitfield was billed the following day for the bakery bill of $346.61 & an additional discounted charge of $50 for services rendered. Ms. Whitfield wrote a check for $386 which bounced and after repeated attempts to collect the debt has not paid to date (7/31/08). She has been notified via telephone & email & has been presented with various methods of payment including credit card but has failed to make good on her obligation. She is on the verge of being sued in small claims court for the debt owed.

Posted by Violetta Ardoin | July 31, 2008 9:36 PM