Sandi Jackson and Jesse Jackson Jr

Michael Sneed of the Chicago Suntimes reports exclusively that a plea deal is on the table for Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr from the feds who are investigating "allegations of campaign fund misuse."

Sneed says the plea deal includes Jackson serving "significant time" in federal prison and that Jackson's wife, Sandi, is also under investigation for campaign finances abuse.

Jackson is the son of civil rights leader Jesse Jackson.

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ESPN's acclaimed series of documentaries 30 for 30 profiles the tragic death of Chicago high school basketball phenom Benji Wilson who was shot and killed on the eve of his senior basketball season. Benji was 17 in 1984 when his promising young life was cut short.

Wilson was LeBron James and Kobe Bryant before the NBA changed its rule allowing high school prep stars to enter the NBA draft. Chicago natives Rev. Jesse Jackson, R.Kelly and rapper Common remember the Benji the world never got the chance to know. 'Benji' was directed by Coodie and Chike.

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Michael Jackson's father suggested that he may have neglected the three children he raised as his own.

During a pointless and disorganized press conference today, Joe Jackson told reporters that Michael's three children were "happy" now that they had other children to play with.

Joe told the assembled reporters that the three children -- Prince Michael, 13, Paris Michael Katherine Jackson, 11 and Prince Michael II, aka "Blanket," 7 -- were excited to finally have other children their age to play with back at the Jackson estate in Encino, California.

Joe suggested that Michael isolated the children away from other kids their age. Which is sad when you consider that Michael spent his adult life trying to reclaim his own supposed lost childhood.

Photo source: AP

When I think of the Jackson family, the word normalcy doesn't come to mind. The Jacksons aren't like you and me: most of us wouldn't be able to function if our family member passed away under suspicious circumstances.

Here's what the Jackson family did over the weekend while the body of their son and brother lay in a morgue:

Mama Katherine Jackson went shopping at target (doesn't she have staff to do that?) It appears she stocked up on sleeping bags -- most likely for Jackson's adopted children who might be moving in with her permanently.

Papa Joe Jackson laughed it up with Jesse Jackson and friends outside the Encino, CA mansion where Michael and his siblings grew up.

And both Janet Jackson and Joe attended the BET Awards, where Joe made sure to promote his new record label while walking the red carpet (!)

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According to online reports, Jesse Jackson expressed more than his wish to castrate Sen. Barack Obama when he supposedly didn't realize his mic was hot on Fox News last week. According to James Mtume, co-host of the Open Line Show on KISS FM in NYC, Jackson also called Obama a "f*cking half breed nigger".

Lord knows I'm all for Free Speech, but not when it is hateful, ignorant, racist and morally wrong. If it's true that Jesse Jackson referred to Barack Obama as a "f*cking half breed nigger", then he has to step down from his position as head of Operation Push. Jackson is no longer effective as a spokesperson for the black community.

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