Colin Kaerpernick

Adidas has expressed interest in signing unemployed NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick to an endorsement deal. But there's a catch: a NFL team has to sign him first.

Kaepernick ran afoul of NFL owners with his ongoing national anthem protests.

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President Trump Roger Goodell

Stephen A. Smith says President Donald Trump "successfully hijacked" the NFL protests because the NFL refused to let him own a team. The ESPN "First Take" co-host said Trump "has won this round" after NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell sent a memo to all 32 teams, saying "Everyone should stand" during the National Anthem.

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Michael Sam Oprah

When Dallas Cowboys owner and president Jerry Jones announced he would sign gay football player Michael Sam to the Cowboys practice squad, many observers believed it was a football decision. Now we know it wasn't.

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ESPN'S Stephen A. Smith Slams Tiny

Sports journalist Stephen A. Smith sharply criticized rapper T.I.'s wife, Tameka "Tiny" Harris, for disrespecting her husband on social media. Tiny's behavior on social media leaves many insiders shaking their heads wondering what is really going on.

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Great points of view by sports journalist Stephen A. Smith, who says he's extremely uncomfortable with Barack Obama's attempts to take over the auto, banking and now health care industry.

Smith says those Kool Aid drinkers who are comfortable with Obama's policies must be ignorant to the issues. I totally agree with Mr. Smith, who admits he voted for Obama from a historical perspective (read: because he was black).

But Smith says he comes to regret his decision because of Obama's radical attempts to take over health care and other big industry.

"People may have advocated... government intervention in terms of supervising things and making sure that we all are operating under a fair and equitable system. But I don't recall anybody, and I do mean anybody, that has ever walked into the black community and advocated a government takeover of anything!

We may all need assistance, but a takeover is an entirely different situation altogether, and I'm extremely uncomfortable with it and I'm even more uncomfortable with the fact that race has become a part of the discussion."

Smith goes on to say that acting as if race is as prevalent as it was decades ago is completely untrue and that way of thinking only serves to divide this nation.

In the past week, I've received emails from readers who insist that Obama's dismal approval numbers (39%) is due to racism. But the reality is that Obama received 69% of the popular vote (meaning, white vote).

It's amazing that the same people who celebrated the fact that a majority of whites voted for Obama, are now calling those same whites racists because they woke up and now realize that Obama is not the man they thought they were voting for.

Kudos to Stephen A. Smith for being courageous enough to speak his mind on that fraud in the White House!