has the surveillance video from the Atlanta area Waffle House fight between Kid's entourage and a lone black male customer who probably wanted a refund from Kid Rock's concert earlier that evening.

Anyway, Kid Rock, who was no doubt feeling bolstered by the fact that his 300-pound bodyguard was standing right there, jumps up on a booth and Supermans that hoe starts throwing 'bow's.

The dude, finding himself outnumbered by rednecks, hightailed it to the bathroom with Kid and his goons in hot pursuit. Anyway, some say the video is proof that Kid Rock is a racist.

  • AlwaysSweet

    I highly doubt that. He has a biracial son by a black woman. Maybe that guy was heckling him or however you spell it. If I fight a white chick does that make me racist? or if I fight another black chick an I racist against my own race?

  • Lucy

    I'm sorry Sandra but you are way off base here. Since there was no sound you have no idea what dude said that got Kid Rock angry.

  • tstiles

    exactly....his son is biracial and do they watch "Runs House"

  • Zuley

    Naw I don't believe he is a racist. I saw him on Run's House and to my knowledge he is a God-father to one of Rev's sons. A true racist in my book would never have a black child as their God-son.

  • Kymystry

    His baby momma is B-L-A-C-K ... so did he hate her .. does he hate Half his kid ...

    again .. reachin like the woman gettin some good wood .. reaching for stuff in the air that ain't there ....

  • candycane

    I think Kid Rock is an equal opportunity azz kicker. He just likes to fight

  • Smokie

    Goodness, I just hate it when old people use slang (superman that h o e) inappropriately. So, are you saying he ejaculated on the dude and stuck a sheet to his back? Or are you just using the phrase like my mama would -- and I'm 36.

  • brenden

    I don't know if this proves he's a racist, but more so that he's a punk. I'm mad the bodyguard pushed him down then stood there blocking his path allowing others a freeforall attack on this lone victim. That's how I see it. And I won't be mad if ol boy sues. I guess the bodyguard was only doing his job but it looks as if he took it too far...Subduing a person from attacking your client-fine, but holding someone down so that he can be attacked....Yeah Id sue his fat ass, and kid rocks boney ass as well. Of course we don't know what was said, or what provoked all of this, but the vid doesn't lie....

  • hellava10

    LMAO @ Smokie!
    His fists don't distinguish color barriers.

    He's still hot as hell from the neck down and I'm still waiting on him to be the morning wood on multiculture day. Mind you, I am saying neck down and no wee wee shots.

  • brwnsugga4you

    sandra he's not a racist just because he got in a fight with a black man...funny!

  • HunE916

    AlwaysSweet Says:

    I highly doubt that. He has a biracial son by a black woman.

    I thought I saw on THS that that wound up actually NOT being his son. Like he came out EXTRA lack and all his boys would make fun of him like, "Dude, that AIN'T your kid." And he didn't find out until later that it wasn't.

    But he ain't racist! He used to wanna be Black back in the day!

  • Bird

    I don't know how it proves he is a racist. It proves he is an out of control rough neck to me. He needs to grow the hell up.

  • Kymystry

    @ HunE .. he talked about that on Run's house .. he DID say that was his son ....

  • Certified

    Yeah that would be a negativeā€¦Kid Rock is no way racist!

  • http://MYSPACE.COM/ERIKAMAGALY hermosa

    Okay. . .1st Halle wanted a light skinned baby and now Kid Rock is racist even though he has a bi-racial child?

    I know this is a gossip blog but, Sandra, it does't hurt to validate some stuff before you put them out there. Your readers ain't stupid like that.

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  • SnootyPooty1

    @Kymystry .. Girl you are a fool. I dont think this proves anything besides he had a fight!!!


    Someone needs to tell Rev Run then.

  • milly

    I doubt his a racist sometimes you just have to deliver a good ol ass whupping and thats regardless of the person's race

  • mj

    What on this video screams racist? Nothing.

  • 2thick4u

    I couldn't even here. I know Kidd loves Black Women so I doubt he is a racist. I need more people!!!

  • whatnow

    When Kid Rock kicked Tommy Lee's azz at the MTV award, I cracked up when Jamie fox said "we have to stop this white on white crime."