This is beyond ridiculous! I am not one to tell anyone how they should spend their finances, but $200,000 a month on a duplex when there are children starving in the world? Just because you have the means doesn't mean you should be reckless and wasteful with it.

According to online reports, Cruise and Holmes "fell in love" with a two-story penthouse apartment in Donald Trump's building on Park Avenue.

The duplex has a huge terrace, four bedrooms, six bathrooms, a den, a library, dining room and kitchen - and boasts 360 degree views of Manhattan.

Trump building boss Michael Cohen tells the New York Post, "She saw it and she loved it. They're very interested and are now making their decision." (Source)

At least they're not buying the penthouse so they won't be stuck with a home mortgage of $200,000-a-month. The penthouse is on the market for a staggering $45 million.

My readers are never at a loss for words when browbeating me about some comment I made. Yesterday I got it from all sides. If readers weren't attacking me for my opinion on children who act too grown, they were reprimanding me for joking about the Williams sisters tithing to the Watchtower Society.

Loyal reader Crysta writes:

Ms. Rose, as a 4th generation Jehovah's Witness, I can firmly assure you that the Williams sisters are under no obligation to give the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society a large chunk of their money. No member is. Any money that is donated is done so in accordance with 2 Corinthians 9:7-- Let each one do just as he has resolved in his heart, not grudgingly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.

Of the Williams' sisters tithing a good chunk of their income to the church, she writes:

Any amounts donated by the Williams sisters is private, there are no tallies kept, nor special privileges offered to those who donate. They could very well put the money into a contribution box anonymously, without anyone ever knowing whom it came from.

That may be so. But the reality is that all organized religions depend upon their members for financial support, excuse me, tithing.

When I was younger, the church collection plate was passed around during Sunday services, and everyone - including children - were expected to put something in the platter. Nowadays, ATM machines sit by the church door, and in lieu of passing the plate, members are instead given "Tithe Application Forms" forms to fill out.

They then meet with anointed financial advisers who inform them exactly what percentage of their minimum wage earnings they are expected to tithe every Sunday. Those who fall short of their church offerings receive gentle reminders in the form of "financial counseling".

I think it's presumptuous of Crystal to assume the Watchtower Society isn't keeping tabs on how much the Williams sisters earn and what percentage they are tithing. But I could be wrong. I almost always am.

Usher and Tameka Foster must be somewhere shaking their heads right about now: According to, OK! magazine paid actor Mathew McConaughey and his biracial baby mama, Camila Alves, a whopping 3 MILLION for the exclusive rights to pics of their newborn son.

Alves gave birth to the couple's first child on Monday night, and the bidding war began shortly thereafter.

You will recall that Sean Combs threw a hissy fit at People magazine for not putting his twins on the cover. That's the difference between A-listers and stars who think they're A-listers.

According to, rap artist The Game got into an altercation with a family member outside of a church where he had just attended his cousin's funeral. The fisticuffs were over monies the family say Game owed for his half of the funeral expenses.

Robert "Kirky" Kirkwood tells TMZ that when his sister died, The Game -- who he says is his first cousin -- volunteered to pay half of the $14k it cost to bury her. But Game later changed his mind and also changed his phone number.

Kirky and The Game got into it after the funeral services for Kirky's sister last Saturday where The Game spoke during the service about family values. Kirky says his cousin punched him in the face during the dust up following the service.

Why is it that funerals bring out the worst in people? Family fighting over money at a funeral is disgraceful! Anyway, Kirky says he's filing assault charges. I'm sure the lawsuit will be filed any day now.

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Some idiot gave Lil' Wayne his own brand of champagne. Can you believe it? The jokes are writing themselves. Will the champagne be packaged with syrup and styrofoam cups?

    Rapper Lil' Wayne has signed a deal to create his own brand of champagne.

    The Lollipop hitmaker has teamed up with French vineyard and wine manufacturers Voirin-Jumel to produce a range of bubbly - entitled Halo champagne.

    The star tells, "I'm excited about this venture... Champagne is for celebrating. There are so many different business opportunities. I'm ready to put my foot in a new door." (Source)

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Young Jeezy is on the cover of VIBE magazine's August issue on stands now. Inside, Jeezy talks about sharing a hug with Republican presidential hopeful John McCain on Saturday Night Live:

No disrespect to my man Barack [Obama].... [McCain] greeted me like a G. … The fact that he acknowledged me was crazy. I said, ‘I’m Young Jeezy, and it’s rough out here.’ He blew me off at first. I was like, ‘Nah, for real. It’s rough out here, so what you gonna do to change it?’ ... I like Barack, but at the same time I wanted to see what McCain was talking about.

Jeezy said he asked McCain if he had any plans for the hood: 'You gotta fix it, you know that, right?' And he gave me a look back, like, 'I know.' "

Jeezy also opens up about his relationship with Keyshia Cole which ended on a sour note earlier this year when Keyshia dumped him for flamboyant ex-boxer Floyd Mayweather. Jeezy tells VIBE that Keyshia proposed to him and offered to buy the ring, but Jeezy turned her down.

There's no mention in the article of the fact that Jeezy paid cash for Keyshia's $750,000 Atlanta mansion or that he gave Keyshia the deed to the property. My source says Keyshia ultimately left Jeezy because Jeezy simply couldn't compete with Mayweather's substantial bankroll (after all, a girl has to eat).

In addition to that, my inside source tells me Mayweather dropped a cool $3 Mil on an Atlanta mansion for Keyshia and he also picked up the tab on Keyshia's swanky Buckhead condo (seen in her reality TV show).

All I can say is, it must be nice!

Former lovers Jennifer Lopez and Sean Combs face separate multi-million dollar lawsuits according to online reports. Jennifer Lopez was subpoenaed to appear in court to provide testimony in a $130 million lawsuit against Sean Combs and his former artist, Jamal "Shyne" Barrow. Shyne is currently serving a 10-year prison sentence for a shooting that injured two people at the now defunct New York Club in December, 1999. Combs was acquitted of all charges in the shooting.

The civil lawsuit was filed by victim Natania Reuben, who was shot in the face. Combs gave a deposition in March, and now Lopez who was dating Combs at the time will give her side of the story. A judge will decide if Combs is liable for the damages caused by his former employee.

Meanwhile, Lopez was slapped with a $5 million lawsuit by a flight attendant who said J-Lo's dog Floyd "lunged" at her when she walked past him during a flight in 2006. According to, Lisa Wilson filed suit in a NY court yesterday (6/26) claiming she fell over and injured her back during the attack.

The $5 mill is to cover her mounting medical expenses following surgery due to "debilitating" back pain.

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As you know there was a recent public spat involving G-Unit boss 50 Cent and one of his AWOL soldiers, Young Buck. Fiddy alleges Buck owes him upwards of $200,000. Buck admitted this much during a secretly recorded phone conversation between himself and 50.

It seems 50 Cent thought Young Buck was doing club gigs to pay him his money while he (50) was away on tour in Africa. But such was not the case as 50 came back home to find out that Buck was sitting on his ass doing nothing for a month. So 50 did what any financial institution would do in his situation - he applied the pressure to that ass.

Now I hear Buck is taking offers to appear in nightclubs around the South to repay 50 what he owes him. It might take a while though. I hear Buck is only getting $30,000 per night.

Also appearing at Dreamz Nightclub on Saturday (6/21) was Rick Ross, Chamillionaire and Lil' Scrappy.

Rick Ross, Lil' Scrappy and Chamillionaire

Rick Ross and Young Buck

Lil' Scrappy and Mz Shyneka (Hot 107.9)

Ms Kitty (XM RAW 66), Lil' Scrappy and guest

More pics after the break!

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For once Jermaine Dupri is not bragging about what he owns. But he did stop just short of braggin' on his "special pen" for signing legal documents which is the same thing Juanita Bynum said about her $5,000 pen. It's interesting that JD still acts like a man who isn't used to having anything.

Who knew that Young Buck was a bitch at heart? Isn't this the "thug" that you ladies lust after and he turns out to be a bottom bitch?

After slinging mud at G-Unot and 50 Cent, Young Buck tears up in a phone call to Fiddy and begs Fiddy to take him back into the fold cause he's, well, broke. On the other hand, this call exposes the fraudulent lifestyles most of these rappers live. All that perpetrating like they're millionaires when in reality, they're broke and borrowing from Peter to pay Paul.

I bet Monica's glad she didn't stay with this punk! :)

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