A loyal reader, who asked to remain anonymous, wrote:

Hey Sandra:

I am a DC native, and I read your blog at least twice a day no matter what is going on in my life :-) In the spirit of you being more positive in 2009, I wanted to share some positive information with you (the home team) about your “favorite” Atlanta couple… Tameka and Usher that I ask that you share with my Sandrarose blog peeps. Me and my close girl friend were shopping in the shoe department of Saks Fifth Ave in Tyson’s Corner Galleria on Monday, January 19 around 3:40pm. We were sitting and my friend was admiring this woman’s blush seated in the couch across from us when she realized that it was Tameka.

Besides me and my friend, Tameka and this man (we assumed to be her assistant) were the only people in the shoe department. She was extremely friendly while we chatted with her. At one point I was telling her that we attended the Lincoln Memorial concert (more on that in the next email) and that Usher’s peacoat was so FLY… so the next thing I know, Usher walks up on our conversation, and I’m surprised.

So Tameka goes, “babe they were just telling me that they like your coat.” So I say to Usher, “yeah that coat was really FLY.” So he’s like “thank you.” So I go jokingly, “I have the picture if you want to see it.” And then Usher goes playing…”that’s ok, I have it in my closet.” They were such a lovely couple and genuinely seem to be happy in each other’s company. What sealed it for me about how cool they were was as we were leaving the shoe department, they immediately said “good bye” and waved.

Sandra, me and my friend marveled at how nice looking Tameka is and how small she is… didn’t she just have a baby? I’m not sure why people dog her looks Sandra… she is a very nice looking brown woman. And Sandra girl, Tameka face… as we say in DC, “was beat” (e.g. her makeup was fierce!). Her weave was long and straight (she had bangs). If I didn’t know anything about
hair I would have thought it was hers…it was flat ironed bone straight and it blended in nicely with her own hair. She must had that good ole Remy Saga hair…lol!

After, my friend and I went to Cheesecake Factory in the Galleria and as we were leaving lunch, we exited through Neiman Marcus because we parked near the entrance, and we saw Tameka in there… still shopping, she wasn’t playing Sandra…lol!

Please keep my email address and identity private.

Thank you and enjoy the rest of your day.

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