It looks like Beyonce and L'Oreal learned their lesson from that last marketing fiasco when they airbrushed Bey's skin about three shades lighter to make her appeal more to their market. Maybe L'Oreal thought no one would notice since they weren't targeting the urban market anyway? I'm trying to give them the benefit of the doubt while still maintaining my promise to my readers to be more positive in the '09.
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Chris Brown descends to the stage at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast yesterday. That looks like it's got to hurt.
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I see Tigger stepped out with his "friend" finally. The guy is supposedly a songwriter. They make a cute couple I think.
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Madonna's daughter Lourdes Leon will soon be attending the Professional Children’s School in NYC. I guess she wants to follow in mommy's footsteps as an actress. She's such a cutie.
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Not that I'm taking up for the hospital, but why did the funeral home wait for 12 days to pick the body up?

Police are searching garbage dumps in New Jersey and Pennsylvania for the body of a baby that was apparently thrown out with the trash at Jersey City's Christ Hospital.

Hospital spokeswoman Barbara Davy said the baby was stillborn on Dec. 21 and the body was placed in the hospital morgue. The body was gone when a funeral home employee came to pick it up on Jan. 2.

The baby's mother said he was born alive and died after doctors worked to stabilize him for 20 minutes.
Kalynn Moore's attorney, Michael Anise, said a nurse cleaned up the baby, dressed him in a hat and blanket and gave the baby to the mom to hold.

Moore named her son Bashere Davon Moyd Jr.
Whether the child was born is important because Hudson County's prosecutor said a stillborn is not considered a person under New Jersey law. (LINK)

Seantor Joe Biden chided Barack Obama (again) for not consulting the head of the Senate intelligence committee when he named a completely inexperienced 70-year-old Clinton crony to run the CIA.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein bristled at the fact that she was not notified -- or anyone in Congress for that matter.

Obama later apologized to Feinstein, but that wasn't enough for Biden.

Sen. Biden sided with the chairwoman, saying Obama made "a mistake." Well, at least Biden is honest.

Chatting with reporters after he was sworn in for a seventh term in the Senate, Biden called it “a mistake” that the Obama transition selected Leon Panetta as CIA director without consulting the Senate intelligence committee.
“I’m still a Senate man and I always think this way. I think it’s always good to talk to the requisite members of Congress,” Biden said. “I think it was just a mistake." (LINK)

A 22-year-old black man out celebrating the New Year with friends in San Francisco, is dead. His killer: a White police officer.

The outrage in the Bar Area is justified over a tragedy that has played itself out time and time again in this country.

The chaotic scene captured on a transit rider's cell phone, shows 3 Bay Area Rapid transit police officers struggling with Oscar Grant who is lying face down on the floor with his hands behind his back.

After what looks like a minor scuffle (Grant is still lying face down), one officer straightens up, draws his weapon and fires at close range into the man's back.

The officer immediately holsters his gun, bends forward with his hands on his knees and drops his head. Clearly he knew he made a fatal error.

BART officials are already setting the stage to exonerate the cop by stating they believe the cop was reaching for what he thought was his taser and grabbed his gun instead.

I can see the press release from the city now:

Our investigation is complete and the facts show that the officer -- acting in self defense because you know all black men are potential threats to white officers even if they're unarmed -- took the appropriate measures to subdue a hostile transit rider. In reaching for his taser, to show that black man who is boss, the officer accidentally discharged his service weapon instead. No charges will be filed.

Politics as usual I guess. Barack Obama finally caved in to intense Muslim (and world media) pressure to speak out on the conflict in Gaza.

Pol's Ben Smith is on it:

Breaking his silence on the conflict in Gaza, the president-elect deplored the civilian casualties, which have been overwhelmingly on the Palestinian side, after a meeting with fiscal and economic advisors today.

"I’m very concerned with the conflict taking place there," Obama said. "I’m monitoring the situation on a day to day basis.

"The loss of civilian life in Gaza and in Israel is a source of deep concern to me, and after January 20th I’ll have plenty to say about the issue."

Obama said he was "not backing away at all from what I said during the campaign" and that "starting at the beginning of our administration, we’re going to engage effectively and consistently in trying to resolve the conflict in the Middle East."

Obama's emphasis on civilian casualties breaks slightly with the White House line, which has been to blame Hamas first. (LINK)

See, now was that difficult?

As Michelle Malkin would say, this is raaaaaacist! Illinois jr. Senator Roland Burris was turned away by the racist Senate today in Washington D.C. Burris is just as qualified as any other Senator.

I guess if you're not bought and paid for like Barack Hussein Obama, you're not getting in.

Thanks to loyal reader Eleshia for the video link.

They say the gentleman sitting next to Solange is her new man. You know how these Internet rumors go. Don't blame me, take it up with them.

If that is her man, it shows that Solange has gone through that pretty boy phase and matured as a woman. He looks like a serious, studious and stable sort of man. Not eye candy, but presentable.

I have one word for the new MTV reality series Daddy's Girls: insufferably boring. Okay, that's two words.

Daddy's Girls is just plain bad on every level. From the obviously scripted lines to the pathetic attempt at a I Love New York-style surprise date with an apparent actor named "Schwee" (yeah, right).

The producers had to squeeze this foolishness into a compact 30 minutes, so the scenes moved fairly quickly.

The show follows Rev. Run's entrepreneur daughters Angela and Vanessa Simmons as they move to Los Angeles full time to open a West coast office for Pastry, their successful shoe and clothing line.

Watching this show made me realize that Vanessa and Angela were not the main ingredient that made MTV's Run's House so wildly popular. I realized I missed the genuine, heartfelt interaction between Rev. Run, Justine, Russy and Diggy. Angela and Vanessa came off like a couple of talking wind up plastic dolls.

Obviously the producers realized that. So to help infuse some life into show, the girls enlist the services of their "cousin" Jessica, a hyper lesbun (left) who quickly takes a liking to the girls' dopey neighbor Alicia (right) who has great taste in Louis Vuitton handbags.

In fact, it's the obvious sexual tension between the LSLH Alicia and the Chocolate Tai Jessica that kept my interest. If not for them I would have turned the channel.

Honestly, I don't even think an eventual romp in the sack between those two would make me tune in to Daddy's Girls again.