Jermaine Dupri and his daughter Shaniah

In addition to being a music mogul, rapper and DJ, Jermaine Dupri also dabbles in photography

Comedian Chris Rock with his beautiful family

Usher walked the red carpet without his wife and kids as the rumors grow louder

Actor/singer Tyrese Gibson shows off his daughter Shayla on the red carpet

Terry Crews, his beautiful wife Rebecca and 3 of their kids

Rapper Soulja Boy is so excited to have the #1 ringtone in the country

Music mogul Russell Simmons and his girls Ming Lee and Aoki

Actress KeKe Palmer's mom must be so proud of her

Actor Tyler James Williams ("Everybody Hates Chris")

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As you know, rap artist T.I. was sentenced this morning to 366 days in federal prison. But the good news is he won't be required to report to prison until May 19 at the earliest. According to T.I., prior commitments prevented him from reporting earlier than May 19.

T.I.'s wifey Tiny was with him in the courtroom this morning. Tiny is said to be ecstatic that her man will be at home for at least two more months.

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In case you missed it, here's video from Keri Hilson's star-studded album release party last night at Opera in Atlanta.

Keri's album, In a Perfect World... is in stores now! Early estimates put Keri's first week album sales at 80-90k -- respectable numbers for an album with no big lead single.

Shout out to the ladies of MusicBusinessPolitics, Laura Giles and H., who organized the event! I heard you Divas did your thing again last night!

I also heard from my winner brwnsugga4you, who said she had a great time. brwnsugga4you and her guest were given VIP access to the party!

Rap artist T.I. was officially sentenced to 366 days in federal prison today. Under federal rules, that extra day means T.I. will receive time off his sentence for good behavior plus time served while he awaited arraignment following his arrest on gun charges in 2007.


    A federal judge approved a plea deal Friday that is expected to send Atlanta rapper T.I. to prison for a little less than 10 months for trying to buy machine guns and ammo from undercover agents in 2007.

    U.S. District Court Judge Charles Pannell sentenced T.I., whose real name is Clifford Harris Jr., to one year and one day under the negotiated plea. But the deal qualifies T.I. for credits likely to cut the sentence to about 298 days.

    The 27-year-old rapper, clad in a dark suit, thanked the judge and prosecutors for giving him the chance to cut his prison time by speaking to youths about the pitfalls of crime, drugs and gangs. He has delivered that message to thousands in recent months.

    “It means just as much to me to make you guys proud for what you have done as it does for me to make myself and my family proud,” he said at the sentencing hearing in downtown Atlanta.

    “I’m a man of integrity. I’m a man of morals, of standards, of principle,” the entertainer said.

    Pannell said he would not have approved the deal — which includes far less prison time than federal guidelines call for on the weapons charges involved — if U.S. Attorney David Nahmias had not recommended it.

    “I think it’s been a good experiment,” the judge said. “I’ve come to resist the lockup mentality that we often find ourselves in… . maybe it will lead to similar experimental sentencings.”

    Panell also told T.I. directly: “I congratulate you on the year of work you have done so far.” READ MORE...

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I am a loyal LOYAL reader. But you would not know that since I can't post anything!! LOL. Anyway I really enjoy your totally unbiased opinion on the POTUS and everything else. So I thought that I would return the favor and give you something that you would enjoy!!!! Please see below, it is too funny!!

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1st came the commemorative coins, then the T-shirts, then the plates, & now something for the rest of us ...

See what the "something" is after the break!
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If Beyonce and her camp needed any indication that her ship has sailed -- they got it when she walked out on stage in Edmonton, Canada last night -- and heard only crickets.

It seems they couldn't give the tickets away!

From ONTD:

    When it comes to Beyonce, Edmontonians should perhaps consider themselves very lucky.

    Lucky that the “bootylicious” superstar even decided to grace an Edmonton stage again after her last turn at Rexall Place in 2007 only drew a crowd of 7,800 people, but even luckier that Beyonce would actually launch her brand new tour supporting her latest album, I Am ... Sasha Fierce, in the City of Champions.

    Whether it was a momentous occasion or just an opportunity to test out the show and work out the kinks in front of a “modest” audience — because, once again, only 8,000 fans turned out — will be left for those that attended to decide.

    If Beyonce’s first outing on her I Am ... tour was no major disappointment, it was still a somewhat muddled affair, one that didn’t really clear up where the line between Beyonce and her supposed “alter ego” Sasha Fierce is drawn.

Rap artist Eve attended the "One Splendid Evening" event sponsored by Carnival Cruise Lines and benefiting VH1 Save The Music Foundation in L.A. yesterday.
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British chanteuse Estelle got a lot of attention from the paps while out spending some of her tour loot at the Owl Lab in New York City today. Don't you lOve her casual, round the way gurl style?
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Actress Vanessa Williams posed with her adorable son Haile Wiseman at the Melanie Segal's Kids' Choice Awards Lounge Presented By Stouffer's Day 2 at The Magic Castle in L.A. yesterday.
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Actress Regina King posed with her son Ian Desdune at the Melanie Segal's Kids' Choice Awards Lounge Presented By Stouffer's Day 2 at The Magic Castle in L.A. yesterday.
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Socialites and reality TV personalities Kim and Khloe Kardashian were spotted out & about in West Hollywood last night. Speaking of Khloe, I saw Young Jeezy last Sunday night at the unofficial industry night at Twist. I say "unofficial" because the secret location changes every weekend. A who's who of industry elite gathered at Twist on Sunday night: Jeezy, NBA star Jalen Rose, socialite Eboni Elektra, her hubby Steppa and their son Ellington; Bunmi (the African Prince), Wole, owner of Moda 404, celebrity stylist Reno, Crystal Jones (original member of TLC), and just too many others to mention. Of course, wherever Jeezy goes you know the groupies will follow. At first it was just him and his boys eating and chilling. Then the groupie call went out from another table and a couple of hours later, all the birds flocked to Twist! Ha ha ha! Anyway, I took a picture of my good girlfriend next to Jeezy's Lambo with my cell phone. We acted like a couple of tourists!
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The fallout from the racially divisive Ciroc Vodka promo casting call continues. Blogger Brittany D. summed it up pretty well in this one sentence on her blog:

It makes me really sad to think that in this day and age light skinned women are still receiving preferential treatment in comparison to those having a darker complexion.

    After reading the story and examining the original casting call for the upcoming Ciroc commercial video shoot, it indeed requests women who are: "White, Hispanic, or light skinned African American". This really struck me because P. Diddy, an insider, is essentially perpetuating and upholding common stereotypes traditionally deriving from an outsiders point of view.

    In addition, it seems as if this behavior is acceptable because he is an "insider" of the African American culture. I could not help but ponder what the reaction may be had someone like Justin Timberlake, an outsider, posted a similar casting call for his next music video shoot. I only happened to stumble upon this casting call because I was skimming a popular celebrity news website. However, had the tables been turned, I feel fairly confident that Justin Timberlake's face would be posted on every news channel, and/or newspaper labeling him as a racist and a bigot. In my opinion, this discrepancy should not occur.

    I think it is equally as concerning, problematic, and disheartening for P. Diddy to essentially encourage stereotypes and hierarchically categorize members of the African American Race. It makes me really sad to think that in this day and age light skinned women are still receiving preferential treatment in comparison to those having a darker complexion. Skin color is just that, a color.

    It is certainly not determinant of one's level of attractiveness, ability, level of intelligence, etc. Overall, I just found several aspects of the insider/outsider debate existing within the restrictions placed upon this casting call and felt fairly discouraged to see that it was seemingly "okay" for this behavior to occur because P. Diddy is an insider. In my opinion, regardless of the ethnic orientation of one making these demands, it is unacceptable across the board.

Oh, and, to my friend Asare: I got your message, but I don't waste my time on twitter because like Trix, twittering is for kids.