Michael Jackson's mother and temporary administrator of his estate is in possession of a will Jackson drew up three weeks before he died.

The will was handed over to Katherine Jackson by Michael's attorney John Branco today. Jackson had a net worth of $200 million when he died of a heart attack last Thursday.

In the will, Michael left everything to his mother and the three children he raised as his own. Jackson's father, who forced his children to call him "Joseph" all their lives, gets nothing.

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Michael Jackson's older brother Jermaine Jackson was spotted outside a yogurt shop yesterday sporting a cool throwback vintage Jackson 5 jersey.

Meanwhile, Debbie Rowe's attorney is disputing reports that she is not the biological mother of the three children Michael Jackson raised as his own.

She says Rowe's eggs were fertilized by donor sperm in a process called in vitro fertilization (IVF). I believe her. The two oldest kids look just like her. She couldn't deny them if she tried.

And Michael's former producer Quincy Jones tells ETonline.com he won't be attending the funeral circus for Michael at Neverland Ranch on July 3. "I won't go to any more funerals as long as I live... I can't handle it," he says.

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Some members of the news media are voicing their displeasure over the wall-to-wall news coverage devoted to Michael Jackson since he died of a heart attack at age 50 last Thursday.

According to Michelle Malkin, ABC News 20/20 Anchor John Stossel has had it with the saturation news coverage. Especially after his news piece on Barack Obama's proposed public health care plan was bumped from 20/20 for more MJ coverage.

Stossel accused the media of "pandering" to the masses:

“Yes, I am sick of the coverage of Michael Jackson,” wrote Stossel. “I hate it that ABC didn’t run my piece. Free markets sometimes encourage pandering to the masses. I still say, bless the market. The good outweighs the bad.”

Jackson's funeral is scheduled for Neverland ranch on July 3. A public viewing at the ranch is also planned.

Meanwhile L.A. police have expressed an interest in speaking to Dermatologist Arnold Klein, another of Jackson's enablers. Klein has been identified as the biological sperm donor of Jackson's three children.

In recent months, Jackson was photographed visiting Klein's Beverly Hills office every week. In one photo, Jackson's bodyguard is seen clutching a bag full of medications. Patients are encouraged to bring all their meds to their doctor's appointments to avoid adverse drug interactions of the type that likely killed Jackson.

It is reported that Jackson spent over $48,000 a month on prescription meds. The prescriptions were made out to Jackson's staff and aliases.

Rumors have been swirling for months about the demise of VIBE magazine:

Vibe magazine, the urban-music magazine founded in 1993 by Quincy Jones, is the latest victim of the media recession. Multiple sources both within and outside the magazine confirmed that it is shutting down.

Reached for comment, chief financial officer Angela Zucconi said, "We will be making a statement by the end of the day. That's all I can say at this point." She referred further questions to CEO Steve Aaron, who was not immediately available. Messages left for editor in chief Danyel Smith and publishers Edgar Hernandez were not immediately returned.


I just heard from a source close to Tiny's camp who informed me that the appearance of Tiny's preteen group OMG onstage with rappers Lil Wayne and Drake at the BET Awards was neither planned nor rehearsed.

My source said the group's appearance onstage was a last minute decision by Wayne and no one else.

According to my source, what happened was Wayne's daughter Reginae, 9, was upset that she didn't get the chance to accompany her father, Lil Wayne, to the stage to accept his award because she was sitting too far back in the audience.

Once backstage, the youngster began to cry. And Wayne, who they say is a great dad, hated to see his little girl cry. So he told Reginae she could come out onstage during his performance with Drake. Reginae, being the team player that she is, asked the other members of her group to go out on stage with her.

So there you have it.

Also, remember that the 2009 BET Awards was pre-recorded on Saturday afternoon. So the girls were not up past their bedtimes.

In an earlier post I confused Shingai Shoniwa, lead singer of London's Indie group the Noisettes, for a black Asian due to her name. A few readers emailed me to say Shingai is actually of Zimbabwean descent. At the time I meant to search YouTube for the group's music but I forgot.

Thanks to Universal Music's JD Anderson for sending this video link of the Noisettes new hit "Never Forget You." The Noisettes' music reminds me of the Motown sound of the 1960s, but updated! How exciting that good music and great singers are making a comeback -- and the British are leading the way!

Hopefully radio will play the Noisettes so today's kids can begin to develop an appreciation for real music.

Here's what JD had to say about the Noisettes:

Hey Sandra,

You SIMPLY MUST check out this group the Noisettes from the UK in London. Their sound is soooo unique and the look of the group is very appealing. Lead singer - Shingai Shoniwa has an incredible look and style to her as well.

The current single is "Never Forget You" and their album comes out on September 22nd. The single "Never Forget You" also lands on iTunes July 7th.

I didn't watch the 2009 BET Awards on Sunday so I didn't know that Tiny's new group, OMG, were the underage girls who appeared onstage with mentally impaired rapper Lil Wayne and that gay rapper Drake.

According to upset parents, the youngsters gyrated onstage as Wayne rapped his tune "I Want To F*ck Every Girl in the World" -- or whatever the name of the track is.

As most of you know, the group's lead singer is Zonnique, 12, daughter of Tameka "Tiny" Cottle. The other three members are Reginae Carter, 9, Wayne's daughter with Antonia Carter who stars on Tiny & Toya (which premieres on BET tonight at 10pm); Bahjah Rodriguez, who turns 12 in August, and her sister Lourdes Rodriguez, who turns 11 in September.

Earlier this month, I spoke with Shamra Rodriguez, the proud mother of Bahjah and Lourdes, who told me that Bahjah's father, Jonathen “John-John” Rasboro (of the R&B group Silk), was not aware of his daughter's Atlanta audition with the group.

In this post I told you that Bahjah was in tears because her dad was a no-show at the audition. But Shamra did reveal that "John-John" is a deadbeat dad with at least 7 other kids spread around the U.S.

Shamra said "John John" was jailed earlier this year for a month for his refusal to pay child support for Bahjah.

A few loyal readers emailed me after the 2009 BET Awards with their shocked reactions to the Lil Wayne performance. In a post on Momlogic.com, Dr. Janet Taylor, who has two teenage daughters of her own, asked, "Why are we as women and mothers passively allowing our young girls to be utilized as sexual entertainment?"

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Y'all going to learn to listen to your auntie when I tell you something.

According to TMZ.com, the three children raised by Michael Jackson as his own are not his biologicals. It should have been obvious just by looking at them, but I guess some people need a lot more convincing.

Surprisingly, Debbie Rowe is not the biological mother of the children either. All three children were conceived in vitro -- outside the womb.

From TMZ.com:

Michael Jackson was not the biological father of any of his children. And Debbie Rowe is not the biological mother of the two kids she bore for Michael. All three children were conceived in vitro -- outside the womb.

Multiple sources deeply connected to the births tell us Michael was not the sperm donor for any of his kids. Debbie's eggs were not used. She was merely the surrogate, and paid well for her services in the births of Michael Jr. and Paris.

In the case of Prince Michael II (the youngest), we're told the surrogate was never told of the identity of the "receiving parent" -- Michael Jackson. Three days after Prince was born at Grossmont Hospital in San Diego County, Jackson's lawyer came to the hospital to pick the baby up and deliver him to Michael.

Now that the 2009 BET Awards is over, the biggest controversy is not the fact that mentally impaired rapper Lil Wayne cursed and performed a track containing inappropriate lyrics while underage children gyrated on stage.

The biggest controversy surrounds convicted woman beater Chris Brown, who is upset because he was disinvited to perform during the telecast.

Word is that Rihanna's mentor and former lover Jay Z blacklisted Chris from the BET Awards. Supposedly, BET's head honchos also considered CB's appearance a bit risky.

First of all, who cares??? And secondly, does Jay Z call the shots at BET now? Chris Brown's career is over and that's why he was asked not to perform. This nonsense has even made it into the mainstream media:

One source says Brown’s absence came at the insistence of the Rev. Al Sharpton. “Al made such a fuss to the BET executives that they pulled Chris,” says our insider, who adds that Jay-Z also had a hand in the decision. “Jay is a big name in the BET community, and he was very vocal about his displeasure with Chris attending the ceremony. He didn’t want Chris anywhere near the awards so close to the court’s ruling." READ MORE...

The "source" sounds like an idiot. Jay Z is not a big name anywhere -- Beyonce is. If it weren't for Beyonce no one would be checking for Jay's old azz.