Philadelphia police say gay twin pr0n stars couldn’t make a living with their stunning good looks and considerable pr0n skills, so they went on a breaking and entering crime spree instead.

Police say Taleon Goffney, 27, used a handsaw and ax to break into a beauty salon through the roof while his twin brother Keyontyli Goffney acted as lookout.

Taleon was arrested on Feb. 19, 2008 and pleaded guilty to two counts of burglary. On Wednesday he was convicted and received three to eight years in prison. Keyontyli is due back in court on Aug.6.

The twins starred in many gay pr0n flicks such as “Marc and the Twins,” which featured the brothers in incestuous scenes.

Taleon could have gotten 40 years in prison. His lawyer, Michael F. Gushue, told the judge his client would not go back to a life of crime once he’s released from prison.

“I think he’s had an epiphany,” Gushue said. “He’s a bright young man.”