Us Weekly magazine just posted a voicemail left by golf great Tiger Woods on a jump off’s cell phone on Nov. 24. Woods can be heard begging his jump off to change her caller ID after his wife, Elin Nordegren-Woods, went through his phone and found her number. “My wife may be calling you,” says a nervous Woods.

Listen to the voicemail below.

In a revealing interview in the new Us Weekly (on newsstands today), Jaimee Grubbs, a Los Angeles cocktail waitress said she had a steamy 31-month fling with Tiger Woods and has 300 text messages to prove it.

Grubbs, now 24, told Us Weekly the affair with Woods, 33, began in 2007 and she had 20 sexual encounters with Woods, who wed Elin in 2004.

This new evidence, and other rumors of rampant infidelity with various trollops — along with evidence of a possible painkiller addiction — brings Tiger Woods’ integrity and wholesome apple pie image into question.

Yesterday, the Florida Highway Patrol held a news conference announcing plans to cite Woods for careless driving stemming from a single car accident in his driveway on Friday.

No other charges are expected despite the fact that evidence strongly suggests Woods was under the influence of prescription drugs and incapacitated at the scene of the accident.

Tiger’s neighbors, Jerome and Linda Adams, spoke to the media yesterday through their attorneys. The Adams explained their son, Jarius, saw Woods lying in the road and called 911.

“He was lying in the road. Mrs. Woods was beside him trying to help him and he couldn’t get up,” said Bill Sharpe, an attorney for the Adams family.

“They did not witness any domestic violence and Mr. Woods’s minor injuries were not consistent with somebody being beat up with a nine-iron.” Mr Sharpe added: “Mrs. Woods was with him, had him down on the ground . . . she was sitting there. She was really… upset, and he’s unconscious . . . she was trying to help him. She weren’t trying to do any further damage.” [link]

Woods remained holed up with his wife in their mansion in Islewood, a gated community in Orlando, Florida yesterday. The couple have two children together, 2-year-old Sam and 10-month-old Charlie.