I told y'all Nicki Minaj was a fraud! Before she was a Barbie, she was wearing her brother's clothes and stalking rapper Remy Ma! Y'all gon' learn to listen to your auntie when I tell you something.

I saw this video years ago when it first came out on YouTube, and at the time I remember feeling sad for this young, misguided Dom. Now it turns out the young, misguided Dom is none other than rap fraud Nicki Minaj who is signed to Lil Wayne's Young Money Records. No wonder she comes off as such a fake to me.

How can this tramp stunt like she's a STUD, then call herself a Barbie doll just to get a record deal? Y'all, please [email_link] everywhere so the young Hip Hop heads can see that she's nothing but a fraud!

Photo courtesy of Prince Williams/ATLPics.net

  • ReadTheBlog

    Trina look like she is gonna tear dat ass up :lick: Poor Minaj, she just trynna get in where she fit in.

  • missmiami

    This proves sex sells. I knew she was a fraud. She looks like her image was a manifestation of creativity.

    In words of Swizz Beats..........On to the next one

  • Shauny

    Wait....so are you saying she use to dress like a boy and wanted to get with Remy Ma? I don't get the slut part but...o.k

    She just looked hella bad at that party and Trina wasn't far behind. They both just looked SO fake. Sandra can we get some info on Trina and Soulja Boy? Train is hella loose to me.

    They both look like drag queens in the above picture.

  • LovelyLady

    We all know entertainment is just that entertainment.
    On a side note she does always say how Remy Ma is her favorite rapper.

  • LovelyLady

    Sandra can we get some info on Trina and Soulja Boy?
    Yes i been waiting for some info on this alaso :waiting: , hwoever i must say I aint mad at Trina Soulja Boy has grown into something magically delicious. lol. Trina has also been rocking a ring on her ring finger.

  • missmiami

    :hug: Sandra you don't sleep. You stay on point and when u make a mistake u are not to prideful to admit it.

  • waterlily_76

    :-o What in the Sam Hell? Ate the Box? Wooooowww
    I am perplexed

  • http://createspace.com/3393054 iscream

    Dang. Did she turn you down while she was in the ATL? Why are you trying to destroy her... oh is it because she is competition for your homegirl Rasheeda?

    Not a fan of hers but geesh. You are putting a lot of energy in trying to expose someone who isn't even on like that.

    Its called an image. :rolleyes:

  • bk2atl

    WOOOOWWWWW!! I remember this video, but I never put 2 and 2 together after Nicki came out. I would never have guessed that was her, but the voice is undeniable. Amazing what make up will do for you.

  • missy

    in my barry white voice "how you doing?"

    @Sandra no you didn't call her the dome in the relationship :rofl:

    I guess Nicki Mininja is trisexual

  • cjgrantjr






  • cjgrantjr






  • iyonah

    SR ... ROFL ... I can't view this vid at work but on my break I will try on my BB ... if this is the one I think it is ... iDied ...

  • LovelyLady

    It doesnt even look like her either.

  • Cinderella

    That's not her Sandra. Those are two different people. Nikki is from Jamaica,Queens not the Bronx.


    dang it i cant see the video!!!!!!!!!

  • Yolanda77

    That Nicki girl looks like she wears a top denture like those pagent girls wear when they are in the stages of losing their teeth. So on stage they still will have that perfect smile. I don't know what they call it, but her top set of teeth look so perfect. Just sayin...

  • iyonah

    :cosign: @ cjgrantjr - I like Nicki ... some of the Barbie stuff IRK me, but she does have a catalogue of stuff I like. Listening to her right now at work .. mind on my MONEY is my ISH.

  • BayArea

    Wowwww, it sounds like her, kind of look like her, I need a name confirmation.

  • mirsmommy

    :lol: @ Sandra. You do go hard when you have a dislike for someone. But like some others said, it is an image that Nikki portrays for entertainment. Even down to the fake a** and boobs. I ain't mad at her though. She's okay as far as rapping, but her voice is annoying.

    I just wish Remy wouldn't have done that dumb shit. I miss her lyrically. :shrugs:

  • Redeemed777

    Modern day Jezebels.

  • MistaO

    No real suprise. 95% of the Black women out here today claiming to be gay, aren't.

    They just can't find a man or have never been trained to conduct themselves like ladies, therefore most men aren't going to be attracted towards them.

    No real secret...

  • Nikki Babie

    trina went on a rampage about haters on her twitter page when they were just telling her the truth! she says she is the BADDEST B*TCH but she arrived at the club with nikki minaj looking like bopsy twins (horrible) Nikki's shoes didnt come CLOSE to matching her corset ( but yall the baddest) PLEASE both their synthetic lacefronts were hidious, trina looked like a broke down action figure! I eman when are these celebrities going to learn that less is more, forreal!! BE ORIGINAL! thats what bad b*tches do, their originality is whats seperates them from the rest! GET IT TOGETHER GIRLZ!! PS trina when someone is telling you the truth it isnt called hating its called HONESTY sweetie!! LUV u aunt sandra!! smooches

  • LadyLew

    Man I can't see the video at work either but I remember when the chick was calling Remy in the stairwell or something. I don't know if Sandra put that image in my head but :-o I think the chick did look like NM

  • missmiami

    I think it's her. Of course she was heavier, no makeup and weave. it's her trust that

  • LovelyLady

    On top of that this gril in the vid above states shes from the Bronx AND NICKI MINAJ IS FROM QUEENS. WHY WOULD SHE REP THE BRONX AND NOT QUEENS INSTEAD.

  • missy

    @missmiami comment 22

    Only me and you and a couple other folks thinks that's Nicki...

  • http://facebook.com/Im2thick4u 2thick4u

    LMAO at Sandra claiming this is Nicki...this chick ain't Nicki :shotsfired: !!!!

    Nicki is getting that paper as a Rapper...get over it :) !!!

  • Cinderella

    If Nikki was a stud turned vixen, wouldn't the people she grew up with expose her already? In this day and age with everyone trying to come up, Im sure anyone with any "evidence" on her would of come forward already. Just like Tiger's hoes are all coming out looking for tabloid paychecks.

  • kwall

    is this ANY diff. from officer ricky ross posing like he did NOT used to be the po po? any diff. from justin timberlake actin like he was all bubble-gummy and pop then turnin into a blue eyed soul singer? or lil kim acting like she was normal and then turning into an asian vampire RIGHT BEFORE OUR VERY EYES? or puffy acting like he had a howard edumakation and turning out to be the music biz's BIGGEST CROOK SINCE BARRY GORDY?

    my point? folks do it all the time to get "on"...leave this girl alone sandra. we tried to tell you over on the floyd mayweather post she liked girls...seems like you would be tryna embrace her as "fam" as you lesbians call it...so i am confuzzled...she makes no secret she loves the ladies i thought.

  • Daisy


    Blank Stare


  • http://myspace.com/mice78 miamisol

    I remember this video from loooong ago, however im not convinced its her tho. The voice does sound a lot like Nicki's but the butch girls lips seem a bit bigger. and most of those hood NY girls sound and talk with that same NY slang. I think we need more people for this or maybe we dont, lol!

  • http://myspace.com/gotdayumshesexi MzTrina

    Her voice is still annoyin...somebody give that chick some cough medicine, she sound like she gotta cold

  • http://twitter.com/sherita78 mizzdallas

    THat is NOT NM she is from Queens Not brooklyn! smh yall believe anything

  • tori-v

    i think its her!
    so she was :lick: remy ma? lol hahaha i been wanting to use that emoticion :danban1:

  • Nikki Babie

    okayyyyyyy @kwall in reference to puffy being the BIGGEST CRROK EVER since barry gordy! U said a mouthful then!! I also agree she is cakin and its all about image in the music biz now..nothing is what it appears to be (which is sad) didnt know she likes girls!! learn something new everyday!!

  • http://dahoneyhive.blogspot.com ryand91

    Why are you going in so on Nicki Minaj? I don't particularly care for her but let her do her thing. Stop the hate.

  • http://youravon.com/sherichambers texaspaine

    sandra, I'M at work and cant see the post. what is the link to the youtube video?



    :rofl: LMFAO :rofl:

  • http://charactercorner.blogspot.com attorneymom

    @Sandra, you are not a good lesbian. You keep getting turned down by these industry chicks. You should hope back over the fence and get you a man.

  • cocoa49

    is that really her? the voice sounds the same but, damn she is unattractive without makeup if that is really her.

  • http://charactercorner.blogspot.com attorneymom

    Hop, not hope.

  • https://sandrarose.com Sandra Rose

    mizzdallas Says:
    THat is NOT NM she is from Queens Not brooklyn! smh yall believe anything


    It is her. Trust. :yes:

  • Quitta

    Isn't trina supposed to be with that basketball player? What's his name something ________ Martin?

  • Chgoprime

    Is this really her it doesn't look like her.

    But I saw Trina's nasty ass on a different blog that shall remain nameless all hugged up w/Soulja Boy. So yeah Sandra, whats the scoop on that?


    Kenyon Martin is his name. I don't think they are together anymore. It seems to me that Miss Trina can not keep a man.

  • Chgoprime

    Trina IS supposed to be w/Kenyon Martin. apparently she doesn't like let her private areas breathe before moving on.

  • missy


    Kenyon Martin is the b-ball player Trina is with....


    Chgoprime Says:

    Is this really her it doesn’t look like her.

    But I saw Trina’s nasty ass on a different blog that shall remain nameless all hugged up w/Soulja Boy. So yeah Sandra, whats the scoop on that?

    I saw those pics also. I don't know what to make of them. I guess Trina is trying to get in where she fits in considering the rumor that she is broke.

  • mswarrior1

    Yeahhhh, that's NOT Nicki.
    That person's voice is too deep, and lips are too big.
    Plus, Nicki's from QUEENS.
    It intrigues me that this comes up around her birthday.

  • Quitta

    Oh okay. That ring on her finger I thought that's who it was from. These :chickenhead: can't sit still. SMH.

  • http://mrswindycity.blogspot.com Windycitychick

    Hey Sandra for the folks that videos are blocked at work..can we get the link? Or title of the video?

  • missy


    The title of the video is nicki minaj:Harajuku barbie or stud ken

  • http://mrswindycity.blogspot.com Windycitychick



  • Kat

    Nikki is on Robin Thicke's new cd and I am loving the song....and Robin's cd. He is on a whole nother level on this one! I likes!

  • flyqtnva


    So we should support Nikki because of her image? Regard of how fake it may or may not be? Just throw any female at us I mean anyone can throw together an IMAGE....but okay

  • nevesnanna

    Her appearance on 106th & Park yesterday was an eyesore. One of my daughter's friends said she looked like a walking dildo. She's a Lil Kim reject to me. But I guess the gimmick has to be in the forefront when the talent is less than par. That's the problem with real hip hop today, it's about gimmicks and not raw talent.

  • missy


    No prob

  • ReadTheBlog

    The 'Tea' said Trina has a bad spending habit and she is abusive, and supposedly that is why Kenyon quit her. They (even she) says she is broke. She get aabout 8K a show, but I guess she blows it all.

    Poor child - Ain't nothing like having expensive taste with nobody to buy things for your or companies to front you or even sell enough records to actually be able to maintain your own lifestyle!

    At least she was smart and didn't have Kenyons oow paycheck child

  • pyt305


  • Shauny

    I heard the Kenyon (GO NUGGETS!!!!) dumped Trina. I saw those pics too and her and Soulja (Lil) Boy were very cozy.

  • Chgoprime


    I think you're right. I've been hearing that for years, she's desperate.

  • BamaBeauty

    I loves me some Trina! Nikki needs more people :coffee:

  • http://mrswindycity.blogspot.com Windycitychick

    I watched it:

    Ummmmm I can't say one way or the other. I mean if it was her she lost weight..Im confused and don't know why Im particiating in this tom-foolery

  • missmiami

    is robin thicke's cd out today as well? k record companies are getting my money today :(

  • highlyfavored

    Wow! She is a totally diff person from fhe looks. of this video. Entertainer or not, y b fake and pretend just resell urself out?

  • http://youravon.com/sherichambers texaspaine

    @ missy
    thanks for the video name. All i can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!

  • highlyfavored

    * to sell urself out*

  • highlyfavored

    * to sell urself out*

  • http://oneperfectassistant.com ggouch

    Question: Do you get to have both a lacefront and baby-hair?

  • Peachizz

    I remember this "Ate The Box"... :lol"

  • MissJacksonifunasty

    I saw this when it first came out. And I'll be damed it is her. When she first came out she was talking that bi-sexual stuff. Then all of a sudden, she said she wasn't going to put that in her songs anymore, because she realizes she is a role model. Makes me wonder if she was just trying to distance herself from the "stud" side of herself.

  • mirsmommy

    :shrugs: Okay, sooo on another site, there are some pics that are supposedly on Lil Kim's Facebook page, and the pics are of Nikki Minaj and Lil Kim. And I must say, they do look alot alike in the pics, meaning same poses, same hair styles, even the same facial expressions.

    Well, that ain't it. At the bottom of the pics, it says:
    Why You so Obsessed With Me?
    Barbies: Bum A** Replica B*tch Immitating Everyone's Swag

    And yes, she did spell Imitate with two mm's. :wink:

  • mirsmommy

    :shrugs: Do I smell a female rap beef between Kim and Nikki?

  • flyqtnva


    thats just what kimmy needs...someone to wake that azz up!


    Looking for somebody "real" in the industry...ummmmm good luck with that.

  • mirsmommy

    flyqtnva Says:


    thats just what kimmy needs…someone to wake that azz up

    Kim has fallen off. I like Kim though, but IMO, Remy trashed Kim in their little "beef".

  • http://facebook.com/cristinalex Crislex

    Im sorry but that is her DEFINITELY!!! And whos to say she got her ass chased out of one borough and claimed another. My fam is from Brooklyn and I have constantly seen mofos get chased out of the neighborhood or borough and then wanna rep another one knowing damn well they from BK.

  • http://facebook.com/renz.renegadesince1985 renegadesince1985

    That's her. She has on big clothes so obviously she's going to look bigger. Also, she's not wearing makeup. Makeup can make you look like an entirely different person. Have y'all seen Oprah without makeup???

    But this is no surprise to me. Just youtube her older stuff and she doesn't look the way she does now or even sound the way she does at all. She's manufactured by the record company to be the sexy female weezy.

  • Yolanda77

    renegadesince1985 Says: She’s manufactured by the record company to be the sexy female weezy

    I was thinking this exact same thing!

  • pyt305

    renegadesince1985 Says: Just youtube her older stuff and she doesn’t look the way she does now or even sound the way she does at all


    Thats y I cant get with this new Nikki. The voice is annoying, the faces...o lord the faces... beyond annoying...

    I prefer the old Nikki from the Come Up DVD...not this crazy s**t ppl are going crazy about...we already have wayne...another isnt needed :coffee:

  • carlachynna27

    Okay she does look like nikki minus all the make-up, but what about the dimples. Nikki has the same kind of dimples that Lauren London has and that chic in the video doesn't have dimples. Has anyone else noticed that or is it just me?

  • http://facebook.com/renz.renegadesince1985 renegadesince1985

    pyt305 Says
    I prefer the old Nikki from the Come Up DVD…not this crazy s**t ppl are going crazy about…we already have wayne…another isnt needed :coffee:

    That's what I'm saying! I would have liked her without all this extra. She was dope! Now all these gimmicks really just overshadow what actual talent she does have.

  • laterthannever

    Yep, def. old school Nikki, sounding like she has a speeck inpediment.

    Can I get a happy medium between the current clusterfreak of an image and the original?

  • LovelyLady

    Kim has fallen off. I like Kim though, but IMO, Remy trashed Kim in their little “beef”.
    When i was listening to rap, I LOVED Remy Ma. She was the best out by far. He damn arse just had to get locked up. SMH. She was goin harder than most dudes. And acutally did what she claimed *foolishnees*

  • Danielle84

    Ooooh lol! That is NOT Nicki :haha:
    Nicki is from Jamaica Queens, that person says they're from the Bronx.

  • mirsmommy

    LovelyLady Says:

    Kim has fallen off. I like Kim though, but IMO, Remy trashed Kim in their little “beef”.
    When i was listening to rap, I LOVED Remy Ma. She was the best out by far. He damn arse just had to get locked up. SMH. She was goin harder than most dudes. And acutally did what she claimed *foolishnees*

    Yes, I loved Remy. I was so mad at her for that mess. Hopefully, she'll be out sooner than expected, and shut the female rap game down.

  • LadeeA

    Wow, she looked very scary. :surprised: But honestly, a whole lot of teenage chicks in NY were on the gangsta b**** thing in the early 90's. So this was not out of the ordinary. BUT normally those kind of chicks don't make such a dramatic change to beyond fake either.

  • Danielle84

    LovelyLady Says:
    When i was listening to rap, I LOVED Remy Ma. She was the best out by far. He damn arse just had to get locked up. SMH. She was goin harder than most dudes. And acutally did what she claimed *foolishnees*
    Exactly! In my opinion none of the rap girls can mess with Remy lyrically! She don't have to talk nasty to make a good song. She was just too hard and look where it got her lol

  • http://smokiesays.blogspot.com/ Smokie

    WHAAAAAAT??!! I remember this video! That was Nikki??? I knew something was off about her.

  • Danielle84

    Well then again it does sound like her voice but all New York people sound alike lol. Please don't let it be Nicki :pray: :rofl:

  • loveme77

    nothing differnt then when they try to tell you to lose weight or do whatever to sell your cds.. she gotta make her money. so i guess that means a changes has to come..

  • http://charactercorner.blogspot.com attorneymom

    Jury is out on the video.

    Sidebar: Praying for Rhemy Ma's children. Keep your head up Rhemy Ma.



  • Buttercup417

    Wheewww! Ya'll goin in!!!

  • Intrigue216

    That definitely is Nikki. :cool:
    I saw her on 106 & Park yesterday and she looked a complete mess with that blonde wig on her head. #93, she is signed to Young Money which is Lil Waynes label.

  • va_shawty

    I saw this video a while back. It does sort of look and sound like her. :shrug:

  • terika83

    That doesn't look like Nicki at all to me. Plus some commenters on youtube said Nicki is from Queens not the BX.

  • mzloud

    I have to agree that Nicki is SOOOOO EXtra!!!! SO she likes to :lick: ??? DAMN!!!!!!
    She looked a mess yesterday on 106 and park... But her eye make up was on point!!!!! Moving on..... :coffee:

  • http://myspace.com/rayne215 spongebobfan

    WTF ever... that IS NOT Nikki minaj... and if it is SO THE F*** WHAT.. Bish about her money now..bish is gonna be bigger (at least) than remy ma...so her alleged makeover worked out.. TEAM NIKKI..
    nikki minaj...sanda's new punching bag

  • http://myspace.com/rayne215 spongebobfan

    'im straight from the bronx"

    Nikki minaj is from queens.... defense rests

  • http://www.myspace.com/brooklynbiznessgirl BKBiznessGirl

    Just to let EVERYONE KNOW including Sandra- (If you didnt) She attended LaGaurdia HS for the Performing Arts as a DRAMA major- This could all be an "act"- So I wouldn't even waste time to try to decipher whats real, fraud or not- unless u want the REAL truths. (I went to school with her- 2 years older though- she was Cookie then- a lil girl that did have her share of issues- but would always "push" forward)- SANDRA- I think you should find her school mates from FH LaGuardia HS For the Performing Arts class of 2000 and you could probably get a good story and really find out what made her into who she is today- I think you would find it very interesting and maybe a 'lil sad.

  • pointhimout

    DEAD at these comments. yall are retarded.

  • cjgrantjr

    Sandra, there have been TOO MANY HALF TRUTHS on this site to "trust" you Ma...

    Just pointing that out.


  • http://myspace.com/rayne215 spongebobfan

    like her mom dying etc etc..most of us had a hard life... but she in the process of making it ....let her do her... TEAM NIKKI!

  • terika83

    I wanna hear more of BKBiznessGirl's truth. lol

  • Vonnie_F

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW...this might be a stretch to believe but they do kinda look alike..

  • trynabeme

    Another vote 4, YEP IT'S HER. & to those of you talkin' about she from "here" that chic said she was from "there" lookin' at that old a$$ phone she was using, clearly this is from years ago. While it may be "BK 2 da def" for SOME of yall, others block/bourough hop like its the thing to do.


    I'm not a fan of NM, but clearly from the gate you could tell her whole image is manufactured. What grown a$$ woman walks around looking like a bag of Skittles, all day er'ryday????? :wtf:

  • Certified Sexy

    The truth is in the lips...

  • keely107

    Her lacefront makes me sad.

  • http://twitter.com/sherita78 mizzdallas

    I told yall it wasnt true, yall believe anything smdh!

    Read below NM tweet;

    NICKIMINAJ Ahahahahahhaahahhahaha! Lmaooooooooooo. So now I was a dyke dat dated remy ma n made a vid dressed as a boy?!?!?!? Lmaooooo U ppl r simple.

    2 minutes ago from UberTwitter

  • Red Feather

    Trina just performed at a local club down here in Gulfport, Mississippi called BJ's on Friday, November 6th & WOOOOOW, has she fallen off!! It was chicks in the club with more a$$ and sex appeal than she had that night. Her wrist-game killed 'em, but she was wearing some thigh-high boots she had to keep stopping to pull up (or maybe she was out of breath all those times she was bending down & trying to play it off) & her weave looked scandalous!! She lost all that booty! What the hell has SHE been stressing over to go from super-thick to popsicle stick?! She had a lot of cellulite, too. The guys were saying she looked like a crackhead & they weren't feeling her. All in all, it wasn't the Trina we know & love! Where da hell SHE at? Oh, and when she performed "Here We Go Again," she was saying she was "so off the market!" Hmmmmmmmm...

  • http://atlNORTHonline.com dj_dceezy