In this exclusive interview by, Debra Antney, the former manager of Gucci Mane and Nicki Minaj, discusses her former clients. I recall last year when Debra called me to defend Nicki after I wrote this post.

I have much respect for Debra because she is fiercely protective of her artists and her community. I remember our very first run-in back in my paparazzi days after I uploaded photos to Getty Images of Ludacris and his foundation giving back to the Bankhead community during Christmas 2003.

Debra saw that I had uploaded pictures of the children to Getty Images so she called former BRE magazine writer Carol O to get my number because she thought I was trying to profit off of the kids. After we spoke, I learned never to get on Debra’s bad side!

The toy and food giveaway to the children of Bankhead was actually Debra’s brainchild and she oversaw everything — from purchasing the food and toys to booking the artists who performed that day. She even took money out of her own pocket (as she has done many times in the past) to make sure the kids got what they wanted.

People will hate on her, but very few of the haters have given of themselves to help others as Debra Antney has over the years. As she says, “Check my records!”