My loyal readers know that if I’m wrong about information posted on my blog, I will take steps to correct it.

According to CNN and USA Today, certain expense figures related to U.S. President Obama’s upcoming trip to India, Delhi and Indonesia are incorrect.

A government source in India who claimed to be privy to such information, stated the trip was going to cost American taxpayers $200 million a day.

But that figure might be exaggerated.

“The numbers reported in this article have no basis in reality,” said White House spokesman Tommy Vietor. “Due to security concerns, we are unable to outline details associated with security procedures and costs, but it’s safe to say these numbers are wildly inflated.” [link]

The reports go on to say that Indonesia is the world’s largest Muslim majority nation. And Obama has pledged to work toward better relations with Muslim nations.

We’ll see what the final figures are when (or if) they are finally released by the Obama administration.

Thanks to loyal readers Mechelle Townsend and Elsa Belai for the tips!