Last night, Hip Hop Kingpin Jay Z held his ‘Watch The Throne’ listening party at the ultra plush Liv nightclub in Miami, Florida. And this morning, the blogs stumbled over themselves exultantly announcing that Jay Z had broken a pointless record at Liv by purchasing $250K worth of crappy champagne.

Jay Z did not perform. But that didn’t stop male and female groupies from handing over their rent money to the tune of $300 for girls and $500 for guys just to get into the club where he was holding court.

VIP booths were going for $20K a pop, which included 4 bottles of the bubbly of choice. Kanye didn’t attend the party because he was touring in Europe.

“After several rounds of regular bottles of Ace of Spade, Jay-z ordered the 15 liter #BOSS $100K,” tweeted promotor Purple with an accompanying TwitPic of the giant bottle in its golden carrier.

Supposedly this is a record that was set by Dallas Maverick owner Mark Cuban, who ran up a bar tab of $110K. But everyone knows that nightclub promoters routinely “comp” stars with free bottles of whatever. So what’s the point?

Oh, did we forget to mention that yesterday was also the night Jigga’s wife Beyonce kicked off her 4 night stand at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City? Jay Z, whose fragile ego is eclipsed only by the entire empire state, was not to be outdone by his own wife last night. He started bragging about setting this petty record even before his wife took the stage in New York.

And to make sure everyone got the message, he flew in urban bloggers who are easily impressed by ostentatious, vulgar displays of wealth.

Only an extremely insecure man brags and flaunts his wealth as much as Jay Z does.

But you would too if you were forced to chew Viagra pills by the handful to keep up with your horny wife.