Celebrity stylist Tameka Foster-Raymond’s legal team filed a motion for a new trial today in Fulton County court, according to my confidential source who obtained the court documents.

The court documents contain pretty damaging evidence that may (or may not) prove corruption at the state judicial level. Foster’s legal team has uncovered evidence that shows Usher Raymond’s attorney John Mayoue did more than just help Judge Bensonetta Tipton Lane Lane raise funds for her campaign re-election.

Last week, Foster-Raymond lost primary custody of her two sons, ages 4 and 3, to her ex-husband, Usher Raymond. Foster-Raymond is seeking a new trial on the grounds that Usher’s legal team may have had an unfair advantage over hers.

The motion filed by Foster-Raymond today officially stays the judge’s order. Which means Tameka retains primary custody of the children until the motion is allowed or dismissed.

According to the court documents, there is clear evidence that Judge Lane has presided over more of John Mayoue’s high profile cases then any other judge in the time period that she has been a family court judge.

Additionally, Georgia state court rules governing judges require that cases are evenly distributed among the three sitting family court judges. But based on statistical numbers, Judge Lane has presided over an unusually high percentage of Mayoue’s cases.

Could this all be a mere coincidence?

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