Volkswagen XL1 Hybrid

Today, Volkswagen revealed the production version of the new VW Beetle, called the XL1, and it’s attracting a lot of attention. The new electric and diesel gas-powered hybrid isn’t exactly ready to roll down the assembly line (and into your garage) just yet. There are still some details left for VW to work out — such as the sticker price for this beauty.

Volkswagen XL1 Hybrid

The XL1, which will be built by hand in a German factory, comes equipped with 2 seats and “scissor” doors for quick access. VW estimates the XL1 can get 261 miles to the gallon, which would make the XL1 the world’s most energy-efficient automobile.

The car’s carbon fiber body and low drag coefficient allows the XL1 to travel 31 miles on electricity alone, and over 310 miles on a tank of fuel.

The Yahoo Autos article mentions loads of technical details and stats about the new VW hybrid, but the most interesting bit of information is this: if you are ever trapped in the car after an accident, “the scissor doors can be blasted open with explosive bolts.” That’s good to know.

Volkswagen XL1 Hybrid

But that efficiency comes with a few sacrifices, with speed first among them. Together, the electric motor and engine produce 68 hp and 103 lb-ft of torque. VW says that’s enough to launch the XL1 to 62 mph in 12.7 seconds — although it suggests not doing so. Top speed is limited to 99 mph. And the two seat interior of the XL1 has to look stylish, because there’s nothing behind the seats; the XL1 will offer a limited amount of space under the hood. To save weight further, only a cutout of the windows roll down, like the old Subaru SVX.

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