Gabrielle Union and Megan Good

Just days after Floyd Mayweather’s baby mama Instagram’d an intimate photo of him in bed, actress Gabrielle Union Instagram’d this interesting photo of herself in bed with actress Megan Good.

This isn’t Gabby and Megan’s official coming out (though we wish it were); this is another attempt by Gabby to draw attention to herself after embarrassing herself by publicly mocking Wade’s ex-wife, Siovaughn Funches.

It’s interesting that Gabby is doing all of this now — just days after Wade told JET magazine that he was interested in getting closer to his ex-wife and co-parenting their two boys.

Gabby must’ve had a fit when she read that little tidbit.

Women who are confident in their relationship with their men usually don’t do what Gabby is doing. Gabby of all people should know that she will lose him the same way she got him.

Maybe Dwyane and his ex-wife have already gotten back together? That wouldn’t be the first time a man has gone back to familiar territory. Didn’t Floyd Mayweather just bed his baby mama 2 weeks ago? And didn’t Usher Raymond sire his 2nd son with ex-wife Tameka after they had officially broken up?

They say everything old is new again. Dogs always prefer playing with old bones.

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