Todd Tucker and Riley Burruss

Over the weekend, singer Kandi Burruss Instagram’d this holiday image of her fiancé Todd Tucker and her daughter, Riley Burruss, on a Jet Ski. Almost immediately, Twitter erupted with criticism about the close proximity of Todd to Kandi’s daughter on the Jet Ski. Normally I ignore black Twitter’s juvenile attacks on celebrities. But in this case — judging by Riley’s guarded body language — they might be right. Read on.

Riley Burruss and Todd Tucker

Riley is not a little girl anymore. She is at the stage where she is self-conscious and aware of the changes her body is going through. Girls Riley’s age need physical boundaries set (personal space) that should be respected. Having a stepfather who is too close for comfort (so to speak) might be problematic for a young girl who has had more than one stepfather in recent years.

What do you moms think?

Source: Kandi’s Instagram

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