Cassidy Lynn Campbell

The 16-year-old transgender boy was voted homecoming queen of a California high school is still miserable. Cassidy Lynn Campbell was voted homecoming queen of Marina High School in Huntington Beach, Calif., on Friday, Sept. 20. On Saturday, Cassidy, wearing his tiara, uploaded an emotional video complaining of the negative feedback he’s gotten since winning the crown.

“I’m so sad, I’m so distraught and so broken down and so upset and so deteriorated and so tired of the world,” he wailed. “I’m always judged and I’m always looked down upon … sometimes I wonder if it’s even worth it and if I should just go back to being miserable.”

Transgender Boy Named Homecoming Queen

Apparently, winning the coveted title wasn’t enough to make Cassidy happy. This isn’t surprising. Depression in the lesbian, gay and bisexual youth community is at an all-time high. The depression won’t vanish if society is brainwashed into accepting high risk sexual behavior.

This video is a symbol of Cassidy’s struggle with depression, which isn’t being addressed because well-meaning but misguided people are more concerned with being politically correct.

All the acceptance and tolerance in the world won’t cure depression. You can change how you look on the outside, but your life won’t be meaningful until you change how you feel on the inside.

In the 1970s, homosexuality was categorized as a mental disorder until pressure from gay groups forced the American Psychiatric Association to declassify the disorder. Now these same gay rights groups are work together with the national media to discourage gay youths from seeking psychiatric help by telling them there is nothing wrong with them.

Until gays accept that their numbers are dwindling due to suicides, there is no hope for troubled teenagers like Cassidy.

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